The Great Prepper Reset: How the Fairytale Pandemic set the Stage for Collapse & War

Prepper Reset

From the beginning of the coronahoax, we have taken a lot of shit because of our stance on the issue. A lot of braindead sheep could not handle a so-called prepper website breaking out of the noise chamber and telling people that COVID-19 wasn’t the doomsday threat the mainstream media and 99.9% of other survival sites claimed it to be.

So we took a break and slowed things down a bit; for me our integrity is more important that making money off of people panicking, and I decided we were not going to feed into the hysteria.

We’ve done some articles on the fear aspects of the so-called pandemic, and we have definitely covered the crackdown on freedom and things like the Great Reset threat, but we refused to make money selling useless masks and the dumb gimmicky crap that other survival sites – run by internet marketers — have pushed throughout this scam. In fact, my store Shirts of Liberty could have made a killing selling the dumb face diapers—we stuck to selling shirts and refused to sell the stupid fucking masks.

The Great Prepper Reset: Where do we see things?

Internet Purge

Our advice and where we see things going is not too far off from what we have been saying on OFFGRID Survival for almost 15 years now – and most of the advice in my book The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World still applies.

One of the biggest threats to your survival is stupid fucking people, and the way they react to not only real-life threats, but media induced psychosis as well. It’s something I’ve talked about in the book, and it’s something we have covered numerous times throughout the years on this site. Remember, even before this started, we warned you that you live among Zombies!

If the Coronavirus mass hysteria event has taught you anything, it should be that we live in a world with a lot of really stupid fucking people that can not only be brainwashed, but can be pushed into a mass psychosis and convinced to do things that are beyond absurd to the point of being mentally ill.

If I asked you two years ago, how many of you would have said there was no way:

  • People would be convinced to wear multiple masks made from useless pieces of fabric that provide zero protection from actual viruses over their face – not only indoors, but outdoors and while driving in their sealed vehicle with a plastic face shield over their useless cloth masks?
  • People would stand in Disneyland style lines to get into the grocery store, bank, etc..? And then stand on magic squares at the checkout line that protect them from the people around them?
  • People would allow stores like Walmart to tell them which way they can or can’t walk down an aisle?
  • People, including preppers, would stock up on things like toilet paper, cause a run on toilet paper – all while forgetting to stock up essentials like food and other survival supplies?
  • People would be willing to wear a mask to walk 5 feet to a table at a restaurant, believe that once they sat down they could safely take off the mask and then be safe from the magic virus, unless you live in a certain area where the virus can count — in that case, you would allow your family to be separated into multiple tables because somehow the magic virus can tell if you have more than 4 people at your table and kill everyone?
  • People would allow the government to determine who is and who is not essential?

So what should you be prepping for?

At some point this shit is all going to come crashing down – probably by design. We’ve told you for over 15 years now that the collapse would not be some instant doomsday type event, that in all likelihood the collapse would be slow and play out over years before then ramping up and somehow still catching the masses with their pants down.

The Great Reset is coming; there are far too many powerful people now openly admitting that they are planning to do it.  

Make sure you start stocking up on the essentials – and that does not mean toilet paper!

The first thing you need to do, is make sure you have your essential needs covered. In the case of a pandemic, the essentials include water, shelter, food, sanitation, medications, and personal security.  During a Pandemic, the less contact you have with others, the better your chances are of staying healthy.

Take the lessons that you have hopefully learned over the last year, and start planning for things to get worse, far worse! None of this was ever about a magic virus, or some phony ass pandemic, it was about killing your spirit, killing the American Dream, and enacting total control on the populous – and if you think I am wrong, just take a trip to your local Walmart and tell me these people are not part of the biggest phycological warfare mindfuck of all time!

Short-term Threats you should be ready for:

Preparedness Resources

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. The prepper sites (not all of course) push doom and gloom so sell more stuff. Prove me wrong!

    When the Marxist tide starts rolling in the next year or so, the big reset will continue even faster. This will promote more doom and gloom…
    Prepare at will!

  2. This mask wearing with the lockdowns and vaccines is nothing more than a training secession to prepare the sheeple for the next phase.
    Remember, the demonic democrats want total control and they want agenda 21/30 done ASAP! That’s only nines years away folks!

  3. Big thumbs up! Most people that see what’s really going on have no courage to speak up. But your post is a message that needs to be heard. Thanks for this! All the best from The Netherlands,

  4. He mentions the U.N. Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. It is located on the U.N.s website. If you would like to see what the pinkos have planned for us it is a good read.

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