Your Land is no longer your land! U.S. Government Stealing Land

So what do you do when the U.S Government tells you that the new land you just bought, is no longer yours?

Think it can’t happen? Think again! A couple in Priest Lake, Idaho thought that they found the land of their dreams, but instead the EPA turned it into a complete nightmare.

It all started when a couple, Chantell and Mike Sackett, purchased a .63 acre parcel of land where they planned to build a new home. They obtained all the needed permits, followed all the local laws, and then started work on their new home.


Just as the couple started work on their new home, the Environmental Protection Agency showed and demanded that they stop building. They then issued a “compliance order” that the couple restore the land to its native condition, plant trees and shrubs every 10 feet, fence off the property, and let the land sit untouched for three years.

They then demanded payments of over a quarter of a million dollars,to “request” permission from the U.S. government to build on their own land. To make matters even worse, they began to fine the couple $37,500 per day. Those fines are now over $40 million.

With few options available, the couple decided to fight the Government in court. That’s where the story takes another ugly turn.

Apparently, the government has the power to block these types of cases because they are “administrative decisions” that can not be questioned by the court. So far, the couple’s case has been thrown out by the district court and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here is the video from the Pacific Legal Foundation who is helping the couple fight the case.

Between people being arrested for living off the grid, and now this, are any of us safe on our own land? What happened to the American Dream?

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  1. Between not being allowed to live off the grid, collect your own rainwater, and actions like this, living in one of those Chinese land-grabs are looking pretty good right now.

  2. I thought we were living in a chinese labor camp.
    Another sad day for americans. We pay taxes on the land and any day the government can take it for way below market value.

      • What does the Lord want? You to give up your Freedom, Land and, ass hole?
        Don’t bring up the lord name unless people are actually being saved by him.
        This is turning into a battle field and, fools like you trying to make us turn into some kind of damn “Givit” like (Santa Clause) or some shit. I’m not giving up shit without some damn righteousness leading. Fuck that bible shit unless i see Righteousness.

          • Invoking a “secret” NAME of God will do you no good friend. The bible teaches us that there are plenty who made it to heaven who didn’t even know the old Jewish law, they were a law unto themselves and their righteousness and faith in an unknown God was acceptable in God’s eyes. You need to drop the religious clap-trap and get honest before God or you might find yourself naked on that day.

  3. this is so freaking insane. this is what our country has come to wow honestly give me a break this country is getting more stupid by the minute if you ask me

  4. The Black Arrow by Vin Suprynowicz
    page 41
    Jerry Westheimer was just a tax man, medium level cog in a very big machine. He knew that people did not like him but did not expect to be killed for what he did, which as to steal the property of the productive class, a little at a time gradually driving his own country deeper and deeper into the sinkhole of socialist corruption and induced redistributionist poverty.

    • What? That is totally beside the point! Don’t use this poor couples situation to distract the situation and then sneak in a manipulative statement about your political views. There is nothing socialist about this at all, it’s just a way to bully people into paying money hoping because the trouble of fighting the government is an almost insurmountable nightmare. Those kind of tactics are typical in the history of capitalism, not socialism. My heart goes out to this family, they want to live there for their obvious appreciation of the beauty of nature, to fine them for destroying nature is slap in the face.

  5. Maybe they stumbled onto a nuclear warhead site. Makes one wonder what the government might be hiding underneath that land.

  6. Makes me wonder if they purches land on part of a national park or some sort of reserve. But none the less if they don’t want it changed don’t put it up for sale, is this the goverments sick way of making money for land they want?

    • If the land were a national park or preserve of some kind it wouldn’t have been for sale in the first place. These lands are owned by either the federal or local government and are never listed for sale by these entities. It is possible that the government had been looking to expand a nearby park or preserve onto that parcel and then when it wasn’t sold to them started this harrassment, but then it becomes the responsibility of the courts to send the government packing after apologizing to the owners and reimbursing them for any money that was paid in fines or lost due to stopping the construction.

      • Get out of these messages with your filthiness. She just explained it on camera that she paid for it. Stop your ignorance and, your lies. Go corrupt someone else who seeks for corruption you ignorantly worthless sack of human shit.

        Damn, i am starting to hate humans everyday.
        So damn uneducated and, stupid. A downfall for witness of false prophets.

    • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… Look closely at that, it says the Pursuit of happiness, not the having, holding or maintaining happiness merely the pursuit of it.

      • The declaration of independence has some things in it I like, but that is not all the final imagination of the meeting written from the heart of the documents limits. I make law I am one of the people.
        Constitution man Carl miller

      • Don’t buy the land until you send them (your servant) a notice saying you are going to do somthing. Bereau of land management would be first thought and send a notice to county attorney and see what they say? If they say we will shut you down, now you have an action at law, common law suit where they exceeded their jurisdiction. Remember your rights are what ever you say they are.
        You have to get a jury of pairs (other sovereigns not us citizens) to jump up and say YEAH! Its a show. Learn to do a suit at law!

    • Declaration of independance
      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (Property)

      Do a land patent first! as one of the people in a court of record.
      Not a fourteenth amendment citizen
      fudal title, (color of law) real estate, US citizen, this kind of approach you are a subject of the government and its called civil liberty, they tell you what the law is. As one of the people described in the preamble you make the law but you have to convince the rest of the world (jury) that your decision is a good one. Its not a fill in the blanks paper work it is a reasoning process. In a republic the war of independence never ends it is there when you wake up and when you go to bed, in a car, at the store ,in court, and when you face your wife, if she is still at your side.

  7. This case probably will be won or lost on the registered status of the land at the time of the work commencing, i.e. the wetland-inventory and the true co-ordinates of the land in question. If the Sacketts referenced the wrong co-ordinates, it’s game-over for them. If the inventory is proved to be inaccurate, the EPA will correct it and attempt to sweep this case under the carpet.

    • The USA government and it EPA are as corrupt as the Canadian government and it’s municipalities. Your land is not secure. Your livelihood is not secure.

    • Without paying them for what they have already poked out of their pockets to get started on upon their own Corruption and, Mistakes.

      Sadly, it is Humans who are worst than Animals.
      Can’t wait until all the Humans of the world and, Countries strt fighting each other.

      • You’re mentally ill. Hopefully you’ve passed away by now from whatever parasite was feeding of your frontal lobe.

  8. This is what the Federal Regulative Agencies do…they infringe upon our rights as citizens and because they are “untouchable” in the fact that they themselves can not be individually sued when they innaccurately apply regulations. The regulators have no skin in the game and their indifference is readily apparent to anyone who has had to deal with them. I have some experience in dealing with these people and the first thing you can not do is show them that they intimidate you in anyway. Your first response needs to be one of absolute outrage and you have to let them know immediately that you are going to personally get into their business and you are going to be their worst nightmare; you need to threaten negative media exposure and you also need to find out who their bosses boss is and maybe even find the person at the top of their orgchart and contact them and fill them into the injustice that’s taking place and contact any politicians that may have influence over the situation. You may be in for a long fight, but if you have the attitude that you are not going to quit no matter what you can get through these bastards!

  9. It is all part of the governmental control of the power brokers. The best way to stop it is to track down the officials who initiate the action, Hunt them down and kill their family. Then you will start to see these kinds of action cease.

    I know, its cruel to take it out on their families but at this point, there needs to be a strong message sent.

    Your politicians and the legal system will not back you up EVER!!! You have no other choice now.

    Good luck to all who carry the fight forward. You will be considered heroes.

    • Really? “…kill their family…”? Wow, what an Ass.
      BTW, I hear that you are related to the government officials. It’s just a rumor but that’s good enough for you apparently. So…go kill yourself.

      • If you stay the government will kill you and your family. Do you think that is right. What about Waco and Ruby Ridge and so many other government murders. We are forced to comply to the law but the government can make up laws as they go along. The epa is worse than the carpetbaggers after the 1860’s war against the states by the federal government. Thank God we voted in Donald Trump. Hillary would have put all true Americans in Fema camps.

  10. US GLOBALIST NWO Govt’ is pushing us ( The American people) as hard as they can
    because they are looking for a fight!! It is in their agenda to make us revolt ie
    have a revolution if you will!! This will give them the excuse to use all out force

    against us!! Read the Georgia guide stones, listen how Bill Gates wants to help
    the NWO reduce the world population!! Purchase as much weaponery as possible

    before you are no longer able to. Buy up everything you can, food ammo etc.

    Research UN AGENDA 21 he is also on youtube

    Psalm 94:16

    • You are SO correct!Now look where we are 10yrs later and with all this shit going on, people still refuse to wake up.

  11. If the government wants to arrest me and mine for living off grid,or think their gonna come in and fine me for build a home on my land,they better bring their own supply of body bags!!!!!

    • Yep! I told my husband if they come to take my land, they will have to kill me on it because I will not give it up without a fight. I will not be. Slave to this corrupt government. “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

  12. the perfect example of why you should never let the government know what your doing. It’s your land do what you want to on it. Build your home fortify it and defend what is yours.

    • This action by the government is further proof of the overall plan to re-wild america, and round people up into cities so that yes we can be controlled and numbers reduced in a organized way. You can call it what you will, but this is the End Game for our constitution as we once knew it to be. I hope there are enough non-cogs in our society to not allow our country to go the way of China. That is to say, every aspect of our lives will be known and approved or dissapproved of by a government agency. The EPA is nothing more than a stepping stone in the next ponzi-scheme of carbon credits, which was partially the brain-child of ex-VP Al Gore, who has majority holdings in these carbon credit dealing companies. This will play as part of the new stock market. It’s important to be ready when SHTF..

    • Don’t do that. Don’t get in the mind set of doing battle with these guys. Study your common law, look at supreme court cases, and make a case that they can’t overcome. Get the judges oath of office and file it with your action with the court clerk. Stay outside the constitution because it don’t belong to you. You wrote the constitution and handed it to them, your court of record reminds them of that fact!

  13. On the surface this seems appalling….upon further inspection…

    The documents, obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the federal Freedom of Information Act, show that the couple disregarded the opinion of a wetlands expert they hired to evaluate their property. The Sacketts also passed up an offer from the Army, which shares jurisdiction over wetlands with the EPA, to seek a permit that might have allowed work to continue on the site with little delay, according to the NRDC.

    Tom Duebendorfer, a biologist who specializes in wetlands, confirmed to The Associated Press that he advised the Sacketts in May 2007 that their property was a wetlands and that there were wetlands on three sides of their land.

    He also said it would have been relatively easy and inexpensive for the Sacketts to fill out what is called an “after-the-fact” permit with the Corps of Engineers that is intended for situations like the Sacketts’.

    Levine, the NRDC attorney, said the permit is “meant for the little guy.”

    Such a resolution could have avoided the court case that has followed.

    In other words, they knew the deal and chose to ignore it. They were aware when they were PURCHASING this land that they could have issues developing it unless they went through the proper procedures and chose not to. There was an easy solution, these folks elected not to utilize it and now they’re getting whacked for it. It is unfortunate, but come on….don’t be too hard on the EPA.

  14. Dear Chantell and Mike Sackett,

    I’m not an attorney and I’m not an expert BUT, I believe you’re going after the wrong “agency” or business.

    I know a little bit about real estate so here is my two cents, please follow my thinking (even though I’ve read the comments above from Karl):

    * When you bought the property, ALL FACTS MUST BE PRESENTED TO YOU via your real estate broker and-or attorney.
    * That’s the law.
    * Nothing can be hidden from you or it’s not a legal sale.
    * If something was hidden from you, then the Realtor or Broker and the Broker’s office is responsible.
    * Also, if there were any “problems” with the property, THE TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY should have disclosed them to you.

    That being said, if “Karl” is right (above) and you had the facts before you made the decision and you ignored the facts, then the EPA is in their right to stop you.


    Good Luck!

  15. From what Ive read and heard about Administrative law, it has to be reviewed by the courts if in dispute, in accordance with the APA act, enacted by congress and signed into law in 1946 by President D. Roosevelt. This law was to stop just the things you are claiming here.

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