7 Very Real Threats Most People Aren’t Ready For

When it comes to preparedness, the list of threats is almost endless. From natural disasters and man-made threats, to disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks, there seems to be a never ending supply of chaos.

While I always advice people to do their own threat assessment, and look at what disasters are most likely to affect them based on their geographic location and lifestyle, there are some threats that most people either ignore, or are completely unaware of.

Here are seven very real threats that most people ignore.

Cyber Attacks: The coming Cyber Wars

Computer code on top of power lines

On the top of the list has to be the threat posed by those looking to take down the entire system, a system that has become increasingly become dependent on the grid, and the internet to operate.

If you ask most cyber-security experts, at least the ones who are in the know, they will tell you that we are already under constant attack 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s really only a matter of time before one of these attacks takes out a large part of our essential infrastructure.

The Pandemic Threat: Surviving a Large-scale Disease Outbreak

Dcotor in Protective Gear

If the 2014 Ebola crisis showed us anything, it showed us how ill equipped this country is to handle an actual pandemic outbreak. With a single case of Ebola showing up in the U.S., the entire system was turned upside down. From DHS and border patrol failing to shutdown air travel during an active epidemic in West Africa, to the CDC’s complete failure to manage a single case of Ebola, no one at any level of government seems to have an actual plan in place to deal with this type of emergency.

We live in an interconnected world; the way we live, travel, and interact with each other makes it increasingly likely that we will see a major disease outbreak in the very near future.

Low-tech Attacks on the Power Grid

US Power Grid

On top of cyber threats, which could cause serious damage to the power grid, we also face a growing threat from low-tech attacks aimed at crippling this countries power infrastructure.

According to a study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the entire U.S. power grid could be shut down in a matter of minutes through a small-scale attack on only nine of the country’s 55,000 electric-transmission substations.

The Militarization & Federalization of State and Local Police Forces

Militerized police force

This is a threat that doesn’t receive nearly the amount of attention it deserves.

Drones, Armored Vehicles with High Power Weapons, Tanks, and Battlefield Helicopters: What was once used exclusively by our military, is now finding its way into the hands of local police forces throughout the U.S. The police state is a very real thing, and the line between the Military, Local & State Polices Forces, and the Federal Government is blurrier than ever.

Natural & Manmade Attacks on the Power Grid

Solar Flares

Whether it is from natural causes like extreme natural disasters or geo-magnetic events, or from man-made attacks like an electro-magnetic pulse (EMPs) attacks, one thing is for certain, it’s only a matter of time before something cripples our nation’s electric grid.

Our nation’s power grid is a hodgepodge of antiquated equipment and technology, with a large portion of it still relying on 1960’s and 70’s technology. During a congressional hearing on national security last year, Congresswomen Yvette Clark (D-NY) testified that “The likelihood of a severe geo-magnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100%.”

A Nation of Zombies: The Medicated Zombies of America

Real-life Zombies

Zombies are very real, and they are everywhere!

The numbers are actually pretty disturbing; over 70% of Americans are now taking at least one prescription drug, with 1 out of every 5 U.S. adults taking at least one mood-altering pharmaceutical drug to function.

During a large-scale disaster where delivery systems shut down, what do you think is going to happen to these people when they can’t refill their medications?

The Illusion of Food: What happens when the shelves are bare?

Empty Store Shelves

Most modern day grocery stores operate on what’s known as a just-in-time food delivery system. Very little product is actually stocked at the physical store.

Disaster after disaster in this country shows us how quickly an entire store can be wiped out. With most households in this country stocked with only a 3-day supply of food, during a long-term disaster your once jolly neighbor might become one of your biggest threats. The moment people realize they can’ feed themselves or their families, they’re going to become raving madmen.

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  1. Been browsing this great site for well over a year or so now. I can concur with confidence that the grid is indeed highly suceptible to major damage. I work for a large electric distribution company and have seen the low concern for security at our substations even after multiple successful copper thefts. I can’t imagine what an individual truly wanting to cause harm could conjure up.

  2. I can also attest to that, Josh. I work for a company that makes transformers, high voltage circuit breakers, and GIS. I’ve seen first hand what you are describing as a ‘low concern’ for security at the subs and switch yards. And what I’ll add to this is the inherent flaws in how the equipment is designed. The equipment out there (old and new) was never really designed to even deter criminal/terroristic attacks against it. Sure, it can be buried in vaults and re-designed to a certain extent, but that doesn’t eliminate every problem and creates it’s own new set of problems.

    • I concur with your observations on the electrical grid. I will not say WHERE I was last week (For security reasons), but what I WILL say is that where I was visiting I saw a number a very old substations, some with the wires actually RUSTING, and several that did not even have a SAFETY FENCE around them. Congress and the “experts” can say whatever they want. Our electrical grid is THE weakest part of this nations’s entire infrastructure!

      On the FOOD front-this is the one that scares me the most. There is going to be flying A LOT OF LEAD FOR A LOAF OF BREAD!

  3. Tangent and a direct result of a few of the above mentioned SHTFs is a real killer & threat … loss of winter heating for the majority of the country

    If you aren’t prepping for long term alternatives to your present heating situation – big mistake

  4. “Illini Warrior” is right on the beam with his concern for loss of winter heating. Lose heat for two or three days in below-zero weather and not only are you miserable, but your pipes are frozen and your toilet won’t flush! Loss of heat is critical! If you’re heating today with fuel oil, here’s my solution for loss of electricity – an “Alaska Stove”. (Google this). Fed from your standard oil tank on the same line that feeds your electrically-pumped furnace with a “Y” joint, coupla dampers on the chimney pipes and a fuel cutoff installed, the Alaska takes about ten minutes to fire up. No wood pile outside to reveal your presence! The Alaska uses a gravity-fed carburator with no moving parts to generate 85,000 BTU/Hr. 24/7. Uses 2 gallons fuel oil /24 hrs. totally by convection and radiation. Installed in my basement, it keeps the family toasty when the electric fails in the Winter; by leaving the door open to the upstairs, it heats the entire house all day and night. I have 1,000 gallon oil tanks in my basement standing on one-foot high legs; this provides the gravity feed. The Alaska is made of cast iron; you can cook on the flat-surfaced top or keep a barrel of water there for continuous hot water (use a dipper). Have your plumber or oil dealer’s repair guy attach the Alaska to your chimney using a 90-degree damper to shut up the electric furnace from the chimney and another 90-degree damper to link the Alaska to your chimney. (Any plumber can do this in an hour – he can also attach your oil line to the Alaska. During Hurricane Sandy we were without electric for 7 days (Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains). The Alaska kept us warm and gave us hot water during all that time. Also, does not reveal OPSEC by showing smoke – no smoke at all!

  5. My biggest concern! Last night we had our annual Christmas Party for the Medical Staff. These are highly educated people, with worlds of money, but when I mentioned prepping they simply refused to take it seriously. These people know better than to act the irresponsible way they are acting. But they, for some reason I can’t fathom, go on living the good life from day to day without a care for tomorrow until it gets here. How aggressive they will become soon after teotwawki is my tripping point. Thanks, good read and keep up the good work.

    • I can relate, I live in NYC and in just about all my circles no one takes these things seriously, you can lead them to water……..
      I will continue to prep and God forbid the shtf I’ll be ready and unfortunately it will be to late for “I told you so’s.

  6. During the cuban missile crisis I saw the grocery stores emptied in a few hours. It was no joke and the people with the food were not going to share it out period. Very fast it got ugly. It is a very really threat. Panic the people and then look out.

    • I can’t remember who said it but it’s something to the effect of ” civil society is 3 or 4 meals from becoming uncivilized, who will sit and watch their spouse and children die of starvation or dehydration? Your neighbors won’t be asking you to help them they will take by whatever means necessary.

  7. I do believe very strongly in zombies and other natural and man made disasters. It will happen sooner or later and yet so many people aren’t ready for it,or they choose not to believe it.

  8. Obama signed an exec order stating that the govt has the right to take your food stockpile in a natl emergency. Need to hide it someway.

  9. Stock up am minimum of 6 months food supply, guns and ammo with a minimum of 1000 rounds per caliber. Radio communications preferably amateur radio.

    • The answer to your question is NONE!
      In a full blown SHTF, hospitals & doctor offices will run out of their medical supplies very quickly-in some cases, faster than the stores will run out of food. This is a very real danger which I have found is not given NEARLY the attention it deserves in the prepper community! Look at Katrina. Many of the officers & EMS personnel jumped ship after 2-3 days so they could look after their own families. Stock up HEAVILY on 1st Aid & medical supplies NOW. Load up on as many of your prescriptions meds as you can NOW-because you WON’T be able to get them when it all comes crashing down! Same goes for your pets. I talk to people ALL the time who say they’re prepared, until I ask them about their pets and they realize there’s only half a bag of pet food in the place. So, when you go to the store, set aside a few bucks to buy a 20 or 50 pound bag of puppy or Kitty Chow!

    • I suggest you try planting Jerusalem Artichoke. They look like Sunflower plants, because they are related and the spread. You eat the tubers (raw-taste like nuts and are crunchy; cooked you can treat them like potatoes. There are recipes online and on YouTube. They contain a substance called inulin (not insulin). Since I’m not a doctor, I can’t tell you why but you can look it up. As to the response and pets, I have food storage for my cat and he has his own budget so I can continue stocking up. If he passed away (over 18 years old), I would give it to the Humane Society in town.

  10. Stocking up is good, but be sure to keep the rodents and bugs out of your supplies. Metal trashcans with tight lids for your dry grains and pet food. Use glass and metal containers for the smaller supplies, not the plastic and paper the food came in. Last, keep your Bible handy.

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