Is Living Off the Grid now a Crime?

Off Grid Home with Solar Panels

Depending on where you live, and exactly what you decide to live in, the answer could be yes. In fact, a growing number of city and county zoning agencies around the world are implementing ordinances to crack down on off-grid living, in many cases making it a crime.

Over the years we’ve covered numerous examples of how government officials from around the world have been systematically targeting those who choose to live an off the grid lifestyle.

From targeting self-reliant homeowners with antiquated zoning laws and regulations to forming special zoning boards that are designed to force people back onto the grid, there seems to be a war against self-reliance, and sadly it seems like the government in many cases is winning.

Living off the grid Illegal in many areas of the United States

Throughout the United States, government agencies are forming so-called “nuisance abatement teams” designed to intimidate and force Off Grid homeowners into giving up their land or abandoning their lifestyle. Believe it or not, people are actually being fined and jailed for choosing to live an off-grid existence.

From Costilla County, Colorado trying to ban people from building off-grid homes or camping on their own land to the federal government actually trying to make it illegal to live in a tiny house or off-the-grid RV, there are a growing number of government agencies attempting to regulate this lifestyle out of existence.

While the mainstream media continues to ignore the problem, a couple of independent media organizations and a few reporters have taken notice, and over the years we’ve tried to shine a spotlight on the problem. One of the first cases we covered was the story of how Off Grid enthusiasts in California were being harassed and targeted by their local government officials.null

Off grid Homeowners intimidated into to hooking back into the grid.

There are literally thousands of examples of people who have been harassed, threatened and even fined and jailed for going off the grid. Here are some examples:

The Deserts of Los Angeles County, California

The deserts of Los Angeles County, California used to be a sort of mecca for those looking to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. But just like so many areas of the country, these Off-Grid residents are being targeted, arrested, and intimidated into to hooking back into the grid.

A couple of years back, Reason Magazine took a film crew out to one of these secluded desert towns in California and filmed some of the off-grid residents. From being threatened with jail time if they didn’t hook back into the grid, to actually being thrown in jail because the county didn’t like the look of their homes or land, the people in the deserts of Los Angeles County are being terrorized by their local government.

Instituted in 2006 by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors’ Nuisance Abatement Teams have been targeting and jailing residents for victimless misdemeanors and code violations.

Code enforcement teams have been hitting unincorporated areas of L.A. County hard, leaving local off-gridders unsure of what the future holds. Residents are scared that they may lose not only their homes but their freedom as well.

The case of Robin Speronis in Cape Coral City, Florida

Robin Speronis tried to go off the grid in Cape Coral City, Florida. She was cited by the city for using rainwater, using solar power, not being connected to an approved water supply, and being in violation of in violation of the International Property Maintenance code. She was eventually thrown in jail and evicted from her home.

Vet who fought for our country, Thrown in Jail for Living ‘Off The Grid’

In November 2016, Tyler Truitt, a veteran, was thrown in jail for violating a city zoning ordinance.

“We live out here off the grid, 100 percent self-sustaining,” Truitt said. “So I basically made all my utilities: I have my solar panels, I have my rainwater collection and stuff. ” took an oath that I would support and defend the constitution and the freedoms that entails, and I really feel like those are being trampled upon.”

Is it really your land? According to most zoning officials, you need to follow their rules!

On top of using size restrictions to limit what off-grid home owners can live in, towns throughout the U.S. are also targeting mobile homes. In many areas, houses are required to built on a foundation and hooked up to public utilities.

Unfortunately, that piece of freedom that you bought might not be so free. If your land is not zoned for recreational vehicle living, off grid living, or camping you may be in for some serious trouble.

It’s a sad day when living off your own land becomes a crime. Please spread the word because cases like this are increasing at an alarming rate.

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  1. If we are self sufficient, then we don’t depend on the government, and if we don’t depend on the government, they cannot dominate and control the people. Their whole “spread the wealth” game is to make us dependent upon them, so they can therefore control the population. History teaches this ploy goes on all over the world.

    • There is one more thing to do, to take back the control from the government. STOP FED! STOP USING DOLLAR! And start using Bitcoins TODAY!!
      Bitcoins bring the Off-The-Grid concept to our currency!! Gotcha?! ;)

        • I think it’s a reference to that video game “Fallout” where the main means of currency in the post-apocalyptic game play is bottle caps.

        • people need to stop using money all together and start growing there own food period. Go right back to food bartering or trade goods …fuck money and the gov. U.S. makes me sick, freedom has become nothing more then an allusion and has been for many many years now

          • would be nice to do what you say, but here lies the problem. Monsanto geo engineer the seeds that ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)has the monopoly! With Geo Engineering you can not grow a seed from a crop that has grown previously. In other words in days gone by if you grew Plum Trees you could take seeds from those Plums and grow another tree. Due to Geo Engineering that is know longer possible, which means you are dependent on them for your seeds and crops, MORE GOVERNMET CONTROL !!!!

          • I like your idea, !!!! It’s just really hard for me to get my 400 chickens to market when I need to trade for some potato’s and corn… Only if I had some paper to put that would be the same worth as my clucks.

          • Then LEAVE “United States of America”!Good luck and good riddance! People like you who “choose” to live in the USA, all awhile spending more of your time hating, complaining and being flat out miserable, than to focus on those things that give you joy, love, laughter…aka “happiness”! We are only given LIFE for a short while…why spend (waste) ANY of it miserable? Don’t like (or even hate), then CHANGE it. Otherwise, keep your negativity and HATE to yourself to drown in!

          • Totally agree with u. Ur not costing the government anything u would think they would be grateful but they want control on what u do .In the UK we have always had to ask the government if we can but excuse me they work for us not the other way round . Keep doing what u do .F*** them

        • Bitcoins, caps, it’s all money. We need to think further ahead. Money is a lazy way to establish and maintain order. If you want to make a difference, begin by banning any and all forms of money. Work purely on the basis of exchanging personal favors.

          There’s an expression about making money work for you instead of you for it. People get rich that way but they also end up producing very little if anything of actual value.

          Here’s an idea. If you cannot achieve the end rather than the means with your own personal hands then it’s not something you should do. Fix your friend’s roof in exchange for some carrots but don’t use ‘money’. Be it caps or anything else, the moment you do that you’ve already started to become part of the problem.

          • Great idea! More importantly, I think that we need to look at who we are electing and what their interests are. Once elected an official gains in power and uses it to gain more and most do not use that power to aid their constituents.

          • Money is just a tool for exchange. It isn’t bad. I’d advise you to check out Senor D’Anconia’s money speech from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

            Economically speaking there is a big difference between money and currency. Money is a median of exchange which has intrinsic value and acts as a store of value. Currency is a median of exchange whose value is not intrinsic but rather supported through force of government, as it has no intrinsic value it is generally not a good store of value.

          • Well, I like the thought but then people will buy ¨Carrots¨ from the store for people to do their dirty work for them like ill give u these carrots if you stack this wood on the back of my wagon for them to sell and make money.I see it as an infinite loop profit for others and not your self

          • Wanna know how? We take back the land. No one owns Gods earth but can maintain it and help it by living upon it. A portion of crops, services or product can go back to the community as a tax (but better) and all the rich mineral land such as creeks,caves etc should be maintained by all and owned by NO one. The people living in the cities can get help from farmers who choose to live rurally. Trades should be our commodity. Gold is for aliens and rulers.. they bred us into slavery,now we need to fight for our land back.

        • Bitcoins are the precursor to the One Number System. It Doesn’t take a financial mastermind to figure this one out; only spiritual slumbering. Don’t allow others to deceive you in this THINK about it, bitcoins don’t require any printing press, no ink, no paper, no stamp-plating; and identity theft is one of the most financially lucrative and most oft perpetrated crimes committed online today. The ONLY way to curtail this crime is by monitoring the account holder’s DNA and completely eliminating ALL non-virtual forms of currency Holy Bible believing Christian theologians and adherents of Christian scripture, who believe in the biblical eschatology refer to this DNA stamp encoding as receiving the “Mark of the Beast” For the Love of God and the Sake of Your Mortal Soul, WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

          • Government is evil, but that has nothing to do with anything ‘mark of the beast’-related. The mark of the beast is mankind itself. YOU are a beast.

          • I want to know how many of you smart college grads know about the act of 1872? Stop telling me and everyone else the law and go FUCKING study your books.

          • sorry that’s the act of 1871.There is no national forests or parks. Just because some asshole in the white house sad so doesn’t make it so.

        • Off grid living is an awesome concept, but claiming that a piece of federal land is any one persons home an living on that site for months, or years is something that a lot of us would love to do. But is still on public lands so my taxes, and everyone who is not living ‘off grid’is paying their rent. We do not have a “homesteading” act in this country anymore, and a majority of off griders seem to think that they have some right to keep people off “their” land when they have absolutely no right to claim it in the first place. Recently, in North Idaho in the Selway wilderness I was shot at by a pair of “off Griders” that claimed I was trespassing. This is an issue that the Government need to address because along with claiming land for themselves they hunt, fish, and build wherever and whatever they want. If only a few are getting away with it and then Network Television propagate it and glamorize it like they are, the numbers of off griddes “getting away from it all” is seen as a way to leave all responsibility behind and “live a dream” that for most ends up being a terrible mistake. So unless you own, or lease, or have permission to live in OUR national forests and Wilderness areas, get a job. Join the human race, and when you save enough money to legally own the property, get the hell out. You have a right to live in permitted areas for a set number of days, then you must move your camp site. But no one has the right to claim areas of Public lands as their personal property where they pay zero taxes, and impact eco systems, in a negative manner, and do more harm than good….good for them, bad for everyone else.

          • I think the main point is even if one owns the property government is getting involved and finding ways to make it difficult if not impossible to live on “our” land which we rightfully own and pay taxes on.

          • boy the world was created for us to live in. not pay to live on. dont be gulible. think outside th ebod. know thycellf

          • If it is Federal your correct, if it is property that I have bought then it is my choice weather or not I live off grid

          • Tell the homeless that! It’s so unfortunate but in many cities, the homeless have the right to place themselves and their trash/property, not pay taxes, get free food, poop and pee anywhere they want, but the taxpayer has to just put up with it. So: the taxpayer has to abide by rules while the homeless get off scott free! Hmmmmmmmm……anything wrong with that picture?

          • I hate to disagree with taxes pay for off grids rent due to most buy their land n pay land taxes but not for power systems water etc. I hadn’t full comment yet but I wanted to respond to that cimment alone due to the fact many people feel this is fact and it’s fiction in some cases.

          • The problem is we have been domesticated by the government. The government needs to be obliterated and reset. We need to go back to our roots.

        • Stay on the ” Long Trail ” in Vermont.
          Vermont may be seceding from the Union soon.
          Good Luck. Plenty of old apple orchards along the trail.

          • Please stay out of Vermont. I live here and want as few people here as possible when everything goes bad! ha ha

          • Vermont to succeed for the union would be like Washington D. C. to become a state. It will never happen and you know it. Even Texas with all it’s resource could not Survive long by itself in these modern times. The only way it would work as if everyone in the state in question dearly sacrificed to do it. I mean it would be very expensive to man an Army, Marines, Navy and Air force even if it could be done it would take years to arrange. I realize both state have ex military but that would not be enough and both states have federal lands and a lot of it. So what would the states do take it from the USA? I don’t think so! The U.S. goverment would sent in troops from other states just as Connecticut did in the late 1700’s by sending troops into PA to quail riots there. I think for many reasons it would be foolish to try now days. The best option is diplomatic and with the full support of our States population behind our Governors, Legislators. We have the power in our states to force the Governments hand we just need to state using it and take back our country before someone else takes it away from us with out a fight. George Washington said we should have a civil war every 10 yrs to keep the Government in check. All the President have warned us that this could happen but no one reads our history anymore. The Presidents power to Veto congress was a bad idea when Reagan asked for it and it still is with Obama and has been abused by every President since. We the people need to take back our country now! on the state level and then we need to do it on a federal level. We need to get back to a common sense nation and stop all this BS! We the people means all of us Black, White Hispanic, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African etc. we need to work together for the greater good of us all. No religion, no biases, no prejudices toward the LGBT communities of any kind. We are all in this together so it is time we work it out once and for all. I pray for that day. When we come back to being a Nation with integrity, and values other then drugs and video games and self indulgence.

          • Margaret G. is incorrect — Texas can at anytime and hopefully soon will be able to do so. As a republic — Texas has the option annually — it is just a matter of time

          • I just recently purchased a building lot at a lake community. It’s gated, PA and all. Turns out, I have to have a building permit to even stay on the land. Then, it’s only for a weekend until my structures built. I plan on drawing up a plan for a home w basement. I figured I would winch my RV INTO the basement and go completely solar and self reliant on water and composite toilet system. Now, there is a neighbor to the lot. I don’t want them ratting on me to the codes enforcement dude and being homeless. In reality, that’s what I would have. I need to be there for a couple seasons to gather data on sun, soil, etc.. How can they damn me for staying on a lot I just paid for, if out of sight? Confusing.

          • I’m been living off the land now for several months.I’m living in a tent but not moving around. I live close to a clean running creek that flows to the river. All my resources are in walking distance. The only way I’m coming out is for TWRA to find me and put me in jail. Which would be pitiful.

          • how long are you expected to venture out and is it total rustic, no cabins right? Just nylon tent between us and nature

        • Jia I to am a former US Marine and survivalist. I’ve been looking for a partner to take on the App Trail for a long time.

        • Hey, North Korea is looking for people. So is Iraq, and Afghanistan, Somalia, Columbia, Russia, Africa and many more countries that will let you live without spending a dime because they have wonderful social programs, and awesome heathcare. NOT, you will be in a work camp living on piss, and worms ifyou are lucky, and maybe only get Malaria,afew times…. If you hate this country try India, especially if you are female…they have SOOOO many rights. Or try most any European countries where owning a firearm will get you thrown in jail. I can not believe I served in 26 years fighting terrorism, being sent to every shit hole you can think of to bring warmongers, Drug kingpins, human smugglers, and terrorists to either an end, or Federal Prison. So sticking your head in the sand, and hating your country is due to ignorance. Until you kill people in the name of Freedom and human rights, or accompany a Special Forces Group to take out the people around the world who are trying to kill American by TERRORISM or IMPORTING tons of Heroin, cocaine & meth, also killing tons of AMERICANS… please stay whereyou are

          • Hey Enter your name. What country do you live in? The U.S is getting just as bad as the others. You cant take a shit here without paying for it.

          • You CANNOT kill people in the name of freedom or human rights. That’s stupid for you to thinkso. I don’t need you to fight or kill ANYONE for my freedom. I’m free. Says me. Born that way. If you thought that you served all those years for me or anyone else, then YOU murdered people on behalf of evil men out of your own ignorance. You’re a sheep. Fuck america. I say no pledge. Fuck america, our past is as shady, if not more, as lots a nations. I owe no loyalty to a king, president, current ass congress, a meaningless piece of cloth, or a nation in general. My loyalty is to this planet and it’s people. Go back and be a good slave to the government. Go kill people who are also being used by a shit government. This country was started by criminals. Defectors. Traitors. Allow me to follow in the c ways of the founding fathers.

          • Americans are not the only people being killed by terrorists, they’re willing to destroy anyone who do not think like they do. While I appreciate your service to the country, “killing for freedom ” is not good for anyone. Fighting for justice is.
            It would also seem that despite traveling and fighting in other parts of the world, for freedom, you still think like an elitist. Elitists always lose.

          • That coward jackass troll never served in the military, he is just a wasted hater.
            Hasn’t realized fully that he’s made all the wrong choices. His hate shows that.
            He’s coming around though. Probably has an addiction. One day the epiphany
            will come: he’s been duped, he’s alone, and he’s always been really stupid. Sorry champ, you’re over. Thanks for your service, I am sure you did it for no one but yourself.

          • You do realize that killing people is terrorism right?

            Terrorism is defined as the use or threat of force or violence to bring about political change.
            Therefore to kill terrorists is to be a terrorist. That is just what the word means.

            The problem with terrorism is the use and threat of force. Force should only be used in defense of what is right. Initiation of force is always wrong.

            Fighting terrorism is an oxymoron unless you are going to the real root of the issue. The real root of the issue is that humanity is doomed unless it can accept a morality of reason.

            Wealth must be produced but if force is the standard as it has been and continues to become even more so production will slow to a halt and we will be back in the dark ages. As Ayn Rand put it, “when force is the standard the murderer wins over the pick pocket and then that society is doomed.”

          • I was in the service myself and to fight for freedom we’re all losing by enemies domestic it just isn’t worth it. In reality, you were merely an attack dog for the Elitist

        • I,m interested.
          Always wanted to do that however I hear in some areas
          there are real sick predators preying on travelers.
          Thumbed all over the U.S and Canada with no problem. Met great people.

      • seriously, bitcoins are such a joke…
        there is no off-grid…we are all doomed to die with a government stampon our head…

      • At first did not like it but starting to like this bitcoin idea…but…don’t you have to be on the grid to be using a computer and using bitcoin. Perhaps barter is better.

        • “but…don’t you have to be on the grid to be using a computer and using bitcoin. Perhaps barter is better.”

          Barter is better if people around you will barter with you, but no you do not have to be on the grid to use a computer and use bitcoin. You need power to power your computer, an antenna to grab internet, and an open internet connection you can barrow. I have not paid for internet. cable or anything like that is about 8 years, and 99 percent of the time I got internet. I’m grabing a connection right now to post this, the same as I always do.

          Being Off Grid don’t mean you have to ride a horse and carry your water from the creek, it means you supply everything you need yourself. If internet goes down, it won’t matter if you have a connection or not, they will shut everyone’s connection down but theirs. So internet is not really part of being off grid, but being off grid don’t mean you can’t use the internet.

          • I like the idea of living off grid, but I do not believe in living off others either. I think that we should be able to live in a more sustainable way and also participate in our communities and vote in the elections to ensure that our representatives are truly doing what is in the best interest for ‘all’ their constituents as well as the earth. If we cannot feed ourselves or breathe clean air then we are dying. This is basic. Clean air, clean fresh water, living a sustainable life is basic and everyone’s right, so knowing that elected officials are doing their job and is not in some one’s back pocket to ensure only ‘their’ interests is very important. We need to behave more like a community to ensure everyone’s interests for the good of all. Fighting over religious interests and which or whose god is the right god is beyond asinine.

          • Is it me or does Paula’s reply sound like an after school special? That’s so beautiful Paula, the most bluntly PC “do it for the child” Hallmark jackass intellect you could muster. What a bright light! Only after about 5000 years of human history are you sleuthing out that politicians are possibly lying to us and some folks are ethnocentric. If you are an 8 yr old, I commend you. If you are older, phone 911 and report yourself as an idiot, quietly waiting for the cops to come arrest you and FEMA camp you.

          • Wish had funds to get aways from city bs N live off M earth. Take some $ to get away anywhere at all

      • Remember the end the fed movement in 2012? Dems ad republicans coming together in harmony to end the most corrupt system. Then what happens immediately after such a union happens.The occupy movement. Payed for by richest families front man George Soros. We need to reject mainstream media and the libtards that shit on our constitution first. We tried to end the fed.

    • I’m all for an Occupy your own land movement which
      would include, the right to camp there, have a trailer, live in a cardboard box and be buried there. As long as what a person does, does not create a safety hazard to their neighbor then they should have a right to do so on their own land.

      • I agree, for freedoms sake, but especially now, given all the financial problems, homelessness, etc., In my area of the NW, white people homesteaded Indian land in 1910, so our history here is not that long. From then until the 1970s, rural folks could build what they needed to in order to survive. If you didn’t do that, you were considered a loser.

      • That’s part of the problem, they want to do it on ANY land, but mostly on Federal Land, where they think that they have the right to cut out a little piece for their own, then protect it from trespassers like they own it. Freedom is not just for the disenfranchised. No one ever gave me public land; even after Serving 26 years in S.F.Group 6, and killing and watching my American Brothers being killed, blown up, losing limbs, going blind, and sacrificing lives so people at home could use Bit coins, monopoly money,r whatever they use. Come sere a year in a third world country or an old
        Testament Muslim region, or a country where 3&4 year old girls are “circumcised” and married off at the age of ten. America has many problems, but we are light years ahead of 95% of other countries. If you have running water, a toilet, a roof that don’t leak, the ability to eat more than once every other day. And a Government that has ran pretty good for decades. You are living in a Paradise!!! When tens of thousands of immigrants attempt to make it to OUR country we must be doing pretty well. Not too many folks trying to sneak into Russia…even now…or Mexico..or anywhere in the middle East, or most European countries, have even a few fraction of Human rights we enjoy, So, don’t let the U.S.Flag Hit you in the ass on the way out.

        • David, relax. When you were a really stupid young guy, you wanted to fight. Your dumb head thought you could marry your aggression to some bullshit concept that you could shoot people without consequence because you were defending freedom. If you don’t go over to these ridiculous countries on your capitalistic masters orders to subdue their idiot country so we can make it a Haliburton outpost or mine their resources for free, these 3rd world people’s affairs wouldn’t bother you. Again, you and you’re brothers were young and wanted to fight, well…you got more than you bargained for. If you lost skirmishes, it’s because of your sin. You didn’t belong there, no matter what your little fucking pea brain tried to tell yourself. You meddled in another country, jacked up on brotherhood and valor. Concepts they use to motivate stupid gullible young men. To your superiors masters, it’s just business. We were initially talking about federal land and trespassing, you are trespasser, whether they are raping little girls or not. Your 2nd grade viewpoint of spiritual law doesn’t hold. You were a trespasser, and an aggressive one at that. You did your capitalistic masters bidding. Sin is what got your brothers blown up, or else a just God would have allowed not a bullet to hit your group. So shut your dopey face you self righteous fool. You signed up for it. If you question how there isn’t working toilets and blah blah in these countries, it hasn’t dawned on you the strange amount of coincidences and level of organization that was required for some yo-yo’s with boxcutters to crash planes into the towers? Are you that stupid? People shit on the beach in other countries, you are telling me they have the sophistication to pull that off? The military-industrial machine loves guys like you right up to the point where they don’t need you anymore. Notice how this country treats vets? There’s your answer. You should have been a fireman and stopped screwing around in hellish countries where you didn’t belong. Now you are a bitter patriot rambling on from your place in the government’s dumpster. By the way, you speak of immigrants coming here. Yes. Because the baby boomers are old now, and you need a fresh populous of really really stupid people to plug into the economy. People who don’t mind cleaning toilets and giving fake flu shots and getting taxed and shopping at Walmart. Older people start to figure out they have been screwed, so the elite just allow new dummies to immigrate. Show me an ex-pat and I will show you an intelligent person who saw the writing on the wall. Be a man, admit you got screwed, your buddies got screwed, and stop this flag banter, it doesn’t mean anything and you know it, the elite laugh at your blind obedience and righteous rancor. It’s called social engineering. There is no “good” team, just you. Go ahead, you are so dumb you will invalidate my comment because my tag name is flat bread wino right? Yup, I can’t be right. Sorry, I am remiss, you are right, keep being yourself. How’s that working out for ya?

    • If our government is attacking it’s own people right here in the United States, then something is wrong, this is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship. All everyone has to do is to band together and defend themselves, I mean everyone. There are more decent people here in the U.S.A then corrupt officials, think about it. Be smart, don’t let our government enslave us all. I would think this is worth dying for. In case you are not aware, it was our government who at first, made the Indians move further out, away from their control, then they wanted to expand the land, and look where they are now. They have no rights whats-so-ever, and why is that? well that’s because they didn’t get together and defend themselves as a group. So, come on people, get smart.

      • That won’t happen. It’s fact, that folks like us that would rather dePend on our own skills and survive by simple means, are the minority. We can’t even prevent corruption on a local level, let alone try and influence the average joe to climb aboard and support our rights, libertys, and plain independance. So, this will be just one more freedom taken away and later forgotten. Like immenant domain, or heirloom farming,etc. it’s very simple! You rock the boat, they make an examPle out of you.period.

        • I lived in a town of 280 people on one square mile and you’d think it would be small enough to control corruption, favoritism, etc. But no. I thought, if we can’t do it here, how can we take on the state, fed or UN? That crazy little town is now charging the people — most of whom are poor — $200/month just for water.

        • This is the whole problem…people like us are the ones that pay for the big wigs to trample all over us. They do as they damn well please as long as we don’t rock their boat, and when we do, well, we suffer however they want to “punish” us! I for one am damn tired of it!

          • I totally agree with so many of you. I have info about the whereabouts of 3 terrorists that have been indicated by a Grand Jury..but no one on Law Enforcement will listen..I was With the Sheriff’s Sept ( a deputy who worked corrections) I also worked at the Unemployment office for over 10 years, I had access to every single persons social security number in the entire nation. I help people, I used to LOVE MY COUNTRY. I AM EVEN part Native American…and now I have Terrorists threatening my life and the police and the FBI no-one listens and no one cares..

      • I am from the south and I do not want the goverment to own me. The people in the north are the ones that will starve when big daddy says so. As I told my yankee husband he will never starve because I can hunt,kill skin,cook meat and this also goes for my garden.I feel sorry for the demos that believe that present goverment is for the people better watch out we will have anothe hitler but the who will help us

        • What you think only people south of the Mason Dixon Line know how to hunt, skin, cook and raise a garden? Wow you are intelligent. Yep Geography has everything to do with intelligence and skill. LOL

        • ever been to Montana, Idaho, or even northern California, Verna? ever been anywhere north? Im guessing not. There are folks everywhere that are able, prepared, and skilled enough to survive, and thrive, self sufficiently. DUH.

      • welll not that they didnt defend themselves but more so like they got the shit kicked out of them by guns and bombs then raped and robbed for what was rightfully theres. our country was founded on the fact that white man almost completely wiped out an entire culture of beautiful people. there guns were just to much to handle. even the bravest of worrior can be put down by a little bitch with a gun if u get my point.

        • You’re wrong. Disease killed most of the American Indians before there were any hostilities. Afterward, they were coaxed into giving up much of their land before any violence took place. Bows were more effective in combat than smoothbore guns. People who think that the guns of that day were that overpowered need to do some reading. It was disease that destroyed them, not guns. Study early gunpowder combat, then speak about guns and “bombs.”

          • N. Am Native Smallpox outbreaks happened before the bacterial and viral theory of disease existed. You assume giving blankets was malicious, not need-to-keep-warm sympathy/charity based behavior of Western-Civ Americans.

            Original American: There’s no need to expend effort to keep you down, when you crush yourself and drag down any possible in-group achievement. Thank you.

          • Disease put here by Spaniards when they released rats infested with plague-carrying fleas. But,that only wiped out 10% of every tribe. While the Spaniards conquered our southern neighbors, we wiped them out when they messed with us. Just as we wiped out the Vikings from the north. It was a combination of British, German, French and Swedish soldiers, commanded by British politicians, along with your African slaves with your guns and poisons and finally disease filled blankets that decimated our numbers to a few hundred thousand per tribe. It’s your flour and fake grease, your violence toward us even in this day, plus your “need” to breed us out of existence that has our numbers down. There are more of us left than you realize. We are not merely decendants of our ancestors, broken and stupid like you think. The time for the ghost dance is coming shortly. Everything will be as it once was. Off grid will be the ONLY way to survive this land once again.

            The history you were taught is a lie, Northman. Indeed the government knew the blankets were infested. They knew we didn’t have any resistance to European diseases, out of their own experiments conducted on ancestors that were abducted and shipped to Europe as “prizes” to leaders of European countries. The intel from those countries was delivered to U.S. officials.

            I shouldn’t have to fear 99% of white and black men around me, for myself and my daughters. But the truth is, we have a 99% chance of being raped because for no reason, we are viewed as sexually available by non-native men. For some reason when turned down by a woman of your own, it’s okay, but when turned down by a native woman or young girl, it becomes a whole different thing, and you violate us. I shouldn’t have to fear for my son, that a group of non-native men are going to corner him and beat and kick him to death for no other reason than he is a human being who looks different than you. The truth is, besides our males being viewed as sexually available to your females, the violence against our men by non-native men is staggering. A native boy has a 3% chance to make it to age 20, a 2% chance to survive to 30, and less than 1% chance to live beyond age 30.

            The hatred and criminal mindset/activity against us is still in full swing. You just don’t hear about it on the news because we are STILL viewed as non-human, even now, when you all claim you are not racist.

            You want to believe we are always at war with ourselves? That lie goes hand-in-hand with the Columbus lie, the John Smith (Pocahantus) lie, the first thanksgiving lie.

            If we had been at war with each other, we would have been easy to conquer. As it is, it took you guys over 500 years and many armies to murder us at a rate that our numbers could be reduced enough to be “conquered” and shoved into war camps.

            Stop the lies of your “leaders” and learn the truth.

      • We have to band together and destroy England and all its Barristers and all its mercenary lawyers it has infiltrated against the Constitution for the United States of America.

        • So very true, the Brits always complain about how our country is to free, they are just jealous.

      • I’m only 21 almost 22 and i already see what you all r saying and i happen to agree alot but to be honest i saw all this happening when i was around 13 or 14 years old, who knows maybe when i was younger. I really saw it when i was in the army 3 to 5 months before i got out and it really gets a little frighting when u never know who is going to get hit next with these so called GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL stupid people. So always ask for a warrent and look up any and all laws even the lesser ones because you never know when the knowledge will come in handy.

      • It is the right of every American to live whatever lifestyle they want to and go with nature and avoid unnatural foods. This meat in the grocery store has stuff in it that is bad for your health and nobody has a right to force such a thing on anybody.

      • We should all rise up and throw out the government and live free from dictatorship I live on this earth as I want not how they want me to I would love to have the big nob in a closed room and show him what a dictator is

      • It’d be better if we didn’t have a democratic system. Democracy is why we’re in this mess.

      • Never been to a third world country but I say if our precious government sent you there for “our freedom” someone lied to you sir,wars are all about who can take the most oil or goods from each other. You went and done what you did because someone in the government told you to and said “its for our freedom”. Look at how many vets that are committing suicide or messed up because of it and then not get help after being released.

    • You are right about it. It is getting worst; believe me, people who lived 30 or longer in countries ruled by dictators had more freedom than today’s people living in small towns or large cities. In some countries the water was free running all day long from the public and private fountains. I know , because as a child I saw my mother and my whole community having all the free water they needed. Then in middle seventies the guys from the “new government” came over to install water meters in every and single house; the beginning of government imposed “slavery” began. This is a true fact that happened in a small place in Western Europe. Back then everybody had their own house, it could be a very small house, but they had a ceiling; nowadays many people are living in rented rooms, even couples with small children, because the average wage is not enough to pay the rent of a whole apartment or house.

    • you need to do this out on an indian res where they will leave you in peace, understanding what you are doing is harmless and no problem..

      Many places you can do this but never own the land, just occupy it as long as you need..

      • please if anyone knows of places were u can live free with some other peaceful people let me know. i cant stand this way of life, i feel enslaved and dream of freedom every second of the day. to my knowledge its against the “laws” to live free although i can hunt, trap, track, plant, and build. without help there isnt free land to do so as far as i know. im so sick of living in fear of when some junkie or something decides to kick in my door and kill me for dope or what have you. in my eyes, people are not ment to live like this, we have all been programed to serve in the destruction of our beautiful planet and it sickens me. when i look at most all day to day people and in there eyes all i see is does my ass look good in these jeans or is my car better than your ect….am i hungry, warm, happy is all u need to worry about. no wonder shrinks live so well, the government makes us all insane with trivial this were programed to think we need. for the love of life what the fuck is goin on in this world?

        • I agree, Well said. If you dont mind surviving in a cold climate Alaska has alot of land that is not that expensive. My property is off grid as far as water and electric but close to a road, a fresh water supply from the mountain and an electric pole if I decide I want electric. Its not mandatory as of yet. Many areas of Alaska will not accept government help of any kind.

        • Harry, take a look around. Everyone has been stripped of their discernment, their health,
          their cunning, their self-reliance. Chumps. Plugged in and addicted. You couldn’t get everyone to meet at Starbucks at the right time to plan a coup let alone face the greatest most powerfully equipped military in history. Keep your head down. Nice thought, I like the spunk, but get real. This culture manufactures pussies. It creates and fetishizes disease. We need our “doctors”, our this, our that. Are you ready to forgoe all that crap? Most wouldn’t last a day. And the culture just keeps making dumbed down weak minded specimens. Fight back? Chickadee check yourself before you wreck yourself. You are talking about a comprehensive socially engineered “divide and conquer” social engineering masterpiece that is already in place, and from the ashes, long after the game has been thoroughly over, you are ready to make a stand. Ok, you are just about 4 generations too late.

        • Anabata, i am starting a offgrid community in Manu, the MOST biodiverse place on the planet. I have 50 hectares surrounded by millions of acres of wild jungle. Close to a village with doctors, internet, stores etc.
          Check me out in youtube, “George Wright crossing the river”.

    • If we remain resolute that we do not need a government to dominate us… they become more overbearing and destroy themselves because they eventually make the majority (the people) mad.. History teaches us this too.. The more overbearing and power hungry; the closer to any particular governmental body’s demise. The timeline is the only uncertainty… The pages of history tell us that can be decades, hundreds of years, or even thousand.. The pages of history prove that the collapse always comes and for a period of time afterward; the people have choices once again…, some wise and some unwise…
      When a governmental entity (such as america) dumbs you down until it begins to deem it knows best, that is when you have a problem. When all so called “decisions” are coerced, regulated heavily, or optionless but to an end that stays within a systematic approach as to change nothing that matters really.. that is when your duty as a human being is to overthrown your government due to the people’s overwhelming power through population, we always prevail over any system of slavery.
      Our founding fathers did and so shall all of the people. The struggles are real, painful, and are hard; but are always won:)

      • When a light is shined upon a bed-bugs retreat; it runs… The way to beat these power hungry naifs is to return fear for fear. When the robot enforcers and all of their leaders have a real threat outside of their jobs; they begin to become preoccupied and think differently.
        This is a time tested method of fighting fire with fire! If you must be paranoid all the time and watch out for our own personal property, rights and privacy… you must return the favor. you must begin to make these people uncomfortable in their own personal “comfort zones”, so to speak, one by one.. This is the way of human psychology and domination!

        • Pick them out.. Latch on like a tick… Follow the chain.. Step outside of their box of a system! (Remember; one by one-pick them out… one by one wake up your brothers and sisters at the same time… There are never any rules!)
          You see, the illusion is… you have to fight them outside of their systems! You cannot win with their “guidelines”.

      • I don’t think you will have to wait a thousand years. Your Gov has is clearly getting very worried……for example…..they just made Marijuana legal for recreational us in Colorado and Washington…..yes, you can get high in your nations capital. The are afraid so they want the angry 20 to 40 year old high and happy rather than frustrated and organizing!! Get guns, keep 100% sober at all times!!! Without your health and your mind you will be lost.

        Good luck…..proud Navajo

          • One of the first things we need to do is quit calling each other “dummies” and stupid and all those unneccesary putdowns. We’re all in the same boat. Some have been here longer than others but we need the new ones, even if they say or ask dumb questions, at least they are here and want to learn and are awakening to what is really going on. We should nurture them and help them not insult them.

          • THATS THE PROBLEM D.C.
            You people don’t know D.C makes the laws but those laws only exist in D.C. The Constitution Of the United States Ws the Constition For The United States read about the act of 1871

    • Thomas Jefferson said the government should fear the people instead of the people fearing the government. Knowledge of American history is an essential part of being a good citizen or a good government official. Too many people are completely ignorant when it comes to history these days…

      • Wow. I am a little puzzled as to why there is so much animosity between bloggers on this page. Where is it stemming from? How has the American calture come to this? Surely one persons viewpoint is as valid as another’s as long as that person is not harming anyone. Imagine if we could nurture one another.

        • that sounds so great. we all need kindness don’t we. yeah the name calling and put downs aren’t needed. We all ARE in the SAME BOAT. we all have things to learn but also each has unique things our own to share with everyone. one day the people are going to wake up to a computer clitch that wipes out everyones cash. that day is coming

      • You are correct in the point you make. I strongly believe that the citizens of this country need to read The Declaration of Independence. It wouldn’t hurt for the “elected officials” that are supposed to represent us to read it again as well!!

    • People we need a voter revolution. We need a return freedom.

      If you want freedom and want to take your government out of the hands of the banks, large corporations, and unions you must stop voting for the two parties that are owned by those same people. If you vote for a democrat or republican you are voting for the same people that control both parties. You are being given a false choice. If you want your vote to count you must vote for a third party candidate not controlled by those people.

    • Have you looked into dehydrating all your foods? I have enough fruit, veggies, jerky, dry goods dehydrated and vacumm sealed to last a family of four for ten years. Dehydrating shrinks down the space needed and vacumm sealing extends the shelf life at least ten years depending on the product. For example I took 40 lbs of corn from my garden off the cob after blanching, dehydrated and vacumm sealed in 10 one quart jars. Imagine four pounds of corn in a quart jar. I also use vacumm sealed bags to store many lbs of food. From mushrooms to pineapple to tomatoes, to potatos, to squash, to tofu, to refried beans… you name it, I have it stored for the future of my family

        • My husband and I are retired and live on about 20 acres. I certainly would not call myself off the grid, but we do grow our own vegies and this fall I am expanding both the garden and the orchard. We have our own chickens and my husband and I fish and deer hunt. His cousin raises cows so we can get beef when we want. I am learning to make my own butter ( goat milk is better for you than cow milk). I hope to learn to make cheese. And, it is good to hear about all the people who support barter for we would all be better off with bartering. I do it all the time. I rarely use money to pay people, but we do odd jobs for one another and pay in foodstuffs. I do know how to plow (with a horse or mule). Its not very practical. We have our own well as does everyone around us. But, totally going off the grid is extremely difficult. Everyone is now afraid since we don’t have to pay for water once the price of digging the well is done, the govt. will access both wells and gardens. Taxing water whether your own well or town water is something I fear. Good luck to all you who want to be more self-sufficient.

          • Why do you people think money is bad, but then talk about being an asshole to others by bartering with them? Have you no respect for your fellow man?

    • I totally agree.
      It is becoming more evident.
      Money has never been the answer, it has always been the cause of the problem. A tool to control our lives and
      Rob us of our freedoms.
      Used to keep the ruling class in power.Land should be free.resources should be free.The only contribution to our society should be a honest days work.To produce and provide what we all depend on for our survival and to make our live better. share it equally. Not allowing someone have control over it. It is better to work with your fellowman than it is to work for him.Treating each other with equal respect. not as ruler and server peasant.

    • they hollar green house gasses harms the environment . but when we do something good to help reduce it they go ape . a bunch of greedy liars and theives

    • Ablesolutions, wrong we are without a doubt, always controlled by the government, local regulations, county regulations, ordinances, etc….and if they don’t have one, they will make one up. I have some very good true examples, My husbands friend went through a divorce, of course, California State law allowed her to keep the house, the car, the kids, even though he paid for them, and a piece of land,(in the high desert of CA.) He got to keep the motor-home, well, he lived there with solar panels, grew his food dug his own well, etc. local authorities had to find a way…that he must have utilities installed if he wishes to occupy his own is totally paid for, taxes are up to date, or he must leave his own land. This man is ill, on oxygen, diabetic, It is horrible .
      The government finds whatever excuse to get their own way,local or otherwise, bend over a little further, huh, more to this injustice. But I will leave it at that.

      S. Hammer

      • I bought land in high desert for that very reason, I’m 55 and see what is coming and want to live with all I have which is not much. I can’t afford well so wanted to bring in water and live in small built cabin. Can you tell me where in high desert in California? I i have a 40 ac parcel and two one acre parcels. I pay 200.00 a month total so I can afford it. But it may be in one room cabin solar, no water, remote, thank you

    • If we allow it to happen there, it will be happening to all of us. Our forefathers carved this nation out of the woods, and OFF the damned grid. Why are we now better?

      • to correct you, it was the first settlers who tried to build a life for themselves away from the kingdoms of europe and they were not necessarily holding slaves or attacking the natives, but then the revolution idea was a hoax, just like all wars are a hoax, who financed the revolution none other than the illuminati out of bavaria, the settlers got swept up in this and they never get honored but we always pay homage to freemasons like george washington and john adams and thomas jefferson.

    • Don’t blame the government it is the corporations that are the ones that steel your property and take what they want it is the corporations that want you to depend on them i am sick of you people blaming the government for what the corporations do .

      • Mark I agree with you on the corporation!
        And as far as currency goes we have to have currency for the scum of the inner-city will filter out into the suburban and into the farmlands taking from simple people who are trying to live a simple life. And as far as living off grid there has been people in this country for years living off grid just go look at your Amish communities. A lot of these people that are living off grid are not getting in trouble for living off grid but they are getting in trouble for other things and blaming it on and off grid living.

      • Mark, thanks. Right, it’s the corporations that steal. (You spelled it “steel” but I know what you meant, Marque) wait, smarty Mark, isn’t the government supposed to govern? Like govern the people, institutions, businesses of a nation to oversee fairness and progress? No culpability then for government? That’s none of the government’s business when Monsanto genetically alters an organic crop illegally on this nation’s soil? The blurred lines between government and corporate interest regarding BLM? Have you ever heard of lobbyists? Do you know what they represent and how they are quite often found in DC? Isn’t it time to put on your smock and have Nurse Smith bathe you?

    • I’d like to know about living off the grid and using a barter system instead of money. I was raised on a ranch and I moved to town and things didn’t go like I planned.

    • This has nothing to do with spreading the wealth, it is concerned with stealing wealth from others and concentrating it into the hands of a few corporate and/or government thugs.

    • I have always dreamed of living off the grid. It takes work, ingenuity and old fashion know how. Just think if they were to out law off grid living, can you imagine all the welfare, SNAPS, ETC programs would go broke. Government can’t stand not being in control of everything. I wish I could find somewhere to live off the grid.

    • And yet, you’re also fighting an electorate that vote these kind of people into office, because they WANT a government that is Santa Claus. Going off the grid I think in the 21st century, means going against a societal mindset that is quite the opposit….sadly…..

    • My question is- do people living off the grid pay taxes? Are they working or collecting a military pension? If they are living off the grid and they are also evading taxes, then it has more to do with enforcing the tax code than simple harassment about a life style. I believe we all need to pay our taxes and contribute to America. Do I think my taxes are too high? Of course! But the overall quality of life in this country exceeds that of any foreign country that I have ever visited.

    • ITS CALLED THE NEW WORLD ORDER they want to IMPLANT THE RFID CHIP IN YOUR BODY BY YEAR 2030 IT IS ALL TO MIND CONTROL AND ENSLAVE—They forcing people off grids to enslave them

  2. Land of the free and home of the brave my ASS. Economic slavery is at hand, you will all be serfs to corporations and their puppet government. It will be a crime to be poor, it will be a crime to live off of your own land without any corporate “sponsorship”. YOU ARE NOW A NUMBER IN THEIR LEDGERS!!
    This whole building code thing has gotten a way out of hand and you can blame it on the civil court system allowing ridiculous litigation because some jerk bought a home that wasn’t up to “code” and wanted something for nothing when he could have paid for a pre-purchase inspection and went and found a different house. WHY IN THE WORLD DO I NEED A PERMIT TO PULL AND REPLACE WOODEN DECORATIVE TRIM ALONG MY WALLS!?!?!?! Or a bedroom door that the hinges have gotten a little beat up and the rest of the jam is a little shoddy. I mean really, the replacement opens and closes but no they want their $45 permit fee to replace a $60 door and if you get caught doing it without the permit you have to pay the permit fee and a fine. Pretty soon in order to shop at HOME DEPOT you will need to show your permit at the door before you are allowed to buy anything. Or even better, locally you already have to buy a permit from the city to sell your house and in order to get the permit you have to have the home inspected and have to bring it up to code before they will issue you a sale permit which on average runs about $6000 to fix all the violations with work that must be done by licensed contractors. THIS ARTICLE ABOUT THESE FOLKS’ PLIGHT INFURIATES ME TO THE CORE OF MY BEING!!!

  3. kloathis:

    Think you might be mistaken. There isn’t requirement for permitting on repair work. Ask your building department to provide you with the code citation or municipal ordinance showing that. They must provide you with the citation, that’s law everywhere I know, although not necessarily with a copy of it- you can look it up on your own. Call a local licensed architect and ask them to explain it to you if you are getting mismatched/confusing info. A decent architect will gladly talk to you for 5 minutes over the phone without needing some kind of fee.

    While permitting fees and indeed most of ‘what’ requires a certain permit can be altered and changed from State to State and municipality to municipality, one thing is universal -or so I think and could be wrong in a few isolated/unique cases- permits are only required when there is a matter of life safety or technical prowess. Permitting is not a tax, it is a service that is designed to protect the public and those businesses taking on construction tasks.

    For example, doing work on your domestic incoming water line could be bad if you don’t know what you are doing. You may inadvertently set it up so that water will backflow into the main and contaminate the entire system from your point of entry down. Might not sound like a big concern, but there have been plenty of cases of septic water leaking out to water supplies. Pretty unsafe risk to the public, so you’ll need to get a permit for that. It’s a hard case to prove concern of safety or other reason for trim (new or replacing). Same with doors and any other essentially cosmetic work. Research the International Code Council who are the people that put together the codes the majority of States adopt.

    Also, not sure what State you are in, but my understanding is that building departments are not paid for by tax dollars. They only have as much money as they generate in fees to pay salaries, etc. This is most likely the motivation behind the inspector demanding permits for work ordinarily not requiring it. Contact your State Department of Consumer Affairs, which at least in States I know about, handle the oversight of local building departments. You can ask them if your construction official can do that and if not file a complaint in writing, then demand a refund.

    Best of luck, for I believe you have been wronged.

      • The irony is with all this demanding for us to hook up, I’ve learned a few things. If you go out far enough from their lines they won’t demand you hook up, because they don’t want to run their lines but so far off the road. They will demand you run line if you want power from them, so just don’t do that and no problem. You asked them to run power and they demanded you pay for the line and poles to the road, now you are free to take option “B” and instead use your own power plant.

    • Our county told us that because my father owned the land 22 acres and i owned the mobile home if my father so much as changed the door knob on my trailer there would be a 5 thousand dollar fine and a 250.00 dollar a day fine until a licensed contractor corrected the work.We live in fl.and it has never been legal to live on your land in anything except a mobile home or site built house,no r.v.`s or campers.i feel as if i am chocking to death.Also there may be an insurance scam going on.Insurance company`s cancel your home owners ins. for small reasons so you will lose your mortgage and if you can`t pay off your mortgage then you lose your home.Farm Bureau canceled my parents because they have dogs.Very well fenced house dogs.and today my sisters was canceled because they said they have to many credit cards even though they have nothing on them except a refrigerator at Lowes.You can`t get insurance unless you have credit and if you use the credit you get your homeowners ins.canceled !

  4. Oh one other thing municipalities have been doing to increase revenues, require a construction official inspection at the sale of a house. The reasons for that are to check for any work that wasn’t permitted and not just collect the building department fee that would have been, but to reflect the improvements at the tax assessors office. Redo your bathroom and the tax assessor wants to know about it. They get updates from the building department.

  5. Glad I live in Kentucky. My house met the code in 1901 when it was built. All the extra sounds to me that they want to fill the coffers with more of the tax payers money. The city of Lexington, Kentucky is as bad. My uncle needed a permit to add a roof onto a garage that had the walls already up, just needed a roof on it and added a concrete floor. After 3 inspections and several permits later he hired a lawyer and got back alot of his money. Sad day for Americans.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you Rob for posting this! I would encourage anyone who finds this disgusting to email the green blog editor at the NY Times and ask him to get involved as well. The address is as follows: Regardless of what you think of the entity that is the NY Times, when they write about something then we can get the right people onto the hot seat and get this kind of thing stopped cold. This is ridiculous, and it is completely disgusting…we CAN get it stopped if enough people spread this across the Internet, folks. Please do your part and email this to anyone and everyone. Thanks again for passing it on, Rob.

  7. Looks like the days of “we the people” are over and its now “we the government”. in which case this is unconstitutional, and the constitutions stands for nothing. having said that……sounds to me like we are now under a “dictatorship”…….good luck “citisins…of these united states LAND OF THE FREE” kind of makes me feel illegal aliens have more rights…..

    • Maybe we need to stop just talking about it, and get out there and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!
      We can’t keep putting up with this bs from the government! They need to get the message. This is just getting worse!

      • OK, OK, OK. I hear you, am with you and keep saying the same thing. What is your objective and how do we meet the goal. People are so plugged in and turned on they can not see or differentiate the truth from a lie. So how do you propose to get moving when you have no momentum?

        • I say this all the time. No one listens. What do we need to do? Every one says vote, vote, vote them out but I’m sick of voting and not having my vote count for anything or make a difference. I think the problem is too many people willing to give up freedom for a hand out from the government. So what do the ones like me and you guys do? I need answers.

          • ” You say you want a revolution? ” John Lennon. The libeltards hate it when I quote one of their own.

          • @ John :
            every revolution needs finance.
            So it’s always the big money that deals the cards…
            Thank God I believe the Truth shall set us free, ‘cuz I don’t see anything else setting us free.

  8. You are not going to be serfs of the corporations. This has nothing to do with corporations but rather the long arm of the government. It’s called statism and you are obviously very uneducated about what that means. If you need more help, start listening or reading some Mark Levin. He is an expert on constitutional matters.

    • This is not about the constitution anymore. Those principals are gone forever. It is now about survival once the Government is shut down and gone. You like everyone else will be left to your own devices to manage to stay underground long enough so you are not caught up in the ensuing maylay. We are at risk right now for even mentioning this. Getting off the grid means loosing touch with every communication device you can be tied to. You are tracked by micro chip implanted in your tires. The list of things used to track you is incredible, including that stupid cell phone you can not put down. Now they have medical screeings they just came out with to tell you of conditions you may have for a low cost, don’t go for it. You are giving more information away. If you are healthy do your best to stay that way. Turn off the lights and say good night.

    • Maybe we need a massive solar storm to chill the air for a few decades, let the gubmint submit to the will of the people.

  9. The question people is really: Are you going to do anything about it? Sure we can all wax intellectual about all of these horrid things happening to us, but why doesn’t anyone actually stand up and do something about it?

    My land lord can’t even walk onto the property I own without notice, and even then I have to be around for that to happen. You know why? I changed the damn locks on everything myself. Simple step, but it allows me to grow food as I wish and do what I want within the warehouse I live in.

    As for the greater populace, I’m still up in the air on how I’m gonna make my line in the sand. I’m trying to do it through the proper channels but we’ll see how that works out.

    • What can we do? I want to do something! Im sick of their “divide and conquer” lets come together! We are so much stronger in number and there are so many of us on the same page just on this website alone. I feel we need to find a way to come together before our freedom to communicate with each other is taken out of the equation as well. Instead of sharing our annoyance and opinions, lets talk action! What are we going to do? This s%*t has gotten completely out of hand and its only getting worse.

      • I was so happy to find this page. I want to thank every last one of you for renewing my faith in humanity. I was getting really depressed thinking i would never find anyone like you all who understands what needs to be done. We need to build our own network for communicating with each other online and off. We get organized with plans that give a detailed layout of the country. So we can come together from anywhere and fight as one unit. We out number them so we come up with a strategy everyone agrees with. The internet will not be around forever, do this now. Revelutions are bloody but this something worth dying for. When we start with non-compliance, they will make examples of us, to control the sheep with. At this time we make examples of them

        • sorry about that I accidentally pressed the wrong button on my tablet, I hate those stylus things. But anyway I was going to say we fight fire with fire. For example non-compliance works if no one continues to use ID, birth certificates didn’t exist before 1933. No more of our children being born with these things making them aligned with the country of their birth and property of it’s government. We can do this people, just start sharing info, like on your local cops so we know what we are dealing with. Think the “art of war” and military strategy. This is a war and we can win. Only trust those who show signs of thinking for themselves like the people on this, it does matter if you agree with everything they say at this time. We will reach a common ground latter on what is the best approach. We just don’t want any sheep sneaking their way in with minds still dependent on big brother. I’m all over the internet so look for me, take care of your selves all of you. Put aside petty differences to crush the common foe. I love you all.

        • I completely agtee with you guys point of view and philosophy. I usually find myself thinking much the same thing and I have many usefull skills yet have found that at 35 I still see no way to do anything about it. where can we all get together and start utilizing each others skills for the betterment of everyone ? please let me know.

    • After reading this entire post, I am in full agreement. I used to be a contractor in Florida and the code laws have become so ridiculous that its just not worth it anymore, so I moved and changed careers. But if anyone wants advise on something to DO about it.. first thing would be get out and vote for Ron Paul as president. He will stop this bs quickly.. as well as all the other totalitarian bs we are forced to live under.. Stay strong and united friends..

    • There are no “proper channels” in times of catastrophy. It will be every man, woman and child for himself. You got the picture and now you know the rest of the story. There ain’t a damn thing you can do about it except for keep your eye on the sky and watch out for yourself. Safe travels and keep your wits about you, you are going to need them.

    • Unfortunately, the constitution gives no protection to citizens of the United States, or people who say they’re residents, drivers, passengers, or employed. These latter are words of art, with trick legal meanings that admit to your slavery. It’s better to be a U.S. National/State citizen. Famguard dot org has more info, and some remedies. I have no connection to them and there are many other sources.

    • i have not spent or earned a single dollar in over 2 years, thats what im doing. 1 result of that so far has been, my family members have been acussed of hiding my death! no joke. i had to appear in court to explain why im not a functioning member or tax payer. it was also implied i my be a terrorist!!!!! im a 29yr old from ct born and raised! never been in trouble and never drew atention. but i believe my social security or “slave number” as i call it has led them to me and now they want others to hate on me to ether make me conform or die is how i feel and just how it seems!

      • I find your story extremely interesting…although worrying.

        So…if you “drop off the grid”, have no need of their money or their provided electricity, water, etc, and just basically mind your own buisness and live your life….then they seem to think you’re a threat? Yeah, I can see that… *looks confused*

        Dig deeper, friend. Don’t let them get to you. Teach others how to live like you do and spread what you just posted here as far as you can.
        It’s a simple yet important message!

  10. Until Americans stop relying on government courts to settle disputes between citizens and government its self, this type of abuse will continue. The only thing to stop this problem that is happening nation wide is to start armed rebellion. The government has way too much incredible power over the people. To live in a congested area and have codes and laws and regulations to cover safety, and health issues is one thing..but to live on your own property in the least populated part of a county away from water sheds highways and other things that effect public safety and health is another. And these property owners have the right to live on their own property that they pay for and pay county taxes on without government interference.

  11. “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN’s Earth Summit, 1992.

    • that’s agenda21 get everyone on a vegan diet and living in high rise smart grid towers in cities with smart refrigerators that watch what you eat, rfid tracking all the food, the bags you put them in at the grocery store, etc. they have the technolgoy it just takes a couple years to implement it. and in the areas they don’t see any reason to bother to implement it, stage a fake war or natural disaster or nuclear meltdown to force people out.

  12. that is some seriously messed up stuff. its like a childhood nightmare, having everything taken from you with no control. our government is corrupt, and will eventually turn into an altered version of communism. we all work for the good of the already rich. some bs if you ask me.

  13. Interesting that an “off grid” website “requires” any comment to have a name and email address.
    In any event, I wonder if the Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU should get involved in these cases? The reality is that it’s really not the “codes” that the country is going after, it’s getting rid of anybody that does not conform with their idea of what everybody should look like. It’s a dangerous precedent, when a county government forces it’s residents to in essence, become android like in order to be allowed to live on their own property! Individuality is being completely eliminated! What might be next, forcing us to wear the same uniforms?

    I live in a small area of a city (on the very edge of a city) that was off the grid up until about 12 years ago. Every house here was hand built by the original owners, and many people who still live here are the decendants of the original owners. Sure, some of the houses are pretty funky looking, and some don’t even look like they could fit a bed in it–but that’s the beauty of this neighborhood–it’s uniqueness! I really hate the neighborhoods where every single house looks exaclty the same–it’s creepy.
    I know that if the city would ever decide to check all the codes of the houses here, there would be tons of code violations–but one thing is certain. Everybody here takes great pride and care of their homes and property, and there has never been one instance where someone’s home collapsed on them, or any other dangerous incident related to “safety codes”. These houses were not put together with bubble gum, they are solid structures, despite their uniqueness.
    I certainly hope the people featured in this film can get the legal help they need to be able to keep their homes and their land!
    It seems that the only ones “free” in this country are the mega corporations!

    • Here you go. You are exactly right on one point. You will be forced, coerced and exiled if you do not “wear the same uniform”. You have heard this before and here it is, on the brink of madness ready to unfold right before your very eyes. Get ready, stay focused on what YOU need to do, do it and be quiet for a very long time. We have been warned and it is time to heed this warning.

      • the uniforms are already in affect! i mean come on,i worked for a big electronic manufacturer for about 3years and i was great at my job. i started at the bottom and they realized i could handle more so they showed me many new things in that time. the last 6months i was there i became a trainer to teach others on new technologies and developments. then the build came under new managment. now before i say more know that im not for lack of better word, nerdy lookin. wierd hair big holes in the ears, tattoos and such right. this new boss without second though fires me and anyone that didnt look like they belonged in a lab, not for there lack of skill. i train my blood brother to do what he does now and i felt just before i got let go that no he was not up to par but hey he looks “nerdy” sooo…. so yes uniforms are in affect!

  14. You would think broke ass California would be happy people want to live there.
    All the gang warfare and the cops are holding moms at gunpoint as they ransack their homes. Macho.

    The one thing we need to remember is the people still outnumber the government a few million to one. A national civil disobedience day is in order for a warm up.

    • Count me in. Set a date. Lets do it. The “rat race” is about to completely consume me. I’m ready to leave it behind for clean, simple, sustainable living and am tired of everyone who says it can’t be done. That includes the government, medical establishment, tax collecting entities, credit agencies who say if you aren’t in debt, you have no “credit.” I want no part of any of it.

  15. I stumbled upon this site from a news story and thought I might have info that could help these people. I searched this website for the term “Federal Land Patent” and noticed no-one had mentioned it here before.
    There is a program that will allow a homeowner turn one government agency onto another. This program is called the “Federal Land Patent” and it allows an individual to make a claim upon a section of land that is impervious to all government agencies, Local, State and Federal.
    Here is a story of a old friend of mine:
    He lives in a sub-community of Boise Idaho, he owned 5 acres of river front property, that was until the city wanted to build a “Green Belt” paved hiking/biking trail along the river, right between his house and the waters edge.
    So, as required the law, they posted all the notice’s and placed all the advertising to the meetings, to inform all land owners along the path of their intent.
    They were offering to pay land owners about 10 cents on the dollar of what property values were fetching on the private market at that time.
    Any owner that stood in their way, was subjected to “Condemnation” proceedings, where the government would just take what they wanted anyway.
    Instead of objecting to the demands like all of his neighbors, my friend went to the BLM and filed a Federal Land Patent with the legal description of his property. He spent around $100 to process and file this document. Then, when he refused to sign over the land the city wanted, they started the condemnation of his land, that’s when the fun started, the city discovered that the Federal Land Patent had stopped their proceedings cold. So, they sued him personally, to get him to release the patent.
    So, they showed up in court, the city representative and a couple big-shot lawyers, against him alone.
    So, he did not back down, even faced with a judge trying to tell him he MUST comply. He instructed the court of his rights (they hate that) and that he would not release the Patent, the judge eventually backed off the heavy handed stance, and resorted to begging him to resolve the issue. The judge finally admitted, that the city could fight for 20 to 30 years and maybe after that time, they might be able to take the land by force, but that that would not be in the best interest of the community.
    My friend had fenced across his land all the way to the waters edge, and no one was allowed to cross. and by that time, they had taken all the other land and started to grade their path, so it looked real funny that his section was still undeveloped.
    So, as the judge had begged, he worked with the city, he demanded 150% market price, he shrunk down the footage they wanted for easements, which required a retaining wall to be built, which he demanded they hire him to build at a hefty price and a few other conditions. They met back in front of the judge, where the judge advised the city “you should take this offer immediately, before he changes his mind”
    My friends neighbors were a bit pissed off, that he fought them, he got what he wanted and they got screwed by taking what they offered.
    So, any of these people wanting to protect their land should have a Land Patent on it, Him and I were told by “non-lawyer” Constitutional legal researchers that with a “Land Patent” on the land, even if you quit paying taxes on it, it cannot be taken from the individual. A Land Patent really messes up the property title, and they couldn’t sell it off if they wanted too.
    Check into it here>
    Mike in Boise

    • Mike in Boise brings up a great point with his “Federal Land Patent.” Works in Idaho! But, as with any great idea, there’s a downside. It probably will no work in Texas, or in most states east of the Mississippi.

      Why? A Federal Land Patent can be gotten only where there is federal land. The Bureau of Land Management operates primarily in the West, because that’s where the majority of the “federally-owned” land is. That “federally-owned” land, by the way, does not include National Forests, National Parks, National Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Wildlife Refuges, Indian Reservations, etc.

      I am writing from Texas. Texas is no a “public land” state. When Texas joined the Union, all the great Texas heroes divided the lands in Texas among themselves. These lands became “private land,” not “public land.” As a result, just about the only “federally-owned land” in Texas sits under U.S. Post Offices, etc. The Bureau of Land Management doesn’t operate in Texas, because there are no public lands to manage here. And as a result, I don’t think anyone could get a “Federal Land Patent” here.

      Looking East, there just isn’t much public land east of the Mississippi. The original 13 colonies were primarily land grants from the King of England, which is about as private as private land can get. The problem with getting a “Federal Land Patent” is that the land under “your” property must have been federal land. ‘Tain’t so back East, or in Texas. “Patent,” by the way, is BLMese for “deed.”

      If you’d like to figure out where BLM lands are in the West, just look where the population ISN’T. Or you could get a map from BLM for your Western state off the Internet.

      There’s a possibility that what I just wrote is wrong — this whole post, possibly! But it was correct a couple decades ago, and I think it is still.

      Heck, if there were federal lands in Texas, I wouldn’t have to buy a hunting lease from a local farmer!

      • Here’s a piece I found that might be of interest for those looking into this topic….. I know it peaked mine and is a very serious consideration :) Hope it helps! Many blessings from TN :)

  16. My first thought is why & how were these laws passed. Money going from the companies who profit from “The grid” to government officials campaign funds. We have let our Government be bought away from us, and We The People get nothing in return.

  17. So its better to make these people homeless & force them to go on welfare? As a taxpayer I don’t feel that is economically viable. Isn’t what the government doing considered racketeering. We do not live in a free country anymore… unless your an illegal collecting government assistance.


  18. yes to the legal approach, people fought too hard in past centuries for their rights lets not give up that strength our greatest protection. READ THE GODDAMN CODE.

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