Government will never fix the oil problem

Every four years we get a new batch of presidential hopefuls promising to fix this country’s energy problems. It’s always one of the top set of issues on almost any candidate’s platform.

Oil Platform in the Ocean

But let’s face it, it really doesn’t matter who wins the election. When it comes to politicians on either side of the political aisle, can we really trust anything they say?

Take the Oil Problem; politicians have been promising to do something about our energy problems for over 30 years now, yet the problems never seem to go away. But one thing we can count on is year after year these politicians will continue to divide America with their left vs right propaganda. There is no difference; if you believe there is, well, you might be part of the problem.

Check out this video from Glenn Beck on CNN’s Headline News as he condenses 30 years of political promises from both sides of the political aisle.

Do you really think any politician is going to “change”?

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