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Why Duct Tape?
Duct tape’s a great item to have in your survival kit. It has a number of uses and can help you make emergency repairs on just about everything.

What can you do with Duct Tape?

  • Make emergency repairs on, tents, gear, bags, tarps, packs, sleeping bags, clothing, rain gear, etc….
  • Medical Uses – making large bandages, adding padding to blisters, and making slings. It can also be used for wrapping sprained ankles in an emergency.
  • Sealing Windows
  • Making emergency temporary repairs to you vehicle.
  • Stopping Leaks
  • Repairing Torn Clothing and Warn out shoes.
  • Waterproofing
  • Wrapping plastic water bottles to prevent cracking and leaking.

Duct Tape Tip: When you want your repairs to last longer, ironing the Duct tape to your torn fabric will help it last a lot longer. In the field, you can use a Hot Rock heated in a fire to get the same effect.


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  1. Sam says:

    Duct tape can also be used for clothing if you really need it. I built a pair of duct tape shorts in only two hours. They need to be tweaked, but the fit, along with my duct tape vest, shoes, helmet, and vambraces. It makes good armor against light missiles such as airsoft bbs.

  2. Jeff Mitchell says:

    I was just doing some research for my site when I came across this duct tape article. That is a great list and duct tape is definately a survival gear must have.

  3. Tommy says:

    you can also twist all the duct tape together to make a strong rope.

  4. Travis says:

    you can make hammoks water bottles of all sizes tents sleeping pads ive seen a boat in the ocean that lasted 1 day it didnt sink or leak they just braught it back to shore it can be rope fishing line even a floorsomeone made a snair and one of those really weird net traps and a water distiler(a sun used water purifier shoes a CHESS SET!!!! there is literaly no end

  5. Eric says:

    All duct tape is not created equal! Try it out first before you have to depend on it to save your life. Some brands are superior, especially Gorilla brand tape! Far above all others IMHO.

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