Survival Skills – How to start a fire

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Guy starting a wilderness fireFire Starting

Knowing how to build a fire is an essential survival skill for the survivalist.

Fires are important because they give you warmth, light, the ability to cook, and peace of mind. Fire Making is one of the oldest skills known to man, it’s importance can never be underestimated.

Fire is good for:

  • Keeping Warm in even the coldest environments
  • Giving you a way to boil untreated water.
  • Drying wet clothes
  • Keeping Insects and some animals away
  • Building a signal fire.
  • Cooking Food.
  • Comfort

Primitive methods of Starting a Fire:

You should always have at least two methods of starting a fire with you at all times.

  • Survival Lighters
  • FireSteel
  • Survival Matches
  • Water Proof Matches
  • Emergency Candles Candles are a good way of getting damp tinder and wet wood to start. If you only have a few matches, use your match to light the candle first. A candle will last a lot longer than a match, and gives you more time to start a stubborn fire.
  • The Ultimate Survival Kit – This little kit has a couple of ways of starting a fire, including something called Wet Fire. The Wet Fire tinder will burn even in the poring rain and is a must for any survival kit.
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