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Experts are warning that the economy is going to get worse over the next couple years. If things get bad, and money starts to become scarce, or worse yet it becomes totally worthless, do you have a plan of action? What if we suffered a total economic collapse? Are you prepared to survive?

Economic Collapse during the Great Depression
If you haven’t already, it’s time to put together a plan of action.

So what should you do to prepare for an economic collapse?

Start Prepping: Now is the time to really start taking a serious look at your level of preparedness. The economy has been teetering on the edge of collapse for a while now, and our gutless politicians are only making things worse as time goes on.

  • Put together an emergency kit that includes extra food & water, clothing and a portable shelter (tents, tarps, sleeping bags.)
  • Think about what things are unique to your situation; things that you would be hard pressed to live without during times of economic trouble. Start stocking up on all of them now.
  • For more information on prepping, check out our article on the top ten prepping tips for every SHTF situation. Every one of those tips can help prepare you to deal with an economic crisis.

Stock up on Knowledge:  Knowledge is key, and now is the time to get some. During any kind of disaster, including an economic collapse, knowledge will be your most powerful ally.

  • Start reading books on survival, and start collecting information on how to live off the land.
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  • Survival Laptops & Devices: Knowledge is power, but it can be hard to remember everything. Start collecting as much information as you can on survival, prepping, food storage, and living off the land. Start printing out pages to keep in a notebook, and think about purchasing a dedicated laptop or tablet to store all the valuable information you find. A small laptop or tablet can fit thousands of survival books, a countless number of internet articles, and other valuable survival files; all in a small portable device that can easily be carried with you anywhere you go.  I also suggest picking up a small Solar Laptop Charger that can keep your device going indefinitely.

Stock up on Supplies not Money:  Now is the time to buy the things you need! I’m not talking about T.Vs or IPods, but instead things that you’ll need to have in order to survive in the future.

  • Stock up on things like clothing, food, and survival gear. These items will never lose their value, but your paper money will.
  • Everyday supplies will be worth their weight in gold. It’s better to buy the supplies you need now when they’re cheap, than later when inflation drives prices through the roof. The price of everything is going up, stock up while you can.
  • Put together a Bug Out Bag:  Should this country face an economic collapse, chances are pretty good it will be followed by riots, violence and something much uglier than the initial collapse of the economy. You should have a Bugout bag filled with everything you need to survive in an emergency situation.

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  1. EhsaMetrical says:

    all very good advice. I’m 25 now and ever since i was a kid i have felt something major on the horizon causing the collapse of all comforts in North American society as we know it. once food can’t be shipped around to grocery stores on trucks from afar, what are you going to eat? we people in major cities will be forced to return to nature sooner than later so, yes, stock up on supplies and knowledge for change is inevitable and those supplies could very well save your life and the life of others.

    PS. Don’t forget… money will mean nothing in the last days of civilization as we know it but don’t be afraid. Humanity will persevere. If we as a species are to survive we must (and i trust we will) work together.

    • Michael says:

      I am pleased to see that I am not the only one who see’s this coming…The last 2 months, I have this feeling, odd vibe in the air… What I’m scared of?? 40 million people’s welfar cut off..

      Talk about crime and saftey?? Forget it.

    • michael says:

      Its just like the Military, you have to break it down before you can rebuild it. This is going to be a bad one.. I hope I’m wrong……I am in Texas,so I feel More hope for the future! Might have to secede, we would be better off.

      • Isaiah says:

        Yes!! i feel the same way! the United states have gotten so bad that the only way its going to recover in any extent, is to be utterly broken down… We can make it through and rebuild, but the current United States is dying. I think the the reborn united states’ symbol should be a phoenix instead of an eagle: To represent being born again anew from the ashes. I in no mental faculty think that it will be an Utopian U.S. with rainbows and butterflies but i do think it will be better.

        • jess williams says:

          you guys are right, and the eventual shift is going to happen. Remember to encourage people to protest not panic. And remember the words a “natural law economy” or “resource based economy” they both mean the same, a strategic system of evaluating the earth’s resources, and creating sustainable practices and putting human needs first. If we go back to money after the collapse it will all happen all over again. Money truly is the root of all evil, and it is now obsolete. Technology is at a point where it can feed, clothe, and house every single person on earth for centuries, with clean practice. Good luck everyone!

          • emc says:

            Are you serious? You think the people that are flushing money down the toilet are thinking about our welfare? They are greedy with bad intent. It will end poorly for everyone except for (only some) of the very rich. The very richest, the new and true 2 percenters will be government leaders. That’s it. Wake up.

    • michael says:

      I’m thinking we have 2 years or les…. Thats with printing money.

    • Irish says:

      I’m sorry… but you guys think that this will happen SOON? Ha. The UN, IMF, World Bank, and hundreds of NGO’s that the entire world relies on is in the U.S.A.

      We will not falter that easily. Though I believe it is the duty of a responsible citizen to educate themselves on surviving for “war torn” nations etc. to think we are anywhere close to a doomsday scenario is asinine.

      Even if the U.N. Assembly Building was blown up, the IMF was torn apart, the Federal Reserve Banks demolished in napalm (destroying reserve currencies), and Fort Knox was robbed of our gold reserves, it would not be just us going down if that status quo was kept but EVERYONE.

      You see, when WE lose we ensured it to mean ALL lose (The European Union, China, Northern Africa, and even OPEC and Saudi Arabia).

      So people can cede from the U.S. if they wish (and have the incomes of a 3rd world country, go ahead, makes MY money and reserves stronger resources) or they can break this red/communist left-over scare from the 50’s and realize it is no longer that easy for a nation with its hand and money in EVERYTHING to fail.

      Prepare, as I do, all you want, but paranoia is a completely different and uninspiring thing.

      *steps off soap box*

      • Michael Rorman says:

        Even if the U.N. Assembly Building was blown up…we can only hope.

        • Rebecca Powell says:

          now you do realize that Barack Obama is trying to go to war with Syria. he has NO other countries willing to back him up but France. also, are you aware that as of right now there are over 10k troops in Washington DC?! this will not end well. think about it. Obama has no support, and what happens if China decides to cash in on our ever growing Trillions in debt?! we’re completely screwed, and that will be the end of our precious economy, and everyone on welfare? pfft, their money is gone. now im not being racist but think of the type of people on welfare, for the most part. what happens when they can no longer get food, or supplies? theyll start robbing and looting. its going to be bad. if you dont have a way to protect yourself from those kinds of people-gangbangers and the such, then you can kiss your ass goodbye.

      • anonymous says:

        im sorry to tell you irish but you are dead wrong the goverment is controlled by the Banksters (mix banker and gangster look up the word)and fort knox is completely empty there is no gold if there was. the us economy would not have nearly collapse in 2008 but what would be very valuable after the economic collapse is medical supplies you could make penicillin at home and is very valuable.

      • Terry says:

        You obviously weren’t paying attention to New Orleans after Katrina. It took less than 4 days for law and order to break down and social order turn into anarchy.

        How many civilizations have risen and fallen in history? What makes us different from them? I’m sure they though they were smarter, harder working, more optimistic, blessed by a higher power….etc… JUST AS MOST AMERICANS ARE THINKING. Did that thinking prevent the fall of their civilizations?

        I hope you are right and we can muddle through hard times but I’m not sure the UN, IMF, world bank, EU or China will save us… they definitely aren’t giving us jobs and easing unemployment.

      • Rebecca Powell says:

        now you do realize that Barack Obama is trying to go to war with Syria. he has NO other countries willing to back him up but France. also, are you aware that as of right now there are over 10k troops in Washington DC?! this will not end well. think about it. Obama has no support, and what happens if China decides to cash in on our ever growing Trillions in debt?! we’re completely screwed, and that will be the end of our precious economy, and everyone on welfare? pfft, their money is gone. now im not being racist but think of the type of people on welfare, for the most part. what happens when they can no longer get food, or supplies? theyll start robbing and looting. its going to be bad. if you dont have a way to protect yourself from those kinds of people-gangbangers and the such, then you can kiss your ass goodbye.

      • Your Wrong says:

        I am sorry, but I don’t think you understand that the world does not revolve around US. Plenty off countries have talked about not using dollars as the world currency anymore, switching to Chinas currency. We owe 70 trillion to others, worlds getting fed up with it. We pay debts by printing money… but when you are no longer the world reserve currency, you can no longer do that or you devalue your currency making everything. By how much we owe… how many dollars are out there… if the world says hey lets not use the dollar anymore… THE US taxes will increase dramatically, interest rates skyrocket exponentially meaning people who have mortgages which is a lot, will not be able to afford it and be evicted… normal things as gas, bread, milk will increase dramatically. We will be using dollars bill to heat our fire places. And it is all coming very soon. I say within 2-3 years, PROBS September 2015.

      • vp says:

        You are wrong irish. Dead wrong. It is happening right now and has been getting worse but unfortunately too many people don’t think anything will happen and don’t prepare and those will be the ones that perish. It’s not a matter of if it’s when it will happen and I think by 2015. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. And getting prepared now is good because further down the road prices will be so expensive you won’t be able to afford them anymore.

        • jess williams says:

          I am 100% with you on this

      • NW says:

        The fact that you think Fort Knox still has gold shows you know nothing…

        Educate yourself–you will be the first wave down.

      • poorboy says:

        Wow, ignorance is bliss, huh. You do realize the only thing holding our paper money up is that oil is only purchased internationally with the dollar…. I mean used to. China, Russia, Venezuela, chile, Nigeria are already using their own currency to purchase oil now. To think that everyone else will keep playing by the rules n gettin screwed by our overlords purposeful monetary destruction is woefully ignorant. What DOES the koolaid taste like?

        • michael says:

          I agree but when this goes down the government will try to save itself, higher this higher that. The bundy ranch thing could be the start of the money grab. Rumor has it their coming after ur 3 year old kids for your great grandads overpayments like social security back taxes. Eventually ull lose everything due to taxes. Then war hers will break out, aka martial law coming, in order toevict you. People will revolt. We should learn this country belongs to the people our taxes are for the peoples needs not government. Get to know someone with land. Purchase shovels, hoes, bags of fertilizer, garden seeds heirloom brand. Work toward using solar to power esentials not ovens or ac. Just maybe a freezer and well pump for water. Remember stand your ground. The ones who created the collapse is responsible. Ill not bear that cross but ill die fighting with you to end big government. If u cant buy silver or gold purchase copper rounds. Chicken wire boards etc. Post. In mexico any peice of wood is gathered up. Get at least 6 months of food , learn to can. Get cast iron cookware.

          • Moose says:

            Your absolutly right. Americans fight together ,reunite , survive! Cause its coming all the signs are there this is our warning! Wake up get prepared and do not rely on government for your needs or protection. We stand together for what we believe in and what our founding fathers believed in.

    • steve says:

      Go camping, plant a seed to eat the product later, read a book, catch a fish and cook it, have a bonfire, and buy a nice knife.
      Start small. Start easy. Learn.
      Even if nothing happens you will still be a better party person with things to talk about.

      • Adrian Valdez says:

        You all suck

        • michael jones says:

          You are a sheep. After you wake up ull be depending on those who got ready by begging etc. Unfortunately the wild westlaws will become the new america. You cant be fed and u cant be allowed to leave folks areas after u have seen what they have. DEATH is ur reward so dont go pillaging or being nosey. If u have nothing to contribute the u are a liability. I would say all liberals will be exstinct by just a lil while. We the people will over come. We will not be a prisoner to what seems to be your form of government. Go find a hole.

    • Cody says:

      I live in Ohio and have basic essentials such as knives stones and knowledge of their use as well as firearms and with my fathers help I can live off the land. Bwing younger people say the government is fine but look at the rise in not only survival games but survival stuff in general. Basic hiking hunting and survival gear is through the roof and 22 9mm and other ammos are just gone. Our government has dug its own grave, not a hole

  2. C.C says:

    Your advice is spot on. I just started a blog chronicling my family’s preparations for the coming collapse.

    Anyone and everyone should prepare.

  3. Kalifornia says:

    Nice article but with all due respect, forget the laptop idea. I say this with the following in mind:
    1. Cost. Speaking from personal experience, nowadays it is possible to get a nice (basic) little netbook for around $300 and a 320GB external hard drive for around $100. In my opinion, your $450 would be better spent elsewhere. A collection of books– namely military training/field manuals, as well as medical, agriculture, etc.– can be had for less than $20. The rest of the money can be put toward silver, food, ammunition, or whatever else you like.
    2. Reliability. A computer is a device that requires maintenance and delicate handling, and unless you have the foresight to stock up on extra fans, replacement keys, and an extra screen or two (more $$$)– as well as the tools and ability to make the repairs– then AT MOST you are looking at a source of information with a 10-15 year shelf life. This also leads me to…
    3. Practicality. In all likelihood, an economic collapse would also result in a complete stoppage of something we all look at as just part of life, something that will always be: utilities. If SHTF, it is safe to assume that PG&E will be non-operational in short order and will not go back online quickly. Unless you are completely solar- and generator-dependent or have somewhere to go that already is, then you likely won’t have access to or be able to find a useful source of constant electrical output. You don’t just switch out computer batteries like you would a flashlight, and in order to charge a computer battery you need electricity.
    4. Ease of use. Flat out, not everybody (seniors and young children) know how to use a computer and many are frankly incapable of grasping even the most basic computer skills, but reading is something that is easily taught, learned, and passed down from adults to as young as toddlers. If going electronic as a means of keeping volumes of literature small and compact is the goal, a better choice would be a Kindle or similar device– just make sure you know how to rewire the thing to standard batteries when the time comes.

    More than having a library of survival manuals or a hard drive full of them, it is important to familiarize yourself with what is actually in them. It’s all fine and great to have a large amount of information at your disposal, but if you don’t know what’s in them or where to find a piece of info in a pinch, then the point is moot. Read up, educate yourself, practice the techniques, and have a plan for implementing the information when it is needed.

    • chad says:

      Computers (or netbooks/pdas/Iphones/etc) are one of those things that we can become over-reliant on.

      You might be saying to yourself, “Self, I’m not over-reliant on technology. Am I?”

      Well, If you can’t tell me what day it is or recite your mother’s phone number without looking at your phone, you’re over-reliant.

      I think technology is great- having the world and all the answers right at our fingertips is awesome! But, if you use it as a crutch to real knowledge and skill, then you are preparing to fail.

      Get a survival laptop. Sure. But don’t rely on it for survival. Use it to supplement your core strengths. You might use it to put on a digital encyclopedia or a number of things that would be impractical to store in hard copy. But, without it, you could survive.

    • mindy says:

      especially now with the kindle, you could have a lot of info and the battery life is soooo much longer than a computer. i would definitely have a hard copy of a few really important things though, just in case.

    • michael jones says:

      I disagree withhim and not you. However considering what you both said this is what I would say. Theco puter idea. They wil, be everywhere. Free for the taking. Just put your ebooks on a smart drive so if ur computer crashes u stillhave the info. Plus id like to add for your stupid uneducated self that the smartdrive can be used to transfer these files which will come with a price. Plus just for the idiots harbor freight sells a solar setup for about 200 dollars to charge a 12 volt battery and all ur gadgets. Its folks like you who willnot be smart enough to survive cause ur thinking shows no latitude or diversification in its app, ication of ideas.

  4. Jack W. Scott says:

    The Dow Jones was down $198 today, looks like the disaster predictors of the past few months are correct. “Off Grid” reallly works for me, I suggest getting Solar Panels and live off the government-corporate grid.

    • Rhett Bunker says:

      Wow. Did you ever get tht wrong. If you had just bought an index fund the day you wrote this, you would be up by 50% or so today!

    • michael jones says:

      Id like to suggest a 6000 watt inverters 1 in 110 volts the other in 220 charge a battery by solar and ur ready for a lil bit of power. Youll not live as u do now but u can work with this on well pumps and maybe a 5000 btu ac unit in abedroom window if u dare. Just a thought. Inverters like this arent chaep but neccessary in my way of thinking.

  5. ACEWOLF says:

    I take the collapse seriously, only God can prevent it from happening now. My thoughts have gradually shifted from, can I survive? to, do I really want to survive? Everybody wants to survive, right? Well, almost none of my family or friends are preparing, so when the time comes I know I will have to live with the knowledge that even the young will be overcome with starvation, stealing, murdererers, rapest ect. Okey, I put back everything I need, I manage to survive, but for what? You cant trust anyone, you cant grow a garden or even collect water fron a stream without the threat of constant life threatening danger. The simple pleasures of driving a car, eating at a restaurant, taking in a movie, going to the supermarket, are gone. Every fire you build to warm yourself, cook, make tools, bathe, ect is sending a beacon to others that says, I’m here, come here and take what I have. alright, lets say I plan for all eventualities, I dont particularly want to have to kill men, [possibly women and even worse, young people] on a simi regular basis in order to exist. Survive, possibly, really live, not a chance.

    • terry says:

      I’m glad Noah didn’t think like you. It would have been the end of the human race.

    • EDP says:

      If you consider the ‘simple pleasures of driving a car, eating at a restaurant, taking in a movie, going to the supermarket’ really living life, you live a sad little life my friend. There is so much more to existence and this planet we live on than what your consumer driven upper class American mind has been warped into enjoying. GO CAMPING, PLANT A GARDEN, GO SWIMMING IN A NATURAL BODY OF WATER, EMBRACE MOTHER EARTH WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Seriously, put down the Ipad and Redbull, drive out about 100 miles in the middle of nowhere and go breath some fresh air.
      On a more serious note, THERE ARE CHILDREN OUT THERE STARVING RIGHT FUCKING NOW! People stealing, murders, people getting raped…all that shit is happening as we speak… What?? …you dont really think about it cause those unfortunate human beings arent the people in your hometown or vicinity? DOESNT CHANGE THE FACT THAT ITS STILL HAPPENING!! So if you just couldnt or wouldnt want to survive in an economic collapse because of those horrific things, you might as well just give up on living your AWESOME LIFE in suburbia. But we all know you won’t. After all, you have those simple pleasures to distract your simple mind from whats happening in the real world. You are the kind of people that should die out first.

  6. Sam says:

    If you can make it thru one year in a worst case senario then you might make it if you have a vast knowledge of food production and preservation. Almost no one knows how to do that today. Farmers buy their food from grocery stores and have no more idea how to make it than city folk. Older people had grandmothers that knew exactly how much to grow and put up for survival, but we don’t. I’m a farmer and haven’t a clue, but do know how to grow things. I buy at walmart…


    • Danni says:

      No one? lol actually, there ARE a few of us who pride ourselves on providing for our families by old fashoned ways… and i’m in my mid twenties. Know how is useless without means… and means are useless without know how. But most importantly, that know how must be tested and practiced prior to need.

  7. Adam says:

    instead of an laptop i suggest an Ereader like the kobo – it uses far less energy so will be easier to maintain – it only uses power when the page is changed – and with a free program called calibre – E-book management you can bypass the web and put any epub file on it – it also converts pdf’s – would be easier to charge – and is not affected as much as a laptop to heat and grime. it can hold 32000 ebooks and they’re cheap and practically indestructable.

  8. Quinn says:

    Ok so I’ve looked at so many different “Websites” about S.H.T.F. & Economic collapse. But I run into a huge problem, I’m only 16 & I strongly believe something of that sort of problem I listed above is going to happen, & I can’t prepare because my parents think I’m crazy for thinking so. I understand the characteristics of survival I’ve had experience in such things I know a little over basic weapon skills but that’s the other issue I can’t utilize my knowledge in such matters!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    Thank you.

    • Miles says:

      Very similar situation here. I’ll give you a list of what I’m doing
      I have an e-ink Kindle, chainmail, a horde of medieval arms, a few bows and many arrows, a tent, a lawn-chair, a first-aid kit, empty-bottles, survival books, empty backpacks, harmonicas, glasses, notebooks, clothes, and one or two other things that would be useful. I believe such a collapse, if it occurs, would do so after I enter-into college (this fall). If I go to college in Indiana, I’ll only be a couple hours away from a large portion of my family, who live predominantly on farms (and with whom I will leave my horde of arms before attending college). If I go-to college in Florida, I’ll have to make due with starting out sans weapons and without a guarantee of basic needs, which would be a problem.
      My main advice to you is:
      1. Invest in silver. Even if the economy doesn’t crash (99% chance that it will, just a matter of when), you’ll still make large sums of cash from it.
      2. Start / continue working-out.
      3. Prepare a survival kit
      4. Learn to make a weapon out of anything, as well as how to fight.
      5. Learn a very compact instrument (I learnt the recorder and harmonica); this will keep you busy when you have nothing to do.
      6. Be very nice
      7. Aprenda una otra idioma que ingles (learn another language). This will not only help you to communicate with people and trade / negotiate, but it will also give you a spoken code to use with your allies. Din dit majt Spraga Madjin Mej (I’m making my own language). O, lernu Esperanton; if you’re looking for a secret language that is easy to learn, Esperanto is only spoken by 2 million people, but is considered one of the easiest languages to learn in the world. Also, languages can keep you from getting bored (like when you are performing nightime watches with your allies).
      8. Humans naturally have a biphasic sleep-cycle (really, I would argue triphasic), so don’t freak-out if when you go to sleep at sundown you wake-up around midnight before going-back to sleep. Also, in the English language, the first sleep is called “beauty sleep” (although the term’s meaning has been perverted since the invention of electricity).
      9. Make friends. Amigos. Amici. People who will back you up in a fight. Hell, even start a micronation. Have a civilization formed before the collapse. I started my own micronation two years ago. :)
      10. If you live near water, for God’s sake: learn to fish! Make fishing poles from scratch, make a boat from scratch, etc.
      11. Get-over the notion of showering daily. The Norse did it once weekly; the British did it once or twice yearly. There used to be a joke about losing children in dirty bathwater…
      12. In tandem with #11, get used to dirt. Also, get some leather gloves. Oh, and a few pocket knives.
      These are a few things you should be able to do. At the very least, following these steps, you should be able to be at least a well-prepared forager, as well as more in shape than your competition.
      Natural selection,:)

      • josiah says:

        me and my dad just started to prepare for an economic collapse. if you are here are the things you will need medicine,water,caned food,an electrical box,a gun,flashlite,batteries,matches,and a radio. good luck :]

      • John says:

        hahaha funniest shit ive read in a while.

      • Terry says:

        If u are a senior or a widow or aged widower I guess it’s death to us that has no training in old fashioned survival .Its frightening I am going to have to rely totally on my Lord That’s all I know He can make a way.
        God bless u all .May God have mercy

  9. Mindy says:

    this is exactly why me and my husband became consultants to sell freeze dried food and emergency supplies with shelf reliance. not only are we getting our family prepared, were helping others. it never hurts to have extra food around and if something does happen, you cant eat gold and silver! if you dont know how to get started, check out my website. you can get what you need, or find out how you can help others prepare and make some extra money too! thanks!

    • Willy says:

      how do I access your website

  10. Tony says:

    Hi awake people, I’m in the UK and there seems to be a monopoly on freeze dried food here. There is only one company (listed at the top of google results) who takes it seriously and I ask WHY? is it not bloody obvious what is happening. We are being led up the garden path of debt,government handouts & supermarket/food dependence. When this comes crashing down the scale of mayhem is unimaginable.
    Food is going to be of life/death importance if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

  11. newtothisall says:

    hello im 14 years old and i no that things have been bad and its not getting better. im old enough to know how to survive and what i need so im saving all my money. theres just a few things i need to know. when shtf i will be ready. if anyone could tell me some of the essencials ill need please let me no. thanks for the time

  12. Lance says:

    “Things like … food … will never lose their value”. But food does lose its value once it becomes inedible; many items, however well stored, will be inedible within six months! Folks, please research food storage and rotation before buying food. If you are starting out, buy imperishable supplies such as tools and learn a trade. Learning to grow food is more important than having food supplies. For the average prepper throwing out food which has not been stored properly is unsustainable from a cost perspective (and completely immoral).

    • H says:

      Not true, food properly stored can last 30 years! See

  13. mikkel says:

    i have been perpairing for the last 20 years. i have tought prepariness in my ward for 15 of those years. and i can not understand what people think. i lived thorught a truckers strike in omaha neb in 1969 and the stores were emptyed in matter of one day. the strike lasted 2 weeks and if you were not prepaired you starved. i lived through 2 strikes where my father worked and saw on food in our house for 3 months and the other one 4 months. the so called union gave us a ham a week and that was all we had. i know what is happening and fore saw it years ago. i try to teach those around me and i get the old story ” ill just share yours” who the heck said i was going to share what i have. i pick who i will help. i gave a class on it not to long ago and was asked why i would not share will all. i told them that my storage would only last 2 weeks if i gave it up. it is for my family and that is that. if a child shows up at your door begging for food whould you help that child. next day a sister shows up with them the next day the father and mother the next day others along with the first group show up. where does the line be drawn and what would you do.
    it bothers me that those around me do not wish to prepair like my church tells us to do. they want toys. they want vid games. they dont think of what is about to hit us like a ton of s#$@ and it is all is well eat drink for tomorrow we die how true that may become. they also tell me the goverment will step in to help. haha look at new york and new jersey and say that again. have no worrys for we will just share but they tell me no if i wish to share their toys.
    for the love of your family prepair prepair prepair and much as you can. time is short and it is about to turn nasty. if you are prepaired you shall not fear. never never never give up. doomer

    • bob says:

      Great comment, but work on your spelling dude.

  14. marc says:


  15. H says:

    Start with the basics: physical health, employment, education, finances, emergency preparedness, food storage, gardening…First, get post high school education, so you can support yourself, while avoiding debt. Then get a rare decent job and live well below your income. You need some kind of shelter, so many buy a home but we have learned the pitfalls of homeownership. Before you leap read some books on homebuying, it may not be the right thing to do for a number of reasons. One dilemma is that most jobs are in cities and it you bug out then you have no job and no shelter and most cannot survive long with a backpack of supplies surrounded by nature. So start with surviving unemployment in the city. Get out of debt, have savings, home/food storage. Start with home storage, see It can take several years just to get this far. You need to focus on immediate needs first, and then get enough education so you can buy what you need to be self reliant. Think about having a year supply of the basics: food, clothing, shelter: safety, roof, wood burning stove/insert and wood for alternative heat, fuel to cook with…

    • terry says:

      Why would I want to be out of debt if there is an economic collapse? It seems I should get all the debt that I can because it will all be wiped clean.

  16. H says:

    Oh, and a couple things I don’t see mentioned enough. 1. As for physical health, do the best you can to improve what you have. For instance: consider lasik, once your prescription stabilizes, if it applies to you. You won’t need prescription glasses and sunglasses. Yes, you are likely to need reading glasses over 40, as well as sunglasses but they are easy to come by vs YOUR prescription which if done cheapest, involves a wait. It is best to be able to see, to do the basics to care for yourself. 2. If you buy a home, spend less than YOU are comfortable with so you have funds to keep it in good condition. I know people who removed failing bathroom floor and instead of buying inexpensive remnant bin glue down vinyl, they just let the subfloor rot, which make the eventual fix even more expensive. 3. Good friends/relationships are easy to keep but hard to find and they are most important so make friends, get married and have a family. Note that anything worth doing is going to involve work, including relationships.

    • loc-tite says:

      I agree H, this is the soundest advice so far. Unfortunately “prepping” takes money. I won’t make my family suffer now to survive a possibility later. We are selling our nice suburban house and downsizing to a stable rural community to free up budget enough to start prepping. It is a long process if done properly. Knowledge is always power.

  17. Sherry Lee says:

    People. Get real. You cannot eat, wear, or live in a laptop. Grow a garden, learn how to preserve food. Stock up on non-perishables and pray!

  18. Ferris says:

    I’m 14 years old, and I’m just waiting for the crap to hit the fan. I want to be prepared when it does.
    I want to start a survival kit. I’ve saved up enough allowance (can’t get a job yet…) that I can easily do this. But. I have some problems/questions. One is that I don’t have a place for a full-on everything-I-need kit. My parents are pretty much on board, and they even tried putting one together, but that kind of fell through. I need to talk with them about doing it for real, but we still have the space issue. Do we even try to compact it (if so, HOW?), or do we just “suck it up” and find a place?
    Next, how would we get Wi-Fi for the laptop?
    We eat paleo, which is basically hunter-gatherer mentality (look it up). There’s not a wide array of canned or freeze-dried food that’s paleo. Straying isn’t an option as we (especially my mom) get really sick otherwise. My mom doesn’t need to be basically bedridden, the way she was for the first 8 years of my life, in the middle of an economic/governmental collapse. What do we do for food? Do we truly hunt and gather and hope for the best, or is there actually some sort of non-perishable food that’s paleo?
    Finally, as I am a minor, I don’t know if I’m allowed to purchase a gun with the new gun control measures in CO. My dad has a 22 that I can shoot pretty well, and I have a bow and some arrows that I’m fair with, but I’d like a gun of my own if possible.
    Will weapons such as bows and arrows actually be useful, or will they even stand a chance against better armed citizens?
    Sorry I have so many questions. I really just started investigating this, and so I’m pretty new. Please let me know what your thoughts are.
    P.S. Miles, does Latin count as a useful foreign language in your opinion? I’m already learning it, so I was just wondering.

  19. darryl says:

    Currency collapse is an inevitability at this point. The math simply will not allow it to do otherwise. We now owe over 16 trillion dollars to bond holders. The fed now purchases 60% of all new debt that is issued. At some point the system will realign itself. The way a huricaine realigns the the excessive build up of ocean tempatures. It will happen in a very similar way. Look at the fundamentals. By the end of the Obama administration the nation will be carring over 20 trillion in debt. We take in 2.2 in taxes and send 3.6 hence the deficet. If the market deamands just 5% to purchase our debt than 1/2 of all current tax reveues will have to go to just pay the interest. There is no way to retire this debt expect through massive and I mean mssive inflation due to the devaluation of the currency. So what does that mean to you and me. That means everything that is imported to this coountry becomes essentially unattainable. Oil coould go to hundreds if not thousands of dollars a barrel. So the price at the pump is now 80$ dollars a gallon making transportation unafordable in a society based on the car. Food prices would similary skyrocket and would become lagely unafordable. The welfare crowd will burn and loot thier own neigborhoods in response to the unaffordability of goods. Basic services start to shut down. Cant get to work cant do work. Cant buy anything with the funds received so why go. It is going to be a hughe mess for quite a while until the storm ends. I guess that is why Homeland Security is buying thousands of assualt vehicals and billions of rounds of ammo. It is not a pretty forecast. When the faith that backs up that paper in your wallet is gone all hell is going to break loose! Good luck folks. Those who prepare for the comming storm will have a much better chance of survival.

    • terry says:

      Man… you are spot on. I’ve never read a blog that was so accurate and clear about the reality of out situation.

      Let me add… when money is worthless no one will go to work ESPECIALLY coal miners. They will not dig it out and send it to power plants and the grid will go down and the lights will go out… AND the wheels of transportation will stop turning. The situation will get very ugyly VERY fast.

      Even if the Government doesn’t embark on a course of canabilizing the citizens, surely they will use the military to “secure” oil supplies for the “friends of Washington” …which most of us are NOT.

      Without fuel and/or electricity AND a working currency society will fall. Law and order will break down. Transport is required to get food to the people. Food is NOT grown where animals are raised. The system is very fragile.

      We had better turn our attention to prepare. What do we do? Get a laptop or notebook? I guess it could help but there are MANY things that are much higher on my priority list.

      First I want to stay alive and take care of my family. Next I want to minimize misery.

      • Daniel Hazelton Waters says:

        It is much worse then you know. Yes the economy is collapsed and will be undeniable soon. It has been tens of thousands of years since humans had a genetic bottle neck that nearly meant extinction.
        All Empires of recorded history declined and collapse at some point. But what happens when the current declining empire collapses.
        If we do not rapidly improve and deploy technology while creating a better system.
        We are about to collapse and at just the time we cant afford to. We have 500 poorly designed nuclear power plants with a once in a 50 year solar flare or economic collapse and break down of grid will all end up worse then fukishima. We have anoxia building in the ocean and if we do not have trillions to deal with it there will be a massive die off in 30 to 50 years 96% to 97% of remaining life. Empires always collapse but this time we have a monster house of cards waiting to collapse on us.
        I do believe it is possible to do something about most threats. I also expect there is an alarmingly high probability humans have witnessed there last century.

  20. Loreah says:

    The more pressing threat will be from Russia and China disabling our information systems through cyber attacks sending us into the dark ages. Technology impacts virtually everything we do.

  21. doglover says:

    My husband got me a book on emergencies to give me some guide lines. People would be happy to have everyone panic and buy everything they put out. My main concern is who wants the power the worst. Obama had many in his advisers that are proud socialists and communists. He is busy making people miserable to have people believe we really don’t have the money. He wants us all to allow him to give away more money and have more printed which takes the economy all out of wack. Then we will look to the government and people who haven’t paid any attention will do what ever they tell us to do.People need to start paying attention.

  22. cale says:

    im 13 and my mother and i have been stocking up supplies for about a month and a half now. i need to know a good place to get good survival manuals cheap. thnx

  23. Jean says:

    How long does one need to prepare for?

    • cale says:

      until u need to use what u have been try to prepare at least 3 years

      • cale says:

        what i meant was prepare enogh to last at least 3 years by then you should be able to live off the land

  24. Ron says:

    Hello, Ron here-

    I’m willing to give and take prepping advice. I have about thirty acres of land that myself and several members of my micronation meet on weekly to add to our growing stockpiles..

  25. I find it hard to believe that so many people take the 17 trillion in debt so lightly and they simply are not ready.

  26. jacob says:

    hi i am a fifteen year old prepper prepping for a second civil war that will rip this nation in two

    • ItTakesAVillage says:

      What side are you on in that civil war?

  27. Austin says:

    You people are unbelievable. Our economy will not “collapse” our nation has been through so much worse and this just shows your non patriotic attitudes. What’s funny is that even in the event that this happens I have access to military weapons and vehicles so I don’t need to prepare for anything I’ll just mosey on down to my unit and pick up a few machine guns and a humvee. Good luck wasting all of your money on mental retardedness :)

    • Daniel Hazelton Waters says:

      I am patriotic but it’s towards something that no longer exists. America… She died 100 years ago and the economy is already utterly collapsed I hope you enjoy the taste of your guns when it becomes apparent the environment is dying rapidly and cannot sustain you.

      • Daniel Hazelton Waters says:

        It is possible but not probable to feed the world in the future. But look up ocean anoxia just one of the thing building up right now. Essentially it will wipe out most life on the planet and thats not the only thing to worry about assuming the debt ponzi scheme of the owners of the fed and other central banks is resolved and we can even cooperate to save ourselves we have lots to work on. In the great depression wild game nearly went extinct in a world with a lot more wilderness and a lot less people.
        You and your humvee have no chance at all against an army have starving people I am afraid what do you think you are a one man superforce???

  28. ItTakesAVillage says:

    Mostly white people who are not going to like being in the minority, and somehow think their votes are more important then other voters. Good luck in your bunkers.

  29. RD survival says:

    Knowledge is wealth. Here is a tip, caddisfly larve live under rocks in freshwater all year round. They are extremely common, under almost every rock, and edible raw. They are also packed with protein and larger than most grubs. The best part is nobody knows they exist, even fisherman dont know they exist.

  30. Biggins says:

    with the 2 amendment on thin ice there is a good chance there will be a full blown revolution but with all of that the us is fucked over and then there is the largest ponzi scheme in the history of the world 100 year plus long muli trillion dollar ordeal every scheme ends so both brobily in the next year or 2 because im one of the few that will brobily be exicted for fighting terrine but in order to do that have to commit high tresion to fight to save the country are armed forces are try so hard to protect that is falling out of the peoples hands in to corrupt government that has grown to large for its own good is this related yes in order for the gov to take back the country thay will recrut foren miltry help it will end one way or an other in a war where the peolpes only hope are those who beleave in the prinsibles of the country we all be long to so when it all goes to hell hide for a a few days then get the hell out of dodge the us troops will do all they can to not shoot any american but if you can mountains are good and safe if in very dangerous regions do to cliff’s and prediters but freash water and meat is very importent but stay clear of hot zones or where there is massive groups of people being shot this my not be what you all expest or care to know but its basic knowledge but if your going to stand and fight be ready for hell it will come one way or an other

  31. meg says:

    I have been preparing for 8 years I moved to Canada as I know UK will be hit very hard. Never mind about welfare or wages there will probably be nothing to buy
    I pray that the troops employed will not shoot civilians.The civilians will probably have to steal etc to survive The bartering system will be massive as will black market. I worked in Romania for 4 years and had to get up at 4am and line up for 4 hrs to get bread so I can imagine whats coming, in 1992 I saw supermarkets with nothing on their shelves so good luck to all we are going to need it to fight this terrible system

  32. Dan says:

    Since late, 2013, I have been buying silver and gold. I will be honest, most of it is silver. Silver is going to be the poor man’s gold. I am buying $500.00 just in silver. Silver is right now 20.00-21.00 an once. There is more silver being traded on the stock market than is above ground. Silver is mainly used as and industrial metal and is not recycled like gold. Go to your nearest coin shop and start buying it. Don’t forget food as well.

  33. Myles Griffin says:

    Im a 11 year old very worried about the Us economic collapse. My parents find this to be mumbo jumbo. What should I do. I dont want them to get angry at me if I secretly use their credit card. I dont get allowances. I want my family to move to canda. What should I do plz help

    • myles says:

      What is a way I can make easy money without stealing from my parents wallets or bank accounts

    • bre says:

      slowly stock up things like can goods and such.
      I know your parents are trying to help you grow up with no worries, but in this day of age, everyone should worry.
      Try and find a small job you can use to earn some money. Suggest it to your parents that you want to save for “college” or something. Then save the money up and slowly stock up on necessities. You can find several websites useful in providing fallout lists to survive.
      I don’t want to go against your parents. But, you’ll be happy you’re prepared when this goes down.
      And even if it doesn’t, that’s a big if, then you will always be prepared for a natural disaster as well. It’s a win win situation.

  34. bre says:

    I see a problem in the near future happening. Especially with what has been going on as of late!

    My husband and I are slowly stocking up our necessities to survive a crash. We’ve also decided to not have kids for a year or so, just to make sure we can survive first successfully.

  35. Greg May says:

    If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, died on the cross for YOUR sins and rose from the dead where He sits at the right hand of God the Father – you will be included in the Rapture which can happen at any moment. All of the prophecies pertaining to the Rapture have been fulfilled. Next year – in 2015 – the Prophecy of Joel will be fulfilled as ‘the sun turns to darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the awesome day of the Lord.'(Joel 2:31) In 2015 the two blood moon that appear on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles will both be preceeded by a solar eclipse! In the Bible God poured his Wrath on the Children of Israel with the Seven Sets of Seven – omens of disaster. These same omens are being poured out on America for turning its back on God. September 2001 – the SEVEN bldgs of the World Trade Center were destroyed in the terrorist attack; seven years later in September 2008 the Dow Jones fell 7000 points and seven years from then brings us to September 2015 – THE PROPHECY OF JOEL!

  36. Simon Paul says:

    I am a 46 year old medical professional. When I was 6 years old I was visited by what I call the blue light, the light appeared to me and told me to, “be prepared, everyone is called to this but few will listen”
    I have always heeded this advice.
    Collapse is happening right now, societal systems are collapsing just as foretold by many cultures, humans have been duped into becoming docile farm animals, sedated by diet and media.
    My family and I have moved continents in order to be in a safer place, I am using the Internet right now to let the remaining people know that it is this very media that is the control. The Internet is used for ALL of your data, purchases, work, communications etc etc. It is the number and mark as described in revelations. Remove yourself from the systems, it is difficult, very difficult, but it can be done. Awaken and use your natural intuition, don’t look at the media, social networks, tv, they’re all compromised. I hear the word Paranoid, well, I have neither psychosis or personality disorder, most humans have forgotten the most basic survival skills to the extent that most can’t even grow or prepare their own food… and mark my words this is happening right now. Wake up, prepare, In the name of Jesus Christ I implore your you listen.

  37. joey bagofdonuts says:

    we have to take back this country and fast so,many people dont see whats coming arm yourselves and get ready for war kill or be killed

  38. joe says:

    But all this can be avoided. It wouldn’t be easy but it’s very possible. Step 1 remove the current administrations. I mean everyone from Hussein on down. Granted they might not be all bad but let’s not take chances. Step 2 Leave the UN. Why? Its simple we have to get back to what America is about and focus on fixing on our own problems. In the spirit of George Washington on foreign affairs let the foreigners handle it. And the scariest step of all. Abolishing the dollar and other monetary currencies from our way of life. Now that is the hardest thing for people to get their head around. Is it really so far fetched? Seeing as our current system was destined and designed to fail. Flawed in nature, with the act of printing debt. Because all money really is is debt. I could go on and on about the flaws in the banking system and the reasons America decided to no longer back our money with gold, but I wont. If we as a nation decided enough is enough. And choose to no longer recognize the current monetary based economy. What will we replace it with? How about a resource based economy. Again not as out there as you might think. The theory and technology to carry it out has been around since the 70’s. Even more so now. Just look up Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. If you think about it all our problems are money. Crime,war,poverty(of course), hunger, terrorism, hell even addiction and health problems. Money. Now before you start the hate comments or classify me as one radical or another. Think about it. Seriously.

  39. sue says:

    We are going to have a financial collapes. It will happen on Sept. 13,2015. you must prepare yourselves for horrific times. This will just be the beginning of many sorrows. I beleive we are already in the beginning of tribulation and there will be many sorrows for us to live thru until the great tribulation. Thats when those that beleive in God and his son Jesus will be caught up in the rapture. So get right with the Lord, repent and change your ways before its to late.

  40. Tom says:

    After reading the comments left by readers I have concluded that the break down in society is comming because of a bunch of uneducated idiots that cant even write or speak proper english. Some of these comments are completely unreadable.

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