Threat Assessment – What are the most likely threats that you will face?

Threat Assessment on Whiteboard

When it comes to emergency preparedness, there is no such thing as a one size fits all survival plan. It just doesn’t exist; and if anyone ever tries to sell you on an easy one size fits all preparedness method, they are either lying to you, or they don’t have the first clue what it takes to survive a real-life crisis.

Listen, I could go on and on listing ten thousand different threats a person could face during their lifetime, giving you an easy to digest ten-point plan for survival, but the truth is most of those ten-point plans suck. They’re not realistic. They don’t take into account your very unique needs, location, or situation.

Like it or not, YOU are going to have to put in a little work!

What is a Preparedness Threat Assessment?

It’s the only way to truly be prepared! I mean how many people living in Middle America really need to understand everything there is to know about preparing for Hurricanes? They don’t; the threats they face are not the same threats as those living in Tornado Alley.

To truly be prepared for anything, you need to know exactly what threats you’re facing, and then analyze how those threats will affect you in the future. A threat assessment allows you to really dig down and identify potential dangers that you may face both during and after a disaster. By performing a realistic threat assessment, you can get a better idea of what threats are out there, and then learn how to prepare for those threats before they become a danger to your life.

Performing a threat assessment will help you improve your ability to handle threats, manage threatening situations without stress, and protect the people you love from harm.

There are three primary objectives when performing a threat assessment:

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Manage

So take out your notebook, and let’s get started.

IDENTIFY The Threats

The first step in analyzing your overall preparedness level is to identify the most likely threats that you will face.

What are the most likely threats that you will face? Who/What are the threats, and what are your vulnerabilities?

  • Natural disasters: What are the most likely disasters you will face based on your geographical location? (Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, etc…)
  • SHTF scenarios: What do you believe are the greatest threats to your livelihood? (Economic collapse; political instability; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats; riots; wars; etc…)
  • Personal Threats – Economic Problems, Job Loss, Home Invasions, Debt, etc..
  • Security: What are the largest security risks that you face in your area? (Gangs, Criminal Activity, issues affecting urban areas, etc…)
  • What are the immediate dangers in your location? Is there anything that stands out about your neighborhood? Are there obstacles or dangers that are specific to your geographical location that could leave you vulnerable? (terrorist threats, chemical and/or biological threats, threats to critical infrastructure, criminal activity, inadequate access to supply routes or escape routes during a disaster, etc…)

ASSESS The Threats

The next step is to assess how these dangers will affect you, and then figure out what needs to be protected?

  • How will each of the threats that you listed above affect you, your family, your property, and your survival plans?
  • How will each situation affect your overall preparedness efforts?
  • Are there any areas in your plans, security, or overall preparedness efforts that need to be addressed?
  • What steps do you need to take to protect yourself, your family and your property?

MANAGE The Threats

The final step is to take immediate protective actions that will help prevent, or minimize your exposure to these potential threats.

  • What can be done to minimize your risk?
  • Develop appropriate emergency response plans and threat reduction strategies for each situation.
  • Are you prepared to Bug Out if the situation calls for that action?
  • IntelligenceThose that are truly prepared will seek information from multiple sources. Make sure you have a good way to gather information before and after the disaster hits. (BEFORE: Survival Websites, Books, Radio etc… AFTER: Personal Networks, Ham & Shortwave Radio, etc…)
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  1. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
    Albert Einstein

  2. The above comments are worthy of note. Though earthquakes are not a major issue in my area, hurricanes are as well as items 2 thru 6. Preparing for the coming gun ban is, of course, a major issue. Weapon and ammunition are starting to be put on back order, meaning it may take months or never before the items come in. I speak from experience. By the way , another word for the threat assessment is a vulnerability study or understanding where a person and his/her family are most vulnerable to damage. Wanted to share another item of note that is starting to come to the front: the incident in Florida is starting to escalate. I saw that the incident made front cover of People magazine, meaning alot of people are going to be influenced by what happened. Another item of note is I noticed this afternoon in a laundermat a poster advising people of a vigil service for the boy. The boy is pictured with Christ placing a cape around his neck with the caption “he now has a new hoodie.” In short, it think this could possibly lead to the rioting similar to that of 1968, In Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” swaying a mob by providing only the information the speaker wants them to know in order to follow his line of thinking is presented. I think that’s what is happening now ;one reason why I think we could see some rioting soon.

  3. Jesus Knows all of These Things to Come.. if we do not follow his Path to Love, Welfare For All, Social Justice and a Family of Decency ! Repent Repent ! The Time is Near !

      • Jesus said..”You will not know the time nor the day, I will come like a theif in the night!”

        We still clearly need to be prepared because this administration has nothing to give, and only takes…unless going on The View” is considered a press conference. I want my husband to clear out his 401K and invest in Gold,and things that have multiple purposes like the ability to make biodiesel, water and alcohol.

    • Jesus never taught social justice? Where the heck in the Bible Jesus said that? (The rich man does not count)

      • Noah was ther first survivalist,God didn’t tell him you sit over there and eat your cheese and drink your wine and watch what I do.He said build an ark and it took many………years too complete.and when/if Noah fell out from being so slappin wore out then I believe God steped in and helped.

    • the democrats will ban firearms, leaving us more vulunerable. and most likely the fucked up obama adminstration will make basic prepping a felony

      • Certain parts of basic prepping is already illegal.
        Look at the number of places where you can’t garden in your front yard.
        The administration is already looking at people with more than a week of food as “hoarders”.

        • right on, clinton passed that fema could come in your home and seize any unneeded food/ supplies. socialist government says we only need 3 day supply

        • People in Southern Calif are being encouraged to register with the gov’t that they have emergency supplies. This is to provide them with guidance on how much to store, what kind of stuff and how to store it. The real reason is so FEMA can come get everything for redistribution.

      • They won’t ban guns they will just buy all the ammo ,guess we can use the guns as clubs! No ammo no gun threat .besides if you think a few thousand rounds of Ammo is going to protect you from a tank you better think again.

      • personally i believe in a lethal situation anything can be used as a weapon, my lamp next me, break it apart and stab in the eye….not quite as effective as a gun but at least you wont kill someone whos just trying to protect or feed their own family. I personally would rather have tasers and knives, i dont want someone elses death to be on my conscious when they are just trying to survive too.

  4. I’m preparing for the solar flare that going to takes us back to the stone ages and that when are goverment is going down and people are going to panic and start killing each other for food and water..that what im prepareing for…god wont get us is us the people that will kill each other for thing that we could of prepared ahead of time ..

  5. what i’m preparing for the solar flare that going to takes us back to the stone ages and that when are goverment is going down and people are going to panic and start killing each other for food and water..that what im prepareing for…god wont get us is us the people that will kill each other for thing that we could of prepared ahead of time ..

  6. i believe you cuz with gas going up and food going up and there is no form of way for us to get better and than guns being banned i think that will add up with stressng more people and they going to go against the goverment and that going to cast a war…that will nhit us hard the people..

    • I was in the Navy stuck in the dry dock in Charleston when Hugo hit. The ship did fairly well after banging out about 2million dollars of concrete. Town was totally locked up. Bag ice was $15+ if you could find it. Everyone had giant neighborhood BBQ’s because all the frigs and freezers were out long term. Not a chainsaw or generator to be found for hundreds of miles. Couple of surfer idiots died trying to ride the storm waves otherwise, everyone lived through the storm itself. Afterward, that’s another story. All kinds of idiots killing or getting killed because they knew nothing about how to operate chainsaws and generators. I don’t remember the exact body count but it could have been avoided with common sense and taking the time to learn how to use the equipment. Second biggest problem were the brown recluse spider invading yards and homes. Area bitten has a ring of flesh that keeps rotting away until cored out. Nasty little buggers. It wasn’t uncommon for people to get gauged and pay thousands of dollars to the vultures that swooped in from the north to handle tree removal. Lots of those people had never used a chainsaw either. It was complete chaos. Looting was only prevented by guarding your home armed. I was lucky and able to return to my ship for shelter, food and air conditioning. It was hot as hell after that hurricane.

  7. there are only 3 things you need to survive food,water,shelter,if you think your going to the local lake to fish,there will be over 100 there already,its a fact people will migrate all over to look for food and water,yes there will be some nuts running about,common since is always your best weapon, grow a garden a 100 people will take from it and word will spread fast,if you stock pile food weapons dont let anybody know,or you will become the local store for a free for all,keep a low profile,

    • Bren is right. Forget ’bout it. Take care of yourself and anyone else who chip’d in for the supplies and is of like mindiness. Anyone else could not be trusted under any circumstances unless you know them personally and are willing to turn you back on them while u grab some water and food for a meal and don’t think they gut u out.

      You folk will be surprise how fast people will turn on you when they are hungry thristy and scared. They will gut you out like a pig and leave you to bleed out on the floor while they take your stuff. All I can say is be careful of anyone after the SHTF if they are not part of your team.

    • Good way to get killed bro. You will always be found and sooner or later more people with more guns will find and take what they want. Best to evade and survive and find a large group. Humans only last in groups. large groups. Small groups are taken out by larger groups. Or join other small groups to become large.

  8. I reckon the biggest threat i’m facing is the pending economic collapse . I’m in a middle level corporate job, which is great now, but I think i’m lacking in the basic “trade” skills. Improving software is a useless skill if there are no computers…. I think its time I learnt how to build stuff.


  9. An NBC attack may well occur in this nation. That has been fact for decades now.

    A natural attack such as a solar EMP or natural plague may also occur.

    Food riots could very easily occur.

    The greatest threat to our republic is the twin curse of ignorance and apathy. As long as our populace is more interested in Monday night football, the fate of the local team, and who is dancing with the stars, the bastards of totalitarianism will thrive.

    Wake up, start preparing, read the Constitution, and hope that mankind regrows a conscience.

    Good luck and God’s speed to you all.


    • Believe it once the magitude of the problem hits the people then stores will be open for cash sells only till empty,gas will sell for cash only (at a very high price)Those who didn’t and don’t have wil be planning againest those who have and did.oh one more thing since our national guard is mostly gone expect to see russian and other military troops come out to calm the masses,did i mention fema camps.

    • I agree. During the Great Depression, people knew how to grow gardens, raise livestock, can and dehydrate food. Most of the younger generation do not even know how to cut up a chicken! Keep cash in small bills and coins. If all you have are $20 bills, you will find that people can’t change them – you’ll be paying $20 for half a loaf of bread! My husband learned to brew beer and grow tobacco, because people under stress will want a drink and a smoke. People in the cities will die and it won’t be pretty.

  10. I think the economic collapse is going to come first…you see “we Buy Gold” places now more than ever. The government is going to try and get their hands on all the gold so we the people have nothing to bargain or trade with when the American dollar is worthless.

    • FDR made ownership of gold bullion by citizens illegal. What was done before can be done again. Buy jewelry. The wealthy will never allow ownership of jewelry to be outlawed.

  11. In worst case scenario: world collapse.

    Stock up on goodies -like scotch, whisky, red wine, tobacco, shoes, boots and other thins that can be bartered with in tough times.

    The first year will be messy – power issues, lawlessness, gangs and the like, then the diseases will run rampant, food, water, fuel shortages and possible canabalism as people spiral down.

    Then after year two, things will shift – people will once again regroup and work together. That’s a long two years though. Better have seeds to.

  12. You guys are from America, it is a hell of a lot easier for you guys to prep, here in the U.K it is much harder, if I got caught with half of this stuff the no lawyer would be able to defend me. The best thing I have is my Military Training, and no government force or civilian can take this from me!

    Never Give up Lads, Never Surrender!

  13. I think their are a number of things coming. Either the sun or a terrorist will take out our electric grid. Then there is the possibility of total economic collapse before that happens. Either way, hungry, desperate people are going to want your stuff. I live in the country on an easily defended hill. I have stocked up on all the essentials…even have bows for when the ammo runs out. I don’t think there will be much trading for a while…not until those that are unprepared have died off or killed each other.

  14. First: Pogo said it best (The Pogo Papers,Copyright 1952-1953):
    We have met the enemy…and he is us.

    If you don’t understand that, go back to chapter 1.

    The only thing I would add to this section is to know what you don’t have or what you need. Write it down, put it in your wallet or purse. When “the time comes”, or is getting close, go get those things on the list! If you can’t get everything on the list locally, get it/them NOW. The world won’t wait for Amazon.

  15. I was staying in Studio City, CA during the Northridge quake in the mid-90’s. No electricity so no gas, only 10 people at a time in grocery stores, cell towers damaged so no cell phones. Not sure about land lines.

    • After the Northridge quake the land lines still worked but all I could get for three days was a busy signal. No power south of Beulton. In LA the 9-1-1 operators were getting panicked calls about strange lights in the sky. People had never seen stars before!

  16. I used to think a bank crisis was nuts but when I’ve heard about massive derivatives held by major banks, I have decided that is a real possibility.

    • The banks are changing their policies so that in a crisis, they can just keep your money. The small local bank we have here requires business accounts to keep $1,500 as a minimum deposit. I read about a man in Italy whose accounts were seized by the banks. He was elderly and had worked hard his whole life and his life savings were stolen from him. He committed suicide.

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