Zombie Attacks – Is the Zombie Apocalypse really that far fetched?


From the gruesome face-eating zombielike attack in Miami to the Maryland man who allegedly ate his roommate’s heart and brain, the last couple of weeks have been filled with stories right out of an episode of the Walking Dead.


The news has been downright bizarre.

The first attack, the one that started most of the zombie headlines, happened in Miami Florida. Last Saturday, a homeless man had nearly 80% of his face and head chewed off in an extremely bizarre and brutal attack on the streets of Miami.

Just a couple of days later, another bizarre attack was reported in Maryland. In this case, the man allegedly admitted to dismembering and then eating his roommate’s heart and brain. WTF???

Flash forward another couple of days, and another gruesome report surfaced. The attack involved a man dubbed the “Canadian Psycho”. This disgusting creature, allegedly filmed and then posted a ten minute video of himself stabbing a naked bound victim with an ice pick. The attacker then hacked the victim into pieces and started eating the victims flesh.

These horrific zombielike attacks have many people wondering what the hell’s behind this craze of flesh-eating madness?

cdc zombieGovernment’s Official Statement….
Don’t Worry, Zombies aren’t real!

Yep, believe it or not, they actually released an official statement.

While many of the headlines of the day suggested the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, the federal government is telling people “not to worry”.

According to an official statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the same agency that released a disaster preparedness guide for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, the government insists that “Zombies don’t exist”.

But if Zombies aren’t to blame, what is?

zombie girlWhile these stories are definitely bizarre, and they give the Mainstream Media some pretty sensational news headlines, I would argue that these weird events are actually becoming pretty commonplace.

In my opinion, this country has been under attack by zombies for years. No, I don’t mean The Walking Dead zombies that you would typically envision. I mean the American zombies that you encounter in your everyday life by just walking out your front door.

While they may not be the long-dreaded flesh-eating Hollywood version, they sure as hell have many of the same mindless characteristics that most people would associate with zombies.

From last weeks’ news of 25 people being shot in one night in Chicago to the growing number of violent occupy riots, our society is quickly starting to resemble one of those Hollywood Zombie movies. Sadly, this is no movie.

BATH SALTS AND DESIGNER DRUGS: Another cause for concern?

Agitation, dangerously high body temperature, extreme paranoia, vivid hallucinations, psychotic episodes, suicidal thoughts, violent behavior and now zombielike attacks are all being blamed on a new crop of designer drugs. These drugs, commonly referred to as Bath Salts, are nothing like the drugs of the past.

Bath salts, the street name for a new class of designer drugs, have been blamed in a number of the recent sensational zombie attack stories.

This new type of designer drugs contain a mixture of chemicals that are often concocted in underground labs across America. Surprisingly, these drugs are completely legal and are being sold in mini-marts and smoke shops throughout America.

If you ask me, it’s not so much the fact that these drugs induce Zombielike behaviors that should be the cause of concern. The real concern should be that people would use them in the first place.

It’s kind of a chicken and the egg question, what came first the zombies or the zombie drug?


tv zombieThe Truth Just Might Be Stranger and More Dangerous Than Fiction.

Have you tried to talk to anyone lately? It seems every time I step out of the house it becomes harder and harder to find anyone who can hold a rational conversation. It almost like their brains have been sucked right out of their heads.

In my opinion, America has become a nation of zombies.

They might not be dead, but their brains sure seem compromised! From the brain dead masses who fill their heads with reality T.V. and celebrity garbage, to the techno junkies who can’t make it a day without texting or staring at some electronic contraption, I’m afraid the Zombie Apocalypse might just be upon us.

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  1. Your 100% right, most of the american population are the walking living dead in a sense. Self absorbed in their phones involved in useless entertainment. Totally unaware of the rest of the world, and everything thats taking place. It’s a shame, but ‘m starting to feel no pity. You warn friends and family. Even invite them to prove you wrong and take a long, but their more concerned with the next “heat” game. In the end they deserve it.

  2. I believe zombies are taking their slowly steps into our world. Even if don’t see much to the or don’t have any real evidence I will call this just the beginning. I believe that in a few years scientists will add this to their common research field and an apocalypse will rise in about a decade or two from now.

    I have already started to prepare myself for this apocalypse that I believe will find place. I plan is already made and I’ve shared it with a few of my closest friends. We got to be prepared!

    A warm greeting from the cold Norway

    • So Chris: What is your plan. As for my plan. I am attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh to become a Web designer.

      I have never heard of any drug like “Bath Salts”

      My first and worst encounter with drugs was when a voice spoke into my mind when I was very young and suggested I get a very small taste of a nightshade berry. After that encounter, I wanted no part of the drug scene.

  3. Great Article. I have long considered zombies to be a perfect reflection of our modern society. The parallels between the two are actually rather frightening.

  4. There’s an easy solution for not finding anyone rational to talk to when you leave your house, stop going outside! Really. People ARE nuts, mindless, and crazy. Just take a drive through most any downtown slums and you probably won’t be returning.

  5. Its kinda funny that these things are being brought to light and then covered up…issues with hi-fi TV and alpha waves in the brain have been hidden from us for a long time but I did do a 5 page write up in it back when I was in college.. it was before blue ray … just keep your eyes open regardless of how it is a zombie type attack .. they don’t have to be diseased for them to be zombies.. just sayin

    • If what is going on isn’t because of drugs, then what is going on and why would anyone want to conceal information about the situation?

      • Do u really want the answer to that question the answer simple when doesn’t our government cover up things like this so why should the zombie apocalypse cover up be a surprise to u what I found funny is the fact that the CDC said here are ways to survive the zombie apocalypse then they said there are no such things as zombies really then why did people at one point tell me there are no such things as ghost then I saw one that to me means zombies can be real I’m scared that means since I’m a firefighter EMT if I get called to an attack like this I could get attacked

        • See what people dont see is this like someone on here said people have there games an phones 24/7 all day everyday that there blinded by the real world an whats going on ive been doing some research on this for 2009 when i was back in school an told everyone that these days were coming but no one believed me at all an now you can see that its happening faster then you can blink your eyes smh idc what anyone says its going to happen an when it dose everyone should be ready i really think its going to happen very soon . it was something on facebook that my mother ahowed me an it was a mutation response team from the government there was two 18 wheeler sized truck with a biohazard insignia on the side of it there government has there ways of hiding thing but not everything again smh even there going to get the point where they cant do anything i really believe in the next few years we’re going to see more and more of those trucks around the world

  6. serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI)…

    When have you ever seen the instance of mass murder, rampage, and weirdness when a serotonin reuptake inhibitor was not in process or recently stopped by the actor of the crime?

    Fry the brain – how more zombie do you want?

  7. Watch Idiocracy. It’s becoming more real than people think. The only difference between a huge amount of people now, and the typical “zombie” movies is the “rising from the grave” part. If you alter your definition of what a “zombie” is, it pretty much could describe the mindless people walking around lately.

  8. So people are zombies for talking/texting their friends and relatives? And they are also zombies for inviting those same friends and family members, and maybe even some neighbors or coworkers over to watch a sports game? Man, I guess everyone in the world that is socially connected is a zombie then and those that are not socially connected aren’t zombies. That makes so much sense. As for the dude eating someones face, can’t explain it. I have never heard of a drug that causes someone to have the desire to eat another humans face, but it clearly isn’t a “zombie attack”. Apparently everyone on this thread is self absorbed and plays too many video games or watches too many horror films. If you have any religion at all, you would know there isnt gonna be a zombie apocolypse. Just my opinion

    • actually if you read the bible it talks about the dead walking around in the end times just read revelations at this time the bible speaks of will be when evil reigns over the earth for its appointed time

  9. Joshua is right on. I totally agree with him. The only thing, Joshua, is how can the minority of AWARE people actually make the majority to be AWARE. I really think it is hopeless in that it is beyond the ability of any humans to fix. I hate to be negative but things are getting worse each year.

  10. I think that the zombie apocalypse has really already started. Honestly, everything that has happened in the past few weeks is logical. I’m pretty sure that REAL people think it’s dumb to go around && act like zombies && really kill people. It’s called cannibalism guys. && just because you text your friends and family doesn’t make you a zombie, promise. && I sound smart, && really, I’m not. && I hope you like my comment…but if you dont..don’t hate me! ;)

  11. Look people every year we have a new doomsday theory if it was going to happen wouldn’t have by now remember the myen calender crap or that huge false christian on the radio saying the rapture aka end of the world was gonna happen in feb. He was wron ha duh if you realy fallow the bible like a true christian should it says that jesus the missiah will come like a thief in the night noone will know of when his coming will take place .. people if it all ends are sins and transgretions is what cuased it have faith and if you don’t then live one day at a time you can’t stop it if it happens atleast be close emotionally to your family you’ll meet again in heaven …don’t sweat all the crap on tv and online niether are valid sourses for information faith prayer and God are ther only way we and everyone else can ever be saved

    • Well Preecherboy..you do realize that the bible was written with doomsday in mind, right? Its goal was to scare people into living the way the clerics wanted you live and not be free thinkers (zombies!) I dont see how you can imply tv and online as not being a valid source of information? It is the key to information, and being informed leads to free thinking. Both of which scare the church, and the sheeple.
      Danger is happening around you, and most of it comes from other humans. Its not suprising that scares people into believing in something that they can have faith in like a “saviour ” of some type. But believe me..i would rather have faith in my prepairing against the “zombies” then waiting for a “saviour ” to “come in the night like a thief”. In fact…that sounds like a ZOMBIE to me!!!

      • I agree with zombiologist in the bible jesus turned and the bible does say the dead will rise so I have thought this is true even though their not dead

      • Really I can’t see God I can see this footage I think I’ll stick to following what I see with my own eyes not what people try to dictate I see and zombiogist I like the way u think and being prepared is what I’m doing myself I’m trained firefighter military and soon to be EMT so I’m getting prepared to do

  12. history is full of accounts of zombies even the bible references them, although they probably wont be reanimated corpses there will definatly be some kind of degeneration of the brain and a more basic and animalistic nature of these “zombies”

  13. Maybe these people have been frequenting ZOMBIE BANKS, such as B of A and Wells Fargo, Goldman Sux and they’ve caught the contagion.

    More seriously though, there is mass mind control being carried out on the poopulation and it’s pretty difficult to avoid it.

  14. What I have thought about is if the Flu can turn into a whole different strain every so often, and they have to find a new cure for that particular type of virus. Think about if rabies came up in a different strain. I mean rabies is pretty much like a “zombie” virus if you look at the symptoms. When animals have rabies especially dogs they sometimes attack. Now think about a rabies virus on steroids. Without a cure.

  15. I work out there in the world and I see what humans do to perfectly good people. I’m not convinced that its designer drugs but maybe some kind of virus that as mentioned already, may have mutated. It’s not exactly beyond the realm of reality. Let’s face it folks, we are witnessing the start of something we cannot fully understand and it should scare the hell out of us. If I see a child ‘turn zombie’ then I may go back to church but until then, I’m just going to wait, watch and gather information. To think the government will inform the general population is about as silly as believing I can fly. Remember when aids was first discovered? The government down played it to prevent widespread panic. Think folks!

  16. Guys its one thing to prepare but its another to obsess .. be ready for whatever but this is unlikely . I’m just saying media has gotten ahold of you think about it like this um.. if you never saw a zombie movie or played a game or even heard anyone talk about it would you be scared ? People are to rash and allow there fears to take control of them? As for what you said about the bible look faith is faith we all believe in a God and no 2 christains are the same Gods words are guidlines for us his children to model after . No where does it say we are enslaved to one thought I’m babtist I am not in a cult I am who I am I believe in what I believe and if I’m wrong then ill be in hell but I have faith in our Father I have love for our missiah you really shouldn’t compare what catholics did to pervert the words of God to wage war to the soud study of the nlv bible wich is translated by scholors who also had lil faith in the bible so they translated it again .. judging christians for reaching out is the reason why new christians fear witnessing they are scared of confrentation . So please keep closed minded opinions to your self btw before some won says siance proves the bible wrong watch the genisis code its a movie based on a true story and they used siance to prove the bible and sience is consistant after you watch it tell me how your foot tastes ha

  17. Really the incident in Miami is a good example of a zombie in reality a zombie isn’t just defined as the dead reanimated you don’t have to be dead to be a zombie or even eat human flesh a mindless person with no self control or rational train of thought is basically a zombie.

    I really believe a zombie apocolypse is possible. A virus or parasite that frys the brain keeps only vital systems functioning and needs huge ammounts of protien to reproduce itself; the person would be starving all the time and eat any meat they could get their hands on and have no concious thought due to most of their brain being fried away by the high fever of the virus wether alive or dead if a virus came to light or mutated into something like that it doesn’t really seem impossible. I am not real educated on how viruses function but could that not happen? Wether it does or not is another story but is it not possible?

    I believe what the CDC said is they are not aware of a virus that reanimates the dead or causes zombie like qualities it does not say it is not possible at least not in that quote.

    On another note the Autopsy for the man in Miami shows he had no drugs in his system besides Pot and Pot does not cause a person to do that no matter how bad they get the munchies. They’re still waiting for the toxicology report to come back in the last article i read.

    If drugs are not to blame what could be? Why suddenly would people just snap and start eating peoples faces off? Obviosuly with the one in Maryland the guy was just crazy he was coherant enough to plead guilty, but the one in Miami is really strange.

    I also agree with zombologist – I am all for people having their beliefs I have my own, but it is my opinoin that the bible and alot of related / organized religions were created to scare people into compliance.

    I am not obsessed I just believe its good to be prepared for anything and everything, and it is becoming more common for people to do so. At one point in time “survivalists” were veiewed as parinoid for the most part now they are viewed as smart, and people will be wishing they made the preperations if/when something happens.

  18. this shit is crazy. i honestly think its already happened bt they have contained it. once the virus gets 2 few hundred ppl unexpectedly thats when we will be in trouble. i bet the system is tryin to make this shit happen. 2 kill off populations while they hide under denver airport. look at all the zombie shit that has came out. nazi zombies, the walking dead, and countless other movies and shows sense 1940s. they want to kinda warn us bt we all dont take shit seriously. jus like aliens how does all the movies and shit know how to describe aliens into what we “think” they look like? cuz they are real and you say other wise, than your jus simple minded.

  19. viral, bacterial, parasitic, or drug induced if someone comes at me in anyway that i see as a zombie like threat im putting one in there head

  20. Not to sound rude or anything but the bible was written by man! He manifested what he believed to be the word of “God” there is no scientific proof that “God” spoke to them, and even if he did that now adays is “mental illness” and “bath salts” but you’re willing to believe a book that all the stories in sounds like my third year in college acid trips over actual facts that are being covered up? Now to me that is MINDLESS. Just saying….

    • Not to sound rude or anything, but you can believe whatever you want to believe. I, along with others on this page, believe in Christ, plain and simple.. and believe in the bible.. Thats our choice.. You choose to discredit the bible.. Ok.. Alright.. Now that we’ve establied the basics of believing in what we want to believe, you should keep to yourself your own opinion, because there’s no point in trying to argue to someone that what they believe isn’t “scientifically proven” because you aren’t going to convince them that you’re right and they’re wrong.. Just saying.. I’d say your mindless, in that you don’t know how to keep a negative opinion to yourself, because what does it benefit? Nothing.

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