EGear Dynamo Winding Generator Radio Review

We got a chance to test out EGear’s Dynamo Weatherband/AM/FM Radio recently, and I was pretty impressed with how durable this little radio is.

I think having a hand crank radio is essential for anyone who is serious about survival. Not only will it help you stay on top of what’s going on during a natural disaster, but it will provide you with some needed entertainment. During any kind of disaster, it’s nice to have something that can temporarily take your mind off your troubles.

Why We liked the EGear Dynamo Radio

The radio has:

  • 7 NOAA channels plus emergency alert mode with AM/FM Radio
  • A powerful little Led Light with a 180 swivel head light with 3-LEDs
  • a sturdy outer shell.
  • Operated by built-in rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries with 3 ways to power:
    1. Dynamo winding generator
    2. 12V DC car adapter (included)
    3. 12C AC/DC Wall adapter (not included)
  • Features a Mobile phone adapter kit that will charge most cell phones.
  • Has a little Storage compartment in the bottom of the radio to stash extra gear.
  • Only 1 minute of winding time to get you 10 minutes of radio time or 1 minute of light time

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