10 Tips for Preppers to Prepare for SHTF Situations

Being prepared really isn’t that complicated, it just takes a willingness to do something about your situation. If you haven’t started prepping, it’s time to start taking the decisive actions you need to take to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Here are 10 ideas that can help get you started:

1. Threat Assessment

Part of truly being prepared for anything means knowing exactly what threats you’re going to face and then analyzing how those threats will affect you in the future. By performing a realistic threat assessment, you can get a better idea of what threats you’re facing and learn how to prepare for those threats in the future.

2. Planning for the most likely SHTF Scenarios.

When you’re just getting started in the world of prepping, preparing for an EMP or an asteroid hitting the earth is probably not the best course of action. While both of those scenarios are scary, the probability of them happening is actually pretty low. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t prep for these things, I’m just suggesting that you prep for the most likely dangers first.

3. SWOT Analysis

Performing a SWOT Analysis is a great way to determine how prepared you really are. A SWOT Analysis is a simple, but useful method of pinpointing your Strengths and Weaknesses. Performing one will also help you identify Opportunities that you can exploit, and Threats that you might face in a SHTF situation.

4. Living Debt Free… Is it part of your survival plan?

It’s great to be prepared for an end of days scenario, but what happens when you’re faced with a foreclosure or the possibility of living on the streets? Is that not a survival situation?  To be truly prepared for the worst, we must also think of our financial security. That means paying off debt, living within your means, and starting an emergency fund.

5. Get in Shape NOW

No matter what survival situation you may ultimately find yourself in, there’s one thing that you’ll likely find; survival is going to be hell on your body. One of the best things you can do to ensure your survival, in just about any situation, is to make sure your body and your mind are trained and prepared to survive. That means motivating yourself to get off your butt and get in shape.

6. Train with Repetition

To really be able to rely on your knowledge when things go bad, you need to run through your survival techniques in a number of real-world scenarios and environments. The more you train in real world situations, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to perform these skills in a high-stress survival situation.

7. Train Your Mind

Survival isn’t glamorous, and it’s nothing like what’s depicted on T.V. Survival shows. It is downright brutal, and will beat the hell out of you not only physically, but emotionally as well. Don’t overlook the importance of cultivating a mindset that will allow you to face life’s greatest challenges.

8. Survival Intelligence – Power of Information

In a survival situation, knowledge is going to be a critical factor in determining the outcome of your situation. The ability to be able to predict what will happen during an emergency is an important part of being prepared. Start gathering a list of trusted resources and information sources that can help you prepare for whatever the future has in store.

9. Be Prepared to Bug Out

Many preppers talk about the prospects of bugging out; but how many of them have the skills, or the strength to actually do it? It’s one thing to talk about bugging out; it’s another thing to carry your gear 10-15 miles a day in dangerous and unforgiving conditions.

10. Bugging out with Kids

During a SHTF situation, maintaining a sense of normalcy is going to be a very important concern when dealing with children. With children, comfort items can go a long way in helping them feel as safe and secure as possible. Don’t overlook how important it will become to give them a sense of comfort and control during a stressful SHTF situation.

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  1. Good article. Many great comments. If you survive the initial event of any SHTF scenario, your biggest long term threat will be other people. For this reason, the most important prep in my opinion is a remote property that is easy to defend. All other preps will be much safer, you greatly reduce your need to bug out, and you don’t need to transport your preps with the Golden Herd roaming around. One other very important thing that is not mentioned much is the need to psychologically prepare for the wide scale death and gore that will occur. You need to be prepared to commit violence without a thought because hesitation will get you killed. Bodies could lie in the streets for a long time. Packs of dogs will eat them. Cities could easily burn when fire departments are defunct. There will be little to no law. Gangs will rape and pillage. Be prepared to see, hear, and smell death first hand. Remember, if SHTF, it will be worse than you can imagine.

  2. Good article . Preparedness and awareness are really important to secure our lives . Pampering kids will reduce trauma. thanks for the additional info.

  3. I think it is a wise thing to find out where there are food pantries close to where you live. It could save your life and the stranger who wanders into your area looking for food. Instead of shooting him/her, direct him/her to the pantry. I’m thinking about this because I was well acquainted with several in the city I left, but I don’t know the where abouts of one where I’m currently residing. I was admiring a freeze dryer for home use but it cost’s five thousand dollars. A substantial investment I can’t justify. However, I am considering, after some deliberation, should I take the information to a local church and make the suggestion that they make the purchase and give them a small donation toward that end. I’ld probably through in a bag of beans as well. It’s partly altruism on my part as I really am a good ol soul, or a sucker, depending how you look at it. But mostly it’s the way I view survival. The more we can do now to prepare for economic collapse or what have you, the better off me and my loved ones will be. At least it gives us a little more time before we have to defend what we may or may not have. I believe in taking care of self first, family second, friends third, and the neighbors fourth. After the neighbors comes the rest of the people in my vicinity. People call it community but I don’t like that word much. Strangers who live near by. I’m not particularly friendly. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to have to refuse someone I’ve befriended. It would be a blessing and some relief if I knew that the entire “community” was at least doing something toward prevention. I guess it’s out of the question but it sure would be nice.

  4. Looking for preppers in NRV of Virginia. Meet at Radford, Va. Library 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month. Exchange ideas, practice skills.

  5. If you have a deer cart of some kind figure out how to attach it to a pack frame back pack or harness that way your hands are free that’s what I’ve done you can put your gear and small children on it to bug out

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