Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit

There are literally thousands of different survival kits on the market, and to be honest most of them shouldn’t be allowed to use the name survival.

Anyone who’s ever bought a pre-made kit online probably knows exactly what I’m talking about.

How many times have you seen a kit that looked cool, only to find out that what you bought was completely useless in a real survival situation? Well that’s not the case with my newest find.

Recently, I started carrying the Deluxe Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Technologies. While I haven’t abandoned my homemade kit, the deluxe survival kit is definitely a great addition to my gear, and is well worth the money.

The Survival Kit includes:

  • Blast Match Fire Starter: The blast match is pretty cool. It’s an all-weather fire starter that generates sparks that are 3 times hotter than a regular match. It can be used with one hand, and is a lot easier to use than a standard magnesium fire tool.
  • Wet Fire Tinder: This stuff can be used to start a fire even in the rain. It actually burns while floating in water.
  • Star Flash Signal Mirror: The mirror that comes with the kit is extremely durable, and can be used to signal from distances of over 50 miles. The Star Flash signal mirror is the same one used by the U.S. Air Force.
  • Jet Scream Whistle: LOUD!!!!! This whistle is extremely loud and is great for signaling, or scaring the hell out of bears.
  • Saber Cut Saw: This was the only part of the kit that I could have done without. I really don’t like hand held chain saws, but it was better than most of the flimsy wire saws that other commercial kits include. I was able to use it to successfully cut down some  small dead trees for fire wood, but I have my reservations about how long it would last in a real survival situation.

My Favorite Parts of the Kit:

  • The Blastmatch and the Wet Fire…… The wet fire is extremely useful for starting fires in the rain. And the Blastmatch really cranks out the sparks.

Here is a video of us testing the BlastMatch with some dryer lint used for tinder.

Check out the Ultimate Survival Kit:

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  1. The Wet Tinder that comes with it is awesome, thanks for the recommendation the kit is great, probably one of the best kits I have ever owned.

  2. I have owned two blast matches, and they are a great Idea. One thing to keep in mind however, is the tab the you push to strike the synthetic flint. It is weak, and I have broken the tab on both of the ones I owned. It is still a great product, and if it is taken care of it should hold up. I was still able to use the flint by using the old method of scraping it with a knife, its a huge flint rod, and it would last a very long time.

  3. This looks really large and heavy. I have a homemade kit that contains all of these items and fits easily in the front pocket of my Maxpedition nalgene water bottle pouch. As well as med kit, knife sharpener, canteen cup that fits my bottle, and my basic kit which contains fishing kit, fire starter, tinder, sewing kit, Fresnel lens, sutures, scalpel blades, duct and electricians tape, paracord and utility knife. It took a while to get it right but its the perfect kit and was pretty inexpensive.

  4. I think where this kit shines much like the One that Doug Ritter put out through Adventure Medical Kits is that it has Quality Reliable Components in one easiliy purchased package right from the get go for someone who has the inclination and background in the outdoors but not the time to put together their own kit. Put this kit and Doug Ritter’s together with a Decent Swiss Army Knife such as the One Hand Trekker or Locksmith and one would be set for quite a few emergencies. Looks like there is still room in the hard case for first aid supplies

  5. There really isn’t any commercial survival kit that addresses shelter, water and fire. A hank of paracord doesn’t cut it when you are half way up a mountain. Assembling your own kit of proven components is still the best option for most.

  6. One fire tinder that I’ve never seen mentioned in any survival site I’ve browsed is the bark of the white, or paper birch. I’ve worked in the northern Canada bush since the 1970’s and have always carried a ziploc of fine, shredded birch bark in my truck(s) and cruiser vest and in my homebuilt survival kits. Because of the oil content birch bark resists moisture, lights readily in wet/inclement weather and will have a decent fire going in no time. And it’s light & free to boot.

  7. Well thought out kit. Who makes the carry bag with the h had pocket for a water bottle? I have similar shoulder bag but had to buy an additional bag specifically for my water bottle. Tanks for the video.

  8. Great ideas from all. Here’s another one. Take cotton balls and petroleum jelly. You can use a mint tin or a small plastic bag to hold it, then dip a cotton ball in the jelly and light. You need just a small amount and it will light in the rain and stay lit.

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