Biblical Preppers: 5 Things the Bible Can Teach Us about Preparedness

The Bible

While modern society likes to pretend we are somehow more advanced than previous generations, I believe we lack the knowledge, and many of the skills that helped past generations not only survive, but thrive.

What does the Bible say about Prepping?

The foundation of preparedness goes back to the beginning of time; its principles are found throughout the Bible, with numerous passages dedicated to preparedness, planning, and survival. For those that are Christian, many of these passages might sound familiar; for those that aren’t, there are still many truths that can be discovered by reading them.

Noah didn’t wait until it started raining to build the ark

Unfortunately, this is how most people live today, waiting until the last possible moment to prepare for what’s coming. On a small scale, this can be seen at your local grocery store every time a natural disaster warning is issued. Time after time, the unprepared masses descend on local supermarkets like locust, only to find the store has already been wiped clean by other unprepared people before them.

Genesis 6:21 (KJV)
And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.

The wise prepare, the fool goes blindly ahead to suffer the consequences

This concept of preparedness is nothing new; in fact, long before the word Prepper or survivalist became part of the modern lexicon, the Bible encouraged the wise man to study the dangers ahead, and then take precautions to protect themselves and their family from those threats.

Proverbs 27:12 (KJV)
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

The Wise man takes food storage seriously

Root Cellars

Even during short-term disasters, food supplies can be cutoff in an instant. If that happens, you’re going to have to live off the supplies you currently have on hand in your home for weeks, maybe longer. During a long-term disaster, your food supplies, and your ability to acquire and preserve new supplies are going to be determining factors in whether or not you make it through the crisis.

Proverbs 21:20
The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.

Be Strong, and Stand Strong in the Faith

Father and Son

We live in a time where being a man and standing strong are frowned upon. Day after day our young boys are being brainwashed into thinking being a man is something to be ashamed of.

Our girls are told they don’t need men. They are told manly behavior is old-fashioned and outdated; they are bombarded with propaganda like “toxic masculinity” and other buzzwords in the media designed to make you think being a man is somehow evil.

Even our military has been assaulted with the idea that there’s no difference between men and women, as physical training requirements are constantly cutback so women can be included in the Special Forces – something that will have disastrous consequences.

I believe this perversion in teaching is a dangerous precedent that sets everyone up for disaster. We need Strong Men who want to love and protect the women in our society; to teach otherwise does nothing to ensure our survival.

1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

You need to be alert and don’t let society dull your senses

We have a huge problem in today’s society;. People have allowed modern culture turn them into walking zombies; blindly chasing immorality and worldly passions, while totally checking out of the real world. People have become so blinded by their lust and greed for worldly possessions that they have become blind to the very real dangers that are out there.

I’m often asked why I cover the news on a survival site. The reason we focus on current events and news is because we need to be alert.

We need to be awake and on guard to fight back against those that wish to destroy life and take our freedoms. We need to be prepared to protect our families and guide them through times of crisis. We need to stand watch!

We can’t blindly follow the zombies into the pits of hell; we must be alert, and ready for the very real evils that are out there.

1 Thessalonians 5:6
Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.

While I’m sure there are going to be a number of people who may not agree with the topic, I wanted to talk about it because when it comes to preparedness and survival, I think salvation is the most important survival topic we can talk about. In the end, if Christians are right, it’s the only way one can ensure their ultimate survival.

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    • Agree with everything accept the cheap shot at woman doing stuff that’s been restricted to men in the military. That’s a tired and weak argument. Climb out of your cave please I know women that would smoke men, without any standards being lowered.

        • As a female,I’d like to agree with Veep. I’ve always worked in positions that were usually held by men. There were some that I’d work circles around. However,there were a few that made me feel like a little girl, by being to accomplish overwhelming physical tasks. Yet when I find a task that is challenging, I’ve found that information plus creativity can help me overcome most anything.

          • I don’t think that’s what his comment was suggesting. There is always a level of variance in what women and men can do. In fact the actual statistic is that the variance of what women can do compared to men is heavier on the shared side. Meaning that women can do a lot. But I don’t think that’s what this means. There is a general role associated with men and women when it comes to how we take care of each other. And though there are many women who do take care of themselves when it comes to battles, the larger majority of variance in this case is skewed heavily towards men going to battle to protect their families who are at their homes hopefully far away from the danger. And this makes sense for the majority because women nurse children with breastfeeding and often develop the bond for taking care of them on a deeper level. It’s more of a natural outcome of roles due to anatomy. Again though this does not mean it can’t be reversed, but more that the expectation is more likely to be on men. And if you look into our physiology and psychology you see that our body’s and mentality (how we process danger related tasks) is suited for intense focus and adrenaline to persevere in insanely scary and traumatic situations. In the end god built us this way to serve one another. Not to horde it over each other and make the other feel less. We work well together.

        • and that my brother is what may be your undoing, smoking a bowl while she silently snuffs you out like and old cigar. =p jus sayin lol

        • That’s not what was said at all. I’m a woman and I can see that clearly. I’m also a woman who stands for equal rights but am agaisnt the term “masciline toxicity”, because I know what that term means and where it came from. You took what was said out of context. The writer didn’t say anything about how woman shouldn’t be in the army. The writer clearly stated that the army continues to “cut back” the the physical requirements to JOIN the army to make it easier for woman to join and be equal. This isn’t a cheap shot. It’s the truth. There’s no need to sit here and turn a blind eye to the fact that they are lowering the requirements for woman to join. It’s a fact. And the more the army cuts back the requirements the weaker that army will become. It’s just a fact. Again that’s not a cheap shot, it’s just reality.
          And he’s right. That can have a disasterous consequence to the strength of that army. Not the woman. The requirments. He never said woman shouldn’t join the army. If a woman can pass the requirements to join the army than she’s an amazing individual. Because it’s very hard. As soon as they begin lowering the requirements to enable woman to be able to join(because most woman’s strength is not equal to men) then that is NOT equality! That’s just catering to woman specifically. Men have three times more muscle mass than woman. That’s not a cheap shot. It’s just science.

          • Makes sense to me, let them feminist have what they want, let Recruiters do an even kill… They want equality? Treated as a Man?? Then, let them have it so they can fall on their faces and let’s get real girls, if it was so, NO women will get in.

      • I spent 30 months assigned to a (leg) unit as Intel NCO, platoon sergeant, & remedial physical training NCO of a unit roughly 40% female. I have yet to meet a female that could deal with the physical riggers demanded of combat arms. There are many jobs females excel in, & I very much appreciate their capabilities, but your full of shit if you think they should be assigned to combat up close & personal. Now they’re letting them go to Ranger school, the only way they will make it is if the standards are lowered, yet again.

        • the thing that also gets me is that in the past the men were proud of their women and wanted to keep them from harm, from being shot at or killed, especially because they didn’t have to be there anyway. They wanted to work and support their women and were raised as that was the way it should be done etc. That’s just the way that it was back then. I remember when women’s lib came out they didn’t want to do any of the nasty or bad stuff but they don’t talk about that. Now it is true that women have changed over the period of time as have men but it’s still hard for men to fathom that a woman would want to be put in harms way and possibly those around her too, whether she can “smoke” the men or not,when she doesn’t have to do it to begin with. Women were never designed to be as strong as men so you wouldn’t think that they would try the rangers and front line combat but we are seeing them working on it more and more these days. Anyway I just replied in your comment because I couldn’t start a new one for some reason and I didn’t want to reply in one of the hostile comments Hahahahahaha! Maybe it will all work for the best who knows.

        • Well said, plus I don’t think women should be on the front lines period. Feminism is a lie of the devil and people are buying it hook, line and sinker

          • I agree, femanism is truly a lie. We can do many of the jobs that men do if we we’re fortunate enough to be born stronger than most. But we are still gentle, nuturing, living women who were meant to take in the perils of raising our children and husband’s. That my dear fellow readers is the hardest job on the planet. But we as women have been given the strength to endure such a job if we truly give our while heart and soul to it. It’s not boring, it requires strength and agility, it requires stamina, and also requires live and compromise and compassion. Some of these things men can not do and dont posses just as well as the fact that there are some atri Utes about a man’s position in life that women don’t have. Men are less emotional than we which gives them the power to protect and provide. Men posses hardheadedness which gives them the power to look away from drama and roadblocks that will destroy a family unit where as women listen more to their hearts and that gets us ambushed.
            I’m a truck driver by trade and enjoy every minute of it. I do local work which is very physical along with the driving. I can work circles around most me in my trade but I really don’t try to. I haul flatbeds and enjoy the physical was if it. BUT, when I get home I put on my apron and cook dinner for my husband, make his lunch, and become every bit of a woman. I don’t want to be a man. I don’t try to be better than a man. I’m just to high strung to sit a a freaking desk all day. God gave me a gift of health and strength and I use it.
            I appreciate men (good men) as I grow older and learn about life and love and family. I am widowed now and truly miss my husband every day.
            Point: We may as women be strong enough to do many of the things that men do, we may even be better than some, but God did not give us that strength to compete with men. He gave us that strength to help them when the time comes that we need to team up and fight foriur families and our rights as humans in this God given planet.


        • Spent 38 years in the military both active duty and guard/reserve (Three deployments). Published several articles on the physical fitness standards and the body-fat standards for men and women in the military. The women (God bless them all) just couldn’t hack the riggers of the military and any argument to the contrary is absurd…so the US Army, in their wisdom lowered the standards for the women soldiers just so they can compete with the men. They lowered the standards for over weight soldiers (or fat bodies as I called them), physical fitness, promotion board standards and job selection (among other issues).
          Political Correctness is a discussing mental condition that effected the readiness of every unit I commanded in the military. May God save us.

        • Great article! The Lord led me to do a unit study about preparedness for our home school. (We have 3 children, ages 11,13, and 15.) I am using the points of this article to teach them a biblical view of preparedness. As I am writing this, our world is under the attack of Covid-19.

          • I notice the Scripture quoted here includes 3 verse from the Old Testament and 2 verses from Paul. Christians are followers of CHRIST JESUS and HIM only so why not include what He says about being prepared? I am not going to include Scripture as to what CHRIST JESUS said, i will allow you to seek this truth through the “HELPER!” Love you all and pray you will seek the truth as CHRIST JESUS always talked about.

      • Thank you so much Veek!
        I served in a Muslim Air Force. And out of a group of 350 people during Basic Training, I made it out among the Top 10, men/ women combined ! I served in the sport Skydiving team for a full 2 years before I left. Everybody loved me, they just couldn’t believe I was that good. But then again, I grew up among boys and I was the youngest, so my brothers taught me well as they were all very athletic and now all have college degrees. I beat the kaka out of lots of guys when I was in. And it was not because the standards have been lowered. I can only imaaagine the US military standards!!!
        Anyway. Now I am Christian as I came to Christ almost 15 years ago. I came running over here, as I read the word “bible” within the article’s title.
        This put aside, Robert, A great article. Thank you so much for it. Christ done great things for me, so I can definitely self proclaim A bible lover.
        Thank you.
        But to come back to your point, I never cease advising people to keep in a good shape as it comes in handy in just about every area or set up one happens to be in. So yeah, guys need to live up to thier manhood and not be afraid to claim it.
        Here’s a scripture for you to live up:

        “And those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who will lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever…” –Daniel 12:3–

        • I am so glad that you are a standout among women, who can actually KEEP UP with or excel, compared to men, in military context. However, you are obviously an outlier. We are talking in generality, or even stereotype here–not some superwomen who are 1 in 1,000…

          I was in military years ago, and women simply could not or would not compete, were given privs, and exemptions, and limited to certain MOSs. What a waste of military resources. Sorry, but they simply could not compare, and as I see it, they have no business there; by the Word, they have their place and their own special capacities. I love yall for who and what you are;–women. You have special abilities and excel at things we men dont.

          If you want to enable and purvey the ‘PC’ crapola and the androgenous, or even ‘transgender’, plotting of the globalists, &/or the feminazis, who have destroyed society, marriage, & the family, then cheer on for the NWO.

          Doesn’t seem very Biblical or even ‘Christian’ to be a PC new-world supporter… Please get over the programmed propaganda and the ‘PC’, and supporting their evil causes/ways…The Father made us man and woman, and to be different. Why do you think our adversary is trying to break down the distinction? Think!

          It is a matter of programming our beliefs; see more at GTox444 channel on YT ;) love to yall brothers and sisters

          PS: (don’t get divided on these racial or sexual issues–They’re a snare of the adversary to divide and conquer!)

      • I’m sorry but no matter what anyone says men and women are not the same and will never be equal, they are made different; men are made to be strong & rough so they can do hard labor where women are delicate with insides made for child bearing that could be damaged from doing hard labor and heavy lifting. If women were intended to do what a man does they would have been made like a man, of course there are going to be some women who are stronger then some men but this is very rare. I hate when women try to be like men when they should be taking care of their house and children while the men work to support them!

        • That is the dumbest thing I have read today! Possibly ever! Get your head out of your ass and take a Krav class with some real woman and you will see how strong they can be. I have known many woman following the same training program as the men in Krav and they are just as good as the men. Krav was not lowered for women but it was made so everyone who practiced could defeat their enemy. Hence why EVERYONE even woman are required to serve in the military. And as to your reference to what woman should be doing with their lives some woman do not have a house or children to care for while some man works for a living. Some woman are not afforded that luxury to wait around for a man to come along and take care of them. They must do it themselves. And if you knew anything about anatomy woman are better ground fighters than men are. And I know woman who are more than capable to harvest their fields and build their shelters just as good as men are. Given the chance and the opportunity woman can become just as strong as men in all areas. Do the world a favor and don’t procreate we don’t need anyone from the stone aged blooding the gene pool anymore than it already is!

          • You utter fool…women no longer embrace how we were created…If we take a look at what is going on today..we see women fighting to be like men..and the men are having sex changes by the hoards to be like women the end times…what is considered good will be evil, and what was once deemed evil will be considered good. I do not need to type this to you aggressively, dont need to tear you down…its my opinion….we both have ’em..and so does the woman you shredded with your angry appeal, for your right to be like a man…..

          • You are right to a point. I agree that God intends for men to be the protectors and I will be glad to let them do that as long as they are able and willing. But don’t forget Deborah in the Bible. She didn’t want to go to battle but her faith was stronger than the man’s unfortunately. It’s sometimes the same way today. A woman in the Bible put a tent peg through an enemy of Israel’s head. I don’t believe it’s God’s intention for women to be used in this way but sometimes He does things differently. I have taken krav maga, I love to box and spar, and I can lift more weight than many young guys half my age. I wouldn’t even be interested in these things if I had a man to protect me. But unfortunately as stated above most men wear skinny jeans and don’t stand up for what is right, much less protect women and children. So women are left to protect and defend themselves. We know how God designed it to be, but if we’re honest we’ll admit that’s not the world we’re living in right now.

          • Your comment just goes to show that you do not have all of the attributes that men have and could not handle the tasks that men are given. Yes we as women can outdi some men in some things. Yes it is true that some of us are not given that wonderful man that will provide for us. But your lying if you ever say that you don’t need a man for anything. I’m a tough mother flugger I’ll give in to that. But I am still a woman with way to many emotions going on in side of me that men are fortunate enough not to have or contend with.
            Every word you typed was layed down with so much emotion and female opinion. You may be tough but there is a man out there tougher than you. Din be embarrassed. God made us that way God does not make mistakes

          • Your words defy the word of God, regarding the differences and roles God gave to women and men. Your words are full of pride and vanity. Check yourself. If I put 100 women, and 100 men in a pit who have not eaten for three days and you were one of them… and I said “Your team can get out of the pit and eat when you have completely subdued the other team. The men would very quickly mentally compartment kindness against survival and rapidly subdue the women, and eat.

        • You should go and watch the simulation of giving men the labour pains, and how they react to it …. If women were fragile as you say, every women would had die at childbirth, for what you’re saying .. I gave birth to two, expecting the third one. You dont know what you are talking about, inform yourself better

      • When I served in the military we had “BASICALLY” three PT standards. One for men, one for women & one which lowered by age. When I went to Ranger School we had one & it was even more intense than the men’s regular PT standard. Women “GENERALLY” could not do the men’s standard & that is why they had the women’s. There were those who could & could “SMOKE” SOME men at that standard but we never even had one woman meet the basic Ranger base program let alone the advanced standard which was presented to us at the end of the program. Yes, when we got to the end there was an even higher requirement than when we entered the program (as it should be).

        Are there women who could achieve this highest requirement? Maybe but I seriously doubt that there are more than a handful worldwide. I know when I left service 32 years later almost all military standards had been lowered & not just in PT to accommodate all types of…people (not the term I actually had in mind). I dare say that with the current C&C in the White House the standards are probably low enough that he could even serve as a Private.

      • Let’s not be naive! Generally, men are stronger and can out perform women. As a woman, I’m not afraid to admit it! It’s just the way it is. Our military is being feminized and weakened. From what I’ve been told by a 38-year military career drill sergeant, the men are REQUIRED to carry the women’s pack if it’s over, I think, 35 pounds. They have lowered the standards for the military, which puts everyone in danger. All for the sake of being politically correct.

      • And while your being a feminist everyone else will be in a bomb shelter smh. Menial discussions over menial matters. Men is mankind as a whole, man was made first ladies second.You are not our maker therefore you cannot argue about what God has written?! I wouldn’t take pride in saying I could “smoke” someone. That sounds ridiculous. I would be more apt to pack a radio with batteries, a couple flash lights and other necessities for emergencies for myself and others who would happen to need them.

      • Why do you have to take effence to everything. He didn’t mean this in a bad way back in the old days thats just how it was the wife stayed home while the mand went out and worked.

      • He was referring to the standards being lowered so they could be included. He is correct in this.

      • As a female and one that has always prided herself in “being strong” and do most of the homestead chores I AGREE. It mentions our military especially and GOD did not make women the same as men. Men are much stronger, then have more endurance and LOTS of testosterone or at least they are suppose to. Today alot do not because they are told they should not be that way and our modern diet and sedetary lifestyle has reduced most men to not being manly men – but they can still outdo us physically and they are suppose to they were created that way. I am not offended by that as a female.

        • Sure I’ll go make you a sandwich. If you bring home the meat and bread and hand it to me with love and respect.

      • As a female military police veteran, I concur with the author of this article.
        Women have no place in Infantry and SF.
        It’s a biological fact, women are slower and weaker. Sure there are women who could “smoke” a guy. A fat, unhealthy guy. No woman I ever served with, myself included, could possibly keep up with, and let alone “smoke” an SF soldier. Ain’t going to happen.
        Plus women have different Hygiene issues. Check the AR if you don’t believe me on that one.
        And Finally, the male psyche and DNA is to protect a female. When I was serving and crap hit the fan, let me tell you even the guys that did not like me had an innate and instinctual need to protect me, and that was truly a distraction from the mission.

        I earned the right to state this.

      • I realize this is a 5 year old thread, but I have to cut down lies when I see them. Besides, this topic is more relevant day than it has EVER been.

        So you really think that on the whole women are as physically capable as men? Sure, there are examples of weak men and strong women, but on the average, select any two random men and women, and 70% of the time the man will be more physically able. In the world of statistics this is HUGE and is an overwhelming fact of life.

        Women tend to do a better job of child-birthing than men, so does that make my statement a cheap shot at men? Think about what you are saying. I believe you are letting an emotionally-driven anecdote get the best of your common sense. Go look at the best at any sport and you will see that men’s physical performance towers over that of women. Look at deadlifting records as an example: heaviest female deadlift = 672, and mind you, she was chocked full of male hormone gear and likely the strongest types (Tren, A-bombs, etc) and the heaviest male deadlift? 1155lbs, or roughly 72% stronger – which is about what we’d expect from any given man vs any given woman in any physical contest, except maybe running – the fastest man probably isn’t 72% faster than the fastest woman. I think they are 28mph v. 22mph respectively.

        The Special Forces is the BEST in the world, just like the examples I gave above – the BEST. And the military has lowered the standard for the BEST for men so as not to offend the women who can’t measure up. Embarrassing. At least with other institutions, they only lowered it for the target population and not for the entire population – I’m thinking of Ivy League scholarships and job requirements for women and minorities (it is a fact that the standard was/is lower for them both in a multitude of disciplines). I don’t agree with lowering those standards because it is a progressive form of gender mistreatment & racism but it is BETTER than lowering the standard for EVERYONE in an attempt to pretend like everyone is equal in skill/performance.

        In the realm of averages, we probably shouldn’t assume anything in the randomly selected competitiveness of women but in the realm of the best, we should always expect men to excel at physical performance. A similar observation is made in the realm of intelligence factor (IQ).

        There are way higher percentage of women in the median, above average and gifted areas of IQ than percentages of men but men tend to be found more commonly on the ends of the distribution. The bell curve isn’t a bell curve at all with men and more like a stretched out bell-curve or a “gently-sloping” hill.

        Anyways, your emotional response about the gender point is completely unfounded from a factual standpoint. How does Ben Shapiro say it…”facts don’t care about feelings”.

      • Agree with most of your theory, except…. MAN = HUMAN
        There are weak and strong in ALL INDIVIDUALS.
        Thank you for your post of information.
        But please be kind.

      • Those women are very few and far between. The rule is the boys hs soccer team that SMOKED the professional women’s team. Sorry, it’s genetics not caveman logic. If any of those women you mentioned can physically drag my 200 pound carcass loaded with another 50-70 pounds of combat gear off a hot battlefield I’d be surprised….pleasantly I might add. I’m married to one who could with great difficulty pull that off, but she in a tiny minority.

      • I’d like to see those women going through Marine Corps Force Recon qualification. 98% of MEN can’t do it! The only way a woman could do it is to lower the standards. Try this: A 6 mile run with 100 lbs of sand in your backpack doing at least 20 push-ups every 1/4 mile. That’s just the BEGINNING.

    • Amen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Today I was challenged by God to wake up and do a better job at leading my family in the area of preparedness. I agree, Salvation is the ultimate preparedness. Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross to die for our sins. Its on us to accept that gift or not. Preparedness for this world is good, but preparedness for eternity is of most importance. John 3:16

  1. Thank you for these. I certainly agree, western society has become a hedonism for the masses, and the masses are for the large part stupid and irreverent, being unaware and unconcerned of the of their situation falling deeper and deeper in the mire that surrounds them. Matthew 24:38-39 brings it together.

  2. “…when it comes to preparedness and survival, I think salvation is the most important survival topic we can talk about … it’s the only way one can ensure their ultimate survival.”

    I couldn’t agree more. But it’s not Christians who are right,it’s the Bible that’s right. I believe not only what it says and what has been predicted but what it predicts will come to pass. All the more reason to get ready!!!

  3. No offense. I seriously mean it.

    But the story of Noah actual demonstrates a very unprepared man taking on way more then he should. The amount of animals, the staying on that boat for over a year, the lack of supplies once stranded on the boat. The deadly risk of animal attack and starvation from feeding all of the animals and himself. Animals would eat tons and tons of food a day there was limited space and no way to have that amount of food for a year along with feeding his own. The boat design was tested by a team of boat builders and they tested it and it sunk killing all crewmen. Its a story but not something to take serious thought in. Reality of it noah would’ve died. I know people will say god helped him, but I dont want to argue that point, from a survival stand point I think the story leads people into delusion of attempting to take on more then they can afford to based on faith. Faiths comforts you but it can make your judgement in error which causes loss of life. Rational thinking over Faith in my opinion is the smarter choice.

    • all I can say is Noah and all the animals lived so I would say his survival skills were very good, especially with God being the Captain of Noah’s heart.

    • Oswulf:
      I would respectfully suggest that you have a faulty understanding of “faith” since you set it as the contrary of “reason”. A sad mutation of Kant, I expect. Many Rationalists disregard Faith as merely a spray can of anesthetic — sting relief — to be applied when things go wrong.

      Faith — confidence, trust, understanding — in who God is, does much more than take away life sting. Preparing for trouble is prudent. Realizing our limitations (not God’s) is realistic.

    • Faith does comfort, you have to have faith that God will take care of you. You may have loss of life on earth but you will have eternal life with God.

      • +Laurie Its a story of course it ends however you want it to, doesn’t make it possible or true. Its just a story.

        +Mic Roland Coming off as pretentious doesn’t make you right or informed.Faith is the belief in things unseen based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof, Seems to be a dangerous game plan when peoples lives are at stake. It can be very well, a naive or even dangerous approach to handling a situation. People in Tennessee get bites from deadly venomous snakes an die because of faith. Rational thought is not to drink venom or handle snakes for demonstrations of faith to God. This is not rational or smart to do. But people through acts of faith can make these ill-rational choices. Im saying Rational thought vs blind faith. Thinking things will come out ok vs being prepared and planning out the situation. Vastly different things, hopefully you understand that. So I dont have to explain it to you again.

        +Kay Im sorry to say I dont feel so strongly towards that way. The people who are starved to death, raped, murdered, all the innocent people who called out to god in the holocaust,that still died, no matter the amount of faith they had. Im sure everyone will say they were saved. But I ask why was it allowed to happen to them in the first place? If people say its the devil then Again I can say Why did god allow it or was it that he couldn’t stop it?

        Like I said previously I didnt want to argue the god part, cause Im sure no one wants to hear that. Im saying noah’s story is an example of bad preparedness. Which is why I said that. If a person did that reckless behavior today, they would die. That is all im saying.

        • Oswulf, firstly, God makes the point in the book of Hebrews that ‘faith is the EVIDENCE of things hoped for unseen’… It was close to your statement, so perhaps you do unwittingly posess an element of God’s Word, but not quite on the button. Faith only becomes evident in the life of a man once he believes. Not while he stubbornly refuses that there is no such thing… A man can proudly state that there is no God, but only a fool says it in his heart. Blind faith that causes death is an issue in the world, but that is because some that possess it have about as much understanding of it as you seem to. Faith should never override common sense, and if you see the context of this website, it is all about common sense, foresight and survival, all these elements with a solid faith in the Lord Jesus are the only ingredients that will get us through the tribulations to come! Read the bible my friend! Mark 13, Luke 21, Matthew 24 are excellent places to start!

        • To your question, Oswulf,

          “But I ask why was it allowed to happen to them in the first place? If people say its the devil then Again I can say Why did god allow it or was it that he couldn’t stop it?”

          We have free will and choice. God wants us to choose Him AND we can choose evil instead. People are always at choice as to how they deal with one another. God wants us to follow His ways, but He won’t force that on anyone. And if we choose God, we will have eternal life and forgiveness. There’s nothing in the Bible that says we’ll have a trouble free or pain free life.

        • I hear a lot of talk from people who don’t Know GOD and The unbeliever would call the Bible just a story. I wish I could sit down with you and introduce you yo my LORD AND SAVIOR then you would know just how real the BIBLE really is. I would like to take you back to just one example it was about 1968 myself and my 2 sisters and my mother were returning home and came upon a wreck at that point we saw that one of our neighbors was under the cor it was on top of him and upside down and there was a nurse there and shew said he was dead and the other young man ti the other car pushed the car off him and got down on his knees and cried out to GOD and the man the car fell on began to breath and then he started to move and the people around tried to stop him but he sat up and every one there begain to praise GOD and he went on to the hospital they found nothing at all wrong with him not even a scrath so God is always real in my life I am, blessed beyond measure and happier than most oh yes I served my Country also so please don’t to discount the word of GOD AS JUST A STORY it is true and you can’t change it to end the way you want it to be as the word plainly tells us that a fool in his heart says there is no GOD ANY
          QUESTIONS go to the book tracy

    • Just a thought on the Noah, the ark and the animals thing. The bible does not state this specifically, so it is speculation on my part; but – there is the possibility that the animals that Noah took aboard could have been babies rather than fully grown adults. Baby animals would have been much easier to handle without a great threat to life and limb and would have consumed a lot less food. Of course if there were a mix of ages, some of the adult animals like cows and goats could have produced milk to provide for both the humans and baby animals, and this would have lessened some of the requirements for stored food. At the very least the food consumption rate, thus the food storage requirements would have been much less with baby animals.

      I am not a boat designer so I am not able to fully argue the point about the design and floatability of the ark from an experts point of view; but when converting the size of the ark from ‘cubits’ to ‘feet’- using a commonly accepted standard that a cubit roughly translates into about 18 American inches – the ark would have been 450 feet long x 75 feet wide and 45 high. (300x50x30 cubits – Genesis 6:15)

      This is about the size of most cargo ships which navigate today on the Great Lakes, and they have a carrying capacity of between 10,000 to 40,000 tons of cargo, which means the ark could have had a lot of space in it. And lest someone argue that the small size of the Lake freighters make them unfit for ocean service, their smaller size in dictated by the depth of the ports they service and the interconnecting locks between the Great Lakes and not their ability to sail in deeper waters. (Smaller yachts sail around the world on the oceans.) But my point here is that the stated dimension ratio of the ark is not unlike the Lake Freighters of today.

      To quote from Wikipedia “Many lakers are restricted to the Lakes, being unable to navigate the St Lawrence Seaway whose locks allow a maximum vessel size of 740 feet (226 m) in length or 78 feet (24 m) in breadth. The shallow draft imposed by the rivers (typically dredged to about 28 feet (8.5m) by the United States Army Corps of Engineers) restricts the cargo capacity of Lakers, but that is partially recovered by their extra length and box design” [source Wikipedia ‘Lake Freighter”.]

      When we examine the size ratio of a Great Lakes freighter which is listed here (in order to navigate the locks) as having to be equal to or less than 226(meter)x24(m)x8.5(m, )we find it is approximate of the 300(cubit)x50(c)x30(c)of the ark. The size of the St. Lawrence Seaway locks notwithstanding, the greater width (beam) of the ark would have assisted in compensating for its greater height, thus giving greater stability.

      For those who doubt that such a ship the size of the ark could have been constructed in ancient times, we know that the Egyptians built a ship of similar size, called the ‘Tessarakonteres’ which was approximately 128×18 m or 420×58 ft. It was built for Ptolemy IV Philopator and reportedly carried a crew of 400, and was powered by 4000 oarsmen and transported 2850 soldiers. [source Wikipedia: List of largest wooden ships.] So upon examination of history we find that large boats were not only possible but were actually built in ancient times.

      So to examine the Biblical story from a rational point of view (which is not to say that faith does not play a part), but we can see it is within the realm of possibility for the ancients to build a boat the size of a modern freighter, with a carrying capacity of up to 40,000 tons, and carry a menagerie of baby animals plus food for them and 8 humans for an extended period.

      It is also noteworthy to note that evidentially the animals on board the ark had no fear of humans until after they debarked from the ark, as referenced in Genesis 9:2 – which would have made handling a boat-load of animal a bit easier.

      Now some of this must be accepted by faith that God did what He did, but to examine the stated facts and figures as presented in the Bible we find that it is plausible that if everything happened as stated – it could have been achieved. There are no engineering problems that preclude it.

      Faith comes into play when one believes this to be truth, as opposed to those who reject the story of a big boat with animals, even though it could be plausible, as false.

      Therefore it is ones faith – or lack thereof – which really determines one’s belief as to whether it could have happened, not the engineering and details of the story.

      • All I can say is your wrong, and despite trying to tell you over and over, my comments have been banned from this site, because they silence me. Well that should show you something people. They claim the government is taking your rights away but they themselves wont allow you to speak. How hypocritical of them

      • Well put Major Dad. You provided some very interesting thoughts on the subject. In the end, one’s faith is the belief in the words and instruction from the bible as being true and need not be scientifically or otherwise proven. We are are told to lean not to our own understanding. Thank you and God bless.

      • Thank you, MajorDad for clearing that up! I don’t know where Oswulf gets his information, but it is highly faulty. First of all, Noah’s Ark was not a “boat” but a barge. It did not have to sail anywhere, as God directed its path. The Ark was actually found on Mt. Ararat some years ago, and partly intact. However, National Geographic refused to publish the find, as it flew in the face of their godless, athiestic, evolutionary agenda.

      • WOW!Did not realize this was a biblical site.
        But want to state: YOU know how to back up your theories.
        The Christian ReligionS are built on multiple religions (and unfortunately, political and power graspers.)
        Still HUGE thumbs up to you!

    • Obedence is the key not a rational mind. The carninal mind is eminity toward
      God. The just shall live buy faith. Noah believed God prepared and is family was saved. Get ready It will come to pas just as God said in his word.

    • Regardless if he was prepared or not, if he took on too much or not, sticking with the basic story premise – if he had not done all that he did, he and his family would have all been killed.
      Point is to prepare as much as you can – prep for the worst and hope (pray) for the best. Many an impossible situation has been got out of because of having the right attitude. It has been seen countless times in wars, in disasters and other life tthreatening situations.
      Prep as much as you can and go in with the best attitude!!!

    • And what is the source of your information… a little group of atheists who don’t understand or know who God is? Why should someone trust the word of someone who can’t build a boat?

      Anyway, God NEVER makes a mistake. No one has EVER proved the Bible to be wrong.

  4. I agree Mic,
    Faith in the Lord gives us faith in ourselves. Proverbs is a wonderful guide to preparedness. Use the gifts God gave us and remain ever vigilant.

  5. The one thing to remember about Noah and the ark was that God was in CONTROL and Noah was just following His instructions. Regarding faith James writes that faith without works is dead. Faith is belief in action.

  6. I was discussing the need for food storage / preparedness with a “Christian” counselor who told me he didn’t need food storage and he’d do anything to make sure his family was taken care of–including attacking others and stealing their food. I have a feeling he may have a bit of a surprise on Judgment Day when he discovers where he’ll be spending eternity.

    • The day he shows up to “attack and steal” will be the day he surely dies. This goes for the rest with this non-Christian mind set.

  7. If you are going to use the bible as a guide to prepare for the future, you have to know that the typical amount of time that your stores have to last is seven years.

    Droughts, plagues, pestilence, whatever was “sent” as messages from God, we’re done over multiple years. Even the Apocalypse tribulation is 7 years, should it come to pass.

    The point is this: each of us that prepare must be ready for a LONG period of self reliance, working within our communities to help others, but always ensuring our survival. Not just water, shelter and food are required. Having the tools, knowledge, and persistence of our forefathers. Knowing how to preserve the food we gather today for use tomorrow, or three years from tomorrow.

    The world is changing. The world has always done so. We must use the knowledge we have, learn and use the skills passed down through time, or rediscover them now, while we have time to correct any errors.

    If there is to be the an end of days, then we must be ready, for as long as it takes.

  8. I agree with all except for the part of the women/men roles. Due to my husband leaving me and my 2 small children I have been required to take on both roles in the household. I may not be a man, but I believe I am doing as well as one could given my situation. I am SOBER and WATCHING.

  9. I think Matt 25:1-13 is one of the best stories. 5 young women were prepared, 5 were not. The unprepared had a bad night. I also think this verse is great for those who say, “I don’t need to prepare, God will ust take care of it.”

    • The parable of the Bridegroom and the Ten Virgins, Zale, to me, IS the epitome of preparedness. Using that parable, about half of practicing preparedness aficionados will prepare in some way, and the other half is going to “have a bad night” that lasts the rest of their lives, as I interpret it.

  10. I just thumbed through the replies and didn’t see a word about Joseph.The original prepper. The dreams pharoh had were from God. 7 years of plenty, 7 years of famine.Store up 1/5 from the plentiful years so u can make it through the famine.

  11. Interesting to read the many opinions here. All have valid points. Just as was mentioned at the start, not all preppers are Christians by an means. This is a good point. We are going to have different ideas about men and women’s roles because we have different worldviews. Some of us have Christian worldviews and others have a secular worldview, each valid, but very different. The Bible instructs Christians that God created men and women differently and with differing roles in life. Men are to be providers and protectors of their wives and families. Women are to be mothers who nurture their children and manage their households. Both of which are critical and vastly important jobs for the survival of the family. None of us carry out these responsibilities perfectly. We certainly have our failures, but we keep striving to it the mark. Some believe that these views are archaic. But God makes the point that He never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What was valid 2000 years ago is still valid today in God’s eyes. I know many do not get the Christian life, but it works very well when put into practice. God also displayed differing roles through the Trinity. There is the Father, who is the head of the Trinity, Christ or the Son, who is the second person of the Trinity, who always carried out the Father’s will and the Holy Spirit, who if the third person of the Trinity. One God in three persons and each with a different role. I became interested in prepping about four years ago. I’ve been reading books, magazines and visiting websites like this one for some time. I have found that many of them are Christians. I agree with Bruce before me. I have often thought of Joseph as an original prepper. He is an example to all of us. Well, happy prepping to all!

  12. Let us not forget that when GOD made Eve and brought her to Adam, that Adam named here. He said flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, so he called her Woman; man with womb.

    Also remember where the woman is assigned as a help mate. That she makes her husband known at the gates. if you have read and studied you will see that the gates referred here was; during those times the seat of business of the cities.

  13. Here again; we find the age old struggle between man and woman, and it all started back in the garden of Eden.

    Where GOD placed a curse on both man and woman; he (man) would be cursed to till the ground and be troubled, where as the woman, her birth pain was greatly increased plus she would have an unnatural desire to rule over her husband. Hence; our issues and problems in marriage today.

    • Henry,
      Read the Bible for yourself.
      God did NOT curse Adam and Eve.
      He cursed the ground, and He cursed the Serpent
      He told Eve that the consequences of disobedience would be that she would want to please her husband (rather than God?), and that would mean he would rule over her, which indicates that until that time, she and Adam were pretty much equal, (another indicator of the equality is that she was created to be an help MEET(Proper and suitable…not help MATE)and they BOTH walked and talked with God in the cool of the evening) that her conception would multiply as would her sorrow.

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