An Hour a Day

How much time do you waste on a daily basis watching the News? 30 minutes…. an hour…. maybe more?


What is the news doing for you?
If you spend an hour a day watching the news, or some other mindless T.V. show, within one year you will have wasted 15 full 24 hour days. Is the news helping you prepare for an emergency? Has it enhanced you knowledge of survival?

wasted timeConsider this:

1 hour of T.V. a day equals:

  • 15 full 24 hour days a year
  • Over 9 40 hour work weeks in a year
  • In 5 years you will have spent over 45 work weeks’ worth of time watching Crap!

What if you took that hour and spent it doing something else?

If you devoted it to reading survival blogs and websites, reading survival books, and practicing your skills, just imagine how much you would know in less than a year.

9.125 40 hour work weeks in a year
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  1. Sometimes it is very hard – after getting home from a long day of work and doing all my chores… I would rather rest, read a book, etc. vs. doing anything else physical. But I do think that we all spend too much time watching TV. You know one thing that we should realize is that if we are without power for whatever reason, for any amount of time — how would that affect our daily lives? my boyfriend, for example, is a TV junkie and he sits in front of the TV every minute he is home. I even bring him his meals (yes, call me an enabler!) most of the time. I do not watch TV, thankfully, but I am definitely an internet junkie — much prefer to read a book or go on the internet (I have to admit my boyfriend has his laptop in his lap and he is working, too… since he does programming, it is easy for him to sit on the couch with the computer and watch TV while he is working).

    I know that if we were without power, there would be extra “chores” that would need to be done, but we would still have our free time. How would we spend our extra curricular time in that scenario? Without TV? Without the internet? Well, I just bought a hand cranked charger for my cell phone, and at least I can access my email and the internet there, but only 3 of my 7+ email accounts… but what if there was no cell phone service, either? That would really agitate me. I have books, sudoku puzzles, etc. and card games in our 72 hour kits… thankfully we don’t have any kids that would incessantly complain about being bored and nothing to do.

  2. My attention span is usually only 8 to 10 minutes. Usually less if nothing happening. You can usually get a lot more and more up to date news by surfing the internet.

    So by the time the local news comes on i have already heard that news and looking for new stuff.

  3. You make a very good point regarding wasting time on mindless endeavours. However, your math is wrong.

    – 1 hour a day equals 9.125 40 hour work weeks in a year, not 25.
    – Similarly, in 5 years the damage is 45.625 work weeks, not 2.3 years

    Still too much time to waste in my opinion.

  4. Even better Stop spending $5 a night on a sixpac and use the money and the time you didn’t waste on tossing a few back to fix up your place. You know, paint, landscape, put in a patio, etc.

  5. This is good advice. Between Google News and Drudge I can usually cover the important stuff in no time.

  6. I like this website, there is a lot of useful information and good ideas. I especially like this article about all the other alternatives besides mindless TV. I have a theory on that. Why is everything on TV so “primed” and “cutting edge”? Why use “shock” words like “alert” to keep people tuned in. They need you to feel that they are your source for entertainment and info. Just like they need you to feel tired and overwhelmed by the end of your work day. I think this is a tactic being employed, directly against us. Meanwhile we are buying the fear, buying the products, and like the man said himself, “what is the news doing for you?” Or TV at all for that matter? It is keeping us down, keeping us from exploring, keeping us from real experiences and learning. As long as we feel complete and safe on our couches watching the boob tube, we will never accomplish anything out of the confines that have been set up for us.

  7. i like to think using an hour a day to workout is an excellent use of my time, that way im fit and strong for when hells knocking at my door

  8. I think that you are on the money with the idea of watching too much TV. But…keeping your eyes on the current events may be what one will need to give him/her the insight as to what may hit the fan. So maybe 30 min a day with the news isn’t such a bad idea.

  9. TV is the ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction lol! I agree with the above. However, the internet can be just as bad sometimes. You can trawl up some amount of crap looking for alternative news and the time seems to fly by in the process! Hours wasted. Get out into the wilderness and get connected:)

  10. good advise
    I spend a lot of time watching crap on tv when I could be learning things that I haven’t before I already go to the gym so I’m good there.

  11. Watching the news is the worst thing to do and it is a waste of valuable time and the information you get is what THEY want you to hear.
    When the SHTF don’t turn on the news watch for the military, the first military vehicle you see, is when you should grab your BOB and run.

  12. I agree but disagree. Shows like survivor man and doomsday preppers are informative. I’m not saying that after watching an episode of dual survivors your reads to head out with a slingshot and take ver the world but maybe something will stick and come in useful

  13. I don’t want to be a stick in the mud. I really like your website,but I just want to clarify your point. While watching television, news or otherwise isn’t the best use of time, I don’t think your suggestion of switching tv viewing with reading survival blogs to be an adequate solution. Of course, mindlessly watching television is always a terrible idea, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying something in moderation.
    In regard to the specific reference to the news, there are of course better ways to learn what’s going on in the news. Maybe I’m just not familiar with survival blogs, but that doesn’t seem to address the lack of information if one were to stop watching the news in favor of reading a survival blog.
    I believe moderation in all things is key. I’ll still enjoy watching a show or two once a week, but it couldn’t hurt to read something like this when one would normally stare at the television for several hours at a time. I think I’ll bookmark this site as a go to site for information, and one day I’ll put this information to use. :)

  14. The last man on earth is sitting in his room watching ‘snow’ on his TV …. Then, there’s a knock at his door!

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