Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Lady cooking with a Wood Burning Stove

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scraped, and cannot be resold.

From the EPA Site:

The local air pollution agency says I can’t sell my old wood stove to help pay for an EPA-certified wood stove.  Why is that?
Replacing an older stove with a cleaner-burning stove will not improve air quality if the older stove is reused somewhere else.  For this reason, wood stove change out programs usually require older stoves to be destroyed and recycled as scrap metal, or rendered inoperable.

Let’s hope this doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the newly created Department of Homeland Security Environmental Justice Units. The next thing you know we might all be getting a knock at the door….. Your Neighbor reported that you might be burning some wood, do you mind if we take a look around?

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  1. I went the link mentioned and asked: I was wondering where in the Constitution the federal government was given the power by the states to inspect stoves?

    I recommend everyone write to the EPA. Letters are more annoying.

    Anyway, convert your stove to coal, I suppose. There are ways to reburn exhaust that you can find on YouTube, but it would take some tinkering.

  2. I was worried but I went to the EPA site. what the article didn’t say was this “On January 3, 2014, EPA proposed revisions to the residential wood heater new source performance standards (NSPS) under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. The draft revisions apply to new heaters ONLY and do not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes”. We live off grid and use wood heat. I just hate it when I read these articles that want to stir it up so they don’t tell you the whole picture.

  3. Ok…. After this very hard winter and the profiteering by the propane industry bad the urban environment I’ve begun some research for supplemental heat sources. Wow, the power of the internet. There’s a lot that pushes me outside my comfort zone. and, I keep telling myself there’s a bit if truth in everything. Look for it. What’s pushing this agenda.

    There’s a lot of good folks across this nation: those that choose to live I. The wild, small towns, or big cities Things is we’ve always been. Diverse group and we have more in common than our differences. It’s not about winners and losers or us and them because the UNITED STES is US.

    The game that is being played out is the game of power, force, and controlled. A few control this game board. It’s the game of master’s and slaves that has been played to control and move the masses. In this game there is a desired outcome which yields tremendous profits for the few. The catalyst to set the play in motion usually creating chaos, mayhem, and violence, a call to action. This requires social engineering to get the masses under control and use them as pawns in a much bigger game. 911. – Iraq war – huge contracts for the military machine (Cheney). The ever slave/mAster scenario.
    I encourage you to be brave and set strong emotions aside. Use the power of discernment and be willing to hear/listen because there is an element of truth in everything. There are very good folks in all walks of life but there is the intent it seems to hit us from all sides. Our enemy is NOT the people of the US. Our enemy knows no geographic boundaries or allegiance to common good. It wants only one thing: POWER, FORCE and CONTROL. It will destroy anything g In it’s path. Looks like we’re being presented a choice of paths. We can let the beast Winn or with any bully behavior call it out and name it because this evil walks in the shadows.

    Example, ALEC is writing legislation and handing it over to our elected officials and passing into law measures that do not represent their constituency. Corporate control of government is called fascism. With any bully behavior it needs to be called out. We can, read, write and we have the internet to expose and remove from power, status and influences those forces that have controlled the masses for eons. We can peacefully remove our lawmakers through the impeachment process~ Jefferson Manual. Search history and I think Peck

    The point is we are at a cross roads : the old way controlled by fear or a newer way of acceptance, approval and valuing I. Which we are all stake holders. Do we really want these greedy, self-serving SOB’s threaten US, creating factions and sending us to war? I want truth, justice and the AMERICAN way and either we stAnd for do something or we fall for everything. I do ‘t want to be freeing my #%^* off either it I’m pretty certain that this crisis will present a positive financial gain for the $ game. There’s a good possibility thAt it is tied to the Key Stone Pipeline ( look at China’s role). There’s another possibility that all the stress will lead to a fracturing of the US with a cast of characters waiting to “rescue us” and re- establish caste system.

    Research … Be willing to see and not hear through emotion. Make up your own minds and hearts and be careful what leadership you give your power to. It’s about US. God bless America and our children.

  4. If our govt-EPA, due to the “new rules” wants us to replace our wood stoves then let them give us vouchers for them, like they did with TV converter boxes, just this time no expiration date!

  5. Okay everyone calm down. I am speaking as an environmental engineer and I need to let you know this is not as big as you think. EPA certified stoves are a way they want to use to curb the issues but these particulate levels are over extended periods and subject to many other factors. I have read all of the clean air amendments and there is nothing preventing private citizens from burning wood in their own homes.

    We have had many legislative actions like this put in place over the years many more restrictive than this and no one is knocking on your door for those, and they won’t here either.

  6. Look out people you can have your stoves you just can’t use them. I went to court today because after five years of heating my home with a 2009 EPA certified wood stove my neighbor decided that he doesn’t like smoke odors in his yard. Most people enjoy the smell of a burning fire in the air. Well the judge ruled with an injunction telling me I can not put any new logs on the fire every day between the hours of 6pm – 10:15pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays I can’t put new logs on the fire between 9am-12 noon. I can’t believe in the country we live in you can purchase a home with a fire place and be told how and when you can use it. Look out people what is the next thing we will be told we can’t do in our own homes?

  7. Shut down the epa (save billions in paychecks) and fully impeach that big eared bafoon in the whitehouse!! Problem solved

  8. Wow, this is extremely upsetting indeed! It is such a joke that they would go after poor folks wood stoves; when there are hundreds of thousands of gasoline engines running 24 /7 sucking hundreds of cubic feet per minuet of good breathable air in, and shooting out hundreds of cubic feet of poisoned air per minuet!!! Its all about control and money! pure and simple. Ok, look up: (rocket wood stove); these can and will be built and burn really efficient and clean. Lets Build-em

  9. Very very interesting. It’s going to be terribly difficult getting heat out in the wild now. Good time to shoot for wind/solar solutions!

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