550 Paracord: The Top Survival & Outdoor Cordage

For thousands of years man has counted on cordage for a wide variety of applications. Today you can find a millions of different types of ropes, strings and cords at just about any local hardware store; but one of the best and most popular types of cordage for survival is 550 Paracord.

Paracord Knife Lanyard
Paracord used to create a Knife Lanyard

550 Paracord has a number of survival applications and is one of the most versatile types of cordage you can carry. Originally used by paratroopers during WWII in suspension lines, paracord quickly found its way into other branches of the military because of its strength and use as a multipurpose utility line.

Paracord inside strands
Real Military Grade nylon military spec paracord is made from 7 3-ply woven strands wrapped inside of a nylon Sheath. The cord gets its name from its high breaking strength which is 550 pounds.

Why is 550 Paracord such a great survival tool?

Paracord’s popularity comes from its incredibly high breaking strength for its size; 225 feet of Paracord weighs under a pound, making it a popular choice for those that need to keep pack weights down. On top of being lightweight, its versatility helps make it one of the best types of survival cordage you can carry.

Paracord Tarp Shelter
Paracord used to create a tarp/hammock shelter.

From setting up tarp tent shelters and repairing gear to making traps and fishing line, paracord can be a survivalist’s best friend. It also gives you the ability to carry a number of different types of cordage all in one piece of rope. Simply removing the outer layer of the Paracord gives you access to 7 smaller diameter pieces of line, which can be further unraveled into 3 smaller strands. Its survival and bushcraft applications make it a must have for anyone looking for a solid type of cordage to carry in their bags.

Paracord Survival Trap
Paracord has a number of survival applications including trap and snare making
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  1. I recommend the white venetian blind cord from hard ware stores. Its just as good as paracord, but you see it in the dark so u dont trip over your tent/tarp ropes. Doesnt seem to be any less effective in animal traps than the green stuff as long as u smoke it first. Of course probably wouldnt be the best for booby traps, but who needs that $h1t anway.

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