Teva Aniso Waterproof Shoes Review

Looking for a waterproof shoe that actually keeps your feet dry? Well then the Teva Aniso is the shoe for you. I had a chance to try them out last weekend and wow was I impressed.

Why I liked the Teva Aniso

  1. Waterproof – I planned on testing how waterproof the Aniso’s were at the end of my hike; unfortunately, 5 minutes into my hike slipped on a rock and my feet went right into the water. Fortunately, The Teva Aniso’s did everything they were supposed to do. Not a drop of water on my feet. In fact, I kept them in the water for another 15 minutes and my feet stayed completely dry.
  2. Comfort – Extremely comfortable both as a hiking shoe, and also for everyday walking. I’ve actually used them a couple times at the skatepark, and while I wouldn’t recommend them for skating, they held up pretty nicely to the abuse.
  3. Cool – These shoes kept my feet totally dry and extremely cool. Even in cotton socks I don’t think my feet ever broke a sweat. (Keep in mind that I live in the desert, so for a shoe to keep my feet nice and cool is very hard)

Hiking in Sedona through creeks, with the Teva Aniso’s

Teva Waterproof Shoes


Teva Teva Aniso Shoes

Look for the Teva Aniso to hit the stores at the end of July.


The Teva Aniso has finally hit the market: You can check them out at:

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  1. Like the review, they seemed to really keep that water out. I bought some Ecco shoes made out of Yak leather and they have been fantastic on my Cotswolds walks.

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