Are you Guilty of Outsourcing your Safety?

“I never thought it would happen here.” Crisis after crisis and disaster after disaster, how many times have we all heard that sentence uttered from an unprepared persons mouth? Yet, even after these disasters, a majority of the effected people still fail to take precautions for future events.

We live in an age where people would rather outsource their safety to some government agency instead of taking the time to learn about preparedness. They live under the false assumption that should something ever go wrong, the government will be there to help them pick up the pieces.


Let’s face it, even during small-scale disasters, our government becomes quickly overwhelmed and can often take days, sometimes even weeks, to fully respond to the situation. Things can often go from bad to worse, simply because the federal government decided it was time to step in and “help”.

In my opinion, you only have one option; and that’s to make sure you can depend on the one person that has a vested interest in your safety. That person is YOU!

Even if you consider yourself to be a prepared individual, it’s always a good idea to test yourself and evaluate your overall level of preparedness.

How Prepared are you to deal with a Crisis, a Disaster or Total Collapse Scenario?

The following thoughts and questions are meant to help you evaluate your situation, and hopefully come up with a plan that allows you to face whatever challenges the future may have in store.

1. How long could you survive in your home without power, utilities or being able to restock supplies at the grocery store? What can you do to improve your situation?

2. If you have a medical condition, how long could you survive before you had to refill your prescriptions?

  • Can you stockpile extra medication?
  • Are there natural alternatives that could be taken to supplement your medications during an emergency?

3. Are you physically prepared to meet the challenges of survival? If not, are you doing anything about it?

  • Get in Shape NOW – No matter what survival situation you may ultimately find yourself in, there is one thing that you’ll likely find, it’s going to be hell on your body.
  • Mastering the Psychology of Survival – Really being prepared to survive, means being able to control your fears, your emotions and your ego.

4. If a disaster hit, forcing you to leave the comfort of your home, do you have an evacuation plan?

5. If you had to leave your home, how quickly could you do it?

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  1. Terrific info – A great jumping off point for beginers. Started watching doomsday preppers last winter. They seemed alittle crazy but there was some good ideas in there. Then we had a late winter storm 20* and no power for 5 days (14 for some). After that those preppers didn’t seem quite as crazy. Sometimes us thick headed people need an example close to home before we pay attention. This year i’m ready for storms, long term power outage or just about anything else Love your site thanks

  2. I completely agree with almost everything this site has to say, I am looking for a total govornment collapse in the next 20-30 years in this, if not multiple, countrys. Call me crazy but I beleve armongeddon is just around the corner.

  3. Whenever I talk about my preps someone says they will come to my house if there is a disaster. I always have to hold my tongue.

  4. This article is The reason I love this site. Complete and resources articles that offer solutions to problems. Thanks for posting it the links in it are great !

  5. I hate hearing the b.s. argument of “It’ll never happen here/to me” because there’s no evidence to support that case. What about Hurricane Katrina or any of the other huge natural disasters we’ve faced? – No one expected those to be so bad but they were and a lot of people were not prepared.
    I love this website and the helpful articles here – I’m the oldest of 4 kids and plan on having a serious talk with my parents about making plans. I carry around a daily FAK with me already just for safe measure – might as well go all-out and be completely prepared for the worst!

  6. Yup, well done once again! :)

    On one of the prepper forums I was once lambasted (by an ex-military prepper who was also moderator of the thread) for mentioning the heretical idea that, rather than help or even just being absent, the government could well become a threat, especially to those who do prep.

    We often see articles about the government being concerned and watching preppers, and fairly recently the FBI was watching visitors to the survivalblog website. In my mind, there’s no reason they’d want to have lists of preppers – it doesn’t seem logical to me that the national threat of terrorism will be revealed by tracking large purchases of grain, for example. Also, the article by the EMP commission recommended seizure of private stockpiles. Sure, maybe they meant the warehouses the grocery stores keep. But maybe they meant that seizing your stockpile of 10 years worth of food is a good idea too.

    To me, it seems like idleness would be preferable to the measures some governmental agencies would revert to at TEOTWAWKI.

  7. Great article and it needs to be taken seriously. I have often said if we don’t use our rights then we lose them. After 9/11/01 this nation has been content on having the govt. take care of them. This is a dangerous school of thought. The govt. was not created to take care of us. Govt. is the problem not the solution. If we trade our freedoms for some false, temporary safety then we have nor do we deserve either ( not my words ). I am thankful I vote on the side of freedom. I have never voted for anyone regardless of party affiliation that I think may hinder my rights.

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