Bug Out

Survival Training

November 8, 2011 Robert Richardson 67

You’ve got your guns.
Your pantry is stocked full of food.
You’ve got so much gear, your bags are ready to explode.

But are you really prepared to survive? […]


Heat exhaustion hiking incident

February 7, 2011 Robert Richardson 3

Recently a reader was kind enough to share his experience of suffering from heat stroke while hiking. Heat stroke is a very serious condition that can easily kill a hiker who doe snot know what to look out for. […]

How to fix a torn grommet
Hiking & Backpacking

How to Repair a Torn Grommet

Grommets seem to show up in all sorts of outdoor and survival gear, from tarps and tents to truck tie-downs. They’re handy when they work, but all too often they tear out of the fabric. Many people will just sigh and replace the entire item, or hope it will hold for just one more camping trip. But if you catch these little buggers in time, you can repair them as good as new. Better than new, actually. […]