NASA releases Emergency Preparedness Video

NASA recently participated in FEMA’s Eagle Horizon program, a program that was part of a continuity of operations exercise. Yesterday, NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr., sent out an Emergency Preparedness video to NASA employees telling them to develop their own emergency preparedness plan.

NASA also developed a short video that is meant to help NASA employees and their families develop a safety plan for local and national emergencies.

Here is the NASA Preparedness Video:

They also released this nifty graphic for employees.

NASA Be Prepared Message

Does anyone else find it odd that the CDC releases the Zombie Virus Campaign to prepare the public and now NASA is warning their employee’s to be prepared? Do you think NASA knows something that the rest of us don’t know?

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the top right image in the graffic might be out of place. I mean who wears a cape and carries a toolbox. Seems a little out of place unless NASA has “SUPERMAN” on the payroll. Then again SUPERMAN is an alien and maybe this is their way at hinting to us to be prepared for an alien invasion, or worse yet an alien zombie invasion.

  2. the icon looks like a lunch box and a alligator head to me…lol…This people are out of there minds any who .. my question is why all of a sudden everyone’s on this ( being prepared trip ) any how the offices of the govr. telling the public to get prepared whats up apparently they expect something to unfold.. Any one with a memory knows the govr. has vast under ground bunkers full of stored supplies sense as far back as who knows when….!!!! Knowledge Is the best storage you can posses .. Yes I have a survival pack and a weapon and in a emergency I am going to be moving to fast to worry about food stocks long term water supplies and bulk ammo much less extra batteries …. PEOPLE WAKE UP…mother earth has been sleeping quietly for the last 4 or 5000 thousand years she a wake now and starting to stretch it’s going to get hot it’s going to get rough learn to adapt to her every changing way or die…You can’t store society in a bottle and preserve it prep OH YEA pile it all up and sit on it… human nature is not going to change you stash it and someone will come along and take it I know I know I got a gun I will protect whats mine YEA !!!!!!!! as I said I’m going be moving to fast to be seen by another quick an quiet…The Indians knew… that’s the way we were supposed to live not cooped up in this cities …just remember THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU GOTTA CARRY…..

  3. Agreed. The more you know the less you gotta carry. No bottled ‘home’ will get you there, only knowledge.

  4. if there is a real nuke. problem by the time you know about it if you are close enough to be affected by it it,s to late smaet move to a safer locale NOW. i guess the question is where is safe?

  5. I cannot and will not tell you my name nor what branch of government I used to work for. I also don’t expect everyone to believe that I worked for ANY government agency or branch for that matter.. however, at the same time… I am on a mission to spread the word on every 2012 forums that I can… that there is something headed out way. I can’t and won’t be specific… as I know I’m being watched and I don’t feel like disappearing on account of being a loud-mouth. But again, at the same time, I’m tired of our government hiding and lying to its citizens. They know somethings coming.. yet they don’t tell us (normal citizens) about it. I know its coming.. so please, I’m begging you America… keep your eyes OPEN. The government, IS HIDING the truth from us, even though its not hard to see the truth. We as a human-species have always looked to our government for answers to things…. its time we as a human-species stop doing that.. and start doing our own research and start debunking the lies that the U.S. government feeds us. If we don’t, we will ALWAYS be dependant upon our government.. the government that doesn’t really care about us (the citizens) the people of this country. It’s time people, its time to stop pondering about this issue.. and its time we take ACTION.. instead of “wondering” about it.. I’m giving you these words because I know whats to come and have pictures and other material of PROOF.. that they, the U.S. government, knows whats coming. Good luck to you all..

    • Please can you tell me cuz, I’m just friking out right now, it’s all over the Internet that alians or zumbies or are coming, I have 3 kids I don’t know wat the hell I’m gonna do when it’s happen. But all I know is Dat I ready.;(

  6. I am here to help and I know a lot, really… Not joking.
    First of all it is dangerous to leave comments, search for, or even think about things related to this, but it is a nessesary act of sacrafice for you guidence. Your and your family’s best defence is to find yourself and grow. Aliens will come from the inner earth, mars, planet X, an invasion fleet, here.. But do not fear, love.

    In the beginning the were creators, and one, Lucifer, was injured from the end of the previous universe and transformation to this one. With patience and deciving, he managed to corrupt a third of the emerging beings and attempted to take over heaven. He fell victum to his shortsightedness (believed his own illusions) and he fell, and those under him were now obominations and the other creators set out to heal them and for them to learn for themselves, and earth (terran) was chosen for them to rehabilitate. There is much more to this story left untold. We are in he physical dimention (7th ray) and the year 2012 is of large significance in that it is the end and begining of a great cycle and the corruptted ones will attempt to conrol the earth. I can tell you outright that the creators and higher entites will easily smite them but all is not saved for many will fall to the evil one’s corruption and will also be smited.
    Evil festers in weakness
    Be strong
    Love is I AM YOU
    Anything is possible
    I would like to end with saying raise your vibrations if you wish to be untouched, and by that I mean find your inner guide;your map back to the divine, awsome being that is yourself. Read between the lines, find you inner power and realise – BECOME. You know what to do, what you were born to do.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!…ill be laughing at this idiocy after 21 december..after 31 december! cause nothing’s gonna happen…heed my warning i have ancient knowledge called common sense

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