The Colony – New Urban Survival show on Discovery

The Colony is a reality television series that lasted for three seasons on the Discovery Network.

The Colony TV Show

The series dealt with topics related to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The premise of the show was to bring together a group of strangers, all who had specific skill-sets, and place them together for three months to test out the concept of rebuilding civilization after a catastrophic disaster.

Here are some highlights from The Colony

Shirts of Liberty
The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide


  1. This show, like all reality shows, is bogus. Basically you have a bunch of anti firearm idiots trying to survive in a firearm world, where no one else believes in their naive philosophy. When will people start to understand the true nature of man kind. There will always be people who want it all and gangs of people trying to help them get it. Real survial is down right gut wrenching meaner than any other person trying to take what you have worked for or have stored away. I saw much of the true nature of people in Vietnam when I was there for two tours with the Marines. Weakness give a person no negotiating power and most likely in slaved or dead

  2. I agree with you that these shows are for the must part bogus, but if they get people thinking about survival or coming online to do some research for themselves then it’s a good start.

    Survival is down right ugly, and no show can ever capture what people really go through in a life or death survival situation. When watching any survival show people should always keep in mind that what they are watching is at best theory. They are carefully crafted T.V. show with safety crews and can never replicate a real world survival scenario….

  3. Hello Robert. I do like your website. I did not want to sound so negative, but I fear we have created a terrible view of the world through rose colored glasses. You are correct that anything that can get people to think about what could happen in the event survival skills are needed is a plus.

  4. No problem, you are completely right survival is not pretty and a lot of these shows make it seem easy and do nothing to show the reality of what people actually go through in a real life survival situation…..

    I wrote an article a couple days ago based on your post.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. The most glaring thing about “The Colony” is that it takes place in L.A. and there seems to be a total lack of anarchy. After the Rodney King event this show fails to represent the total lawlessness that L.A. would fall into. The show is interesting in the fact that I have found a few ideas I had not previously seen before. My biggest concern with the show is the lack of challenge from outside forces.

  6. I love the show. It offers educational information regarding an issue that is difficult for society to talk about. The best act of survival is knowledge, the ability to face reality, and the desire to simply work hard in difficult circumstances. I am proud to have such information on air.

    I am, however, extremely disappointed in one of the chosen participants of the project. If Allison were in a true survival situation, parading around in high heels and a dress, without providing any other real talent, service or desire to show any work ethic – her job would quickly become what she has posed herself to be. She looks like a prostitute, so she should stop pretending. If she isn’t going to do anything else, she better start spreading her legs and making babies for future survival.

    If she is only a tease and loves to have other women and men work for her without giving anything back, then she needs to leave. She is a waste of space and resources.

    Birdie ;)

  7. Aside from the staged/scripted content, there is ALOT of useful information being passed on, to those who L@@K at it that way.

    I never, ever pass up an opportunity to learn something new, particularly when that something may someday save my life.

    I myself have been in both urban and island survival situations I’ve been in a city without power, water, food sources for weeks and being properly prepared for a *KNOWN* threat (in this case Hurricanes) it was quite easy to survive.

    In the Island survival situation, a fishing buddy and I were stranded on an island for nearly a week when his boat motor died and turned our overnight trip into a week long event. That was as real as can be, because we didn’t know WHEN or IF someone might happen by.

    Clearly after a few days, water wise we’d be in deep **** if we didn’t have fresh drinking water, or the means to make more.
    Since we planned on camping overnight, we did have ‘some’ supplies with us to make life easier, but clearly shelter, water, food were the concern from the start.

    Ya know, at the end of that I really didn’t want to leave, it was quite peaceful and I was pleased at how quickly we made things very comfortable, despite the overall lack of preparing for a long stay on the island.

  8. I am so embarrrassed by Alison the RN. I am a RN also, and never would I let personal feelings get in the way of me providing medical care to
    Allison was abarrassing to the nursing profession. Allison is embarrassing to the nursing professio. A true nurse would never take things personal and not render care to someone who is sick orinjured.Maybe it is editing but she did not show any care or compassion to Joey.
    She said if someone walked in an ER screaming like Michael he would not get care. I wonder where she work. When your body is deprived of basic nutrition,
    rest, and hydration your mind, actions, personality, etc. Is altered. Maybe, Allison was a jerk because of those reasons. I certainly hope so. But, I doubt it because she was doing dumb things from the very begining like making stupid dresses instead of medical supplies that could be useful such as bandages. Enough about Allison!!!!! My favorites are Michael, Joey, John C, and Morgan. Maybe editing again but Morgan did not get the credit she deserved for her valuable and brillant input. Michael was the most brillant of them all. By the way, What in the world was Amy there for? I thought the show was a great idea. Even though real life would most likely be much worse it was thought provoking and I have learned a lot. I would love to be a part

  9. I absolutely loved that show and have anxiously been awaiting the next season. Speaking of which, when IS the next season. There are a lot of us waiting!

  10. we need this show so that those of us that live on a budget can find a way to survive with our babies, and be protected. i took some notes…..but i need to know more…..should we head for the hills? hide in caves? what can we do?

  11. There is no way of knowing what you can/need to do untill you know what reason you are fleeing or surviving. Make sure you have a bag packed and ready to go. If anything happens I have clothes, food, water, (tabs to clean water) knives, guns, and training. This was a great show actually. These people are all smart in their own field, and they put them together carefully. 90% of humans wouldn’t make the things these people did. You need to be able to hunt for protein, and have shelter. Get started now and have a plan, that’s all you can do for now. Good lightweight gear will save your life if you are ready and willing to make any and all sacrifices necessary to survive. We have to return to a human way of living. this 20/21st century lifestyle we live as Americans is dying fast, hope you call can use a hammer.

  12. I agree that Allison was a complete waste, and an embarassment to not only medical staff everywhere, but to humankind in general and to herself. I’m not cracking on women’s rights by any means…there was a certain lack of respect for and between everyone on the show that would naturally put a person into a stand-off-ish state of mind. But on the other hand, she was the only medically trained person on the team since the disappearance of the actual doctor, and what ever happened to the hypocrattic (sp?) Oath that is required to undertake? I don’t know that rn’s are required to forego that formality, but I would certainly think that they are. Yeah, its a tv show so I understand that much was probably scripted, but come on…I hated her…and did anyone else catch that she wrote “vehicle” on the chalkboard starting with “vech….” ?? I noticed it when they were discussing the electric trike, and totally had a double-take. She is an idiot…honestly, I think we can all agree that her skills, if she actually posessed any to begin with, were the least used, and she was frankly the most idiotic member of the team. Zero ideas worth mentioning, zero willingness to accept and assume responsibility in her expertise field, zero …….period. nothing. End of story. She sucks.

  13. Some people are such naysayers and critical of shows they offer a perspective of a crisis or disaster. People are not all the same in any crisis or disaster. Many are decent, compassionate, law abiding people. There are however a percentage that are not. It is up to the majority to control those that don’t want to be civil and live in peace. Those leaders chosen to be in charge must be perceived fair and just. The world is full of evil cowards and people that commit evil deeds. ” Danger is real but fear is a choice”

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