Do your Research. Your life may depend on it! – Not all Firearms Instructors and Classes are equal.

This one ranks up there on the top of the “stupidest shit I’ve seen on the internet”! Unfortunately, this is a real-life class taught by real-life firearms instructors.

Since this video went viral, Rockwell Tactical Group, the firearms training company that put on this “advanced class” has tried to defend the video saying this is an advanced class that is designed to teach people how to fight – BULLSHIT! This is pure and simple reckless and dangerous behavior. But it’s also a good warning to anyone out there looking for firearms training…

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  1. Gun fights aren’t “safe”. Comes a point, if you want to learn and develop closer to real action where things begin to get more ” complex”.

    For comparison, maybe check out some vids of Russian army combat training.

    • Yeah I want to go learn how to fight in a training class with some dip$h!t I don’t know shooting over my shoulder. Yeah that’s some real world training I can do without.

  2. How is this wreckless? If it’s an advanced class and the people taking the class have proven their skill level then why not have a drill like this? What laws of firearm safety we’re broken? Were they pointing in a safe direction? Yes. Did they know what was beyond their target? Yes. We did training like this in the military so it’s not uncommon to see things like this. If you were a bit more skilled and knowledgeable with your firearms and tactics then you wouldn’t be complaining about this training exercise.

    • If you can’t see what is wrong here then you are an idiot! It’s people like you and the morons in this video that make us all look bad. First off the drill is 100% useless and teaches them nothing, it also could have been done with airsoft or something safer but it’s morons like you and you egos that put people in danger. IF you don’t see how this violated firearm safety then I feel sorry for anyone who shoots around you or people like you.

    • Last guy in the video almost shoots the guy in front of him, you can see the guy in front look back like WTF! Scoutout23 is a dipshit.

  3. I find it funny that you armchair commandos think this is drill is so bad. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this live fire drill. Just because you two couldn’t remotely do a drill like this tells me your training lacks skill. See in the military we have live fire battle drills in which your fellow soldier has the put rounds down range for suppressive fire so one can move forward. So take your cry baby thoughts and go get some real training.

    • Scoutsout23, having had extensive training in small arms I have to agree with Patriot and Jod. This drill should NEVER be performed with anything stronger than Air Soft. The instructor was in no position to correct BEFORE a terrible mistake. And that is NOT military training.

  4. Wow, I cannot believe a shooting instructor thought this was a good idea. There is absolutely no way you can justify the risk that comes along with this drill. I am surprised members of an “advanced class” were okay performing it.

  5. I’m a retired NCO, and I was range NCOIC more than once. This is idiotic, plain and simple. Every person I’ve shown this to has said the same thing. That includes friends who are JTACs, and in the SOF community. It’s great that civilians want to train to fight, though it’s concerning to see some of you thinking this is a good idea.

  6. This is simply idiotic. I cannot believe a shooting instructor thought this was a good idea. There is absolutely no way you can justify the risk that comes along with this drill. I am surprised members of the so-called advanced class were okay performing it.

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