Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Lady cooking with a Wood Burning Stove

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scraped, and cannot be resold.

From the EPA Site:

The local air pollution agency says I can’t sell my old wood stove to help pay for an EPA-certified wood stove.  Why is that?
Replacing an older stove with a cleaner-burning stove will not improve air quality if the older stove is reused somewhere else.  For this reason, wood stove change out programs usually require older stoves to be destroyed and recycled as scrap metal, or rendered inoperable.

Let’s hope this doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the newly created Department of Homeland Security Environmental Justice Units. The next thing you know we might all be getting a knock at the door….. Your Neighbor reported that you might be burning some wood, do you mind if we take a look around?

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  1. flat out bullshit! what about those who live in the wilderness and cannot afford to heat any other way.F the EPA and the govt!

      • They have crossed the line, we need more people willing to take the current system down and replace it with a constitutional Government

        • We have a Constitutional Government-“We the People” are the Government, it is just that we have put the wrong people in there for 40 years too long.

          • Actually, you dont have a constitutional government. Most Americans mistakenly live in the democracy of the united states of America and not the republic of the united states. There has been no sitting government of the Constitutional republic. What you think is your government is the government of the democracy of the united states of america, a foreign private corporation from London England, the corporation that your president is the CEO of. Know who you are.

          • Bingo Clive, you nailed it! Now if we could just get the other 300 million sheep to open their eyes and see the wolf..

          • amen on opening the eyes of the sheep. So many are walking around with blinders on.

          • The “mass” is either naive when elections come up or lazy and just vote for the best BSer. Sad to think when you look around. It doesn’t help that candidates often change their agendas once in office. Who would know a lie for a lie until the person gets their foot in the door?

          • not so much BLINDERS, but the other 300 million are part of the system….feeding off the tit of our government, therefore you would be hard pressed to get them to release it, since they depend so heavily on it for thier livlihood….which is BS, more of them need to be independent and take responsibility for thier own lives and actions….big government doesnt work

          • the problem is that we put people in some sort of office to begin with. we ought not give anyone position anywhere,we are to govern ourselves or this will happen again and again.

        • We used to have a government, but lost that when the elections became a sham. The ass in my whitehouse has no intention of harming his henchmen. The battle is on, and some are rising up, yet not enough. Wake up people bitching on the net does nothing but teach them how to stop us.

          • It is not just THIS ass in the white house, it is every ass for the past 60+ years and probably every ass for NEXT 60+ years. This isn’t new, this has been going on longer than most of us have been alive.

          • We need to educate the uneducated. We the people have the power to impeach him, but only Congress has the power to actually do the job. *** CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN, TELL THEM TO IMPEACH BO. CALL THEM AND E-MAIL THEM OFTEN.*** If they don’t listen, fire them next year! We have the power!!!

        • They have cross the line a long time ago! It’s too late! all we can do is not to give them any more life, No more breeding!!!! they will run out of people to kill and to exploit! By reducing considerable their markets to 0! Just like some animals who are now in extinction! That’s the only solution!

          • If only it were that easy. They actually want to stop most breeding, so the few remaining will be easier to control. It’s not about money, it’s about having the power of life and death. They want only enough slaves to serve their needs. A better idea would be to pop out babies free from TV, public school, and social programming, who are raised without toxins, vacs, GMO’s, and who will then have a functioning brain to start a new, healthy society. We need critical thinking, independent citizens.

          • Good idea Adele, accept they are imposing a new curriculum on the American people for schooling our kids. They want to impose this Common Core Curriculum even on the home schoolers.

          • Penny, the word you meant is “except” which is entirely different from “accept.” I hope you teach your kids the different spellings and meanings of various words. I homeschool too! And I understand that super-intelligent people are sometimes bad spellers, but since it’s easy for people online to judge us in that department, it’s worth trying extra hard… even though one may not be naturally inclined in that subject. All the best!

          • Very interesting discussion…until the lady with the spelling lecture.
            Adele, loved your comment but I agree with mia. Mass breed and raise independent, creative minded, hard working, honest, Christian generations. When these dumb butts are too old to run the government our hell could end with a new better generation willing to fight for the Constitution, true freedom, and the people.

          • There is also the fact that all governments fall after a couple of hundred years, its like clockwork, the only government that somewhat worked was when the heads of family’s met together for a counsel meeting to find out what was next for the group. The rest they did on their own and at their own discretion.

          • I burn wood, and I design and build my own stoves, mostly wood fired boilers. I’m no pro, but I’m learning and I think that in some areas I have a leg up on the pros. Anyway, I’m always looking for new info or ideas and caught this sight while researching EPA exemptions. Seems to me this is nothing but a giant scam to control private citizens under the purported purpose of a cleaner environment. Don’t get me wrong, some dang dirty burning stoves out there, and some very ignorant owners of stoves out there also. I think the left even makes an effort to put out info and form groups that claim to be us, or like us, or represent us or the wood burning community, while in fact working to facilitate more regulation and commercialization of wood and wood burning appliances in order to gain further control and also to raise costs (which, if they own the companies producing either the pellets or the stoves, translates into huge profits plus another method of inserting themselves where not wanted or needed.)

        • Yes they have crossed the line and it isn’t the first time nor will it be the last….. I heat with wood from an old stove we bought in the 70’s..We could not afford propane to heat our home so I guess I’ll just use it until they come here and tell me I can’t use it….

          • I am a single-mom and barely get by every month. In january, my 20-year old heat pump went out, and i could not afford to have it repaired at the 2000.00 estimate. We used wood stove (largest fisher one they made in 1970’s). It saved us….3000 sq ft house, and we wore short-sleeves inside. Even going to work and school, the fire only went out ONCE during a 5-week period….it saved us, and we had “withdrawal” when heat pump finally repaired, b/c not nearly as warm and cozy as we had gotten used to…used dutch oven and made many nice meals in there, too….gov’t is trying to take away all means of survival except to depend on them, and be controlled

          • When we bought our home, many things were taken into consideration and counted as part of the cost.

            On the positive side, it’s heated with a wood burning buck stove.

            Not being able to use it would add a minimum of $150 to the power bill every month.

            That’s just not going to happen!

            I’ll bet my stove adds less particles to the air than then chemtrails and Air Force One.

            If they stop spraying and park the beast, I’ll find another way to heat my home.

            And making it harder for off the grid families, who are very frugal and green, makes a lie out of their concern for the environment.

            Oh wait, that’s what they do…lielielie!

          • We tried to NOT use our wood stove. Electric bill was $800 in January. We are a 1 income family & can not afford a new wood stove either. They better either dig natural gas lines everywhere (themselves), start giving out solar panels or wind mills, pay peoples heat bills…or shut the heck up. They don’t own us or our homes. Its just a trick to keep us down & poor & dependent on them & their adgendas. I am so mad right now! Grrr.

          • how did you heat all the rooms, usually the room with the stove is the hottest, and the rest, bed rooms etc. are still cold. because of the walls.

          • I heat my home with a wood furnace. the output of the wood furnace is piped into the return of the heat pump. all this is in the basement of our house. the air handler of the heat pump pulls the air from the furnace and blows it all over a 5000 sq ft home. we also have solar to run fan in a grid down time. usually we keep it about 75-78 degrees.

        • Absolutely right! Not all of us are like sheep willing to be voluntarily led to slaughter. The constitution says it is the right if the people to change or replace the system when it becomes unworkable. It has been unworkable for a long damn time. Stay strong brother!

        • We had a Constitution. The people you mention have methodically destroyed it, though they use it to control peole. The House is not originating spending bill, there are departments that do not exist in the framework, the President just makes edicts and Congress does nothing. The Supreme Court is mostly “packed” as FDR desired. etc etc. Even with new people, the structure has to be rebuilt.

      • you don’t need to be “off the grid” I just like the feel of a cozy wood burning stove & it supplements my regular gas heat. This government is WAY out of line.

    • I am off the grid, miles from anywhere and my woodstove is all I have to heat the home. I am glad I left and moved to Canada, it is getting too crazy in the US. What next, a ban on wells so you have to use city poisoned water?

      • Collecting rain water in some States is already illegal, so check your utility bills regularly as they do not notify you of this charge. Google it.

      • IF you live in the city and they have city water.. you get city water, whether you need it or not. Sewer too. I lived in Argentine MI and the city told a lady with a brand new 15000 engineered septic she was getting city sewer and she would get a bill whether she used it or not. Welcome to Amerika.

      • It’s getting crazy here in Canada too. You must have approved wood pellet woodstoves on the island of Montreal and there are talks to make things even more difficult in the years to come. The sad thing is that people buy this propaganda. While it’s true that wood burning contributes to smog, I doubt this form of particulate is harmfull. I would like to see a real study. I grew up on woodstoves and camp fires. I’m an “environmentalist,” but I feel this has more to do with keeping us dependent on the system.

        • When municipalities STOP burning municipal waste and stop polluting the water maybe I would consider their point. Remember clean burning gas now comes from fracking, a method of gas extraction which pollutes the aquifers and destroys natural rock formations which may cause our very foundation to become unstable

          • That is a lie. There is no evidence of this. Believing what you want is great, but creating your own facts is mo0rally wroung. Fracking has been going on for more than 50 years, with no evidence4 of damage.

          • Their is no proof of modern fracking being harmful// a 1929 ford was not real safe either. Lets just buy all our oil from country’s that hate us so they can buy more weapons to kill us

          • Mia, even the Feds now admit that the claims about groundwater pollution are untrue. If you still believe there’s a problem, come to my neighborhood. I have at least six fracking wells within five miles of me. One is only a mile away. The only complaint we’ve got is that the heavy truck traffic was hard on some of our rural roads. The only “spill” we’ve had is an erroneous discharge of brine (gasp, salt water) into a small pond.

        • Years back it was CO, hydrocarbons & acid rain that was the problem and we needed to plant trees recycle the CO2. Now CO2 and particulates are the problem? Not to mention how it’s our fault and NOT the fault of the rest of the world using open fires indoors or China creating yellow smog.

          • Well if you go with the point of fires and that they give off carbon emissions, and trees make carbon dioxide into oxygen. Then what about all the Jungle being torn up for Starbucks. More trees less carbon emmisions in the air.

      • We have already lost the right to have wells. I live in a semi-rural area and the local water co owns all the rights and we are not allowed to have wells.

      • I wouldn’t put it past them to try it. At the end of the day though,….for all of this stuff….only one answer is appropriate. The rifle.

      • They already ban wells! I live in Wisconsin, in a town of 356 people. Its illegal to have a well within village limits. I have to be hooked up to there water supply. And they cherge peoples sewer by how much water we use, not by whats actualy going in the sewer.

        • Not agreeing with forced use, but sewage meters are very expensive compared to water meters, for obvious reasons. Many municipalities pro-rate seasonally to allow for lawn watering etc.

    • There is a loophole in the Regulation. Any woodstove or wood cookstove built before 1941 is exempt. We just bought 2, one built in 1909 and the other in 1921. We have our eye on a Monarch Malleable 1899 #2 cookstove. But we are going to have to save our pennies for that one.

      • So they are saying the stoves are’t environmentally friendly but then have an excemption for the really old ones? How does that make sense?

        • Think about all of the historic buildings that have wood burning stoves and fireplaces. They are used frequently as displays of history. EPA would get too much flack from that. Plus, the White House has the old ones, I believe.

          • What’s affordable isnt always the best y’all are moroons burning wood is a nasty habit unneighborly ignert there’s people who have breathing issues get with 2000s the past is the past

      • NO loophole is needed. The EPA are “employees” of our “employees” so all they do is moot, except for the sheeple who believe the programming lies. That politicians/employees” are leaders and lawmakers for their “EMPLOYERS” Whomever comes to my door to take my stove OR ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE DOG FOOD

      • Regulations are not laws. That could change on at the whim of some department director or Sec’y of (Interior, HHS, Energy…) All they would have to do is find that it “impacts” the environment, health, commerce, or whatever.

      • Nice to know. I have an old Monarch six plate wood cookstove I have had in storage for the last twenty years.

    • That is truly the worst. Our home is heated solely by an outside wood-fired boiler. It is our sole source of heat. The EPA can certainly have it but they will be paying to have it replaced. Despots are in the white house.

    • A few years ago when my children were still at home and growing up I totally heated my home in the winter with wood stoves. That was the only way I could afford tuition for my kids to go to a private Christian School.

    • This is just another way to stop us from being self supportive. They want us to support big oil and big businesses. I’ll stick with my old all nighter air tight that heats our whole house on an armload of wood a day. I removed my furnaces 5 years ago and have no intention of replacing it.

    • Yup, Already happening here in Ca. (What a surprise huh) Under the guise of ‘Spare the Air days” Not only are neighbors spying on you but they have actually created smoke patrols riding around in government cars looking for smoking chimney’s. First offense? $200 Reminds me of stories I’ve heard from a friend from the former Czechoslovakia under Communism your neighbors would spy on you and turn you in. We’re not far behind my friends.

      • ironically, smoke patrols riding around in government(tax-payer funded) cars are polluting the very air they are paid to keep clean.

    • They can have my stove when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. I’m tired of the Administration trying to run my life, and the life of my family. They also want it to be illegal under OSHA regulations for my boys to work on the ranch, claiming its too dangerous. If the current administration had half the sense of my kids when they learned to drive the tractor at 8 years old, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. Just no common sense in Washington these days.

    • To understand what they mean,all you need to do is go to the epa website and look up the new regs on air quality on Dec 14 2012. Its over 770 pages long and is like the Obama care bill.Example,They stick something in line 3 of paragraph 4 on page 512 that is relevant yet subject to interpretation.Whose interpretation is anyones guess but the whole concept of how they make all these laws,regulations and states is ludicrous.The object is to baffle them with bullshit yet leave a loophole in case some genius actually reads the entire thing and understands it

    • We are totally off grid and make our own minimal electricity. Burning wood is our only option. Please wake me when this bad dream is over.

    • 99 percent of humanity forgot the roots of their origin, that is the only real problem!
      Listen to my expose and you might start to remember.
      paradisebuilders7 on YOU TUBE


      • Unfortunately your wrong. There is no such thing as freedom in this country. All we are allowed is to listen to the dictators who wont even read the laws they are passing and continue to pay their salaries even when they are out of office. What needs to happen is for every politician to revert to community health care and have to go find a job like everyone else after their term is up. Their positions where never meant to be full time.

        • The government that we have is our fault! We, as a people, voted for them. whether it be right or left, it doesn’t matter. Our leaders are mush, our children uneducated and misguided. No ethics, morals, or sense of right or wrong exists! I honestly believe we gave it away!Nikita Kruschev was right. “We won’t have tio invade you. We’ll be invited!”

    • This is NOT going to affect the people who ALREADY HAVE wood burning stoves (ie: older homes). They’re trying to make it so that new homes can’t have them. Bullshit? Yes. But make sure you *really* read the article carefully!

    • yes that be us…..all we have and dont forget excec order that says all resourses can be siezed labor thats yours water piped homes food all
      resources signed 2012

    • hey epa…… what about all the radiation contamination we got hit with from fukushima on 03/11/2011???
      why no mitigation or followup on your epa site for radiation testing and or public warning???
      this govt agency like all the others is a fraud.

      put them on the grill by asking these tough questions on why they are mum on the continuing radiation contamination we are receiving from fukushima/to hell with your regulations on wood stoves, when something as egregious as fukushima remains an ongoing cover-up with your epa agency tyranny.

    • It’s really not that bad. If you need a new stove, go buy one and it won’t need as much wood to keep you warm nor will it pollute as much as your old stove. No one will know what you do with your old stove, so don’t worry about it. If your old stove is working fine quit complaining, the EPA isn’t coming for your stove.

      The more efficient stoves will emit fewer pollutants leading to cleaner air, few visits to the emergency room for asthmatics, fewer cases of lung cancer, fewer problems for people with emphysema and other lung problems, higher national economic output and my health insurance bills will be lower. Your chimneys should also be less likely to catch fire or need cleaning. Everyone wins.

      To those that say they live in the wilderness, who are they affecting, a couple thoughts come to mind. 1) I live in a semi-rural county with a couple hundred thousand people, many of whom don’t have natural gas. Many of us supplement our oil/propane heat with wood or pellets. The cleaner burning stoves will improve our air and our lives. 2) Pollution travels. The US breathes and receives the pollution from Chinese coal fired electric plants. You may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere but it doesn’t mean you have escaped the the poisons of civilization or that your behavior doesn’t affect others.

      • Greg, you are totally full of BS. Do your research and you will learn that burning a tree produces the same amount of emissions as it does rotting out on the forest floor. This is not about truth it is about control.

        • Talk to me in 15 years when you or your spouse has lung cancer or COPD, or pulmonary fibrosis! Or your kids become sick with asthma or worse yet cardiovascular diseases like vasculitis. I tell my patients constantly to stop burning wood! It is going to kill them. They won’t accept that their illnesses are from wood burning. I see rural patients everyday with cancer, COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis…common denominator-they heat their homes with wood. Deny it all you want, there is proof that wood smoke is dangerous. The sad part is that nobody loves thy neighbor anymore and subjects their families to the toxic smoke.

      • Greg, I pity you. I really do. I have lived in a house heated by a wood stove my whole life. So did my dad, and his dad before him. We don’t have any of the problems that you have listed. We never have. In fact, we are healthier than all of our friends and neighbors who don’t heat their homes with with wood. So, in the future, please refrain from making ridiculus posts like you did here.

        • Actually my roof is covered with soot form my neighbor’s burning wood. I fear this pollution is aggravating my autistic child’s condition. BTW I’m a tea party activist committed to the fight against unconstitutional regulations.

      • You realize that in living in a semi rural area the carbon dioxide from the smoke is going directly from the stove to the trees around you and then being converted to oxygen, so you can keep spouting your hot air.

    • Actually this is very true.

      I own a chimney sweep and stove sales store.
      We are no longer allowed to sell ‘non-catalytic’ wood-burning stoves, effective 2013.

      • I sweep chimneys and repair them. we collect old woodstove and install them for a premium. also reling chimneys to serve the air tight stoves.

    • This is the biggest lie they have ever told. Burning a tree in a stove or fireplace, emmits the same amount of emissions into the air as it would rotting in the woods.It is no longer about truth it is simply about control. They can kiss my ass.

    • Don’t get your panties in a wad boys and girls. Y’all seem to be searching for some kind of “injustice” to take up arms against. These are guidelines. No one is coming to take away your woodstove or guns. Turn off the b*%%#@*t rush limbaugh fox news and use your own common sense. Jeez……

      • Common sense? that’s exactly what we’re using.. it’s obvious. you’re a moron.. you’re part of the problem

      • You better be prepared. They will try to enforce this. And as far as guns are concerned, enter my home uninvited and you will meet the end of my barrel face first.

    • I currently live in a apartment, so this is not an issue for me personally. That being said, I have lived in apartment complexes that get away with so much shit, but only because the building is older than I am!

      Seems to me If they are going to stick anybody with fixing these “issues” it should either be the LANDLORD of the property, if only to bring things “up to building code”, or the government to pay us back the value for having to get rid of an older stove.

      This reminds me of and old quote my grandfather taught me as a child, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Why do we have to “fix” things that work just fine?

    • I know ya’ll won’t like this question, but is 15-12 micrograms that big of a jump or were pissed about the 15 micrograms in the first place?

      I really have no idea what these numbers translate to in reality.

      • It is how much carbon is emitted through something. You can get different filters for your stove I think all the way down to 8 micrograms of carbon.

    • We need to vote for people that will drastically cut funds to the epa. Further more answer are front doors with are 2nd amendment right stand are ground on principal rights or die defending them. What life without them!!?

    • In my neighborhood in Prescott Arizona we have more and more people heating with fireplaces, the least efficient way to heat.
      These people rarely burn cleanly, and the fresh mountain air is now continuously and heavily laden with acrid smelling smoke. It burns the eyes and lungs and is ruining our life here. So why doesn’t the EPA ban or limit wood burning in town fireplaces? At least people could be issued tickets for not cleaning their fireplaces regularly. Our nearest neighbor has already had two chimney fires. So why is the EPA targeting off the grid wood stoves when there is a growing wood smoke problem in many towns,
      and doing nothing to enforce their own recommendations about burning cleanly. It’s certainly can not be too much to ask that your neighbor cleans up their act.

    • Your individual right to get a nice warm cosy effect from a living fire smothers my children in carcigonic particles. What is romantic and libertanian about that. Twits that insist that burning wood burning stoves is somehow natual really need to look at the invisible damage they are doing to children, people with copd, or people who just want to breathe fresh air. your liberty to decide on the glamour of a “living fire” should really question whether this should be achieved at the expense of a premature death or debilatity of your neighbours.

      • Well unless you dont take your kids down the freeway in your prius while they wear hasmat suits, just shut the hell up.

    • It would not surprise me if this writing never gets read by those who have read the original article..but then maybe……
      Those in power know or at least believe that individuals will not have each others back…and since all or any compliance is voluntary you who believe your free are cooked….they will feed one your number from the outside in…they have tested this before – Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina…everything is a test to push the envelope… all that is left is for most people to cry bitch and moan while doing nothing to curb the ever approaching storm in expressing themselves and doing nothing lessen their uneasiness….. the only way to win this thing is for 20% or more of the pop to stop going to work all and at the same time…slow production and see how quickly they begin to fall apart and back off.. But it probably will not happen and individuals will continue to be picked off one by one. All one has to do is look at what happened in Germany. If you closely evaluate at what will is happening you know the time left is short… You have already been enslaved —captured like wild once free pigs who have been trapped by their own greed having fallen for the sweet free offerings of corn (words) of a government determined to enslave you….they are now just picking off the ones who endeavor to remain free. Do not worry they are coming and they are coming for you. You know your not going to stand for what is right.

    • Oil and Gas industry has to be behind this one. Or….the woodstove makers haven’t paid off enough politicians

    • Calm down. The EPA cannot “ban wood stoves.” They only set air quality standards. New stoves will have to meet those standards. They won’t be coming to confiscate your existing wood stove or brick up your fireplaces (unless, of course, you live in CA – but if you live there that’s your own fault).

      You can even sell your old woodstove if you want to. You just can’t use it as a trade-in on a new stove under the energy savings tax credit programs.

      Take off the tin foil hats and get a grip. Yes, our government is too large and too intrusive, but they’re aren’t going to force you to install a heat pump in your Alaska cabin.

    • There are but three choices.

      1. Come to Maine and help us secede.

      2. Support armed revolution, aka Civil War.

      3. Cry in your spring water and resolve yourself to being a serf or a slave.

    • The epa can shuv this idea. people have been burning wood for thousnds of years. and now that we finally save the mony and install our wood burner you pull this bullshit. this is a free country stop taking away my rights to burn wood.
      you need to work on the neuclear energy crisis instead of picking on us good old country folks. that burn wood to keep our familys worm. stupid republicans.

    • Last winter was nearly the coldest in history for most of the US. Propane is not a renewable resource. By imposing stricter emission controls on wood burners, they will be forcing thousands of people to “upgrade” to burning nonrenewable propane, natural gas, or fuel oil. They imposed emission controls on vehicular exhaust long ago, but they didn’t force them to burn upside down, and then burn the smoke. Their money would better be spent fighting the dozens of forest fires in California and Nevada. Rather than outlawing wood burning, they should offer grants to wood stove and outdoor wood furnace companies to help them develop cleaner-burning products. Perhaps the EPA could develop a burn-wise video to send with each furnace, stating which types of wood burn cleaner, and the values of letting it dry first. The bottom line: burning wood is not irresponsible, rather, burning wood irresponsibly is irresponsible, but not a criminal offense. NYC’s smog doesn’t come from outdoor wood furnaces. No questions about that. The state of Michigan passed an excellent new law denying the EPA the ability to enforce their regulations in their state. The EPA needs boundaries. The American government has always been run by a system of checks and balances: the President can veto, and congress can override the veto etc. There are very little boundaries to the EPA.

    • that’s the point.
      obama and the democrats don’t want people living in the wilderness.

      under UN Agenda 21, everyone must be forced to live in the cities.

    • So I guess that means us “white” people did the world a favor in killing so many Indians….. They only burned wood and even in open fires.. So they where the polluters that got all of this started.
      just saying..

    • Very interesting development. I will hurry up now and buy my antique wood cook stove before they are all destroyed. The thought just breaks my heart.

  2. i will use my lincoln log stove from my grand dad all i want. screw them.. i will not buy a new one and i will not heat with there oil n gas…off the grid is off the grid..they will not tell me what to do on my property.. let them step on my property and see what the dogs do to them while i lock n load for bear

    • Now now, calm down. We don’t want to shoot any gov’mint peoples, we just wants to accelerate their composting! After all, they are EPA people, and tell us to recycle all the time.

      We’ll also recycle their guns for later use!

    • Except for the fact that you own no real property. If the system doesn’t like what you do they can condemn the property and come take you away. And it’s all legal. Dead or alive, they don’t care. Have you ever heard of Waco Texas?

        • You’re dismissing the Waco horror because the people were cultist in your eyes? What about the children that were burned to death? Tucky you are one scary dude.

        • I believe that “cult” is simply a term denoting “religious group”. If that is true, then ANY Christian, Pagan, or whatever, religious group or sect, can be labelled a “cult”. So, Tucky, what you are really saying here, is that anyone who chooses to worship the god of their choice, with others who think likewise…are a “cult”, and have no real rights. What happened in Waco, AND at Ruby Ridge, was a travesty of justice. Someone needs to so something about Government Sniper Lon Horiuchi.
          Anyone who kills an unarmed woman, with a baby in her arms, is a fucking ANIMAL…and needs to be put down. Tucky…you’re about a really “special” kind of stupid, son… aren’t you?

    • Good comment Jerry. If they come on your property, blast them. Referring to your commenter about London being the centre of the US Government, I don’t think this is true. We’d love to rule again, but hey – it’s just a fantasy :). Simon from London.

      • They are already banning BBQ’s.

        One of my friends was on his property BBQ’ing in one of those small grills you take backpacking with you and he was fined $75 for having a fire on his (His now) property without having a fire burning permit.

        The reason they fined him was because he was trying to build one of those “Tiny Houses” on his property and they didn’t want him to build that either since they can’t Tax it like they can a regular house. He originally had it on a trailer and they told him he had to take it off and put it on a foundation, so he did. After that, they sent him an cease to build notice because he was “building” illegally. When it was the stupid city that told him to do it in the first place.

      • Oregon is trying to pass a law that smoking tabaccoo must be perscribed by your doctor! Includes ALL tobaccoo products including dip, patches and gum.

  3. And the Government and agencies such as EPA wonder why they are not liked by anyone? The most aggravating part is these dipshits exist because our tax dollars fund them. Maybe if everyone refused to pay income tax they would get a clue who pays theur paycheck.

  4. There’s a lot of people that believe the gov’t wants you dead. It’s hard not to believe them, every day is a new story about how there trying take something away .it boggels the mind why they care.

  5. This actually states that if you use the trade in campaign it cannot be resold.
    Thus you are taking moneytfrom the government to replace an item in exchange for a newer better model hopefully. You can still sell it if you do not take this money.

  6. Perhaps, the EPA along with its Alphabet Co-Horts should be paying better attention to the Fermenting Piles of Backyard Neighboring Pollution they so claim to be cleaning up.

    • Yeah, like the BP oil spill, the Louisiana sinkhole. The elite do more damage in a month than the 99 does in a decade. Next I’m sure it will be something about solar panels.

      • you’re joking right? the 99? really? you’re here? do you think you belong? really? i think you must be a bit confused

      • The ones that represent you? Thats a good one.Does anyone think they read the new legislation from the epa on Dec14 2012. Its over 770 pages long and reads like the Obamacare bill.It baffles you with bullshit and leaves any important items subject to interpretation leaving loopholes in case some genius actually read the entire thing and understood it.The whole system needs an overhaul because the greed and stupidity has just gotten way out of hand.

  7. I can’t believe this crap wood stoves have been around forever and NOW they want to change this what the hell is wrong with the gov. did they all go through some sort of brain washing or what the old ways are the best ways

    • The government wants to CONTROL AMERICANS just like hitler controlled the Jews, etc. This is just another way of using their control over us. The government be damned! To hell with them. If you do NOT stand up to these radical communist socialists, YOU ‘WILL’ BE THEIR SLAVES!!! Don’t let them get away with this bullshit. Fight back, stand your ground, & don’t accept anything that may be any way of taking YOUR RIGHTS away from you or your loved ones. Do NOT let this fascist government bully you! REMEMBER: We do NOT work for the government, THEY work FOR US!

      • Mr. Rose, Your heart appears to be in the right place but you wrote: “The government wants to CONTROL AMERICANS just like hitler controlled the Jews, etc.”

        I beg to differ. Hitler just wanted the Jews gone. He would have like to ship them all to Madagascar or to anywhere else where someone was willing to accept them, just to get them out of Germany – a country the Jews had taken over in the years after the 1st World War to the great detriment of Germans generally.

        Unfortunately for Germany, no one wanted to accept these dishonest and murderous people.

        He even signed agreements with prominent Jewish leaders that would have allowed Jews to emigrate to Palestine from German controlled territory in 1933! Look it up. Please read, “The Transfer Agreement” written by the Jewish historian, Edwin Black.

        ALL governments in our once-democratic western countries now want to control EVERYBODY just like the jews who ended up in control of Russia did, (control that came about thanks to the unlimited funds Jewish-American/English bankers who funded the Communist Revolution poured into the theft of the country.)

        (Have you read anything about the Rothschild banking consortium’s attempts to create a New World Order out of the wasteland they have deliberately created through their funding of terrorism worldwide in the time since then?)

        By the way, once in control of the “USSR”, the Jews in Russia MURDERED 30,000,000 Russians and Ukrainians for the “crime” of distrusting those selfsame psychotic creeps who had been stealing from them for hundreds of years from their positions as “government-supported tax collectors”. They did this after disarming the general population so that they couldn’t fight back!

        The Jewish-controlled Russian secret police, (same as the American DHS, incidentally, but even more insane because they controlled the government), used tyranny, deliberate starvation, banishment and outright murder to teach a lesson to the civilian native population that, “Resistance is Futile” until finally the country’s citizens had had enough and removed as many of these monsters from positions of power as they could.

        It took them 60 years of murderous oppression and they have still not managed to remove the all of the vermin who stole their country’s assets while the country was under their control.

        (You do know about Russian “oligarchs”, don’t you? All but one is a Zionist Jew.)

        Hence the bad press about Russia in our MSM. …and who owns our MSM again?

        Your reference to Hitler was the kind of comment only an ignorant person or willful liar could make. Which are you?

        Are you ignorant and propagandized like most people are everywhere due to the malevolence of our MSM?

        Or are you a liar employed by those who want nothing less than our subjugation to be the result of their bankster-bribed tyranny?

  8. This may seem like no big deal to some. But to me it is just another evil angle being used to put another nail in the coffin of law abiding United States of American citizens who are trying to survive the economically devastating attack our president and our government has waged upon its own people! God help us all!

      • Country began failure with A. Hamilton and First Bank of the United States.

        Lincoln piled on his federal takeover of everything, Wilson gave us the income tax and Fed. Rsv.

        Every despot since then has just been icing.

    • Hey, if it’s war they want, then it’s war they’ll get! I’m ready to stand up for myself, my country & my RIGHTS. Bring it on!!! I will NOT be a slave to ANYONE, ANY GOVERNMENT, for any reason, at any time, period! AND, they’ll NEVER get MY GUNS!!!

  9. It’s about their future plans:

    When they come for the guns, they will face resistance, and they know it. In order to force compliance and get the attention of the people, they will shut down the electrical and gas utilities to neighborhoods targeted for relocation. If you can’t heat your home, you will eventually need to leave for your own safety. If you have a wood burner, you can ride it out, so that must be banned in order to speed your exit….

    • We’d like to think we can take a stand to fight for our rights but the truth is we have financed our own takeover. These son-a-bitches are ready for war right here in America, to fight it’s own people when they “GET OUT OF LINE”! Foreign troops will be at their disposal and all the tools are in place as we text!! The majority of the people are gullible and buy into the concept that the government has your best interest at heart. It’s been a process over the years and it’s quickly coming to a reality. The majority of people, I believe, are good hearted, (along with being gullible!)so what’s the need for thousands upon thousands of combat vehicles here in the United States? Government using our tax dollars when Marshall Law takes us all down! The rebellious ones anyway.We need to get off our computers and our asses and tighten up our communities!

  10. They came for the guns….i did not have one so i said nothing…then they came for my stove and there was no one left with a gun to help me keep it…LOL….GRAZE ON

  11. To all my Patriotic American friends, I am so sorry about what you are going through right now. Please continue to fight for you 2 ammendment rights, I do whatever I can from here, north of the border, in Canada to spread the word of the dangerous man who has weaseled his way into the White House. Own gun laws went through all these changes in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 00’s and we continue to fight to try and get some of our right’s back. The stove issue is just plain EVIL, and I worry about the lunitic environment fringe trying to pull the same crap here. Most “Green” people understand nothing about nature; it is the hunters, fishers, homestreaders, of-the-gridders and Natives that know and understand our ecosystems. I just read a book by Jim Sterba called Nature Wars, next time an EvironMENTAList starts their bull about “our kind” ruining nature, throw a copy of this book at them and tell them to get educated. Wood stoves polluting? I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that if you took all the exhaust that flies out of the tail pipes of politicians riding around in planes, trains and automobiles in a year to do absolutely nothing useful, it would far exeed what comes out of all the woodstoves in Canada and The US of A; what a bunch of useless hypocites!

    • Thank You Peter from Canada! You are a TRUE FRIEND. Well said. We have to stand up to this piss-ass so-called government of socialist communist PIGS. I, for one, will NEVER give up my guns, my rights, or my liberties for the likes of oBUMmer & his BUM SQUAD, & become their slaves! If Americans would only remember this: WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT, THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US! PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE, WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!!

      • C’mon up! Lot’s of room here in BC, lot’s of firewood, fresh water/air, if you need ‘remote’ there’s lots of that too!

      • The only place our government should be put in is the unemployment line. Not one of us common people could could get away with doing such a shitty job and still be employed. Hell no, we’d be FIRED!! The whole lot of them needs to go, we’d be better off!

  12. i agree with all your comments where in the hell are all are human rights going fuck the goverment and there taxes

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