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When I first started this site there were only a handful of survival blogs on the internet, now it seems like every couple of hours a new one comes bubbling to the surface. Unfortunately, most of them are run by unscrupulous marketers who don’t have the first clue about survival, or by large corporate magazine conglomerates who are looking to cash in on the trend by offering half-ass advice that is likely to get people hurt of killed.

So to counter some of the bullshit that has clogged up the interweb, here are some of the sites that we like and visit routinely.

The top Survival Blogs from across the internet.

If I forgot to mention your blog I apologize, drop me a line and I will take a look at your blog. If I like it I will add you to my list.

Off Grid Survival – I created Off Grid Survival an online survival resource. I try to cover all aspects of survival including both urban and wilderness survival skills, gear, off-grid living, hiking, backpacking, bugging out and more.

Survival MOM – Survival MOM has been around almost as long as we have; launched in 2009, Lisa Bedford has been giving preparedness advice from a Mom’s perspective. It’s a top notch site, and even if you’re not a “Mom” you will find loads of useful and relevant survival information.

The Survival Blog – No list would really be complete without mentioning one of the oldest and most read survival sites on the internet, Jim Wesley Rawles’ Survival Blog. Rawles is a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer who provides a unique insight into preparedness and TEOTWAWKI topics.

The Survivalist Blog – run by Dan F. Sullivan, owner of and his right-hand, Tara Dodrill, the Survivalist Blog has been pumping out solid prepper articles since 2012.

Backdoor Survival – Since 2010, Gaye Levy has been sharing her journey into the world of preparedness. I’ve meet Gaye and she’s a super nice lady with lots of valuable survival advice.

Graywolf Survival – The site is run by a former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran. I’ve shared a few of his articles in the past, and he has some great information and things to say about becoming a gray man and his experiences from being a surveillance operative.

Survival and Preparedness Information

If you landed here because you are looking for survival and preparedness advice, than I invite you to check out our Preparedness guide: Prepper 101! The guide contains just about anything you would ever need to know to enter into the world of emergency preparedness, it also offers resources that go beyond just this site.

Do you have a survival blog? Leave me a comment with your link and I will take a look at the site.

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  1. I am just beginning to start my “prepping”/ survival activities and still trying to learn. right now I am focused on home defense and survival weapons. Currently I have a .380, 9MM, .22, and 12 gauge(I know I should have a larger calibre handgun, but that is what I had inherited). I was thinking about a rifle/carbine that would be good for defense but also could be used to take game in a survival situation. I am on a tight budget, and was wondering about the carbines that fire the same calibre as my handgun – 9MM. Are 9MM carbines powerful enough to take down a deer? What are peoples thoughts on this? I thought since they used the same ammo I could save on space and cost instead of buying yet another caliber. If not a carbine, what about a lever action 30-30? Thanks for your input.

    • 30/30 would be great. 9mm is fine if that’s what u have, main thing is “is it reliable and are you proficient with it?” get your water purification preps first, then begin food preps, you need to be working on more ammo, what are your plans for first aide. Find a good forum and ask questions, I’m new at it also and it’s easy to get overwhelm

  2. Todd, to many people spend to much time and money on a large weapons collection. Remember the old saying, KISS, keep it simple st… you get the point. Your 12 gauge will provide at short distance ample power to bring down game, insure you have both slugs and buckshot. Hand guns with hollow points work well and remember most shots will be at a distance of 10-15 feet. Remember the weapon in your hand is use to get your next one from the dirtbag you just dropped. Before you spend the kids college fund on a Rambo collection, stock up on food, water and basic supplies. Guns are really good for defense and barter but remember you can,t eat a Glock nor will a $1000.00 M-4 stop the whole U.S.Army.

  3. I like Jim Rawles’ which I have followed for several years. Always find it interesting, if you’d like to check it out.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Now I have a lot of resources to stay prepared. I’ll be checking out most of these for sure.

  5. The term KISS is upmost when it comes to prepping.
    A .223, 12ga and a 9mm are nice to have and ammo is readily available, but try to carry a 100 rounds of each if you need to move around much. With proper training all you need in firearms is the little old .22lr, both a pistol and a rifle, sweet, neat and hard to beat. One brick of 500 rounds serves both and only weighs about 3 pounds and the .22lr is pretty effective with proper shot placement and that = training!
    Drop a threat (.22lr are easy to silence)take up his weapon, use up his ammo, drop his now useless weapon and you’ve still got yours. And as for hunting for food a .22lr will take down pretty much anything from whitetail deer on down to the neighbors house pets if need be. Bigger isn’t always better, remember Bruce Lee, 135 pounds of nothing but bad ass, enough on that matter.
    Food & storage, the same KISS scenario works here, if you or your family don’t or won’t eat it now, why would you want to store it for later, either buy what you like or learn to preserve it, if it’s on a store shelf you also can dehydrate or can it, and you know what’s in it.
    I am a proud former U.S. Marine and an avid outdoorsman, so you naysayers have your fun with my post, my wife and I will get by just fine.
    So take care & live, not just survive.

  6. Hmm, the lowly .22 is very deadly when used right. I worked in a packing house stockyards section for a number of yrs, and one of the tools we used to take down sick and crippled animals was the .22, a single shot handgun and a single shot bolt action rifle. And yes the distances sometimes ranged from a foot or so to 15 ft. I watched my dad take a shot at a 1/4 mi with a .22 rifle to scare a dog and he hit it ( it died 3 days later ). I worked with different guys though the yrs, and every so often one would brag about spot lighting deer when they were younger using a .22 at night. A retired secret service guy I know made the statement that the half people killed in the U.S. die from .22 gun shot wounds. so yes, A.22 can be very effective or deadly, depending on ow you look at it

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