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Over the last couple of decades, the term Survivalist has been hijacked by the media and is often used as a way to disparage those who live a self-reliant lifestyle. Survivalist and preppers are often lumped into a group with conspiracy theorists or fanatic types, which unfortunately makes the average person a bit reluctant to learn about survival and preparedness.

If you listen to the media, then the word survivalist probably brings to mind images of wackos like the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, or people like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

Why the Media seems to relish the idea of making survivalists look like a bunch of crazy lunatics, I will never understand. While I have come across a couple wackos in my time, the vast majority of people writing about survival topics are just normal everyday people.

In fact, most of the things they talk about used to be common knowledge.

Since the begging of time, people have been preparing for the worst. They weren’t survivalists; they were just average everyday people who understood the importance of self-reliance and preparation. In fact, up until the last couple of decades, most people understood the need to be prepared. Unfortunately, today’s world is more worried about what they can take from others, instead of thinking about how they can contribute to society.

In today’s world of iPads and cell phones, most people would find it hard to survive a single day in our ancestor’s shoes. They have become reliant on technology, consumer goods, and the government to keep them well.

Our society has become so dependent, that most people have forgotten the skills that helped man survive for thousands of years.

So what is a Survivalist, and why is it important in today’s age?

Being a survivor isn’t about preparing for some post-apocalyptic future war that may or may not ever happen. It’s about being prepared for real-life things that happen on a daily basis. All you have to do is look at an event like Hurricane Katrina to see why it’s so important for people to be prepared for the worst.

During Hurricane Katrina, the unthinkable happened. A major U.S. city was cut off from food and water, and all hell broke loose. From rioting and looting, to rapes and murders in the streets, the city of New Orleans devolved into chaos in a matter of hours.

Since Katrina, many people have woken up to the reality of the world we currently live in. From violent crimes and social unrest, to staggering amounts of debt that threaten to sink our country, there is no shortage of chaos.

With so many problems facing today’s world, doesn’t it just make sense to be prepared?

So what can you do to protect yourself?

  1. READ, READ, And then READ some more. Knowledge is the key to survival, without knowledge all the fancy survival gear in the world is useless.
  2. Have a Bug Out Bag A bug out bag is basically a bag of emergency supplies that you can grab if something goes wrong. It should contain the basic supplies that you need to survive for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Have a Survival Plan. Having a set plan of action will improve your chances of survival during an emergency.
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  1. I think one reason the media has such an outlook on ‘preppers’ is the ‘Mad Max’/Zombie horde/28 Weeks type of stuff made popular by Hollywierd. This genre has been popular with many and caused them, in their fantasies, to begin ‘preparing for the zombies’ and these were the first kind of people to make headlines as ‘preppers’. Then add in a mix of neo-militia style, cross-breed them and you have the medias ideal ‘prepper’. Someone they can poke fun at, laugh about and sensationalize as being wierdoes, not worthy of emulating.
    Then there are the ‘Red Dawn’/Jericho’ genre where the John Waynes/Swayze came and allowed the current paranoid world view to come forward.
    Of course, honest preppers know it’s a combination of the above coupled with a crashing world economy wherein the Zombies are aided by the invading nations after all that America has to offer. (Tongue is poking hole thru the cheek there.)

  2. Of all possible apocalyptic futures, Id have to cast my lot in the “zombie” category.

    But seriously. I consider myself a survivalist. Why all the time effort and money? I enjoy it. I love the craft as well as the tools and occasionally, the “survivalist community”. Why occasionally? A lot of these guys ARE a bit whacked. Or have an axe to grind. Or have a political/social/racial agenda. Which unfortunately makes all of us seem a bit a bit whacked. People think its funny sometimes, but hey, I lived through Katrina. Lots of folks didn’t.

  3. All I am going to say is sensationalism sells. Anything out of the ordinary is fair game to the media. Those of us that prepare operate in the “out of the box” mentality, and anything different is frowned upon.

    If the words “zombie horde” showed up on the front of a newspaper, out of curiosity people would read about it. Sadly, many believe everything they read out of newspapers.

  4. I guess I fall into the “Whacko” category. I believe that the government is trying to destroy our individual liberties. This corruption is from the left and the right. I am libertarian almost to the point of anarchist. As my teacher and friend once said, ‘We are on the lunatic fringe of society. It is up to us, up to YOU, to be the freedomfighter for the future generation. Prepare yourself and your friends for when the SHTF. I don’t know how or when but it is bound to happen.’ Since then I have been reading, training, and generally preparing to preserve my self and do my part to restore our nation should the current system fail.

    • Tom Joad…. Survivor….

      Grew up poor, small town. When the water was shutoff to our rent house. My Mother and I would load all trash cans and buckets and bottles. Go to the local cemetary and fill all the items with water. We had enough dead relatives buried there so we felt like it was not stealing.

  5. i agree with mycroft. ever since our enemys and ourselves have had such a large difference in freedoms allowed it seams as though our government has ben systematicly destroying our freedoms and taking away the baisis of our free nation.

  6. Here’s a thought for you. Some people, including many in media, do not have the courage to face the fact that things might not always be as safe/stable/secure as they are right now, and find it easier to just say things will always be fine rather than accept that this might not always be the case. Seeing others, such as preppers, actually address the potentially unpleasant possibilities forces them to recognize that not everyone shares the same view, which means there are potential possibilities other than the ones they choose to accept, which leaves them feeling threatened. It is far easier to discount something if it is ridiculed than if it is taken seriously.

  7. Ever since the San Fernando valley earthquake my wife and I have been preppers. We have been evacuated twice due to forest fires in Idyllwild since we retired and now due to the recent weather extremes our small town is totally cut off from the rest of the world.
    No mail, no deliveries of any kind to grocery stores or gas stations or anything else. Propane running low. Are we worried? No! Plenty of food, full tank of gas in car and truck, 3 cords of fire wood. Generator for electricity as long as propane lasts, cash on hand if visa doesn’t work. And confidence in ourselves to rise to the occasion. Preparedness on our part allows us to have the time and ability to help our neighbors and friends who had less foresight. This is not the time to be judgementable. Let’s help each other as best we can.

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