The Biggest Lies & Myths About Preppers

Prepping is a Fad

While some people have been influenced by TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, the subject of prepping is far from a fade.  In fact, Preparedness is something that’s been talked about as far back as early Biblical times. The Bible is filled with many examples of prepping and even offers preparedness advice.

The story of Noah is probably one of the best examples of prepping in the bible. In Genesis, Noah is instructed to prepare for the coming flood by stockpiling food for his family.

Genesis 6:21 (NIV)
“You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.”

There are many other biblical passages that refer to prepping, here are a few.

Proverbs 27:12
A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

Proverbs 21:20 NIV
In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.

Preppers are crazy

Crazy GuyWhile the mainstream media likes to show the fringe in any movement, most Preppers are far from crazy. While I wouldn’t say we’re normal; I also wouldn’t call us crazy.

What’s considered normal in this country is to rely on someone else to provide for you during an emergency. If that’s normal, I think I’ll opt for being the oddball who’s able to protect his family when the chaos of a natural or man-made disaster strikes.

Preppers are all Anti-government

U.S. FlagPreppers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, hold a myriad of different political beliefs, and can’t be nicely fit into any one category. In fact, one look through some of the comments on this site will highlight the many different opinions that are out there.

While many of us probably believe in a limited government, I don’t think that necessarily makes us anti-government. Most of us simply believe that we’re responsible for our lives, our safety and the protection of our family during a time of crisis.

Preppers are all preparing for Doomsday

Doomsday Atomic BombForget about the sensational images you might see on T.V. shows like Doomsday Preppers; the fact is most Preppers don’t wake up planning for the apocalypse. In fact, most of us are preparing for relatively common situations such as; natural and man-made disasters, economic and political problems and even everyday problems like loss of employment.

I often tell people, preparedness is not about the end of the world, it’s about being ready for those moments in life that can feel like the end of the world if you’re not prepared.

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  1. I for one and can only speak for myself….wholeheartedly believe in the govt. policing society is not a easy task….this I know for my father was a US. marshall…before his passing…crazy well yea sure crazy about life and staying alive …..fade well its been one of mine for 38 years….doomsday is a every day event one never knows what tomorrow will bring prepping is not a all out store house of food and weapons its all about knowing what and how to deal with everyday life what to do if the power goes out how to deal with no gas for the car just how to live period tomorrow is not promised to any of us by the grace of GOD are any of even here…..the lord made us all the same promise…and I quote((( ant none of you fuckers getting out alive )))) so by his hand I live my life day by day and hold my faith tight with both hands….

    • people learn to take care of your self ….Noah did his self and his family an all the rest of god creatures….don’t worry about what others think about you ….just think highly of your self and the family you love this is why you put back the food the ammo the supplys they need no the govt. can’t ride in on a white horse and fix every thing the same day it take time to clean up a disaster from a storm or earth quake…learn to build a fire and smoke all the evil off your hide hold hands and pray for the salvation you searching for even the lord our GOD took six days to conger up this world and it took all he had for he had to rest ….I don’t know …just take heart …an hold your faith…..learn to help each other ……that’s all he ask of you…

    • Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I was a scout, we were taught to be prepared. I recently caught an eye at work when I mentioned my G.O. bag. He asked me if I was a prepper and I merely said if I have the ability to move my loved one to a safer location, then I will, it would be irresponsible to do otherwise. At that location is a cabin, a small solar panel which can power a laptop which I’ve downloaded endless pdf manuals of agricultural, medical and

      • …Others of significance. I don’t consider myself a prepped because I haven’t invested 30% percentage of my budget into it, I’m just a guy going by the scout motto.

        • Lee, I too was a scout. Best thing I could have done with my childhood. Taught me self-awareness as well as some self-reliance. I think all children should be in scouts or similar programs.

          • Yeah Dave, i totaly agree with you. I am a scout and am working towards eagle, but that’s not my only reason for joining. It was also to learn basic survival skills. I’m lucky to have a good troop that drills on those skills, but allot of troops don’t. I would suggest to anyone that wants there son to join scouts that you look for a troop that is serious about teaching those skills. Now, scouting has changed since my dad was in, such as more paperwork and regulations, but it is still well worth the time. It really does a good job of getting your butt up off the couch!

  2. hi all well all i have to say is New Zealand encourage people to be prepared i think it has to do with the fact we are on islands with volcanoes and a very active earthquake region but they want us to be prepared for at least three days. Since i was in Christchurch when it had an 6.4 quake i was family able to teach my family basic survival techniques and that all thanx to this site, thanx guys

  3. Yeah most of the people I know that prep are actually normal. I think it’s oddball to live believing one doesn’t need to prepare for themselves. A friend of mine asked me why I prep. I asked him why he had a savings account. He replied that he wanted it for the unknown case of an emergency or if something happened that caused a financial hardship. Well, that’s another great reason to prep, not just for the end of the world scenario but it could save a family if an income earner gets laid off for six months.

    • Ask your friend how would he use those funds. just look at East coast, Atm’s are down, banks are closed. Its cash or trade.

      maybe once he thinks it over he might consider somw old school savings.

  4. I prep for the natural disasters that would effect me and mine. Ice storms, earthquakes and volcanos are what I prepare for. The plus side is I am ready for layoffs, dollar collapse, social collaspe, etc. Sandy has woken up my neighbors and they are asking advice now.

    • Kinda nice not being that “that crazy prepper guy up the road”.

      One little hurricane and it’s “ask greg He had these cool ideas he was telling me last summer”

  5. I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

  6. You want lies and myths watch doomsday preppers tonight. Saw tonights episode online Some good info sprinkled throughout, But definately slants toward crazy people. even have Highschool prepper they despict like he could be the next columbine. Shoot his grandfather pistol, Loves his shotgun and improvised weapons. i think he is leaning in the right direction but the way it is editted it screams gun control.

    I don;t think showing him recruit friends and almost burn down an abandon building (by accident)is going to do him any favors.

    He is about to be the media poster child for “those Wacked Out Preppers” (US).

  7. In light of Hurricane Sandy, I hope it is pretty obvious that we all need to get some type of food storage and emergency preparedness kits going. I recommend starting with a simple first aid kit and 72 hour kit for each member of your family. When that is complete store enough water that your family would consume in a weeks period of time. 2 liter pop bottles are easily accessible and can be stored anywhere. When this is done then start on canned goods or ready made meals. Set goals and accomplish something each month. Taking this one step at a time can make this overwhelming task simple and affordable.

    • As unfortunate as Sandy is it has really brought legitimacy to a lot of the work we do. The aftermath of Katrina seemed responsible to screw ups from FEMA to a lot of people, but seeing how helpless the government was in the nation’s largest city. A lot of preppers were made that day.

    • Last Christmas we gave to each household a 72 hour food kit in a 5 gallon bucket with a Gamma lid for 4 people to show how easy it was to prep. This past summer we did dry camping in trailers to train 12v living to the same family members but didn’t tell them we were training them.

  8. I prep for short term and long term. It’s way more silly to be prepared for something that doesn’t happen than if it does. I think history, real documented history and trending shows us that prepping is the smartest thing to do.

  9. I know I will lose electricy sometime in the next 5 years for 3 days , It will snow and I will be reluctant to drive to town. My well pump won’t work with no Electricy, furnace won’t blow heat out I am prepared for this short interuption of life.

  10. I too am prepping for what may be a life changing event . I have seen several episodes of the Doomsday Prepper program, but unlike those folks highlighted in the program , I prefer to keep my efforts known only to my loved ones. I do not plan to rely on the gov’t for the safety and survival of my family. If the truth be known it is the gov’t who we may need to fear the most. I hope that everyone who is able to, make preparations for themselves.

  11. Great post! It is definitely not a fad. Usually they were called survivalists before. Also the Mormon church has been preaching prepping for quite a while.

    While some are preparing for doomsday there are many who prepare for natural disasters, a slow breakdown of the economy and society, and to have extra stuff in case of problems in their own life.

    Preppers aren’t crazy. If this is the case you must also call people with 401ks and retirement prep crazy because they may never live to use it.

    I think most preppers are for limited government, but I think they are quite patriotic. They just don’t always agree with everything that is happening in DC.

  12. I know for my family and I, we prep for mother natures fury, as she tends to like to remind us we are powerless in life when ever she decides to! Lol. We wish we had better preps / stores , but our SSI income makes it hard to truly stock up. We have about a week worth of food stored up beyond our day to day needs, plus we have water stored up in 2 liter bottles, and various camp gear that allows us to heat our home and cook.

    • You are so right prepping on a low budget is difficult I live on $1009.00 a month and try to prep. I was raised by a father who was victim od the depression and he told me watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of them self. So many people do not understand the meaning of that. I cut my hair myself, I use the plastic bags from the store as trash bags I do not buy trash bags I just take the small bag to dumpster when full I don’t stop by the quik shop and buy over priced drinks. I do not buy paper towels. I don’t have cable TV. I only buy meat that has been reduced in price. I am so frugal that when I was married my wife said she had to squirt my ass with WD40 before I could walk. I save ever nail screw board piece of pipe wire and any thing that could be used. That stuff may be used to barter. I don’t go to movies I don’t start my truck and drive unless really needed. I bought a used 18 foot swimming pool $40.00 and keep it full for water storage. I built a water filter from 2 five gallon buckets sand gravel and activated charcoal. I have 55 gallon barrel I put 5 gallons of gas in once a month. I could go on and on about how I save to prep. Some people say I will never use the food and stuff I have put back. I just tell them they wont use it either before I die. If some thing does happen I be some what ready and will likely die defending what I stored up but the pile of those trying to steal it will be bigger. Do you’re best to prepare and pray you never need it.

  13. Urban and suburban people may look on it as prepping, but those of us living in the country call it “life”. We do all these prepping activities without even thinking about them. Most grow gardens and can. Have a freezer full of beef and/or pork and chicken. Have multiple firearms available for the everyday life activities of shooting rattlesnakes or putting down an ailing cow. We know that there is a real possibility of losing electricity for days from blizzards, ice storms, etc. Most people have a fireplace of some sort. We also have generators and fuel storage. Not just for emergency use but for everyday purposes. We also know being in a sparsely populated area, that there is no one to rely upon except ourselves. We take care of ourselves and expect others to do the same. It is mainly urban/suburban people that are complacent in expecting others to take care of the people in emergencies. IMHO

  14. My father taught me to prep a long time ago. He lived through the depression. Although I never took him real serious as of late I have started prepping. My husband thinks I am a little over the top and of course my friends think I am nuts. Even though my husband thinks I am over the top he still supports me. I tell my friends when SHTF don’t knock on my door. It doesn’t take a genius to know things can happen. It is winter here now and we are expecting ice tomorrow. So who will be the crazy one when I have heat, food and water and don’t have to worry about it if I can’t get to a store for a few day’s. Most of my co workers and friends are lucky if they have one days worth of food and water. I grew up in California so we were always prepared in case of a earth quake. Now I live in the mid west and deal with freezing weather and tornados. My husband and I have a bug out plan just in case of any other kind of disaster. I have started canning this year but sure wish I would have started it a long time ago and paid more attention to my mother and grandmother. Just saying it is always better to be prepared then to try to figuar it out after the fact.

  15. You use this verse saying it’s about prepping Genesis 6:21 (NIV)
    “You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.”
    I’m thinking that if the bible meant you and your family it would have said so but it says “You and THEM” meaning feeding the hungry. So why do so many preppers swear they will shoot anyone that comes to them for help because it’s all theirs and no one else’s?

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