Your Land is no longer your land! U.S. Government Stealing Land

So what do you do when the U.S Government tells you that the new land you just bought, is no longer yours?

Think it can’t happen? Think again! A couple in Priest Lake, Idaho thought that they found the land of their dreams, but instead the EPA turned it into a complete nightmare.

It all started when a couple, Chantell and Mike Sackett, purchased a .63 acre parcel of land where they planned to build a new home. They obtained all the needed permits, followed all the local laws, and then started work on their new home.


Just as the couple started work on their new home, the Environmental Protection Agency showed and demanded that they stop building. They then issued a “compliance order” that the couple restore the land to its native condition, plant trees and shrubs every 10 feet, fence off the property, and let the land sit untouched for three years.

They then demanded payments of over a quarter of a million dollars,to “request” permission from the U.S. government to build on their own land. To make matters even worse, they began to fine the couple $37,500 per day. Those fines are now over $40 million.

With few options available, the couple decided to fight the Government in court. That’s where the story takes another ugly turn.

Apparently, the government has the power to block these types of cases because they are “administrative decisions” that can not be questioned by the court. So far, the couple’s case has been thrown out by the district court and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here is the video from the Pacific Legal Foundation who is helping the couple fight the case.

Between people being arrested for living off the grid, and now this, are any of us safe on our own land? What happened to the American Dream?

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  1. Ethical Moral. I like you am not a real estate attorney, but I had a problem with one of my properties and had hired one to help. She informed me the big catch phrase in all the disclosure statements that is also makes it the hardest to win is the ” To the owners best knowledge” If the owners state they had no actual knowledge of any problems, then that is to the Best of their Knowledge. It sucks, Boy do I know. Sucked to the tune of 25grand for me to fix what they didnt disclose, but had to have known about. Just proving it is darn hard apparently.

  2. It seems like if it wanted to protect this wetland property than the government should have bought this property when it was for sale. Before the couple bought it.

  3. D.C is built on wetlands,They just called it a swamp to get away with it, but u cant.
    This country is getting taken over by Warlords is what it is

  4. Actually, this has happened prior to this case though not as bad. As part of the wolf reintroduction and a protected caribou species in NE WA and N ID, the US F&W grabbed over 250,000 acres of land as a refuge. No motor vehicles, not type of improvements, etc. The big issue is there is 26,000 acres of private land that the owners can do anything to without obtaining permits, etc. from the US Fish and Wildlife Department.

    A lot of survivalists think buying farm land is the way to go as it will be safe. Ha. The government can take it for any reason or no reason at all. Look at the Supreme Court decision that allows government to take your land and give it to a developer because the government will get more tax revenue from the developer and they can from you.

  5. Our way too fat arrogant jack boot thug government is getting out of hand. It is an absolute disaster to allow this to happen to American citizens. They might as well have hung the couple and beat them and probably would if they could get away with it.
    This used to be America but now I have no clue what or who we are. Our useless self serving government officials are more concerned about illegals and recent immigrants rights and benefits then they are legal Americans who have lived here for 50 years and paid taxes into building this country and have sacrificed loved ones in wars protecting it. It makes me sick. They steal our tax dollars and use the money to pander to hispanics and recent immigrants to get votes. They should all be in prison starting with obama.

  6. Wright when they start telling you what to do on your already purchased land is when you pull out your gun and cap em in the head like the useless zombie they are!

  7. I almost feel paranoid to write this comment now, after seeing this. I’m a (shhh….) and what I find absolutely insulting is the $37,000 dollar per day fine. `

  8. I grew up (until age 25) in the so-called “USSR”. 20+ years ago after the USSR has broken up I predicted that the USSR will move across the pond and be reinstalled in the USSA. Damn! I was right! Outta here.

  9. You know, the court not being able to get involved because it was an Administrative Decision is plain stupid. The courts are in place for just that purpose, to determine the legallity of those administrative decisions. Has the government forgotten that they are supposed to be a system of Checks and Balances? Am I the only one that remembers that system?

  10. What the govornment is doing is just plain evil. The EPA was created to stifle the freedoms of the american pepole. May this country one day fall.

  11. More BS from the Kommie Gov. When will people stand up and fight? I will bet never, it is just sickening to think they can dictate what you do with your land. You do NOT own anything in Amerika, you land, cars even your kids.

  12. You brainwashed nitwits. The land legally was never yours to begin with. Europeans stole the land from the natives then stole Africans from their land, and then later stole Africa, and most recently stole the lands of irag and Afghanistan, implanting a puppet government. Europeans have puppet governments in many nonEuropean countries all over the globe. when you hear European and African nitwits fantasizing about what belongs to them in a foreign country like America , the immediate response should be how did you get in America. EUROPEANS STOLE IT. No one was ever safe from thievery to begin with. It’s obvious that your brains have been stolen also.


    The U.S. Government (federal judges) are complicit to Nevada homeowner association HOA fraud. Apparently, Nevada HOA fraud, embezzlement, check forgery, fraudulent foreclosures are OKAY in Nevada! Don’t believe? Search online with recorders’ offices to see the countless homes being FRAUDULENTLY FORECLOSED by Nevada HOAs! Apparently, in Nevada, anything goes! Federal rulings and the government’s refusal to prosecute Nevada HOA criminals proves this! Stay away from Nevada HOAs! Not legal advice.

  14. From the first; only those considered undesirables were sent here. The seventh sons of important families were exceptional in that they had a still closely guarded education and strong connections to the inbred nobility of Europe (such as the Bush family for example). Or take the Washington family. When Geo. got here he received many acres from his uncle. Becoming a surveyor he located thousands of acres and divided them between his few wealthy friends. Who do you think the Continental Congress was? Why do you think, when we the people refused to listen to their pleas for capitulation, they appointed themselves Leaders/controllers of the revolution. If we lost, they could get on their knees and be accepted back into their own family. If we won, King George would have powerful agents ready to make England an ally and favored trade partner. I could go on, but Americans need to learn to think.

  15. It’s time to cut “Big Brother” down to size! What happened to these people could happen to anyone of us. In life, I’ve learned if you don’t fight back, people will walk all over you. I hate to say this but, I think the day is coming when we’ll have to pick up our guns and take back our country from this corrupt and incompetent government!

  16. If your a fourteenth amendment citizen you have no rights and they tell you the law. Convert yourself back into one of “the people” and the government is a company just like jack in the box. Company’s have presidents Treasury’s heads department ect. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a company! Codes, statue’s, acts, are for employees!

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