Talking to Friends and Family about Prepping

This is a question we get a lot! People always want to know what they can do to help protect their families, but even more, they want to know what they can say to convince their friends and family to start prepping.

To be honest this is a touchy subject, one that can often make even hardcore preppers feel a bit uncomfortable.

For some, the thought of talking to anyone about prepping fills them with feelings of anxiety. Just the thought of others knowing what preps you have is enough to fill anyone with a sense of paranoia. And who can blame them, lately it seems like every time we turn on the news another government agency is warning people about those dangerous preppers. Not only does that make it hard for us to want to share our stories, but it also makes our family look at us like we are a bit off.

For those who have tried to talk about the subject, trying to get their family and friends on board can be a headache, to say the least.

From friends and family members that truly believe the government will save them during a time of crisis to those that have been brainwashed by the media to believe that preppers are all tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs, prepping can often be a touchy, or even taboo subject to talk about. While we have touched on the subject in the past, I thought it was important to take another look at how we can help those we care about prepare for an uncertain future.

Dealing with those who believe the Government will help them in a time of crisis.

FEMA handing out water

As a reader who recently wrote to me pointed out, 50 years of being programmed to believe that the government can help is hard to undo. We live in a society that is becoming increasingly reliant on the government to help them in every aspect of their lives. In fact, over 67 million Americans now rely on government aid to pay for either their housing, food, healthcare, or education. That’s 1 in 5 Americans!

Most people simply don’t realize, or believe that they are in any kind of danger. Most Americans live under the belief that the government will be there to help them in a time of crisis.

So what can you do to change this mindset and protect those that you care about?

Use the Governments own advice.

Government's Ready Campaign

Even the government advises people to be prepared. They will be the first to admit that during a time of crisis it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to respond in less than 72 hours.

At the very least, your friends and family should be prepared to survive at home without power, water, and utilities for a minimum of 72 hours. While most of the government’s advice is rather simplistic, it may help you introduce the subject to those who depend on the government for everything.

Here is the Recommended Emergency Supply List from the Government’s Ready Campaign

Government Emergency Supply List

Show them how the Government is increasing their preparedness efforts.

Government Emergency Food Supplies

Over the last year, the federal government has steadily increased their preparedness stockpiles by buying up huge amounts of emergency food and medical supplies. At one point, the government was purchasing so much emergency food that the major emergency food suppliers had to stop selling to the public.

And it’s not just food that they’re buying. From overhauling the National Emergency Alert System and running the first ever national test last November to running major multi-state multi-agency earthquake drills, it seems like the government is trying to prepare the public for something big. A number of these government agencies have also started to warn their employees to prepare for the worse.

Point out Government failures.

A Sign showing people asking FEMA for Help

From botching the first test of the Emergency Alert System to the way the government handled events like Hurricane Katrina, The Gulf Oil Spill, and Hurricane Sandy, it should be apparent that once the feds get involved with anything, things quickly go from bad to worse. I would point out these break downs and ask your loved ones if they really want to put their lives in the government’s hands.

The more examples you can give them, the easier it will be for them to understand that they are in control of their own fate.

One last point….

Prepping isn’t just about preparing for a cataclysmic end of the world event. It’s about being prepared for those small-scale events in life that can feel cataclysmic if we’re not prepared. Having some extra food, water, and knowledge is no different from buying an insurance policy. We all hope that we will never have to use it, but should something bad happen you’re going to be kicking yourself if you’re not prepared.

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  1. I was shot in the back by 2 little punk ass obama supporters that would rather steal then work,I have been prepping for 2 years now I WILL NOT BE A VICTIM again, a lot of these these people that you are talking about that hold there hand out will be the first victims, they will turn on each other like animals, I am so glad I live where I do , I am on the tenn. river in Alabama with campsites allover this river all my site have food at them at least 1 week will survive and I am prepared to eat your heart if you fuk with me and turn the rest of you into people jerky YUM YUM…love ya

  2. As I was driving home from work today I couldn’t help but notice all these people trapped in their own little bubble on their Iphones speeding as if they had some place to go texting, putting their makeup on and oblivious to those around them. What will they do when the SHTF?!

    • Some may Be ready but most will be a Victim..If you are in an Urban setting you need to be ready more then ANYBODY because about a week after the all the Grocery stores and gun store are wiped out people are next….good luck

  3. Your post rings to true. The normalcy bias in our society is very hard to break through. Thanks for the reminder to point people towards actual government actions that point to preparedness. Keep up the great work!!

  4. In my opinion (and subsequent use) of the “gov’t” advice and failures are the best leverage one can use to break through the stone-headedness of our unwilling friends/relatives… no need to reveal anything personal other than one’s belief that prepping is the right thing to do and that quickly…

  5. Well I live in earthquake country and we also have a power plant in our county so I have always seen a good reason to prep for a natural event. Only few of my friends really get it, and my family go along with me sort of. I say it’s like insurance you don’t ever need it untill something goes wrong, and then your sure glad that you have it. For the people that don’t get it like a family member or a loved one it’s not a bad idea to give them a gift of a small kit/survival bag. Better have it and never need it!

  6. My big problem is my mouth,so much for OPSEC.I get so caught up in trying to get others on board that I have put out a sign that says”food line starts here”.I have put my house on the market and pray be to GOD,it sells,I can go back to Co. and learn to keep my mouth shut. There is no recovery here as far as to many people know that I’m a prepper.
    Any advice would be nice.

    • i was like you until people all looked to me to save them when TSHTF. Keep your direct family (wife and kids) on board with your plan, but don’t tell anyone else. Keep your bugout location and what supplies you have secret. Otherwise you’ll end up with people expecting hand outs or worse.

      • I agree. keeping secrets is a must when it comes to survival. The way I see it, how can I ever help anyone later on down the line if 100 people show up as soon as anything happens. That is my goal when all this goes to hell. And its really important to not say a word to your neighbors. They’ll expect help, no matter what. I’m lucky because most of my neighbors are not within seeing distance, so I can do alot outdoors without people noticing.
        one last thing, I was told a while ago that the most important thing not to forget when it comes to prepping is to be spiritually and mentally prepared. Without these assets you’ll be up a creek.

  7. I’m looking for other preppers in the columbus GA area to team with or work with. I have started prepping my house and read allot of reference material to get things rolling. If your in the area and can atleast assist by guidance and are not looking to team please let me know, I totally understand the hesitation of teaming with someone you do not no.

    reply by email please and we can take it from there.

  8. I have had trouble with my friends and some of my family.I just tell them , ” it will be me standing in a line for bread, not them” Let me do what I need to”. My hubby thinks I am nuts too, But they will all love me, If SHTF and there is food and water in the house. I have enough for 4 people for 2-3 months right now. will be adding ALOT more this summer.

  9. I’m fed up and sick of all the police and the government and offshore banking cartel’s destruction of my wages, liberty and ultimately my life that I am looking forward to a SHTF day when I can skullfuck an armed operative, take his “super-soaker” and along with an armed mob of those just like me, waste everything that still wears a uniform. I am a veteran of an elite airborne unit, I have skills in wrecking unspeakable destruction upon that which I see fit to do it to, and have done so in times past, but with meritable valor. I am not by any means a hot air dickhead, but since youth I have kept the values of upstanding ways and since I have began to see the overbearing influx of those who believe and subsequently practice otherwise, I have made it a point to gain capabilities to counteract abovesaid skeezers. Hail justice!

  10. I am also interested in looking for other preppers outside the Mooresville,NC area to team with or work with or just be able to guide me. If your able to help me please e-mail me. Any guidance would greatly be appreciated. Thank You So Much! God Bless!

  11. The sad thing is, prepping should truly be for those smaller events that may happen. It is all about self preservation and being ready in all aspects of your life, even as simple as a couple hour power outage! Great post!

  12. Prepping is for the small stuff, little bumps in the road. I am not working but I am going thru my suff! I want to share with you these thoughts. A twenty dollar apple tree, or food tree suitable for your area, can feed your family for the next hundred years. You can store the calories of dried fruit. Best tree out there is a pecan tree. The canopy is large the calories are massive. Plant several trees , many locations, and perennials too! Many people will let you gleen trees that they no longer want the fruit. Find these neighbors and cultivate relationships!
    Also, thank goodness the government is here to give food stamps, and other social security benefits or we would have already been freaking out. Production jobs equal security and familiarity with tools. The kids these days do not know how to fix, repair, or produce much. We need to share our knowledge and ask the elderly questions before they are all gone. Knowledge is power.

  13. tell your friends and familys that prepping is not always for the end of the world[touchy subject] but for unseen events .small stuff like needing help with a emergency trip ,best friend looks after dog , aunty waters the plants, ma and pa watch house and mail, that is prepping. and from there it will become a logical thing and not a fear. start in the shallow end of the pool not the deep end.

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