Building your own SHTF proof survival manual

Electronic storage is great; for years I have recommended things like survival laptops and tablets. With a good solar charger, these devices can last for years in an off the grid environment.

If you’re anything like most of the survival minded people who come to this site, you probably bookmark and save a ton of good survival articles. While I love electronic devices, when the SHTF you need to have backups of all your valuable survival information.

survival binder bookYou need your own SHTF Proof Survival Manual.

laminatorLately I have been saving a ton of how to articles to my NOOK, but I don’t stop there. The nook is great for storing survival books and articles, but I also started laminating the most important articles and putting them into my own personal survival manual.

For under $40 bucks you can make yourself a good SHTF proof survival binder.

First, you need to buy a good laminator and a pack of lamination sheets.
You can get a Good Laminator on Amazon and a pack of 50 lamination sheets for around $40. This will allow you to put about 400 articles in your personal survival manual.

survival manual pageSecond, I condense the articles down so I can fit at least 4 to a page (8 double-sided). This gives you roughly 400 articles with only 50 pieces of paper. Remember, the lamination adds some weight so you don’t want to go crazy here; print only those articles that you think you’ll really need post SHTF.

I usually condense articles down in Microsoft word, or I shrink down specific pages from books so I can fit them into my 4up format. I then 3 ring punch the laminated pages and put them in a good zippered binder to protect them from the elements.

What kinds of articles do I add to my personal survival manual?

My NOOK can pretty much hold everything I need, so I fill that up with as much information as I can get. For my Binder, I take only the things that I think I will really need in a post SHTF world.

  • Maps, Evacuation Routes, and Bug Out Locations
  • Medical information and first aid instructions
  • How To articles
  • Pictures of edible plants
  • Communication frequency charts, notes, and antenna diagrams / formulas
  • Primitive Skills & instructional materials
  • Trapping Diagrams
  • And anything that you may have a hard time remembering
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  1. Just adding another idea … I’ve also made my own little survival type binder — I used the page protectors (you can get @ walmart for like 3 bucks) and just put two pages per protector (front and back). Then I added simple little “sticky dividers” so I can easily flip through…

  2. Very helpful info. Making my own but I’m not worried about saving space if I’ve got gas and a car (I’m a mechanic) so i think I’m good.. Could someone explain to me what affect a solar flare has on electronics (I would assume you could just rebuild power sources and this problem is only temporary?)

  3. I want to do this with our birth certificates and SS cards. I have 2 real copies of each and this is a great idea for protectiing them in our binder!
    I think I might do this with my first aide articles i wanted for my DIY manual, even if I memorize everything it makes no difference if Im the one that needs help of if I am in some other way incapale of doing what needs to be done. I’d rather have a guide I know will last! pharmacuticles and western medicine practices wont last forever and I want to make sure someone knows how to take care of my family’s medical concerns.
    For the family preppers out there consider laminating a card with current photos and names each family member to put on a carabiner in everyones BOB bags so if you get separated you have a photo that will last to show around or at least to remember why you are trying so hard to survive.
    I love laminating can you tell?

  4. Another great idea, from “The Book of Eli”
    Have an iPhone or iPod (normal screen) and you have tons of info in palm of your hands. Have with you a crank generator with usb cable too.

    I’m still thinking on how to protect it from EMP… heard something about “Pharaday Trap”… there should be some king of “iphone protector” made for it… if dont, please tell me… kickstart waits for me!

    Big Hug guys… and girls… we need them… remember that at the end of the world… PLEASE!

  5. SD cards are the best and they come in ultra waterproof. I use DoPDF program (free) to turn word docs into pdf’s. You can store a lot of pdf’s on an sd card and they are light so carrying 10 or 20 is easy. I do a lot of cut and paste because there is so much great info on the web, also it would be impossible to wag 2000 books around when running for your life.Use with a light tablet and have books, medical docs even videos right at your hands. Info is the best survival to have.

  6. I still carry my Ranger Handbook which is laminated and hole punched held together with 550 cord also took all my important documents and scanned them to a thumb drive

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