David Sarti

Prospects of survival for today’s society

October 28, 2011 Off The Grid 12

During a SHTF situation it’s not wild animals or roaming gangs that will pose the largest threat to society. The real danger comes from our current cultures lack of being able to do anything for themselves. From their crippling dependence on technology to their over reliance on prescription medications just to make it through the day, our current culture seems doomed to fail. […]


Mind, Body, SHTF

July 19, 2011 Robert Richardson 12

To survive in a post SHTF world you need to be have the proper mindset, a body that’s in peak physical condition and spirit that can survive anything that comes at it. […]


When the Boy Scouts were allowed to be Boys!

June 24, 2011 Off The Grid 21

Sadly, we live in a time where the biggest adventure most kids will experience is sitting in front of a T.V. watching someone else experience the outdoors. Check out these images and Boy Scouting techniques from the early 20’s when boys were actually allowed to be boys…. […]