EU Trying to Control Seeds: All Seeds and Plants will have to be Registered with Government

bannedseedsA New piece of legislation being proposed by the European Union would make it illegal to grow, trade, or reproduce anything that’s not on the list of EU approved seeds. They are literally trying to prevent people from growing their own plants from non-regulated seeds.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the “approved seeds” are genetically modified seeds that are owned by some of the world’s largest corporations like Monsanto, DuPont, AstraZeneca, and Bayer.

The law, if implemented, would immediately ban small farmers and organic growers from developing their own vegetable varieties, and would force them to register their seeds with the EU. This would essentially put most of them out of business because many would not be able to afford the registration fees.

Seed Saving Could become a Criminal Act

Companies like Monsanto have long been pushing for the criminalization of seed saving. In fact, Monsanto has gone as far as developing what are known as Suicide or Terminator seeds that produce fruits and vegetables with sterile seeds. This prevents farmers from planting seeds they harvest, requiring them to repurchase seed for every planting.

The one thing standing in their way is those who save their heirloom seeds, this new law would change that.

Almost all types of heirloom seeds will be banned under this proposed EU law. The age-old practice of seed saving would essentially become a criminal act; it would also threaten the future of our world’s plant biodiversity, and will help give these corporations complete control over all seeds and crops grown throughout the world.

Monsanto in America: The Takeover of our Food Supply

spraying pesticidesMonsanto, the company famous for developing controversial products like Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, and recombinant bovine somatotropin, pretty much owns the world’s commercial food supply. They also seem to own the Federal Government in America.

Earlier this year, President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act, a provision that was secretly stuffed into a bill meant to avert a government shutdown. The provision protects Monsanto from lawsuits that arise from people who might become ill as a result of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.

The bill also bars federal courts from being able to stop the sale or planting of genetically modified crops and seeds. That means even if these seeds are found to pose health consequences to the public, a court of law cannot order them to stop producing or planting these products.

These genetically modified seeds produce products that are now in almost everything you eat, including genetically engineered corn, soy, and wheat that have made their way into almost all commercial food products.

Most people don’t realize that Monsanto literally owns the food supply. Our federal government, with the help of the Supreme Court, has allowed Monsanto, and corporations like it, to patent life. They have allowed them to patent our God-Given seeds and plants, and claim ownership on almost everything you eat. Monsanto, whose company slogan used to be “Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible”, has used their power to ruthlessly go after, and put small farmers out of business.

Using their patents, they have gone after farmers who refuse to use Monsanto seeds. They have done this by claiming that these farms were using their patented products, after Monsanto-engineered grains being distributed by winds cross-pollinated with these farmers’ non-GMO plantings. Thousands of farmers have been either put out of business, or have been extorted into using Monsanto seeds.

Together with Syngenta and Dupont, Monsanto controls and claims ownership of more than half of the world’s seeds.

They are trying to Take Over the Food Supply:

pigFrom seizing small gardens to shutting down small family farms, our government is waging war on anyone who dares live a self-reliant lifestyle.

Late last year we reported on how the State of Michigan was seizing and killing free range pigs. They were literally going onto small family farmers and killing their pigs, just because they were being raised as organic free-range pigs. What we didn’t know at the time, was the fact that Monsanto had applied to patent the pig. Yes, they are actually claiming ownership on pig DNA.

The patent is for specific parts of the genetic material of pigs, which would allow Monsanto to do to pig farmers what they’ve done to small farms across the country. If the patent is granted, pig breeders would have to get permission from Monsanto to breed their pigs.

We are under Attack

The takeover of the food industry has been accomplished; the only thing left is to go after small family farmers, and local gardeners. With the help of big government, our world’s corporations have completely shredded the constitution and have claimed ownership on life. If we’re not careful, companies like Monsanto may soon try to patent Human DNA; the way things are going nothing would surprise me at this point.

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    • So, no Republican supported or helped pass this bill then? No Republican is in Monsanto’s pockets? This is a bi partisan problem and it’s sick. If you make it just about your political preferences then you will never see the whole picture. I am a liberal and I am disgusted. You I assume are a Republican and you (I assume) are disgusted too. There we have just reached common ground. Wasn’t that hard was it? We all need to stop pointing fingers and unite on this.

      • At one time I considered myself a liberal Democrat. I gave that up when I realized the party I supported had long ago abandoned liberalism in favor of fascism and communism.

        I hate to break it to you but Obama is the man in power and he is the man who allowed Monsanto to take over the food industry.

        • so years ago when they took over (bushes presidency) obama made it happen? Bolan here is right its not about partys or liberal vs conservitive they are all in companies pockets. Karl marx the man who wrote the Communist manifesto and the father of communism if studied shows that no state on gods green earth has been truly pure marx communist just extreme socilist dictator or lenin communist(mao,stalin, khrushchev,mussolini etc..) communism is a stateless socal,economic,and political structure where socalism is there tranition point.

        • Monsanto and dupont have been taking over the seed business for decades. Politicians of both parties are complicit and enabling this situation because big business lobbies and contributes big bucks to their re-elections, and gives them jobs after Congress. Obama only enforces the laws passed by Congress. How could he be responsible for events that have been happening for decades? Open your eyes or you will never know your enemy.

      • there are republicans that are not Conservative and are willing to let are country drowned in its Liberal homosexual soon to be communist, socialist country. if you don’t go to church maybe you should.

    • you all are fools. Its not just one side or the other, get over yourselves. If a republican is in office shit if fucked up, if a Democrat is in office its fucked up.

  1. How can they be allowed to patent life? That’s the most screwed up thing I’ve ever heard and makes me think we have lost this fight. All this time fighting over left and right and these bastards were behind closed doors working together to screw us over.

  2. Did anyone know that Clarence Thomas was one of the lawyers that worked for Monasanto back in the seventies, And now he’s a Supreme court judge for the United States. And he just signed into law that no one can sue Monasanto. Can we say conflict of interest, do the research you will be amazed.

    • You don’t have to propose falsehoods to support your position. A Supreme Court Justice does not sign bills into law. Learn how the Govt works if you wish to defeat things like this.

      The Congress can pass idiotic bills like this but to think they can bar a court from hearing a case is incorrect. One branch of Government cannot tell one of the other two what to do in such simple ways. It takes a Constitutional Amendment to do that in this case. They will try but it’s not legal.

      • To put what Edward is saying into context,Clarence Thomas sided with Monsanto every time they sued those farmers out of existence. He, just like Obama, is part of the problem.

    • How much did Clarence Thomas get paid to sell his soul to the devil ? – THAT’s the real question !
      Just like the rest of BIG Corp. America ! Their motto – “Just ask them what their price is ” – and you can get anything you want – as long as you are rich – the rich are the ones who run this so-called ” Land Of The Free ” !

  3. Crazy stuff. People who are storing seeds right now could be the hackers of tomorrow. This is a horrible crime against biodiversity, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a backlash from the scientific community

    • Scientific community? Scientists need money to put food on the table, and they get that through grant money. Who do you think are giving them money?This is just like big pharma giving our doctors bonuses to push unnecessary drugs on us. Remember cholesterol level used was considered normal at 220? To get more people on statins, they have lowered that to 200, 190, and now recommending less than 180. Statin is a natural byproduct of red yeast rice that Asians have used. The FDA now bans the sales of the red yeast rice if it contains a certain level of the natural statin considered to be safer than the synthetics. FDA involved with food supplements?

  4. This doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular article but rather most of your articles in general and is simply a suggestion. I think it would be nice if you could post a bibliography of sorts so that one may be able to more easily see where you’ve gotten your information. I come here quite often for news and updates I don’t hear on public media but I also wonder sometimes where you get all this information. Thanks!

    • If this comes to pass these four companys would control the world, every country would be on their knees doing what ever they were told to do.

  5. Right or Left is no longer relevant. our entire political system has been bought and sold. Not just here but throughout the world. The atheist family down the street or road may be preparing as well as the most conservative christian family.They may be an important ally. Stock up, train, educate yourself and family. The globalization that is coming is real and will become more apparent sooner than later. For all you fans of obama, bush, reagen, beck, clinton, etc-get your head out of your ass.

  6. Amen, finally somebody gets it. We aren’t citizens to the government anymore, just little pieces in their game. Democrats and Republicans all alike, they both stopped caring about us a long time ago. So if you’re out their just waiting for either side to step in and save the day, then you’re just as much a fool as they are.

  7. Thank you for spreading the word on this insane and morally wrong practice. The genetically modified crops are mixing with the heirloom crops and guess who wins? Monsanto. Can you fight Monsanto? No! The only person that wins here is Monsanto. Save your heirloom seeds while you still can.

  8. One side blames Capitalism (Bush, Reagan,et al.), and the other side laments the evils of Socialism/Communism. Don’t know about Socialism or Communism, but true unfettered Capitalism’s never been tried. Somebody’s (like politicians & bureaucrats) always fuckin’ with it! Q: Who is John Galt? A: You all know the answer. We just need somebody with the ability to get it across to the sheeple to stand up and tell it like it is, just once.

  9. How do the Liberals?! WTF are you talking about? The libs were what the right called freaks when ever a topic hits this as a grass roots issue. This is not about Lib / Conservative. This is about OUR right to choose what we ingest not what big Pharma deems appropriate for nothing more than gains. Get your head straight.

  10. Saving seeds is going underground. Seeds could become the currency of the underground market. I need to get hooked into the off grid seed trading now.

    Strange thought of the day: Cat hair is lonely people glitter.

  11. no more safe bacon, no more safe food………. the government will cause the USA to destroy itself, ppl will riot, what else is there to do?

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