There is no tool more useful in the backcountry, than a knife.

There is no tool more useful in the backcountry, than a knife.
Ray Mears, The Survival Handbook

The Back country traveler needs to be able to rely on their knife. Choosing the right knife is extremely important, a good Knife will never let you down and must be able to perform all the tasks you ask of it.

Sog Seal Pup Elite
The Sog Seal Pup Elite

Knife in a log

Bush Knife

Surviorman Les Stroud holding a knife
Some of these knives, are only posted here because I like knives, I have received a couple emails from people annoyed with me for putting up pictures of the Rambo knife…… Yes, I realize that the Rambo style knife in not an ideal survival tool, but it sure does look cool. If you’re looking for a really good survival knife click on the first picture for our review of the SOG Seal Pup Elite.

Resident Evil Knoves

Rambo Knife

John Rambo holding knife

Shirts of Liberty
The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide


  1. Well I am extremely happy! I finally got my dream knife. It is a highest quality handmade First Blood knife. And best part is that while most makers of these knives such as Black Starr Knives and Steve Voorhis and others, are making several of the same knife for different people (and that is A-OK fine), the very experienced knife maker that made the one I have, only made one high end First Blood knife; That is the one that I now am so proud to own. the fact that it is a one-only, meaning the particular maker only made One. And while it is still a Tribute knife or a copy of one made by Lile, the fact that he only made one, makes it very rare and special to me!

    That knife will Never Ever be sold. And also, I have prayed, as I am a Christian, and I believe that when I die, God is going to let me bring that one knife with me to Heaven, LOL!! Just a little joke.

    What is unique about this maker, who has been making knives and also teaching knife making for over 40 years, made my FB knife with extreme superb balance. However, he emphasizes on the handles of his knives. From what I have learned, he feels that a good solid handle made with the highest quality materials, is actually just as important, if not more, than the blade itself. That being said, and while the knife has excellent balance and grinds, the handle is thicker and weighs a bit more than other knife makers who make this knife.
    And despite popular opinion, this is certainly one hollow handled knife that zi would trust with my life! It is a real beast of a FB knife, that’s for sure!

  2. I have to say that I have the best survival knives that money can buy. I designed it myself. The knife has a 7 inch full tang blade that is held onto the handle by a spring-loaded attachment. The knife, which I call the Fly-by-Nighter, can be used just like a regular knife. However, during combat situations and in those extreme life-or-death situations, you can press a button and the blade detaches from the handle and ejects like a bullet towards your opponent. When it impacts the opponent, the impact is so hard that in an instant, the knife is stuck halfway in the enemy’s body. There are very little fine hook-like serrations on the spine of the knife which punctures and then clings to major veins and arteries. This causes your enemy to suddenly begin bleeding out on the inside, with no way to get the knife out fast enough to stop the bleeding. Within mere minutes, the enemy hemorrhages and then dies! Anyway, this is my patented design that I plan to sell to first-come companies! I already have 4 meetings scheduled with high end knife making companies!

  3. A knife needs to be very sharp to be useful and safe. Sharpening a scandi grind to a razor edge is something quite easily learned. That is why my first knife is a finnish kainuun puukko. Edc is a metalsided victorinox (can be boiled to clean …). For chopping a gransfors small forest axe. Multitool an old, but reliable, bucktool. I own a sealpup too, which i find quite useless outdoor (bushcraft purposes anyway) but great for use on my boat.

  4. Hello all,

    Man I am one excited knife lover/owner/collector. Just received my exquisitelyhandmade MCE II knife made by Newt Martin of the popular Caddo, Texas Martin Knives family owned family run Knife Smacking business.

    Newt Martin is unarguably one of the best knife makers out there as far as cistomer service and compassion. In my opinion, there are 4 great knife makers out there as far as providing exceptional customer service and customer compassion. But I ordered the base model MCE II knife, made with 440C steel blade and guard, basic round shaped flat guard, and flat endcap.
    Newt was aware I had a birthday coming up in January, which was the.scheduled time frame for my knife to be completed. Well, upon completion, and when I received my knife, I learned that this awesome knife maker had given me every upgrade possible on my knife, which I originally wanted but could not.really afford to get. Normally the upgraded blade steel from 440C to S35VN steel for blade and guard is $85. The.upgrade to the lugged guard with octagon dropdown ends is $45 to $50, and.the upgrade to the skull crusher cap is $45.

    But I called Newt about the knife because I actually thought he got my knife order confused with another order. But that great guy.said Nope, he didn’t mix up any orders. He said he did a full upgrade to my knife for me as a Birthday present. Then he wished me Happy Birthday, and that was that. After this very specialty VIP customer treatment, Newt and Martin Knives now have a new fan for life!! And I say Thanks to Newt and to Martin Knives. You sure made my Birthday a very special one!! T

  5. The hollow handle survival knife became popular because of the Rambo movies. It is interesting to note that by Rambo III the knife that Rambo used was not hollow any more. I don’t know too many knife fans who don’t love the look of the Rambo knife.

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