Leki Pole Review

I had a chance to try out some Leki poles over the weekend, and I was surprised to find that I actually liked them. Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against Leki; I just never really considered using a hiking stick, and to be honest I always thought it was kind of lame.

So Why did I end up liking the Leki Poles?

  • I really liked the extra support they gave me while hiking, especially while hiking through riverbeds. They made hiking over tricky areas a little easier to navigate, and they’re really good for keeping your balance when navigating over rough terrain.
  • Hiking Poles can reduce the stress on your knee joints when doing a steep descent.
  • The Leki poles are super sturdy and the quality is superb.
  • Very Lightweight. When not in use, I strapped them to the back of my Mountainsmith pack. The added weight was of no real significance; in fact, they are so light that I forgot they were strapped to the bag.
  • They are really handy to have around in case you get into trouble. They can be used to make a quick tarp tent shelter as shown in the picture below.

Tarp Tent
Hiking Pole Tarp Tent Shelter

Check out these popular Leki Poles:

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