Evacuation plan – Planning to bug out during an emergency

Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical during any survival situation.  If things go bad, having a plan of action can help put you 20 steps ahead of the mindless morons who spent their time watching T.V., instead of planning for the very real threats that are out there.

Guy walking duringa disaster

Your Evacuation plan should take the following things into account:

The Most likely Emergency Scenarios:

Put on your thinking cap! Start to list the most likely emergency situations that can take place in your area. Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Civil Unrest, War, Riots, Nuclear or Terror Attacks, Etc…

Once you’ve outlined what those threats are, you need to start thinking about what you would do during each of those situations.

Stay or Go?

The decision to stay home and wait out the disaster, or take your chances out on the road should never be underestimated. Each choice has benefits; but they also each have some major risks associated with them.

When considering what things have to happen before you leave the comfort of your home, really put some work into figuring out what those evacuation triggers are, and when you would put your bug out plans into action. Hint: if you waited for the government to issue mandatory evacuation orders, you waited too long.

Meet up place

When disaster hits, there’s a good chance that your family may not be together. Now is the time to decide on a family meeting place. Pick a place that’s easy to find, and make sure each member of your family can find it during an emergency. Conducting practice drills before disaster hits is essential to your ultimate survival.

Have multiple routes out.

Keep in mind that during a disaster most of the major highways are going to be completely clogged with people trying to get out. Plan now, and map out as many different evacuation routes as possible. Use something like Google Maps to print out possible evacuation routes, and then laminate the paper so it hold up when you need it.

Don’t forget to print out vehicle, and walking routes (hiking trails, railroad tracks, side roads etc… should all be considered).

Survival Supplies:

What items do you need to survive for 72 hours, a week, a month, or even indefinitely? Put together a Survival / Bug Out Bag of essential items that you’ll need to survive each of the situations you identified as being likely threats.

Your evacuation bag should be designed around your family, your climate, and your health. There is no one-size fits all bag, so you need to be especially careful when choosing what items you pack, and make sure you customize your bag for your unique needs.

Where will you go?

Bugging out without a place to go isn’t a plan. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going before disaster strikes. If you don’t own land or a second house, then look for areas to camp that can sustain you and your family.

You may also want to look into investing in a bug out vehicle, a 4 season tent, or a small travel trailer.

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  1. i like this article but i would also put a 22.cal/20.gauge
    survival gun because its cheap it has a shot gun and a rifle you can use it to hunt,for defense and signaling its just the best survival gun in my opinon.

  2. When shtf or anything disastrous strikes where we need to go these routes to survive, Many people have things wrong. All is true but when the government collapses and they issue orders. Think Katrina. Prime example our government isn’t out to help you as a person. Your guns hide them but keepem close. They will takem. Katrina proved that. “the great gun grab of new orleans look it up. Many people stayed and protected there homes and property and the police and national guard confiscated all firearms. Illegal yes but it was done. G.W.b and the Nra took measures after this and guaranteed this will never happen again. But ask yourself do you trust your government? If it comes down to me and my family’s survival and I have to kill and take. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish this. WIll you? If they hear generators and see lights. Your the first place i hit. Generators block my arrival when you come out to refill or check why it suddenly shut down I’ll get your food water and supplies. Think people many act as if something happens it’s like a everyday power outage or camping it isn’t. Many of you will die even if prepared.

    • Honda has a line a generators that are very quiet, but still if you run them at night when it’s very quiet they will be heard. Pick up a few 12 volt car batteries and charger, and LED lights have a low draw, but Kris is right, don’t make yourself a target. Stay off the radar and stay safe…

      • Yamaha makes similar units. They (at least clam to) have a longer run time and U.S Carb. sells units that have a factory blessed tri-fuel system installed.

  3. So sad to read people talking about killing each other and stealing supplies for their and their families survival. You are the people who make disaster and SHTF scenarios so truly terrifying and ultimately devastating. Defending your own self and families ability to survive against marauders is the biggest hazard. It hasn’t even happened yet and you’re already planning on killing and robbing families so yours can survive? Going after people with generators? Make sure you bring your whole family in with you to witness as you sign the death warrant someone’s family, women and children, by taking their only means of survival, or worse, after you kill them yourself.

    Survival is no excuse to abandon morality. If we don’t remain human, and work together, we will all perish. God have mercy on us.

    Please reconsider your thoughts and decisions, and see them as tragic, evil, and the catalyst to making an already terrible situation, truly horrific.

    • hope for the best, but prepare for the worst… Disasters bring out the best in some people and that same disaster brings out the worst in others. So be ready for both kinds.

    • Listen Adam what are you gonna do when looters are knocking on your door ready to kill you and your family? I guarantee you’ll rethink killing.

      • Adam,
        Believe me they will not be knock on any door they will be busting it down or shooting the lock off, do not take offense to the way these people are talking they are just letting you know what you will be up against, they won’t necessarily be the one doing what they are stating but you can bet there are plenty of others who will be, most are trying to get you in the right frame of mind , so when you do encounter this you are ready!

  4. I felt led after thinking about it some more to leave my previous response on a more productive note with a suggestion, a reality check and an invitation in that order. And just so you know, I’d share my last scrap of supplies with you, you only have to ask, not ambush.

    A suggestion….If you learn to fish, hunt, snare, live off the land and harvest from the sea, like people have for thousands of years, you’ll be able to feed yourself and family without having to get desperate enough to consider preying on other people.

    A reality check……We’re ALL going to die someday. Not a thing you can do to change that. Its just a question of how and when. Don’t kid yourself to think that by preying on others you’ve saved your life, only postponed the inevitable a little while, at the cost of your soul.

    An invitation….Accept the offering of peace from God, and fear death no longer. “….. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God”
    2 Corinthians 5:20-21

    • That is the best attitude I’ve seen. It’s like everyone thinks if they make it thru the initial bs they’re gonna live forever. Best to be equally concerned with your eternal soul and where it ends up. I don’t see anybody worrying about the afterlife. Regardless, more people could do with your attitude.

  5. I THINK OF SHTF AS IF ITS ME VS EVERYONE if you need supplies and yours run out,you are goint to go looking for supplies. As horific as it seems if you or your family are starving your goint to do what ever it takes to provide for them. We are all animals on the inside.Think of your self as a domesticated dog happy and content untill your beaten and starved your gunna fight back.If it comes down to it I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO PROVIDE FOR MY FAMMILY morals are out the window at this point.

    • Just bear in mind that your would-be victim is as desperate to survive as you are. Looting is a high-risk occupation, and the retirement plan REALLY sucks.

  6. In response to the comments by Adam I totally agree, AMEN!
    In response to the comments by Slayer I understand where you are coming from and you are right if you are starving and your watching your loved ones die and you have the ability to take something in order to survive most will instinctivley do so. It is like a mother bear protecting her young, human moms are no different and in this scanario dads wont be either. I have been a military police officer and a civian police officer and I have seen things that people will do in a time of panic or crises and you will even amaze yourself in many cases. The best way to put it is to say it just like they did when I was on the police force. When it comes to taking another human life many think (before they are actually faced with the decision to do so) that it os something that they could do if it is a him/her vs an attacker type situation. However the truth of the matter is that when you are forced as an otherwise normal human being who would not think of killing as an option are forced to do so even in an act to save yourself it is a difficult task for most. There are those who are just without a mind or heart or feeling that can kill and have it not affect them what so ever. These are the ones we call NUTS. The trick to it is this. We cannot control others we can only control ourselves. And personally I will say when not if, these types of situations occur there will be those willing to kill without thought or provocation to sustain themselves and their loved ones and their will be the rest of us who will have to make that choice when faced with it in our own hearts and minds. The problem will be figuring out who is on what side of that coin when the SHTF so WHEN SHTF be cautious but remeber who you are and if your killed in the middle of the night by the raid of a maniac who doesnt care just remember you did the right thing and can go in peace to God they on the other hand will have to answer to a higher authority than you or I when their time comes.

    Always in times of peace, prepare for war, in times of war prepare for hell on earth…


    • Excellent. I also wonder if some of the macho attitudes aren’t a bunch of posturing. It’s easy to wipe everybody out in a video game. It’s another to actually do it.

    • Not everyone is Christian, and not all non Christians are morally bankrupt. My own religion places family and community above the individual. But, if the community is threatened, everyone outside the community is just that, outside. I will try every option I can before taking your stuff, for many reasons. First, I hope the larger community will survive, and if it does, I want my actions to help that process not hinder it. Second, taking someone else’s goods has the risk of me being injured or killed, which renders me unable to provide for those I love. Third, I am not heartless. BUT attack me and mine, and I will fight. Prove you are outside my community by acting as an enemy, and I will bring the fight to you, and will then take your goods as the spoils of war. And this isn’t macho bluster. I am a veteran, have the training and experience, as do many of those in my “family”. Treat us fairly, and we’ll do the same…

      • As already stated by some: You gotta know you can kill, else a gun is useless! As Child of Odin said: I am a veteran, have training & experience… He left off the important part: “I WILL!” I (myself) KNOW I WILL: 1. do whatever it takes for me & those I love & trust to survive. 2. do whatever it takes to provide for them, using ANY MEAN NECESSARY (preferably without killing). 3. Will kill (without hesitation) if I deem it necessary. NOTE: If I DEEM IT NECESSARY! Only YOU can decide to kill or not kill!!! I’ve lived with “it” for over 40 years, and know I can do it again, if the situation warrants. KNOWING is VERY important; hesitation can get you killed….

        No, I am not saying “shoot first, ask questions later” but am saying “Know you can and WILL” without any doubt.

        Hope this helps some of you realize what you are discussing here. Know almost none of you have ever “taken a human life” or even seen someone else do it. Hope you never will.

  7. Hmm… Lots of opinions..

    I think I am prepared for short term survival, but long term, I’m not so sure.

    I have a few hundred pounds of emergency rations, MRE’s, water and other stuff which should get my family through 3 months.

    I have weapons, but am not saying I’m going to kill people over food.

    Do you have a Survival Backpack in the trunk of your car? Your Wife’s? Your mothers?

    Rule #1 You will not have time to prepare when disaster strikes.

    Rule #2 Now is the time to prepare.


    YOU CAN BE PREPARED – Stop thinking about it and do something about it.

    • I am new to prepping but one thing that I have not seen mentioned so far is medical training. Does anyone have any suggestions on EMT type training that one can learn without having to quit their job? I don’t want to become and EMT…but I do want to have that skill set when the SHTF.

      • TTP, in the early 90’s, I learned to be an EMT just by signing up to a local fire/ambulance co. and taking the class. It costs, and there are various state rules and regs, but nothing a person can’t do on their own. I did, on a dare no less. You, (as far as I know), won’t be forced to join a fire company, and if you are, it will be your own home town’s anyway, it can be “volunteer on your own time”, (a min. amount of hrs a month) and you can learn a LOT from interacting w/ a system like that, incl. like-minded ppl.

        You take the class in the evening or, like I did, on a Saturday, so rarely a prob. for work, and if there is, (hourly/mixed sched.), then sweet talk your boss into it as an “added asset” and to let you work your schedule around to accommodate your lessons. FIND A GOOD PARTNER in the class tho – “practicals” – the tests at the end – are a BITCH! LOL!! If I could pass them, you will, w/ flying colors. And I learned something else the hard way, in my case, there were 4 scenarios – I froze on one and my partner froze on one. I wanted SOOOOO BADLY to help her but it was single person CPR and I didn’t know I could. The instructor/test admin said later how he saw I wanted to, so badly, and that we would not have failed if I had told her what to do – “it was what partners were for”. Make sure of that (being able to help like that) before you take them, and they’ll be a piece of cake! :)

        Also, there’s CERT training, making you both valuable to the company you work for, to your town/city, and INFINITELY valuable in the first few days after an emergency, except rioting, but not even the cops got a handle on that! Ah! Looked it up… Oh gee, it’s from the “freicorp”! But it’s still useful, but taking it might make you beholden, under duress, to the gov’t when tshtf. Pursue that at your own risk. http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/training_mat.shtm

        Go ahead and seriously check out becoming an EMT. Gall’s catalog will sell you GOBS of really COOL stuff and supplies if you are one, (no proof required, for those of you who haven’t thought of that as a resource yet, just say you are, or we say”correctional officer” cuz my husband was one. Also firefighter, and EMT, it’s how we met.) However, when it comes to when you’ve already learned I STRONGLY, and w/o reservation, recommend that you choose a company and run w/ them, polish your skills. If only learned from a book, you loose ’em quick, take it from one who knows. (And as NO ONE told me, yes, you ARE allowed to be freaking terrified for however long. I thought I was a failure for being scared. Ergo, my EMT career lasted 4 years. Don’t remember half what I learned either.)

        Hope this wordy missive gives you usable info and the nudge to pursue that angle. Good on ya, dear, many ppl besides yourself will be helped by what you do.

        Best Wishes and go with God.

        • Let me tell you I did the EMT / Paramedic training and was a Professional Firefighter in a Busy Northern city. I quit because of AIDS, Hepatitus and all the other diseases the scumbags have out there. Forget being the concerned citizen do-gooder, good samaritan. Unless it is family member or close friend. People will fake injuries and when you stop to help, you will get robbed and raped. Just keep going on your way. It will be the worlds natural way of sorting out the week. Just like cigarette smokers and drug addicts, A good way to get rid of the scum first. Just dig large holes and push them in to bury the disease.

  8. Freeto,

    I own a .357 ruger GP100. I love it because it’s big enough to hunt dear or kill a black bear, and a human wouldn’t stand a chance. A .38 special is nice but not for animal protection, and you can shoot .38 ammo in the .357 which you may already know. It’s a very versatile gun.

  9. according to some sites – it will be WHERE and WHAT STATE in the US you live in that will up your survival rate. Some say NM, CO, basically higher ground is recommended. but preferably NOT beside a mountain because of muslides and they also stay away from water such as lakes that can flood. Naturally, foo, h20, shelter, sanitation and security go hand in hand with the most suitable location. Everyone has their take on exactly what where and how this disaster will strike – it’s daunting to try to put everything together just so in hopes to be a survivor. I am making small, thoughtful steps to put this survival plan together NOW and when the SHTF I am sure I will be screaming WTF because something tells me it’s gonna be a wild ride!!! I do not like violence, but let’s be realistic, you are going to need a gun, like it or not. Money in the bank won’t do anyone any good, silver, gold, gems things to barter with, yeah – now I have to convince my Italian skeptical husband and he’s now going to threaten divorce because I know he’s going to think I’ve gone plum loco!!!!!

    • Here’s a basic and perhaps to some a rather niave question…where does one look to find a “bug out” site? I live in SC…have spent hours on the Internet looking at places in NC but evidently don’t use the right keywords because all I get are vacation rentals, mountain properties for far too much money, campgrounds with pools and “nightly entertainmant” and nothing that really suits. Also, like others here, have a spouse that poo poos my long-term survival efforts (but I’m doing them anyway), so spending any signifcant money is almost out of the question.


  11. for me being a combat vet, i use molle gear, ruck, load bearing vest the whole nine yards, and i carry a m1 garand, with plenty of ammo, stock up on freezed dried food it last the longest!

  12. There is a lot of talk about “BOB’s” and they are great but do not forget the “GHB” “Get Home Bag” Most likley if somethig hits, its going to be while most of us are at work, threfore you need a GHB, it’s about 1/2 to 2/3rds the size of the BOB, perhaps something on the scale of a day pack upwords to a Maxpedition Condor II ruck. small enough to stash in yor trunk or office under the desk, yet big enough for your needs to get you home. Then decide from there.

    • Badger,

      I have been reading all of the comments since the top of the article and this is the first mention of the GHB. So many people overlook the fact that a good portion of the day they are at work or shopping, or somewhere other than home. Having a true BOB for the car, and home is really not that practical or necessary. Unless you are one of the unfortunate people that happens to be on vacation at the time STHF, you should be within a day or two hike of the rest of your gear. If you get used to carrying your full BOB and only have to start out carrying a GHB you will be able to move much faster and farther until you reach the rest of your gear. I use a couple of ALICE packs that I restitched myself as BOBs, but I use a three day pack as my GHB, the bag itself weighs less than half of one of the ALICE packs, the gear that is in it is designed to get me home, a small tarp for shelter, a change of clothes, food for three days, three 1qt canteens, 12 extra water .5oz pouches, a KA-Bar Bolo style machete, Boots, small first aid kit, fire starting gear, a multitool, a beretta U22 with the rifle kit, 200 rounds of .22 vacuum sealed, and a pocket micro waterfilter in case I am a couple or three days out and have to refill. All of my gear fits with extra room to spare so that depending on the season I can add cold weather gear and a sleeping bag. All of it weighs approximatly 1/3rd of my BOB which I can carry comfortably for six hours at a time, and can push it for ten. Once I get back to the rest of my gear, I am good for no less than 1 year excepting water, unless I have to bug out. I forgot the laminated maps, compass, and monocular (save weight and space) all are very important if I need to stay off the roads while returning to the rest of my gear.

  13. bugging out with out a place to go is definitely not a plain. but going to a place where other people are isn’t a plain neither. I got plains laid out for my deer lease the upper end of a swamp rough going to get in .So no one should follow .plenty of fish and game . I know the terrain very well out of the way.with water year round already planted with corn turnips and other growing supplies…. and then it’s time to rethink life as we know it.the start of a new way….

  14. To those of you who are saying they will kill my family to take our food…SHAME ON YOU…why would you kill me or mine because you didn’t prepare enough…

    I worry all the time if I have enough supplies stored up. I go without so that I can save up to buy extra gear. I try and buy a couple of items every week or save up for a “big purchase” once a month.

    Think about this…if you come and try and take whats mine whose to say you won’t die in the process leaving your family even worse off then before..If you come to my house with bad intentions you better be ready for a gun fight with my whole family…

  15. I’ve gotta say it is pretty messed up that people are outright posting on here that their plan is to murder other innocent people for their supplies when the SHTF. I don’t deny that such things happen in times of desparation, but you need to be one sick individual to have that be your plan of action in preparation of taking care of your family.

    I love my family, self defense is one thing but outright murder for them is out of the question. I don’t care if they’re starving to death in front of me. They don’t deserve life any more than anyone else just because they are dear to me. Theft? Absolutely. Never murder.

    +1 on the gun. Just for protection from other nutjobs posting here ;)

    • Finally, a rational comment from Dave. Thanks.

      But…a digression back into the absurd. I simply cannot believe what I’m reading from some people here saying that they will kill my family and take my food to feed their families. I’ve never heard such commentaries from my countrymen. It’s scary and faith-shaking. I worry more about some of these nut-jobs here than I do my own ever-intrusive

      A word of warning…not all of us here are sheep. Some of us have experience…extensive experience in various combative arts and weaponscraft. Many of us have even been stress inoculated by various real-life experiences in dealing with criminals and terrorists. Any of you “computer commandos” here, who have never spent a second in an life-or-death situation, ever find yourself at my door during a disaster attempting to take from my babies…well, you will find your head on a pole.

      Now, can we please get back to scholarly information-sharing and rational thinking?

      • I have no romantic notions about “my countrymen”. we are ALL capable of heinous acts. I personally will avoid such adventures if at all possible purely out of a sense of self preservation. “He who attacks must vanquish. He who defends must merely survive”–Master PO, “Kung Fu” TV series.Nobody stays undefeated forever.
        I do fear that some will use survival as a rationalization for victimizing their neighbors. If you do try this course, expect people to unite and hunt you.

    • It’s not surprising to hear that there are people out there who are just waiting to take your supplies and your life.
      Your survival is of a paramount importance to your family’s survival.
      A group of MAURADERS have already posted their intentions on YouTube.
      If you’re going to form a communal group make sure each and every member is prepared to help defend the community. Make sure they have provisions of their own. It may be necessary to bug out from the “protection” of your group. In doing so make sure you have an alternative site that they don’t know about!
      Before the outbreak of the Second world war, Hitler had put in place various locations with food, water ammunition and fuel. If I who wasn’t born during the second world war learned is preplanning and advanced positioning of vital supplies to my bug out location.
      Unfortunately you will be placed in a situation of being killed or to kill. To protect yourself, your family and supplies and even your location.
      Being a good Samaritan is off the table! No matter how innocent a situation looks DO NOT STOP YOUR VEHICLE TO RENDER ASSISTANCE! Now is the time to invest in RUN FLAT TIRES! I’m not telling people where I am. Where I will go.
      There are some very bad people who read this. They know your defense strategy and capabilities already. They know what you have. They know if you live in an urban environment or rural environment and are like sharks just waiting to pounce upon you.
      Have multiple plans and alternative locations to flee to. Do it BEFORE any announcement is made. When the government tells you not to worry. THAT’S WHEN YOU WORRY AND GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE! Especially if you’re in a urban environment or populated area. Secrecy is key to your survival. Don’t tell anyone what you’re buying or why. Just do it.

  16. Ruger 10/22 semi-auto 22. cal. Perfect for small game and s/d if push comes to shove.

    I would like to think I would help others in the shit but if you are a liability to me or mine…bye bye.

  17. Ohhhhh my, my all this talk about murder!!!! If it happens be prepared and try to work with others and survive….. Yippp ya need a gun and ammo , and be willing to use it, only of necessary…. Use your common sense…. water, d-food, filtration, power source, cold weather gear, shelter, bug-0ut vehicle/4×4….and for sure a good survival plan….. the key is be ready…. God willing, if ya die and your Born Again, you’ll go to Heaven……

  18. While a lot of the advice is essential, there are some posters who are salivating, over the opportunity to slaughter their neighbors. You people bring the “S” to SHTF.

  19. All of this information is geared towards the United States. SHTF can happen in any country. Many countries do not allow civilians to own firearms so they will have different survival requirements than people in the US that can easily access firearms.

    I am in the UK and we would be forced to learn how to trap/catch food using snares, deadfalls etc. I am lucky enough to hold a firearm permit and have access to a .22 semi auto rifle but I am in the minority. Less than 0.01% of the population of the UK have access to firearms so it is not an option most people thinking about bugging out can use.

    As for shooting another human – the only time you should even start to consider this is if your own life is in immediate danger. Saying that, if I am in a situation where someone is pointing a firearm or shotgun at me and I have a chance to get a shot off first, I am going to take it with no hesitation. However, if I have the luxury of choosing my shot I will be shooting to wound, not to kill.

    • Im in the same shitty monarchy monitored boat without a firearm… totally agree though if I get the option its them before me.

    • You will be surprised to know how many people in the UK have illegal firearms! They are ordinary citizens not criminals. They KNOW what SHTF the government won’t be there to protect them.
      Here is the US the United States Supreme Court made a ruling in Gonzalez vs. Castle Hill that it’s not the constitutional duty of the police to protect citizens!
      It a worse case scenario of global proportions, e.g. global pandemic, global thermonuclear war, global famine, global blackout, global financial collapse or a Extinction Level Event. You are on your own to the end. Government is warning you via apocalyptic movies. It’s NOT SCIENCE FICTION! It’s going to happen. Either via natural means or man made.
      Research United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. It will happen within the next 14 years. How I don’t know. But the aforementioned Agendas want a sustainable population of five hundred million people by the year 2030. Do the math! We currently have seven billion or more on this planet. Within 14 years six billion five hundred million people MUST DIE! How are they the “ELITE” at the United Nations going to achieve this? Vaccines with poison. HAARP weather manipulation causing super storms under the guise of climate change. Global Thermonuclear War. I could go on. But I wouldn’t put my complete faith in a “Devine Entity” Why? The movies are telling you. You can plainly see people getting killed as they cry out to God or Jesus Christ. How many movies or personal events have you see people crying out to God or Jesus Christ with no results?
      The population of this planet is doomed! The chemicals in our foods, water, air, and medication have numbed use. Some of us have returned to nature. But global governments are making laws to prevent that. In some jurisdictions you can’t collect rain water! Grow garden vegetables.
      Yes being prepared is great. Prevention is better. People must rise up and take back their government.
      Post Apocalyptic Survival is a short lived myth. Escaping to another planet is not feasible within the next billion years!
      We have one home, one life. And a choice to make it better or loose it all!
      Life eventually ends, all Life will eventually end on earth. In the meantime and in between time let’s make it work for our best interest.
      Religion is a mental illness, reality is your survival.
      Hoping for the best is great. Preparing for the worst is even better!

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