GPS is Helpful; Knowing how to use a Compass & Map Can be a Lifesaver

GPS Mapping App

I’m all for using technology in the pursuit of being prepared; but counting on a GPS device as your primary means of navigation is not only foolish, it could cost you your life.

If your Batteries die or the GPS device becomes damaged or lost, what are you going to do?  A good old fashion Compass, combined with the knowledge of how to use it can be a lifesaver during an emergency. It’s something everyone should have in their bug out bags, and it’s something everyone should learn how to use.

Parts of a Compass:

Image showing the parts of a Compass

Stuck without a compass?

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  1. Likewise never rely on a map and compass. Your map may get wet and fall appart and your compass may get broken or lost.
    Having multiple redundant means of navigation is best. Compass map and GPS is better than two compass’ and two maps (or two GPSs)

  2. Technology is great, but having an actual map and compass can’t be beat. The gps isn’t going to work if satellite systems are down. Also, I like to drive around town and “get lost” so I can find new ways to get home or out of town if needed.
    Great website btw, it’s great information to be prepared for whatever emergency.

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