5 Small Things you can do to Prepare for Bad Times

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The fact is, we live in a world where bad things happen. You can either bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is going to be ok, or you can take the necessary preparedness steps to ensure your safety, and the safety of those you love.

The odds of you and your family experiencing some type of disaster seem to be increasing. From financial troubles and social unrest, to the downright uncertainty of what the future has in store for us, you can no longer afford to ignore what’s going on.

Here are 5 things that every beginner should do.

  1. Stock up on the Necessities – Start stocking up on the basics; things that you know you’ll need to survive in the future.  Check out our list of foods to start stockpiling.
  2. Learn the Basics of Survival – There are really only a couple of basic survival necessitates; food, water and shelter are the basic building blocks that you should start with. Make sure you know how to find all three during an emergency.  Click here to read more about the basics of survival.
  3. Bug Out Bag – Having a well-stocked bug out bag can really improve your chances of survival when disaster strikes. Building a custom bug out bag that you can quickly grab during an emergency situation is essential. Click here to for more information on Bug out Bags
  4. Have an Evacuation Plan – Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical during any survival situation.  Click here to find out what should be in your emergency plan.
  5. Learn – Start learning everything you can about survival.  Read books like SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea or The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous Worldsubscribe to our RSS Feed, follow us on Twittercheck out our past survival articles, and check out our big list of survival websites. Knowledge is one of the keys to survival!
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  1. I would like to add one thing to the list. Before i say it though I am guilty of not following my own advice for a while now and have started getting back into it. My suggestion is exercise. Especially for the adults. Kids at school have a phys ed program they go through regularly. Adults on the other hand are on their own. I do a lot of walking and that helps but I just take in way more than i put out.

  2. I think it’s also important to understand what lengths
    To go in defending yourself and your family as well. Great article,
    I’ll be checking out some of your suggested resources.

  3. Such a good resource for beginning Preppers like myself.

    I’ve thought about this a lot and something that I might also add to this list is to just really take some time to think about WHEN you should bug out.

    Many assume that they will “just know” when is the right time, but I believe it will be a lot more complicated when SHTF. Take some time to write out your personal criteria and I think you’ll be immensely better prepared to make a good decision when the time calls for it.

  4. I agree with Jake. A person that has a plan to bug out needs to go over scenarios in their minds and decide with each if they’d stay or leave. Of course you’ll never think of every possible situation but having thought about many your mind with work faster.

  5. Do you include some form of trade or method for protecting your money within your planning? I’ve been focused on the basics of surviving but have not done anything to with preparing for how to prepare my finances.

    • Yea there are a number of financial preparedness articles on the site. Look up emergency fund and economy in the search bar and you should find some.

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