Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Lady cooking with a Wood Burning Stove

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scraped, and cannot be resold.

From the EPA Site:

The local air pollution agency says I can’t sell my old wood stove to help pay for an EPA-certified wood stove.  Why is that?
Replacing an older stove with a cleaner-burning stove will not improve air quality if the older stove is reused somewhere else.  For this reason, wood stove change out programs usually require older stoves to be destroyed and recycled as scrap metal, or rendered inoperable.

Let’s hope this doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the newly created Department of Homeland Security Environmental Justice Units. The next thing you know we might all be getting a knock at the door….. Your Neighbor reported that you might be burning some wood, do you mind if we take a look around?

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  1. The EPA is just trying to live up to the standard motto: “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”

    Will they attempt to stop the Mexicans from burning their fields every year? The particles cross into Texas and cause issues for citizens.

    Don’t laugh at this one if you haven’t heard it already. The EPA wanted to regulate dust. You farmers better be ready and get all those country roads paved right away! Trust me, they WILL be back with more regulations, all in the name of “looking out for us”.

    In the end they will rule that people are the biggest problem and move to regulate them. Want kids? Better get in the “permit lottery” if you want more children. After all, they need to look out for the country, and all these unneeded people just make it more difficult. Imagine what a pristine country we would have without all those pesky people running around burning fossil fuels and requiring crops and livestock.
    EPA Idiots…..

  2. Have you people even checked out the EPA site? I’m guessing not by the looks of the comments. The EPA isn’t banning anything. They have a program that will help you qualify for better pricing or funding if the stove is EPA approved. If it isn’t EPA approved, you can keep or get your stove – just not with EPA help. Jeeze people! Spreading false information doesn’t do anyone any good. There’s enough examples of bad things the federal government is doing without making crap up.

    • Yours is a voice of reason, Paul. No one here gets correct information and yet they run around with their hair on fire.

    • thank you, Paul, for the voice of reason, what a concept, to actually look at the EPA website for correct information.

  3. Has any one gotten behind a city bus? talk of pollution!! come on does the EPA have blinders on or does the bus company pay under the table like the rest of the people in New York and Calif. Yes it is time we all rose up and let the people know we ARE the real goverment, “Remeber, it’s goverment of the people, by the people and of the people” the goverment be damned!.”When faith is lost and honor dies, the man is dead!”

  4. please dont do tat to us… i have friend who dont have electric .. but using fire to keep warm at thier home … DONT DO TAT …

    also fire .. keep warm and less cost than electric bill …




  5. you all do realize that these are the same idiots that want to regulate the amount of dust a farmer creates in his field while doing field work. they could care less what the common people think about thier ideas and they do not want to hear your opinions on it either. i wish the EPA would be defunded by congress

  6. Sir, you really need to employ a proofreader. Great article, but your credibility goes right out the window for folks who “know.”

  7. The “lunatic environment fringe” is merely trying to ensure our planet survives our generation. You know those superstorms that keep occurring? They’re caused by the earth warming up, melting polar ice caps (which accelerate the earth’s already rapid rise in temperature). This is in turn caused by carbon fuels emissions – burning coal and wood. Want to live off grid? There are environmentally friendly options available, such as wind turbines and water mills that won’t destroy a planet you need to learn to share. Before you go spouting off about the “evil government”, do some research into the science behind these decisions.

    • Jill the shill, so you’d like us all to go and do some research.
      Well my research shows that –
      The government IS evil.
      Global warming is a scam.
      The SUN, not humans, is responsible.
      Temperatures have risen on other planets – are the martians’ SUVs to blame?
      The latest science now shows that temperatures are actally on their way down and the earth is now on its way to a new ice age (documented well before Al Gore’s shenanigans).
      Listen to your conscience and get a real job. We’re on to you.

    • Uuuhhmmm Jill, have you looked up in the sky lately? It’s full of CHEMTRAILS, highly toxic aluminum is just one of the health hazardous chemicals being sprayed daily.

    • Jill, better check your facts, wind turbines are killing thousands of birds every year, polar ice caps are bigger this year than that have been in years. Scientists have been caught sending emails admitting global warming is a big fraud.

      • Brian check YOUR facts: HOUSECATS kill more birds than wind turbines and it’s also proven that most birds are hyper aware of their flight paths and the smart ones steer far around wind turbines. As far as the rest of your post……… turn off the MSM

  8. The EPA and all of Washington DCs’ alphabet agencies are NOTHING to us. congress and this commie some call President are JUST our “employees”. Their programming lies which they now believe, like many sheep, that they the politican/employee are leaders and lawmakers for we their “EMPLOYERS” “Employees” DON”T lead or make laws for their “EMPLOYERS”. So their alphabet agencies are Just “employees” of our “employees” and their rules or laws DO NOT APPLY to us. Come on people WAKE UP the politician anywhere is JUST a now self-confessed Treasonous criminal. NEXT the Hangman

  9. “You know those superstorms that keep occurring? They’re caused by the earth warming up, melting polar ice caps (which accelerate the earth’s already rapid rise in temperature). This is in turn caused by carbon fuels emissions – burning coal and wood.”

    That’s hilarious coming from a person that say to do research before spouting off. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past three years, “global warming” has been debunked and proven to be a hoax. Almost none of the CREDIBLE scientific community even acknowledges it any longer.

    • Global warming has not been debunked. The reasons they try to push for it have been. Global warming is happening however it is a natural occurrence, like an ice age of which the earth has seen at least 4, caused by the sun’s cycle. Some chemicals can cause issues with the atmosphere, however the industrial revolution caused most of what we are now paying for. The EPA are nothing more than a bunch of lobbyists pushing their own agenda. It is because of them that we have yet to really tap into our own oil resources. something that will make our country independent of the rest of the world.

  10. Yup, Already happening here in Ca. (What a surprise huh) Under the guise of ‘Spare the Air days” Not only are neighbors spying on you but they have actually created smoke patrols riding around in government cars looking for smoking chimney’s. First offense? $200 Reminds me of stories I’ve heard from a friend from the former Czechoslovakia under Communism your neighbors would spy on you and turn you in. We’re not far behind my friends.

    • Just what kind of cars are they driving? Got a description? You see….all this shit goes on because you people will do nothing to confront them. It should be very,very unhealthy to inform on one’s neighbor.

  11. The EPA is NOT a law enforcement agency. They have not authority to arrest anyone much less press charges against anyone. Even if this ridiculous law could be enforced throughout the country, which it obviously can’t, the EPA would need to call in police officers to write a summons or arrest you. In other words, if the EPA comes onto your property and tried to say you are in violation of the law, they would need police there to enforce the violation. And if they didn’t, you as a US citizen have the right to tell them to get off your property because they are trespassing. Now lets see how far this law gets.

    • I have read the post’s, Some do not seem to realize that Washington D.C. is not a part of the fifty states of the united states of America.. it is a federal corporation USC 3002 (15). All of the states are federal states, not under the constitution, under the corporate charters, the congress as we see it are the board members, voters are shareholders in the RCW’s of the STATE OF WASHINGTON, not electors. We today do not have rights, we have privileges, granted by the de-facto (illegal or illegitimate) government. Long Story. Is there a difference between a U.S. citizen and a Citizen of the united atates of america? Check it out.

  12. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Every day another encroachment on our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Wake up, America!!

  13. I don’t believe this is the whole story and I don’t believe that Government has recently received the power to make American’s choose what they rightfully have the power of their own choices to buy. This is still a free society and I don’t give a hoot what nut job is pushing out of their pie holes! There’s only so far that our menacing leadership will push before they find the American’s in all of us… Stay peaceful. Many times the stories like this are like the commercial about the internet…lol. :)

  14. I believe the president should be held for treason. Let him go and get a new one.
    How can we now keep our homes warm? Butaine? Great.

  15. My Dad has to go driving around neighborhoods to find logs and tree branches out at the curb for his woodstove. He is on Social Security income and can’t even afford to buy wood or heat his house with gas! He hit pay dirt with Hurricane Sandy and all the downed trees it gave him, but at 80 years old, he won’t be using a log splitter for much longer…

  16. My Dad has to go driving around neighborhoods to find logs and tree branches out at the curb for his woodstove. He is on Social Security income and can’t even afford to buy wood or heat his house with gas! He hit pay dirt with Hurricane Sandy and all the downed trees it gave him, but at 80 years old, he won’t be using a log splitter for much longer…

    • Honey, If your father was a neighbor of mine, I’d see to it he had at least 3 cord of wood up and stacked by Nov 1st. That’s what we do here where I live.

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