You Can’t Count on 911 to Keep You Safe

shotgunWhy Gun Ownership makes sense….

It always surprises me how many people live under the illusion that nothing bad will ever happen to them. They take solace in modern enhancements in security, and stupidly believe that 911 will always be there to keep them safe.

But if you look at just the number of home invasions here in the U.S. you’ll quickly realize that counting on someone else to keep you safe is not a wise bet.

According to statistics from the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice:

  • One in five homes in America will experience a home invasion or break-in
  • One property crime happens every 3 seconds in the U.S.
  • 38 percent of assaults and 60 percent of rapes take place during home invasions
  • There are more than 8,000 home invasions reported every day in North America
  • 50 percent of all home invasions involve the use of a weapon.
  • The most common weapons used in home invasions are knives or other cutting tools.
  • In 48 percent of home invasions victims sustain physical injuries

When it comes to protecting yourself, your home, and your family do you really want to rely on someone else to keep you safe? Can you afford to take that chance?

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  1. I personally reccomend a shotgun! In the dark If you cycle the action there is’nt a person on Earth that won’t know what you got! Tells the Intruder that you don’t have to be a marksman to get them. Kinda like Horseshoes and hand-grenades, I just gotta get close to really hurt you. I like the Mossberg 500A 12 GA. Holds plenty of shells, and is a shorter gun. Excellent home defense weapon!

    • I agree Bob the 12 gauge is a fine home defense weapon and the Mossberg is a time proven choice. However the spread in 30-40 feet of 00 buck pellets is minimal. It’s important to train and one must AIM the weapon to be effective. There are two trains of thought with the racking of a round with a 12 gauge. 1. Many will flee when they hear it because you’re correct; the sound is so distinct that the US Coast Guard considered it a warning shot when I was a boarding officer. (I’m unfamiliar with policy today) 2. It also gives away your position and element of surprise. Some say keep it loaded with a round in the chamber and safety on. (This is how mine is ready at bedside. Others say magazine tube full and rack the round as a way to give a warning and hopefully avoid a confrontation. One thing is definite! YOU MUST TRIAN! When the heat is on, most will agree training takes over. Being proficient with whatever weapon you have and tactics can save your life. But don’t think you can “get close” and hit your target with a shotgun in your home. You need to be just as good a shot as with a rifle. (single bullet) OR YOU WILL MISS! The spread is less than most think. Many recommend 2 ¾ inch LE rounds which are less HOT to avoid over penetration of walls etc. SWAT uses rounds less hot than people think.

  2. I’m with Bob. Even though I don’t have one yet (I’m looking at the Remington 870), the sound is going to get the intruder’s attention. My wife says the same about racking the slide on my XD40. I know, gotta be more accurate. As the statistics say though, why stay in a gunfight if you brought a knife. Also, she’s backing me up with her GSG 1911-22. ;)

  3. A shotgun is good. A pistol is better. Here’s why. It’s harder to disarm someone with a pistol. In some home defense situations, the quarters are too confined to swing the barrel around and the defender runs a chance of being disarmed. An idea to consider is Rossi’s “Judge” series. It’s a revolver chambered for kinds two rounds, one being a .410. Remington makes a .410 round with 4 #00 pellets. Re: 911. I did college security for 8 1/2 yrs and private security for 2 yrs. I did call the police for backup in some “dicey situations”. It usually took them between 8 and 10 min running lights and siren, and 20 miles above the speed limit when they responded. In one case, it was an abduction. The guy got away. Need I say more?

    • I have a mossberg with pistol grips and a 16″ barrel, Ill take that any day over a hand gun, unless you have trained with a handgun in tactical and flash situations you may not hit whatever you think you are, but with a 12 gauge almost anything in front of you at close range is toast, a lazer and fore grip illuminator are handy too,

  4. Bob and Mark, do you have children in the house? If so, I hope you teach them about firearms and safety. If not, why do you need to cycle the actions on your pistol or shotgun?
    Agreed the sound of a pump shotgun action being cycled is the international signal of you breaking into the wrong house. In my house however, (no children), the only warning sound to an intruder will be the safety going off on my Mossberg.
    No judgement, just asking.

  5. since any firearm i might own would be for personal protection and i would want that protection available immediately, there would already be a round in the chamber… moral of the story: i would deny an intruder the luxury of that “oh s&%t” moment, however brief it might be…

  6. I agree that a shotgun is probably the best home defense weapon for inside a home and a mossberg 500 will function no matter what, period. A handgun works but one thing you have to think about is the type of ammo you use. For example if you are using an FMJ type round in a handgun you had better know what is beyond your target including what is on the other side of that wall, an FMJ out of a 9mm will go right thru an exterior wall of a house and potentially into the next home. If you are in an apartment, you have to ask yourself who is on the other side of that wall? In my personal opinion a 12ga, or even a 20ga, loaded with lead T or F-shot(40+ .22 caliber bbs) is what to use, it will stop ANYONE within the distances that a home defense situation occurs This is usually less than 10 feet and by the time that shot makes it thru the wall it has slowed down enough that you don’t have to worry about killing your neighbor. Oh and to anyone who has never discharged a firearm without hearing protection indoors be prepared not to hear a word the 911 operator says or the cops when they show up and have an attitude and want to haul you away for questioning.

    • OK, here’s the issue with a Shotgun. 1. you do not want to spray your family with buckshot. 2. If the person that your shooting is not alone, you just gave away your location. I believe in a old fashion bow and arrow. With a reliable big knife and a backup shotgun.
      I can tell you from experience that the last thing you want a invader to know is your location and make his friends aware of the situation.
      What they can’t see or hear, they can’t defend themselves against.

      • I think I am going to agree to disagree with you on the bow, as a hunter and someone who has been forced into a self defense situation it is going to take a full second or two for the perp to even realize he has been hit because that broadhead will laser right thru them and then another couple of seconds to bleed out, which if they are armed you do not want to give them even a second or even the time it takes to knock an arrow in the dark. Also if you have ever patterned a shotgun within 10 or so feet the shot spread is between 6-8″ even with an improved cylinder choke which is not “spraying” by any stretch (but is also why I have T-shot loaded up with a modified choke instead of buckshot because walls stop the t-shot a bit better) As far as the quiet factor I believe that once you make the decision to ace some punk bent on doing harm you want that decision to be loud and decisive so while you are busy handling the situation your neighbors are going to call the cops because of gunshots next door. I will however say that if and when the SHTF my bow is already attached to my B.O.B. the next thing I am grabbing out of the safe is the AR and the 1911 :)

      • I apologize, I was typing on my phone and accidentally entered that last post.

        What I meant to say, is that by no means whatsoever, should you be considering a bow an arrow as a hone defense weapon. I should not have to list the innumerable reasons why this is an extraordinarily BAD idea, but because I want to deter others like yoy, I will.

        1. The time it will take you to load your bow from your quiver, or wherever you store your arrows. Especially in the dark.

        2. You have one and only one shot. Not too hard to miss with a bow and arrow. Especially in the dark.

        3. Even a knife, a stun-gun or a self defense baton would be an infinitely more intelligent choice. This is of course after a shotgun, handgun and rifle…in that order.

        If you are serious, I have some doubts about your ability to discern reality from fantasy.

    • Also, don’t forget that if someone is breaking into your home with cars in front. They are either armed and on drugs or armed and crazy.

    • I agree with the stray bullet thing except I live in a basement and I’m not 2 sure about the pellets bouncing off the wall and coming back at the person that shot it any one have advice

      • Ford – A shotgun with smaller LEAD shot that is not coated with copper or any other hardeners should be ok. Straight on shots to concrete block are 99% of the time not going to cause the pellets to come back at you (i shoot at cinder blocks at 100yrds all the time and it usually turns them to powder with a high power rifle). The mass of a shotgun pellet is so low that once it hits that concrete wall the enrgy transferred to the block leaves very little left in the pellet to do a whole lot of harm. Sure there will be some ricochet but you should still be fine, just remember to try and plan out your optimal cover and shooting lanes in your home for defensive positions that will allow you cover the directions from potential entry points and this will take out some panic and uncertainty at that stressful time should you find yourself in the situation.

  7. Not that guns aren’t a perfectly acceptable form of self defense. But I believe in prevention, pitbulls running the perimeter of the property daily does it for me. We don’t lock our doors or have any gates, just well trained guard dogs.

  8. I have to say Bob is on the right track the mossberg 500 or remington 870 are both great in the home. The second part is training on how to use it. Everyone in the home needs to be well trained. Handguns are great backup. One well trained person with the shotgun is better then the other options.

  9. If you rack one in youve given way your position..i like my old double barrel coach with buck and other with bb the middle of the night and in a situation, i may not have time to find my glasses, make sure the safety is off, and acquire my target..your adrenaline may start you to shaking if your not used to gunfighting excitement..the few instances ive been in were enough to rattle my nerves i dont mind telling you..yeah, you can break in – getting out will be your problem..

  10. I agree that a shotgun is the more formidable weapon. With that being said, it doesn’t fit well in the night stand. My recommendation would be a 9mm handgun loaded with shot shells. I came across these at a local gun store. They pack enough punch to get the point across with minimal collateral damage.

  11. Guns are great, but without some sort of early warning it won’t matter. If they are at your bedside by the time you hear them its too late; just try to act like you are sleeping. Alarms, dogs or locked full glass storm doors are great. Being a firefighter I know that you need a minimum of 3-5 seconds to awaken to react.

  12. My home defense weapon is the same as my duty weapon, a 1911 loaded with either +P Hollow Points or Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Points.

    Either way, anyone entering my home uninvited is going to end up with rather large holes in them, and I say that with confidence as a military small arms expert.

  13. i must say in deference of the 1911 pistol. i served the for 6 years during a time when the army was coming form a war time army to a peace time army and served as a military police man. i saw many problems and my 1911 save my life over 8 times and served me very well and dependable. i now own 4 of them and use hollow points for deference. i even have a kember officers 1911 i Carrie and have no fear that they will serve me well. i am alive and those who had to be fired upon are not. they tried in 1973 to force us into the 9mm. those of us who had known the 1911 did not give up the pistol and were oked to keep them. every time there was a gun battle that took place at fort riley ks. the 1911 were always called upon to serve knowing the 9mm would not do. as for me and my family we follow the 1911 all the way.

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