Fire Starting – Starting a fire with Cotton Balls

Cotton balls saturated with alcohol or Vaseline make a great fire-starter.

Cottonballs on Fire

Cotton balls are a great addition to your survival kit. When soaked in alcohol or Vaseline, they make a great fire starter that will burn long enough to get even the most stubborn fire going. In fact, a Vaseline soaked cotton ball will burn for over 5 minutes, which is more than enough time to start a fire even in a wet environment.

If you’re trying to save money, another great option for starting a fire is using dryer lint.

Just like cotton, it takes a spark with very little effort.  Check out our latest fire starting video to see how easy starting a fire with lint can be.

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  1. This is a good idea but you can also melt a candle and soak the cotton ball in the wax and it will burn for just as long if not longer. (also its a lot less messy so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in a plastic bag) But it is a little bit harder to get it to light.

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