Outdoor Tips

Grab-And-Run Kit

December 28, 2008 Off The Grid 1

Everyone should have a 72 hour Survival Bag that they can grab when an emergency comes up. It is also a good idea to have one in both your car or home. […]

Outdoor Tips

Survival Matches

December 2, 2008 Off The Grid 2

Matches can come in very useful during a survival situation. Stock up on as many as you can, they are cheap and extremely useful in any emergency situation. From lighting candles for emergency lighting to getting fires started for cooking, matches are a survival necessity. […]

Outdoor Tips

Survival Food – Nuts

November 6, 2008 Off The Grid 1

Nuts are a great survival food. They are packed with high amounts of proteins and fats that can keep you going A handful of nuts can be provide you with a excellent boast of energy. […]

Outdoor Tips

Salt for Survival

October 30, 2008 Off The Grid 2

Salt is essential for survival. Your body can lose a lot of salt from sweating it is important to have a source of salt to keep your body in top shape. […]

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