Prepare for an Economic Collapse

While the mainstream media propagandists continue to push the lie of a robust recovering economy, the fact is, we are in some serious fiscal trouble. Economies around the world are crashing, countries are drowning in record amounts of debt, and governments continue to pile on new debt like there’s no tomorrow.

At some point this debt train is going to come to a screeching halt; when that happens we are going to see panic and chaos like nothing we’ve ever seen before. If and when things go bad, and money starts to become scarce, do you have a plan? What if we suffer a complete meltdown and collapse of the economy? Are you prepared to survive a total economic collapse?

Economic Collapse during the Great Depression
If you haven’t already, it’s time to put together a plan of action. The fact is, the writing has been on the wall for some time now, and we probably don’t have much time left.

The world, especially the United States, is drowning in debt.

The United States, once the world’s shining example of fiscal security and responsibility, has become shackled by a record amount of debt. We are literally drowning in debt.

Economic Debt Numbers

Over the next ten years, experts think that debt could balloon to a staggering $27.3 trillion. While that might seem like an insurmountable amount of debt to recover from, the fact is, we have already surpassed that number.

When factoring in unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, government pension plans and Obamacare, the true debt number is actually much higher than $27.3 trillion. Estimates put the real number somewhere between $205 trillion to $222 trillion. But if you’re still not convinced, read our article on why we believe major economic troubles are coming.

What can you expect during a major Economic Collapse?

  • A Run on the Banks: One of the first things you will see is a run on the banks. People are going to be panicking, and they will be doing everything they can to get their hands on cash to buy extra supplies.
  • Chaos in the Streets: Once the banks run dry, you will see people turn desperate. The moment they realize the money is gone is the moment you will see widespread chaos sweep throughout the country. Riots, looting, and widespread violence will break out, making self-defense one of your primary concerns.
  • Martial Law: When things start to go bad, I believe you will see the government declare a state of emergency or Martial Law. When this happens you will see things like travel restrictions, mandatory curfews, and the suspension of Constitutional rights.

So what should you do to prepare for an economic collapse?

I devoted an entire section to financial preparedness and the coming collapse of the economy in my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide; because I firmly believe it’s one of the most serious threats we face.

The first thing you need to do is Develop a Plan of Action.

When it comes to economic preparedness, one of the most important things you can do is to put together a plan. If things go bad, having a plan of action will help increase your chances of surviving the chaos. Check out my list of Essential Preparedness Tips, Skills, and Resources to Prepare for Disasters & Threats.

Start being Smart with your Money

During the 2008 financial collapse, millions of Americans lost their homes, cars and personal possessions because they saddled with debt.

  • If you can get out of debt, do it now. Start cutting all non-essential expenses, and use that money to pay down your debt. During an economic collapse, the likelihood of losing your home to debt collectors is a very real prospect.
  • Start an Emergency Fund: Just like all areas of preparedness, there are steps you can take to insulate yourself from problems. Having an emergency fund is one way to prepare for financial troubles. It will give you a bit of a cushion during hard times, and can provide you with a fund to buy last minute supplies once things start to go bad.
  • Always have Cash on Hand: Once things start to go bad, there is a very real possibility that the banks may freeze or seize your accounts. Should there be a run on the banks; people are going to be desperate to get their hands on some cash. Even during a total economic collapse, paper currency will still play a major role in how people buy and sell during the initial phases of the crisis – especially if a bank holiday is declared.

Start Prepping for Problems NOW.

Now is the time to really start taking a serious look at your overall level of preparedness. The economy has been teetering on the edge of collapse for quite some time, throw in the growing social unrest that’s sweeping the country and you have yourself a real recipe for disaster.

  • Put together an emergency kit that includes extra food & water, clothing, a portable shelter (tents, tarps, sleeping bags.), and a way to defend yourself.
  • Think about what things are unique to your situation; items like medications, or supplies that you would be hard pressed to live without, should be stockpiled in preparation for economic troubles.
  • For more information on prepping, check out our article on the top ten prepping tips for every SHTF situation. Every one of those tips can help prepare you to deal with an economic crisis.

Start stocking up on Survival Supplies.

Now is the time to buy the things you need! I’m not talking about T.Vs or IPods; but instead, long-term supplies that you will need in order to survive in the future.

  • Start stockpiling food and long-term consumables. During any type of crisis, food, water and long-term consumables are going to be worth their weight in gold. During an economic collapse, you will likely see major supply chain shortages and problems, making these types of supplies one of your most important pre-collapse considerations.
  • Put together a Bug Out Bag: Should this country face an economic collapse, chances are pretty good it will be followed by riots, violence and something much uglier than the initial collapse of the economy. You should have a Bugout bag filled with everything you need to survive a prolonged emergency situation.
  • Keep a good supply of First-Aid & Medical Supplies on Hand. Medical and personal hygiene supplies are going to be hard to come by when things go bad. Make sure you have everything you need to deal with medical emergencies.

Start Stocking up on Survival Knowledge.

Even more important than supplies, is survival knowledge. Knowledge is the key to your survival, and now is the time to get some. During any kind of disaster, including an economic collapse, knowledge is going to be your most powerful ally.

Take a serious look at your Self-Defense.

One of the biggest threats you’re going to face during an economic crisis is the threat posed by people. The social unrest and riots we’ve witnessed over the last couple of years are going to pale in comparison to what we’ll see during a full-scale economic collapse.

  • Take a serious look at gun ownership, and learn everything you can about self-defense. When things go bad, you are going to need a way to protect yourself and those you love.
  • Watch for signs of social unrest, and stay alert to what’s going on in your neighborhood and throughout the world.
  • During an economic collapse, problems like home invasions and burglaries are going to become a real problem. Start looking into ways to strengthen your home’s security.

An economic collapse is a very real threat, one that has far-reaching consequences that you must take seriously. If you haven’t put together a game plan, what are you waiting for? While nobody here is making any specific predictions, and I certainly can’t tell you that it’s going to happen on this date, in this year; I can tell you that the possibility is very real, and the reality of the situation is our politicians and leaders continue to put policies in place that ensure some very real future problems.

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  1. As I’ve heard form many years from my elders; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I’ll choose to learn from their years of knowledge as opposed to learn it the hard way.

  2. The debt train HAS come to a halt. The oil price hasn’t crashed because of over supply. It’s crashed because of under demand. We have hit the debt wall. We can’t borrow anymore because now we can’t even repay the interest. Borrowing drives growth and has done for a long time now. i.e. we are all in a bubble the size of Jupiter. It’s ironic. As the very life blood of our civilisation dwindles we stop drilling for it because the price is too low! Ha ha. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh well. At least I’m alive to watch capitalism cut it’s own throat. Infinite growth with finite resources. lol, how did people think this story would end…

  3. I’m lost. Why would you get out of debt. Seems to me the ones with piles of debt and all the nice cars are the lucky ones. Banking system collapses. Who cares about the debt then? No one.

    • I agree, since the collapse is inevitable, we should be taking on as much debt as possible, and shove the payback period as far into the future as we can, because when it happens we will not be expected to pay any of it back because it will no longer matter or be possible.

  4. This article presupposes that you will need to survive for a finite period of time and then everything will be ok. If you truly understand what is going on can I suggest your start reading books published before electricity. How to extract olive oil, tan leather, make a crossbow. How to preserve food WITHOUT a fridge, medicines from herbs etc. etc Essentially how to survive as if it was 1000 years ago. Good luck. I started researching this a few years ago. No end in sight. I can say one thing. Our ancestors were not stupid. Far from it. We are the stupid ones.

  5. One person posted an article on yahoo claiming that the higher officials of certain federal agencies such as homeland security have requested and received approval to take prolonged vacations or leaves of a month or more leaving everything in the lap of their middle level managers. These officials claim to be proceeding to one of three locations, Denver CO., South America, or New Zealand. If this isn’t proof that something is about to break very soon what will it take to wake people up that a massive global economic collapse is inevitable?

  6. People stop stressing your selves. If no one will listen. You continue to prepare.when craps hits the fan….the same folks will be all ears and ready and willing to do what ever it takes to make it.

  7. I am a kiwi & Americans are the largest buyer of land here. No boat people cause our Tasman sea is rough. 4m people total with plenty of land so we won’t be anywhere like USA when the curtain comes down. However am prepping already!!as feel the crash to come.

  8. Sad this is happening. You watch. A race war will start and the government is trying to start one. You watch, once a race war starts the government will change into a socialist or even communistic government and use the excuse “we are trying to help the people”. Once the race war is over, and millions have been left dead and the living are surviving day to day with no food, water, or medical supplies. Then a civil war will break out, and so begins the ends all possible normal life in the United States. Shortly after the fall of the United States because of an economic collapse, race war, and civil war the other countries will start falling too. Europe is already falling and drowning in debt, war, terrorism, and crime. The world will follow sadly in the steps of the United States. And that’s how the end of the world as we know it starts. Once the world falls, and humanity is nearly decimated, people will truly realize, that their actions is what made shit hit the fan.

  9. with the birth of Isreal the last days are beginning,God became a man,his name is jesus,give him your life now and what happens in these last days will not matter for he will provide what you need in life,its no fairy tale,please be leave now.

  10. Wow we are now on the bink of collapse and wish I had prepared more.playing catch up on line as the deed mer hants are closed due to covid 19

  11. I’m coming to this article in June 2020 where this possibility is more real than it has been in a long time. In January of this year, I started gardening and learning to preserve food and read all kinds of books on survival. It was like I was picking up on the looming uncertainty.

  12. A decade later and this maybe coming true but let’s say it’s going to be even longer. How to keep water fresh? Food? Wood? Tents? Ammo? Seems all these things would go bad at some point so maybe keep rotating stock?

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