Government Steals Couples Private Backcountry Land & Cabin

After reporting on so many of these cases, it’s really getting harder to deny the fact that the government seems to see land ownership – especially rural landownership – as a threat to their power structure.

The latest case of government abuse comes out of Colorado where a couple was forced off their land through the use of eminent domain – only the seizures had nothing to do with building roads, hospitals or any other public service that might explain the their use of the eminent domain rules.

Landowner Andy Barrie, says he had no choice but to give in and give the government his land after engaged in a lengthy legal battle where he says “They’re spending us to death.”

Two years ago, Andy and Ceil Barrie bought two pieces of land: a house in an established subdivision, and a piece of backcountry land at a higher elevation, accessible by an old mining road.

The backcountry land, which is surrounded by over 2 million acres of White River National Forest, had to be accessed with a utility vehicle because of its remote location. The couple used an old mining road dating back to the 1880s to access their land, and that’s where their problems began.

Even though the couple was using an established mining road, the U.S. Forest Service denied the couple access to their land and then the county demanded the couple sell the land. When they refused, the local county commissioners condemned an old mining cabin that was on the land previous to the Barrie’s purchase of the land, claiming it was being condemned for wiring and plumbing issues – even though the cabin had neither plumbing nor electrical wiring.

“I understand that we are all trying to save these beautiful mountains and make them accessible to everyone, but you know that property has been sitting there since President Garfield signed our land patent, and we’re not doing anything bad there,” Ceil Barrie told Fox News.

The couple tried to fight the ruling, but the county then claimed the land using eminent domain. They were then forced into a lengthy legal fight that almost bankrupted them, forcing them to eventually give into the government’s demands.

This type of story is not uncommon; in fact, it’s going on in rural areas of the country each and every day. We’ve covered these types of stories numerous times in the past: from a WWII vet who was forced out of his 88-year-old family owned grocery store; to the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes, who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home; to the Off-Griders in California who were threatened with arrest for daring to live an off the grid lifestyle, these stories all show how out of control the government has become at every level.

Our basic rights are being stripped before our eyes, and the once great American Dream of owning your own little piece of land is quickly becoming an American Nightmare.

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  1. They are stealing the land, it’s all part of “Agenda 21”. If they can take this couples land, one day they will come for yours. It’s a New World Order plan to control ALL property in the United States. Resist Agenda 21, every way possible.

  2. They just call it Agenda 21 but the real name is Communism! They do not want anyone to own backcountry land or farm land.

  3. It’s all about control. Government, big business, wealthy people, all want us where they can keep an eye on us: on the grid, in the cities, wherever we are most easily located and can be kept under a thumb “where we belong”.

  4. Til the summer of 2012 I was totally ignorant of U.N. agenda 21,since I have been like Paul Revere warning everyone! In over 22 years since this agenda 21 has been working behind the scenes, only 15% of folk know about it!This agenda is going to create a “pure-hell” life-style for those lucky enough to be part of it! Imagine no more money or wealth(no more middle-class or million-aires), no more private property, no more business opprotunity, no more private cars or transportation no more education(total illiteracy),no more marriage(forced homosexuality0, no more nuclear or extended family, vegan or neo-vegan vegetarian diet for all, insects are the only animal protein allowed!No private food, all eating in communal dining halls, in which the state controls portions & calories at hunger/malnutrition levels, no modern medicine, no consumerism,no pets, no way to develop talents & gifts(music/art/sports ect),no more religion(especially Christianity)! Your life being regulated sunrise to sundown & from birth to “euthanized death”(no more natural death)!!!! No more burials/cremation or burials at sea, your dead body will be ground up like ground meat, put in a digester tank til totally broke down & remains are used as fertilizer!!!!!

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