Home powered with a homemade power plant

Mike Strizki  is a man with a plan: break free from the grid! In 2006, Strizki converted his home to run on solar-hydrogen power, including a hydrogen vehicle fueling station.

Mike served as Project Engineer for over 16 years with the Office of Research and Technology in the New Jersey Department of Transportation, now he spends his time coming up with alternative energy solutions that just might change the world.

He built his home in Hopewell, New Jersey to be his flagship prototype for his company, Strizki Systems, which designs and installs clean and renewable solar hydrogen systems for homes and businesses. He says his “Hydrogen House Project is an effort to finally rid the world of the economic, social, and environmental injustices of fossil fuels.”

The low-pressure hydrogen system installed in 2006 splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by way of electrolysis powered by a 21-kilowatt solar panel array.  The stored hydrogen gas is used for heating and cooking in the Hydrogen House, and provides electricity by way of a hydrogen fuel cell.  The only emissions the system produces are chemically pure water and medical grade oxygen.  It is 100 percent clean and renewable energy.  

Michael Strizki’s Solar Hydrogen Home

Check out his homemade pollution free power plant that gives him all the free power that he will ever need. It is the first solar-hydrogen home in North America.

Small Scale Off Grid Power solutions:

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  1. Hi, i would like to talk to this person about doing it for myself. Do you have any contact info for him? ( solar-hydrogen power plant ) Thanks Ray

  2. left out key steps,
    how you seperate the hydrogen gas from the oxygen?
    how you pressurize the gas to get it into tanks?
    how you store hydrogen gas, its lighter than EVERYTHING else, it will cause most tanks to fail..

    • Hydrogen is separated from water, not oxygen. Run water through a fuel cell that is supplied with electricity or solar that splits water into hydrogen and pure oxygen. The hydrogen gas is then pressurized and sent to the storage tanks (converted propane tanks) for later use. The oxygen is just vented off from the fuel cell or on some cases can be stored and sold to oxygen bars. From what I have learned about his system, the propane tanks cannot be 100% sealed to handle the smaller hydrogen molecules so they do leak slightly over time.
      At night or when the battery bank runs low, the fuel cell kicks on and runs in reverse by letting hydrogen from the storage tanks back through, mixing with oxygen again to create DC electricity and purified water again.

  3. I have very little knowlege about this but i dream of not having to pay a 750.oo a month bill to power company . I live on the river in prattville ala.i cant seam to find anyone to help me this idea.would greatly appreciate any help you would be willing to offer. How ever im good at rigging stuff. Thanks

    • David, having a river is a resource that almost nobody has, so you’re very lucky! If you wanted to rig a set of spinning paddles to “capture” the energy from the flow of water, you could then hook those paddles to an old car alternator and have yourself free electricity in no time!

      Wayne Mason, WarHeaded.com

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