Walking Sticks and Canes – Your secret self defense weapon

For years, criminals have slowly been getting the upper hand on society. From Airports and courthouses to liberal cities that care more about a criminals rights than your own, the list of places that you can legally carry a gun are quickly diminishing.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of going anywhere these days without a weapon is starting to seem more and more like a game of Russian Roulette. From Terrorist attacks and crazy lone gunmen to wannabe gangsters and thugs, there has never been a time when we needed to be able to defend ourselves more than today.

2 guys fighting with a caneCane in self defense positionSo what do you do if you can’t carry a gun or a knife?

If you are going to be in an area that makes carrying a gun impossible, your next best option may be to carry a walking stick or a cane.

Walking sticks make great self-defense weapons and can be carried with you just about anywhere in the world, including airports and other places where you could be vulnerable to an attack.

Benefits of carrying a walking stick or cane:

  • They are easy to carry and easy to use as a self-defense weapon.
  • They will not attract unwanted attention and for the most part will probably be ignored by people.
  • They can be carried almost anywhere in the world including airports, courthouses, and other places that restrict weapons.
  • They are a great all around survival tool and can be used in a number of survival situations including, building a shelter, making a splint, improvising a crude hunting weapon, and a number of other uses.
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  1. Sticks were the first tools made by man and one of his first quality weapons. I don’t leave home without my hiking stick. In fact I wrote up a how to on how to make your own hiking stick.

    They are some good tutorials out there on the net as well on how to use the stick as a weapons and some cane/walking stick makers specifically design theirs for use as a weapon.

    • I carry a cane, however I too have a problem with no car, so I’ve been a shut-in for over 5 years now. Not my choice, but no help is common with a selfish population. Hell, even Veterans don’t help Veterans in my area. You’d be surprised what you can do w/o. If I died, no one would even know…Godspeed

  2. hi Jack, where can we read your article? Yes I agree with this article, I collect a lot “stick” (including a discarded floor mop handle) to which I use now as a ‘fighting stick”. We Filipinos have a martial art based on stick called ‘Arnis de Mano” to i learned the basic in High School. The skill is helpful and a life saver!.

  3. i know it is not legal but canes with concealed swords and shot gun shells can be bought online why not combine both acane and something a little more deadly?

  4. Like Doods above I studied basic Eskrima as a teenager as a part of my Sensei’s program of enrichment. I find that the thicker, hardwood broom or mop handles make perfect cheap Eskrima sticks, short staffs or improvised bo. My current hiking stick is a 4.5′ length or hardwood closet dowel that has had the ends rounded and hardened to prevent splitting and it’s been dressed up with a laced on patch of leather for grip and various baubles from hiking trips and sightseeing. One could even go as far as get a crafting woodburner kit with different tips. It’s like a soldering iron and makes great designs if one was so inclined. Otherwise I would recommend looking online for a high-quality walking stick. Usually the cheap ones at the flea markets and mall shops would snap under any emergency uses. One word of caution: You will get lots of pimp comments.

  5. I am looking for something short,maybe concealed as un umbrella or something.It should not be sword,more like a walking stick,but shorter,which can used to defend oneself.I am constantly being mugged in my neighbour hood.I need something to protect myself.Hopefully u guys recommend a site,which have this types of items for sale

  6. This is one area I have found that my skills with a sword come in handy. Having spent a good deal of time in the SCA (http://www.sca.org) as a heavy fighter and a walking stick is a VERY effective weapon in my hands in both defensive and offensive situations.

  7. @MaddCelt the one mistake people make is taking a knife or a SWord to a SCA member lol they will loose. Hell I where Chain mail off seson to keep use to it Air ports love me for it lol.

    @John You are getting muged all the time I not to be mean you should see if you can fide a Doc in Behavioral to see about getting you not to look like pray.

    A good Reinforced pen could help Stab them in the liver and they will bleed out (and I have gotten them on airplanes)

  8. I used a night stick & riot baton quite effectively as an MP. I still travel with a stick- a bent wood cane or Cold Steel Cane sword- legal in most free places and states. I even have a flask cane- holds a pint of whiskey, just in case. I have found that I get on & off planes more quickly- “Let the dottering old guy through first.” Evan TSA is nice to a user of a cane. Most folks think of a stick or cane as a club. they are better employed as a short spear.

    • think of it and use it as a bayoneted rifle – thrusting and butt stroking with the hook … the sharped bird’s beak hook style can cut the juglar

  9. I have 4′ 5″ hardwood walking stick. It’s of Osage Orange wood that I cut here on my farm about 2 yrs ago. It has dryed without cracking and is very hard. The grain is very prononced. The only thing I don’t like is that it is little bit heavy for a walking stick, but would be just right for protection

  10. I went to the thrift store and got a composite golf club for a buck. Cut the head off and my handle is a stainless steel rod sharpened thàt slides down inside, 30″ long.. one night i was coming home, unlocking the door/gate a some street rat tried to come in behind me. Out came the rod and the rat backed up, now out in the street he grabbed a chunk of cement and flung it at me..while he was fishing for another one i rushed him and poked him in the hand..that got his attention..then i did a litle figure 8 with it in his face and watched his eyes go wide..told him he better run along..which he did..gave him a little poke in the ass as he ran away..i think he was really drunk so i gave him a break.

  11. Cane styles based on sword play have the problem of no guard for the hand, thus an open target and, of course, canes aren’t sharp. The recent revival of Bartitsu (the martial art of Sherlock Holmes see bartitsu.org) has incorporated the Vigny cane technique, which I had a lesson in last night, its fun and effective.

  12. Hi I as yet am not in need of protection where I live. But the only thing constant in life is change. I have thought a lot about this and a sap would work excellent in most cases. But if you combine it with a cane and hook a small bag of sand or lead shot to the end it would become a very deadly weapon. It could have no metal in it. it could be concealed in plain site and look like a pocket or belt pouch.

  13. i haven’t heard anyone mention the unbreakable umbrella, i had seen them advertised in U.S.C.C.A., for some too young too pass of the cane walking stick bit, but still have a lengthened means of defense, i carry the collapsible baton when i can, but ur not drawing as much attention just carrying an umbrella, unless there’s of course no chance of rain

  14. I have some long lengths of bamboo I ve been having,not knowing what to do with it.Now this article has been an insparation.Its about a half dollar in diameter and is very strong for walking sticks.Hell,I probably have 50 to 75 feet of it.Thanks for the ideas.

  15. Would it be a good idea to do a makeshift knife at the ends of the walking stick that don’t look like a knife. Bear with me, to put, say a piece of styrofoam on top of the sharp ends so it’s not seen, and if needed to defend yourself, shove that into the attacker, the styrofoam will breakoff and you will have the chance to RUN.

  16. A walking cane if used properly can be extremely lethal. I recommend a harden wood cane. Some come almost unbreakable depending how much u can spend. They so sell videos on how to use one as a weapon, an it is very easy to understand an learn.

  17. I use a 5ft hardwood sapling shaft that I burnished. It has a deer antler afixed to the top with a short length of threaded rod. I don’t know what people think, but dogs are terrified of it pointing at them.

  18. Ka-bar now makes a crook cane that’s fairly indestructible, another option is the indestructible umbrella… search for the ladder one online I’m not sure they still make it

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