Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT LED Lantern Review

Emergency lighting might not be the most exciting topic, but when the power goes out and your kids start screaming it sure does come in handy.

There are millions of choices when it comes to lighting, so it can be difficult when trying to pick the perfect emergency light. One of my favorite lights, one that I use for more than just emergencies, is the Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT LED Lantern. The thing is tough, takes only 3 AA batteries, and can be clamped onto just about anything.

Blackfire Lantern Standing Up

One of my Favorite Night Fishing Lights

I do a lot of night fishing, so I’ve used hundreds of different flashlights, lanterns and spotlights; the Blackfire Lantern is the one that I take almost every time I go night fishing.

The best thing about all the Blackfire lights, as you can see in the picture below, is they can be clamped on to just about anything. I use mine 90% of the time clamped right to the side of my Jon Boat; but they’re also awesome utilities lights, and are great for camping, working in the garage, or working on your car or truck.

Blackfire Lantern Clamped to a JON Boat

Camplight and Camplight Lantern
The Blackfire Camplight Lantern with the original Blackfire Camplight

CLAMPLIGHT Lantern Features

The Blackfire Camplight Lantern provides 260 lumens of light in high mode, 125 lumens in low mode, and is powered with only 3 AA Batteries.

  • Uses 2CREE® brilliant white LED’s that are rated at 100,000 hours of use.
  • 4 separate settings: Hi/Low/Strobe mode for Lantern plus Flashlight mode.
  • 180 Degree Pivoting Head and a Clamp that converts to a locking stand.
  • Meets IPX4 international weatherproof standards – I’ve dropped it in the water more than a couple of times, and it’s always getting wet on the boat; after months of use it’s still kicking.

3 AA Batteries inside the Lantern

The BlackFire CLAMPLIGHT is affordable, retailing right around $29, making it the perfect light for emergencies, camping, and late night fishing trips. The light’s ability to switch from a traditional flashlight, to a lantern that can clamp on virtually anything makes it a valuable preparedness tool – something that would be a great addition to any roadside emergency kit or bug out bag.

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  1. I like the Streamlight Siege as a camp light. No clamps, but all sorts of hanging clips, water resistant and in ‘low’ it can run for 12 days on the D cells. Then again, I have way too many flashlights. Not that I’d ever admit that to my wife.

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