Backpack Review – Mountainsmith’s Hiker

Are you looking for a solid Backpack for short one or two day hikes that is also environmentally friendly? Well the Hiker by Mountainsmith might be the bag for you. I recently had a chance to test out the pack, and I was very impressed.

My Thoughts on the Bag:

  1. My first impression of the pack was how solid it felt; the bag looks like it can take a beating.
  2. The bag has a Solid design that seems well suited for pretty much any terrain.

My Experience with the Bag:

  1. Loved the Mesh Side Pockets. They easily fit my Huge 1.5 Liter Bottles (one on each side) which are usually a pain to carry in some other bags. It was also very easy to slip the bottle right back in the bag without stopping.
  2. I like the Trekking Pole Straps, Very convenient and easy to grab!
  3. The bag was actually pretty comfortable and I liked that the waist belt was removable.
  4. It took a beating! I am pretty rough with my packs and I was a little bit rougher than normal with this one. I threw it, tossed it over rocks, dropped it down the side of a rock face and just beat the hell out of it… When I got home and checked it, there was not a scratch or rip to report.
  5. Plenty of room for all my Junk. I was able to carry everything I needed for a day hike, for two adults and a child, and still had room for more.

Things you should know about the Bag:

  1. Environmentally Friendly – This bag was made from recycled water bottles.
  2. Hydration Compatible with Built in Exit Port. ( I used the hydration area to store extra socks, I usually use canteens or bottles instead of hydration bags so it gave me an extra pocket to use)
  3. This bag is good for those who are going on extended day trips and short hikes.
  4. Weight – 2 lbs. 11 oz.
  5. The bag would also make a good Bugout Bag to store in your vehicle!

Bag in action out on the trails:

hiking bag

Mountainsmiths Hiker Backpack

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide


  1. Good to know…… I have been thinking about getting a mountainsmith pack, glad to know the construction is so good on these

  2. I have to strongly disagree with this choice . The reasons are that most hiking packs are just that . for folks to have recreation on the trails , but they fail in most other respects . I would recommend for a BoB and serious off trail hiking that you put down the cash and get an Eberlstock hunting pack . Many models to choose from and all are highly customizable and have build in rifle scabbards and hydration system compatible , all are meant to blend in with the environment as well . whereas hiking packs are not and your stuck with the configuration the company wants to give you . I recommend their ” blue widow “or ” dragonfly ” .
    Your life may depend on your gear , these packs are tougher than ” civie ” packs and the many optional load capacities are a big plus .

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