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The Zombie Apocalypse is Real, and it’s already started

The zombie Apocalypse is not only a very real possibility, I believe it’s already upon us. While it might not be the typical scenario that you’re used to seeing depicted in Hollywood movies, the reality of the situation is no less frightening.

Remember the Bath Salt Zombie Attacks? Well, leave it to today’s youth to take those drugs and glorify them as the next way to get high.

If you haven’t heard of drugs like Bath Salts, Synthetic Marijuana, and Molly, it’s something that you need to be aware of – especially if you have younger kids.

These dangerous drugs are being popularized and promoted by people like Kanye West and Miley Cyrus, both of whom glorify the dangerous substances in their songs. Drugs like Molly are being pitched as a pure form of Ecstasy, and these other commonly sold synthetic concoctions are being marketed as legal alternatives to street drugs. In reality, most of these substances are the same chemicals that have caused people to go crazy and literally try to eat other people’s faces off.

This isn’t a science fiction movie; It’s reality.

Zombie with Zombies Walking in the Background

Our society has degraded so far down into the gutter that today’s youth will do anything to escape from reality, including taking drugs that are literally turning them into real-life walking zombies. It’s really a sad state of affairs, but it should serve as a wake-up call to those who are still in denial as to where our society is heading – The Zombie Apocalypse.

I know that’s ridiculous right? Wrong!

Real ZombiesNow I’m not talking about the Walking Dead here. I’m talking about real-life zombies who are so whacked out on drugs, television, our sick society, and countless other degenerating factors, that they have morphed into mindless soulless beasts that no longer care about their fellow human beings.

Think I’m exaggerating? Have you taken a good look at society lately? People are literally willing to literally kill each other over an iPhone. Forget the mindless idiots who sit in line for ten hours when the stupid phone hits the market – because heaven forbid they are caught walking around with a phone that’s more than 6 months old – people are actually killing each other over iPhones.

But it’s not just iPhones; it’s our whole sick society. We have a culture that’s become obsessed with anything immoral, and everything violent.

If you think the Zombie Apocalypse is just science fiction, take a look at what’s happening on the streets of Chicago. In my opinion, Chicago is a thousand times worse than a Zombie movie, and it could be a good look at what our future has in store for us.


Last year alone, over 500 people were mercilessly gunned down in the streets of Chicago.  Many of these people were killed simply for walking over some imaginary line in Chicago’s notorious gang filled neighborhoods.

While some would like to pass these incidents of as anomalies, or something that only affects urban areas, the problem is much more than an inner-city problem.

This culture of violence has invaded every aspect of our lives. These aren’t poor urban kids in some neighborhood that you’ll never have to walk through; these are people of every race, and from every corner of America. Watch the first five minutes of your local news tonight, and then tell me I’m wrong.

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here, and it’s only going to get Worse.

In my opinion, our society is just one disaster away from total collapse. Take a look at disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, and then imagine what would happen if our country was to face a similar, but prolonged nationwide disaster.

It’s not the Walking Dead who you’re going to have to worry about.

  • It’s the 70% of Americans who rely on prescription drugs to function; the ones that will be going through massive withdrawals once they can’t obtain their medications.
  • It’s your neighbors who will be killing each other for food and water; because they thought watching reality T.V. was more important than preparing for what’s coming.
  • It’s the over 50% of Americans who depend on Government assistance to live.
  • It’s the unprepared masses who are so reliant on modern technology that they actually admit they wouldn’t last over 2 weeks without electricity.
  • It’s the average American Citizen who has forgotten the skills they need to survive without running to the local Walmart.

Did you know the average American spends more than 40 hours a week watching TV? That’s more time than someone spends working at a full-time job!  According to a study commissioned by Nokia, the average cell phone user checks their phone at least 150 times a day, or approximately once every 6 minutes.

But it’s even worse when you take a look at the next generation, who spends more than 71/2 hours a day consuming digital media. Is it any wonder why society is devolving into a bunch of zombies? We have a world full of people who have literally checked out of reality.

Zombies on T.V.

Yes folks, the Zombie Apocalypse is here; unfortunately, the zombies aren’t slow, and they’re not dead.

So What can you do to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Take the threat seriously. I know we’ve had a little fun here using the Zombie Apocalypse to illustrate the problem, but nevertheless, the problem is serious and it affects us all. Don’t forget, during a disaster people (especially the Zombies) are going to be one of the top threats you face.
  • Don’t be a Mindless Moron. Preparedness is the key to staying alive during any disaster. If you spend most of your time playing video games, staring at a screen, or whacked out on some type of drug, you might want to rethink your choices. Don’t let yourself become one of the zombies.
  • Do Something to Prepare. From learning how to hunt and fish, to taking a weekend hike or camping trip, there are a million fun things you can do that will also help prepare you for tough times.
  • Pay Attention to Your Kids. If you have kids, please pay attention to what’s actually going on around them. The amount of harmful garbage they’re exposed to on a daily basis far exceeds what most of us experienced throughout our entire childhood.

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  1. JL

    I couldn’t agree with this more. I’ve been telling everyone for years that the greatest threat we face is the threat caused by our society. I read your article awhile back about people being a threat during times of crisis and it really changed the way I prepare for disasters and the future.

    • beau reveal

      i agree the zombies are upon us we must do something everyone who reads this call 911

      • tyler

        i… ive actually had contact with them b4 i shot the man 5 times in the chest tht did nothing so i shot him once in the head it killed him this society is goin to collapse and soon everyone be prepared please

        • kebotown

          OMG, PLEASE READ AND YOU WILL HERE THE REAL REASONS WE ALREADY ARE IN FEAR! zombie Apocalypse began in 1946,i am the product of what now exists.I was tested and invested in the 1960’s to rule and rule mined bending

          • jabbbbb

            Bahahahahahahahaa I’m prior spec forces….you’re all not prepared for a war like this. Go hide immediately! Smh

          • vaughn

            Not saying what you say is true or false however military and sl special forces at jabbbb sorry but your trained mindless follow orders if anyone is unprepaired its the military ya if an something like this happened thousands would die maybe millions but the few that have the mindset and personal skills will survive. And ill be one to say you take a group of in decent shape gamers and place them against group of military , military will lose , in games which not only teach hand eye quardination they also teach strategy but alone that does nothing but put a few together you have a deadly team , military you work well with team but you follow orders and a sheep who follows will always be the first to die

          • Grace

            That’s a lie and u and the zombie crap it won’t happen cause we made the zombies up God dam it people who believe that stuff is fucked up

        • Nikki

          Dude, I think ur the one who needs to lay off the drugs

          • Kay

            Agreed lay of the drugs dude but yes I shot a man 5 times and he didn’t die

          • Chip

            If you cannot see the changes and problems arising as a result, YOU are part of the problem. Your brain can’t comprehend the idea of a parallel within a writen piece. The writer is LIKENING the mindlessness people like YOU live under, to a zombie take over…in fact they clearly state that the idea in your head (how a moron would perceive the writing) is NOT what they are talking about.

        • Danny VEnter your name...

          Looks like you zombied out during English class.

          • Braden

            Ha I think that a zombie apocalypse is real because even in the bible it says once there’s no more room in hell the dead will roam the earth and other websites and on YouTube so do not make this guy feel bad I mean seriously this guy worked hard and he really isn’t lien so believe him plz.

          • Randy

            Some of these idiots are already so screwed up in the head like game boy that thinks gamers can beat trained military men at a gun battle has already taken more drugs than a body can sanely absorb. WTF

          • himynameis......

            that is what i do in math every day…..

        • jake

          Your a jackass u never shot nobody u mindless fuck

          • Nope ur the jakeass


          • Kayy

            Jeez dude , ur probs like a bag of pampers self absorbed and full of shit

          • Kayy

            How do u know he’s lie ing maybe he’s right if u say there upon us then …….
            But do I think there real,no just like Sasquatch no one has ever seen it

        • Danwrlca

          Are you people serious? Is this what the typical redneck high school dropout believes?? OMG!

          • Hayla

            Ya’ll bein so rude like shut up, if you don’t like what dis person said Y even bother to comment or read this in da first place? Ya Neva kno if a zombie apocolpse could really happen or not and if it do yall gon be guhhit’s an opinion/thought so it was nice of dis person to think of others and inform us of sum dat could happen But if it don’t there’s still a possibility.

        • giovanni


      • Walking dead fan

        Not that this would be a dream come true if u think about it what happens if the army don’t know about it and they get bit then their dead

        • Walking dead fan

          Also it will come when we wont expect it it’s true because that’s what always happens

          • Alison

            it wont happen ok m8

        • None of your buisness

          People say they are ready for the “zombie apocolypse” but they arent. They act all tough saying “ill shoot him or her or this and that” but if it comes down to your parents or sister or wife and kids 99% of the people wouldnt be able to pull the damn trigger.

          • tina

            U rite about that

          • Hayla

            I mean duh days family and ppl u love stupid… just cuz u don’t have no one to love or dat love u don’t mean u gotta say ppl ain’t ready….I’m bout to be 14 and my friends talk bout da purge and if a Zombie apocolpse happens and they made a list. PPL REAL LIVE readier then u think so him before day stuff.

          • Danielle

            Idk now if somebody that I loved turned into a zombie I would shoot them before they bit me

          • Will

            But i would if it meant that they wouldn’t suffer. Unlike you.

      • Enter your name...jacob

        Let them take over it will be cool to survive this

        • tina

          It want be cool we all goin to die it to much zombie

        • Randy

          My bad I thought I was dealing with adults.

          • Candypapp

            Thank you!!

      • Adrian

        this is rediculous its not real calm down

        • Exactly because the Bible says nothing about there being a zombie apocalypse

          • Tuhainul

            Cant always trust what you read

          • Pepper 3000

            It actually does if that’s how ur supposed to read it. In revelations it says the dead will rise and if it’s meant as zombies it would fit do to the torment and pain people will suffer in the end times

          • Pepper 3000

            Actually it does in revelations if that’s how it’s meant to be interpreted

          • Row

            things have changed i think it will happen and i want a team that wants to surrvive whos with me

        • Kellie

          kind of true because last night I woke up I sore blood wrighting on my wall it said zombie apomulnts and a blood hand print

          • Danielle

            Really? You did

        • Some guy


      • Annonamus

        Why do you think the cops will help us? If it comes upon us they’ll be just as scared or terrified as us to do anything but run.

    • david


      • She says

        I totally agree w/David as well. The government can do whatever they want. It won’t take nothing for them to whip up a deadly virus n use it on us. This world is gonna end one way or another. Just make sure ur prepared. Help us Lord.

        • Mia

          IT Can BE Posable BUT ANY THING WITHOUT BLOOD WILLL DIE Yes It May come to Eat Chu If Ur Dumb engought to belive It May Be real Life

      • Dave Strider

        I agree with david but also because of the expanding population this planets going to be a zombie farm and would be even harder to kill of this new thing the government is making. society is a bitch.

      • Robert

        yah you’d think with all these zombie movies so one would get the idea, i myself all these movies about aliens, zombies, ghost, the Devil believe they are made for a reason and i believe that reason is to prepare for the end one way or another, we all need to get ready for whats really out there

        • levi

          I agree i’v seen a zombie for real attack a person during a parade the zombie riped a piece of a guy face off

          • Never happened

            Probs NEVER HAPPNED

          • Never HAPPNED (Kayy)

            Closes thing to a zombie is a cannibal

          • Some guy


      • kimberly nett dotts

        Wanna team up

        • Nick

          Yes but the first thing i would do is go to the gun store to get ammo

        • Row

          yeah if you beleive and wanna surrvie

    • Josh

      I love this website, but this article is just plain stupid. Molly does not cause anyone to want to eat each other, and does not make people into Zombies. Thousands of people do this drug each day, but there are only a few reported incidents of zombie like behavior (none of which caused by this drug). I am not condoning or advocating the use of drugs by any means, but at the same time, please stop spreading false information.

      • TL

        The article’s message is not about drugs turning into people wanting to eat each other, it’s about how society today is so messed up that everyone is hypnotized to wanting more electronics. As it said, people are /killing/ each other for a stupid iPhone. It’s just telling us that we need to snap out of this and get back to going outside and learning to do new things that don’t rely on much technology. Don’t get me wrong, technology is the best, but I do agree with this article in saying that we all need to wake up from this and stop living the lives we do now.

      • Ghost

        Yea the drug Molly has caused people to start eating other people if you would look at the news few years back in Miami the cops shot a man and it was caught on camera a man eating another mans face off it took more then one shot to get him to stop

        • Shay

          That was not molly it was bath salts so seriously and if it happens fuck it does we better come together as a fucking u tied front of civilized neighbors brothers sister cousins u cakes Grammys Pappys AND JUST NORMAL FUCKING people and do what’s right help one another and battle this bitch out no one knows if the worlds gonna end and when or if ever HONESTLY AND IF UR BELIEVING A BOOK THATS BEEN WROTE AND REWROTE BY A MAN FOR CENTURIES THAN SERIOUSLY UR THE BRAINWASHED OVER AMERICANIZED HUMAN BEING …. I’m just saying though … And seriously we have a better shot at a lot of humanity being wiped out by disaster and the ALL TIME NATIONAL HIGH OR HEROIN EPIDEMIC ACROSS THE STATES AND THE WORLD TO BE REAL HONEST… So befor u just start writting what ever like a holy roller bible thumping rebel who’s 20 sheets radical and ready to protest lets honestly look at facts … Honestly sometimes things are movies and tv series for just that reason good ol fashioned home entertainment

      • Sienna

        20 years later this is going to be helpful and there will be a lot of drug attics and then 20 years later after that we might have our lives at risk

    • john

      i’ve been playing video games and watching movies on this but always wondered if it could be real and now i know.

    • Yay

      Ok so even if the drug is real and everybody does turn into a eating machine, would it eventually wear off? For example pot wears off.

      • livvy

        yeah but it might turn into a norm for that person, and they just go along with it because they think its right. then that would pose a problem because then the “zombies” would be intelligent.

        • definatley not brycmer

          just like the walking dead the walkers are smart enough to open a door

    • Dave

      so true i agree completly

      • Sadie

        I so agree

      • Ronnie

        I agree too

    • Felicia

      I agree drugs are ruining our society! My whole family worksor has worked or is currently working as a police man or woman or a law enforcement job. And seeing this im just saying that i couldnt agree more.

    • kadin


    • Lee

      The real reason why everything is falling apart is!! The government has control of everything and everyone!! Rich people not being taxed more,illegal aliens being aloud to settle here!! Schools teaching our children to early about sex and telling our kids their parents cant disappline them!! Drugs on our streets!! Gangs controlling the prisons and the street!! Every state in america should have a death penaltie!! Especially people who kill or rape children!! What gives anybody the right to take our children away unless theythey a

    • josh

      Is this like zombiu or something

    • Jimmy Miller

      I was looking for the website that explained this island off the coast of Africa where this disease is literally turning people into zombies and cant seem to find it anywhere. If anyone else knows what im talking about please write back and let me know the address. Im serious about this article because, no shit, this really is happening and being a country boy, I am ready for the disaster to hit home and I already have a set plan to be ready and do what I have to do for me and my family to survive.

      • meagan miller

        when will the zombie apocalypse happen??

      • Steph

        That would be Hiati but their saying they don’t eat humans. Our other concern is all the toxins anymore for example mad cow disease.

    • holden

      The zombie apocalypse is real one day someone will get alot of people to do bath salts.
      And then when they bit someone they WILL turn into a zombie.
      I study zombies for a living okay and from most of the zombie movies there are rules to follow such as the double tap shot the zombies twice instead of once.
      But shot them in the head to actually kill them once one state gets infected then the next and the next it will start off AIRBORN which means through the air then once someone gets it in there system they’ll turn and bit someone else then more and more.
      So if you see someone that has been bitten just put them out of there misery.
      ill give you more imput next time.

      • Ronnie

        I fuckin agree pretty scary rite guys/gals

        • Alison

          its not going to happen dont worry and if it does the military will save us and police force ok where safe so dont be scared

          • definatley not brycmer

            no they wont cause they will be over whelmed

    • jack

      You know for the most part you are on the ball. They are tooned out and off. But you really need to look further down the rabbit whole, my friend. Here go check this,… Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome,
      “Zombie like” outbreak in Puerto Rico spreads out of control,
      Your guide to zombie parasite journalism
      I have way more research on zombies but I’ll just list one more but trust me it is a for real thing,… Parasites are going to bring zombies upon us
      Mutated Toxoplasmosis

      • GUNSLINGERx11

        I starting to get a little scared

    • grace tupper

      i not going to happen if i was going to happen it would happend by now

      • brenen

        Brenen’s guide to survive an apocalypse
        #1.gather food and water.
        #2.gather guns,silensers,ammo, and knifes,swords, and machete’s.
        #3.gather friends and family.
        #4.get vehicles and a lot of gas.
        #5.pack clothes(optional)
        #6.go to country side(farms,no city’s)
        #7.then build walls or fences around the farm(optional)
        #8.find generated(optional,but recommended.) area. tuff,work out,practice with swords,guns.

      • Darby

        Actually no it can happen at any time. There are many viruses that can cause it ecspecially mad cow disease. You know…if you eat the meat it can “turn you into a zombie” and it has happened in Haiti before.

    • Rosiered153

      They don’t even turn into zombies they just shots guns and stuff this is stupid at first I believed in u now since I read the whole this it’s Stupid I do not believe you

      • Alison

        its fake ok

    • Isis

      I’m 10 years old and I’ve been telling my friends that there will be a real zombie apocalypse from the begning of 4th grade and now I know the real zombie apocalypse is now and later now by what you told us and later zombies walking around like they rule the world which they wil if we don’t stick together

      • Isis

        I’ve been prepare me and my BFF are going to stick together and be boss we are all ready

    • zombiesrereal

      are you people who say its not going to happen are dumb. its going to happen and im going to laugh when i see you as a zombie. its real its comming be paperd just saying

    • jaquline

      Well I’m preserved for this and I’m protecting family since I played zombie I have some expense for it and I’m kinda like Lee from the walking dead game just a girl so is my brother

    • katelynn

      umm I don’t know if zombies are real but that would be scary

    • DeathGoat

      Ghetto Rats. The problem is they breed faster than you can change Mag’s.

    • Chris

      Have you guys heard about the parasitic bug that possess mice and allows them to be eaten by cats. Doing this then enables the bug to possess the cat. Well its been proven that if perfectly engineered it could be exactly like the T virus. So yea, it is possible.

    • Rattrap

      call them by their scientific name Democratus Dependitardus.They cant speak english they cant work all they do is kill each other and suck off the system and blame someone else when one of their own gets killed.

    • lilly

      i agree with this, however not everyone wants to depend on the government to live… and you can’t blame them for something they have no control over.. also prescription drug dependance doesnt just happen from illegal use, there are people who experience daily pain that is immobilizing if they dont have something to help them.

    • Tony

      Never, this is honestly a bunch of garbage to tell kids to spend more time outside and don’t abuse drugs. Because that man that ate that guys face off was a cannibal. And so it was just unfortunate that he ingested bath salt, but the drug was not the cause of his killings. And if there’s something you can do to protect yourself and the ones you love, join the military. Because what’s going on over the seas is what you should really be worried about, not all of this ZOMBIE bull crap. So get your head screwed on strait and make something out of your life, because you only have one…

      • Kobie

        Dude this IS bullshit like how would we fight that crappy stuff

    • Fan1274

      I couldn’t agree more… Whether its real or not, we need to be prepared. Its 2016 and these occurrences have increased… If things continue, our society could possibly become “zombies”. I don’t mean to freighten anyone, but we all still need to follow some procedures in staying alive. Its important that we stay alive as long as possible and keep our humanity.

    • AZAC

      AZAC stands for Anti-zombie approval club, so join if you don’t want to be a brain dead zombie. Zombies can and ARE actually, non-fictionally real! It’s in rats, bees, ants, and monkeys! And think, just think, think about rabies and think about how fast it came to humans. The zombie apocalypse IS REAL! And again, Join AZAC if You don’t want to be a brain dead zombie.

    • Brianna Horsley

      It true it happen in 2016 we most do somthing about it

    • Joseph

      My best friend took this drug and she tried to eat my leg off me and the rest of my friends are staying away from this

  2. Momofthree

    Your last bullet point is the problem. Parents have no clue what their kids are doing today.

    Why do they allow their teens unfiltered access to the internet, cellphones and media? Do they even realize what their exposing these kids to or are they to busy on their own phones to notice?

    • freddy

      i think it is good that kids search the web bc if we didn,t we wouldn,t get any where in this world

  3. Jeroen

    Hi Rob, I’d like to respond to this post.
    Let me start off with some background;
    I’m from The Netherlands and go to college.
    I also in an agency that tries to decrease drug-related faitalities. I love this website and check it daily.

    Let me get on-topic though: you are connecting several issues here.
    – Drugs (like XTC)
    – The violence issue
    – The ‘zombie’ issue (kids that watch TV/social media mindless)

    In my opinion it would be way nicer if you’d write stories about these problems, one at a time.
    You could really get into some arguments.

    For instance, the drug issue. In The Netherlands (you know, Amsterdam etc.) a lot of youngsters (18-30) use narcotics. And you know what? Most of them are highly educated and have good jobs and they are good parents. Drug-related casualty’s are next to 0, with the exception of GANG-related death’s.

    I can tell you from experience that the drug that you call Molly, does not turn you into a face-eating zombie. This is ridiculous. MDMA makes you wanna cuddle and have fun.
    I know so out of experience AND out of scientific research.

    I really can’t argue with you about the other issues, but if you’d like to learn more about drugs AND how the country could fight addiction AND drug-related violence, please ask. :-)

    Keep up the good work though, love the website!

    • ZombieKiller

      I don’t even know where to start. You really need to lay off the drugs and do a little more research. I think your dead wrong on MDMA but for arguments sake lets say your right.

      99% of the Molly that’s sold is not MDMA. As the article briefly points out it’s a concoction of things like bath salts and meth. The drugs that kids are doing today are not the same drugs that most people grew up with.

      • Jeroen

        Haha, alright. Forgive me for not knowing that Molly is actually a combo of bath salts and meth.

        But that brings us to the point that I wanted to bring out. In my country, everyone is able to go to a GOVERNMENTAL test center and test their drugs. This might seem ridiculous, but we almost have no fatalities.

        Isn’t that an option for the USA to try? I mean, from a neutral stance here from Europa, it’s obvious the so called ‘War on Drugs’ has failed.

      • zepplinguy

        dude in america the only people who would buy bath salts and think its molly are the ignorant and bothersome kids that u want to od

      • No way

        For all you preppers and gamers that fantasize about this topic you better hope it don’t happen. One reason and one reason only no one and I mean no one will survive. Unless you have an underground bunker with about a decades worth of food water and medication. The reason I say this is there are thousand of nuclear power plants around the world with no one to run them. That means there is actually thousand of nuclear bombs ready to explode and contaminate the entire planet. Game over no survival groups gamers lose ex military and all the weirdos that think this would be awesome lose. Have a good day

    • Ben jamin

      I fully agree with Jeroen on the drug subject. There is plenty of scientific research backing up the fact that Molly(MDMA) is a safe drug as long as it is not abused(as with anything).

      I believe the drug you are refering to is the “bath salts” that came out a few years ago to try to replace Molly with a legal high. This was a total disaster as these new drugs haven’t been tested at all and have no research on them.

      These drug companies are just out for profit and not for safety. Molly was actually made for psychological use but because it became a street drug it became outlawed by the DEA in the mid 80’s, we are just now getting some good research done on it again to support it’s use for many mental disorders including PTSD.

      So please inform yourself fully on something before you start ranting on it. If our gov’t wasn’t retarded when it comes to the war on drugs then it would be legal and available in it’s pure form so people wouldn’t accidentally get bad drugs in place of it. This is what makes illegal drugs dangerous, not the drugs themselves.

      As far as the rest of the article, yes, media/gov’t is turning everyone into zombies.

      • Jeroen

        My point exactly. In The Netherlands we are are really open about druguse. We try to minimalize drugABUSE.

        A lot of people forget that alcohol is a fully legal and full accepted HARD DRUG.
        It’s one of the most harmful substances for your body, yet it’s legal.

        MDMA is another kind of drug, that does LESS damage to your body.

        I really don’t have a clue why the USA (which I actually see as a beautiful country) continue this ‘war on drugs’. It has proven itself to be the wrong method.

        • Contrary Mary

          Because it is a money maker! Drug busts are big business!

    • Momofthree

      I’d like to thank Ben and Jeroen for proving the articles point. I hope everyone takes a good look at these people and what they are saying because they’re today’s youth.

      Look at how warped their minds have become. These are the people you have to worry about.

      • Mol

        Please explain yourself. Why do you think so?

      • Jeroen

        I hope you come back with some arguments. I’d like to hear a mother’s (in-depth) opinion.

      • Kimm Atwater

        Well said momofthree. I speak from experience and plenty of it. Living a half a century to date, in my opinion, the mind set of the youth of today is drastically different than that which was instilled in most of our generation. The youth of today truly believe the world and their parents owe them. There is a sense of entitlement. The lack of respect for one another, being friend, family, or stranger has become so rampant it is no longer expected. Doc in the box is the new way of life. Drugs are so rampant employers try to find ways around testing just to keep employees. Employees can’t function w/o their drugs. Society has become dependent upon drugs. They think they are functioning better when in fact they are becoming mindless robots overloaded with emotion one minute ready to kill one another, and the next minute so emotionless they have no conscious as to what they say or do to one another or themselves. I have witness drugs destroy lives over and over. The very core of my soul is sickened with it. No matter how you slice it, test it, control it, fight it, people will find a way to get it and they don’t care if it’s laced with poison. Our enemies are aware of the weakness in America’s youth. They are on just about every corner selling them gas and their lethal cocktail of bath salts or whatever new drug is the dish of the month.

        • Kimm Atwater

          Oh, and I am sick of hearing “bad parenting” as the excuse for the attitude of the youth today. Influences from every direction imaginable are working against parents every step of the way.

          • TL

            I entirely agree, Kimm. Parenting is just a minor factor in this generation’s children. All sorts of things influence them such as modern pop, TV shows (Even the kid’s channels aren’t very safe-), other kids their age, other adults, and much more! Guys, it isn’t just the parents. Truthfully, most parents are better than what you think.

      • Ben jamin

        Momofthree, Thanks for being part of the problem, I really hope you are joking. Try reading a book sometime and actually educate yourself on something instead of just having an opinion. The exact problem with our beautiful country and why it is falling apart. It’s ok though, keep believing the lies the gov’t/TV tell you, the rest of us conscious individual’s will keep pushing for our freedom from the gov’t. Go Ron Paul!

      • Peta

        I don’t understand why you say that. This article is full of hyperbole. The reason “kids” are using these drugs is not because of our “society”. It’s because they can. Back in the 60s it was pot. Then it was acid. Now they’ve found new ways to get high. Better living through chemistry. If the ability to manufacture drugs this way existed in the 50s and 60s, they’d have been around back then. This article is just an excuse for the author to wring his hands and blame “da ebil gubamint” and TV for everything that HE finds wrong with the country.

    • It happen in 2016 I dont know were but we need to do somthing about it fast

  4. patti

    ya so lets cut education, food stamps, assistance, health care, unemployment, medicaid, medicare, affordable housing, etc ya that will make everything better

    • Joe

      I guess some people just can’t see past politics. What does anything you just babbled on about have to do with the article? The only thing you did was point out one more thing that should have been in the article POLITICAL ZOMBIES.

    • TL

      That idea will not help the current situation…

  5. Jeroen

    I think the bottomline is, that with most of these problems, bad parenthood is the problem. My parents didn’t let me sit in front of the TV all day.. They thaught me good moral values and made sure I went to school.

    Yet, I spend a lot of hours on social media (especially Twitter), but I learn a lot from it. Hell, I found this website via Twitter. ;-).
    It’s about WHAT you do on social media, not that you are on it. I don’t go over other people’s photo’s all day long, I read and learn CRITICALLY.

  6. Ulf

    These gangs would not survive a week with a certain motorcycle group keeping shop. You may not like them but they keep their neighborhood safe from being mugged or beat on for no reason.

  7. victor

    i’ve been thinking about this for some years. we have in brazil what is called crackoland, that is land of crack. there are living dead, comsumpted by their addiction, ready to kill or die, in order to get their “precious” (got something here?) drug.

    Govt’ does nothing about. Durg lords will run the land for a while, commanding these inordinate troops till they get crazy enough to go zombie-mode forever.

    that’s my view.


    First i agree about the iphone statement, but did you forget about hte kid in Houston i think that was killed for a pair of tennis shoes,,,
    I see Mom and Kim’s point, however today’s parents have a harder job, but you must do it,,,limit t.v., media and what music listen too make the older kids read to the younger kids,play board games,etc,,,

  9. Noreen

    As an ex-drug user/alcoholic and now a substance abuse counselor in a correctional setting, I do have some insight into this issue as far as the USA is concerned. First: My own addictions were my fault and mine alone. Nobody forced me to take or drink anything. That being said, when I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s, things were very different. For the most part, kids respected their elders and were in fear of punishment from Mom and Dad. What I see today is a disrespectful, angry group of people that demand respect instead of giving it first, think that they are owed a living and anything they want. I see parents more afraid of their kids, then the kids are of them. Parents fall into 2 categories with the people I work with, either they were drug abusers themselves and didn’t parent their own kid, or they spoiled the shit out of them. Please note: I am referring to the parents of the addicts I currently treat. Then our own society comes into play. If you watch closely, you will see on TV that there is a pill for everything. We are taught that there is no need to experience any kind of pain. That there is no need to struggle with anything. I’m sorry, but there is no need for a 90 year old man to have an erection! (his wife probably wants a break!) The doctors and pharma companies are happy to provide us with xanax for our nerves, opiates for a head ache, etc. The schools love to see our active kids doped up on ritalin. Then, God forbid, you are sad, they then prescribe you antidepressants that it takes forever to get off of. Is there a group of people that need some psychotropics, yes, but not the majority of them. The USA cannot be compared to Europe because the culture and attitudes toward drugs is different. Americans want more of anything that makes them feel good, whether its drugs or material things. And the author of this article is right. In a survival situation, we will be dealing with people in withdrawal from everything from heroin to pharmaceuticals. We will have hordes of people that have depended on our supermarkets for everything trying to feed their families (myself included until recently). I have only been prepping for a year or two. I don’t know how long I would last, living in an urban area. I never farmed or hunted anything, but I plan on learning. I’ve been storing what I can and learning to shoot. I see bad things coming and I just hope that I can take care of myself and my family.

    • Lance

      I agree with you, Noreen. I have kids who use anything and everything, and kids who (like me) very rarely take tylenol for a headache. Those who use do so of their own free will. As to the article, I agree that people these days are turning into mindless zombies, and the drugs that are being manufactured in any random basement on the block are not helping matters. I experimented a little when I was young ( very little), but the thought of pouring drano or antifreeze or the like down my throat never interested me. People KNOW what’s in this stuff, They see their friends die from a single use but still say ” What the hell, gimme some”. I don’t get it

    • SNIPER

      I agree with most of what you are saying, but i think that one of the reasons for the disrespect is the CRAP music,glorifacation of drug dealers showing off all their stuff, video games and t.v.
      showing how cool it is,,,,so the kids want it now, they do not want to work for it they just sell drugs, rod people and etc.

    • cptv8ing

      I agree with all that you said. Once a kid gets wrapped up in the legal system they get worse rather than better because the workers rely on stereotypes rather than getting to know the child and helping them change and get away from the peer pressure, etc.

  10. studentghetto

    Let’s burn this mutha down!!!
    Time for a fresh start. Bring on the zombies so we can try something new and get rid of the zombies running things in washington. Time for people to start living their own lives instead of this indentured servitude
    Anarchy in the UK, I mean USA!!!

    • chris

      motely crue lol awesome

    • TL

      Anarchy is not the solution to these problems…

  11. Moe

    You are already a zombie if you voted for Obama.

  12. Zombie Blood

    Those are some crazy stats you have about the phone every 6 min. haha

  13. Tblogg

    No offense but I don’t think there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse because in the bible revolations god ment that the body’s of the dead where going to be lifted up off the planet so that god could make a new world. But still you can be leave what you want. Thank you for your time buti do agree about how adults should keep more in touch with there children and stop the drugs.

    • Dylan shears

      Amen. Praise the wonderful Lord our God


    Before moving to a balmy beach to smoke ten buck cigars and sip 25 year old rum, I lived in gangbangville Los Angeles for almost a quarter century. Well… the rent was cheap.

    There were roughly 200 tattooed homeboys running the franchise there (drrrugs, pussy and guns). And then there was me, a street smart artist armed with a Smith and Wesson five shot and ten years of college education.

    The odds were definitely in my favor. Indeed! Most of those homie are in prison or dead. One of the many lessons I learned from my long sojourn in gangbangville is that you (but never ewe) don’t pet a rabid dog. You fuckin’ shoot it.

  15. Royce

    this is all rediculous MDMA/molly and XTC are not bath salts or METH, not even close. all molly is, is a pure form of XTC which is the main ingredient in XTC which is MDMA. bath salts are obviously a problem and im not against what you are standing for here but i just wanted to point that small fact about the drugs you are refering to

  16. Jennifer

    This is ridiculous.

  17. Dylan shears

    Now, I don’t believe in “zombies”, but I do get your point. I’m a 13 year old beginner survivalist, teaching my brothers how to survive during different events, and I must be lucky with a 12 gauge under my bed:). Thank you for spreading the info

  18. Lang

    I used to sell ranchland that a lot of preppers would buy. Remote, off the grid, great hunting. The only issue was water. Wells would be very very expensive looking at depths of over 600 ft. and it had to be hauled in. My thought was always that when it all goes to hell, water is the most valuable resource.

  19. James Humphrey

    Rob, I like your premise for this article. I don’t think you need to argue that illegal drugs or TV addiction is necessary to turn people into zombies. You are dead on that there will be zombies but they won’t be slow or dead. They will be mal-nourished people desperate for food, clean water, alcohol, and medical supplies – skinnies as the military has termed people in third world countries. They’ll have little fear of death since their lives are miserable and little morality from hanging out with other “zombies”.

    We already have a pretty sizeable underclass like this living in America today. They are already pretty miserable and have little morality, but they have access to plenty of the aforementioned basics; in fact, they are still fat! They aren’t a big enough or desperate enough group that we can’t handle them with our police, courts, and prisons.

    But, if catastrophe strikes quickly (war on American soil, prolonged drought, massive storms, economic collapse/hyper-inflation) and drastically decreases the average American’s access to food, water, alcohol, and medicine, this underclass will have NO access. Social safety nets will fail as everyone begins to fend for themselves. There will be desperate, half-dead “zombies” that will overwhelm our law-and-order system.

    My theory is that first-worlders are all subconsciously aware that the zombies are coming. That’s why zombie stories are resonating so much. We see the golden age ending and drawing the conclusions I’ve made above. And, we all want to imagine that we won’t be among the undead and will get to go around mercilessly hacking these poor lost souls to pieces.

    But, it won’t be that clean, and you won’t be able to avoid becoming a zombie simply by not getting bitten. Two actions can be taken: 1) you can prepare so that you can survive shortages and lawlessness and 2) you can work hard to make sure America as a society can withstand the challenges we currently face. Both 1) and 2) require hard work now. If you’re not willing to do one or the other or both, you will be staggering through the countryside moaning in desperation.

  20. Portugal

    Hi, I don’t believe in zombies also, but I understand what you are saying. Any country can be more or less “rich” as the society of that country is more or less conscious and educated. The US government, and also EU governments are following the same path, have constrained their citizens in such a way that they are no longer capable of thinking, an that is the only tool we need not only to survive in any scenario, but also to act as citizens who know our rigths and duties. The citizens are no longer citizens, they are just doped, stupid people who cannot act as any citizen should. Portugal, 500 years ago, was the most powerful nation of the world, now is a country who lost is sovereign to a bank, really, the BCE leaders tell the Portuguese Prime-Minister to cut jobs and raise taxes, and he obey politely, like a dog. Due to the misconduct of our political leaders, we are in deep sh*t, and so you are, for the same reasons, and we cannot blame nobody, because we voted, we accepted all the bullsh*t that they were serving to us wrapped in TV, facebook, or the new phone arrival. You in US should pay more attention to what is happening here in europe, the things are going nuts over here. In Portugal, almost half of the population is being paid under €500 a month, did you know that? In Spain, strikes of the garbage sector have leave Madrid full of sh*t in the streets this weak and people are using masks to walk about. Today, in Portugal, is transportation strike and I cannot go to work, no buses or trains, and if I would drive to work I would have pay to work, because gas here is between €1,65 to €1,85 a litre, and I live about 100Km of my work place! Here in europe we are getting tired of banks and of Germany, who is f*cking europe for the 3rd time in 100 years with they bank system. Pay atention to europe, who are in the edge of a multitude of national’s revolutions and the fall apart of EU.

    • Orca

      Thank You For Sharing. Ive been watching the EU since its inception and I agree. I have XPat Friends living there, they give me a Blow by Blow description of whats going on. The US is already conforming to the EU economic model that Ronald Ray-Gun Loved so much. The Sheet has Hit The Fan.

  21. chloe

    right ano am only 13 n all dat… but i totally agree n a LOVE zombies a know everything about them now some of yous might be right maybe this isn’t the apocalypse but wait…. did yous ever think nah wait maybe there is a slight chance these people are right?. all am saying is just have a plan where your going who your taking where the closest place for suplies are (I.E. food,morrisons and tesco ect.) and what your using as weapons cuz obeously there not people rising from the dead…but… remember humans mess with a lot of chemicals and by doing so have created a lot of desises it just takes 1 person to create the wrong thing then boom! APOCALYPSE xx

  22. Zeb Mikula

    I think this article is total bullshit…… first of all, I am extremely intelligent and I’m sure whoever wrote this article is not. Technology is not making us mindless, you dumbbasses that believe in this shit are making other people paranoid fools and your trying to scare them into mindlessly follow you in your disaster preparendess shit.

  23. Michael

    I think that this will be the end of the world

  24. Imsorry

    I feel sad for all of these people who spend alll of this $, on there bog, the one thing i do know is, people who dont prepare survive, those who do?

  25. shivansh

    i am SCARED.but, let me tell you that molly/mdma is not a zombiefying drug

  26. David

    Any of you guys remember like 2 years ago some guy in Florida literally ate a man’s face off, later they found he was doing some weird ass drug. So the apocalypse IS here. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t do anything about it

    • Edith Hatfied

      I remember that! Around that time i believe some guy in Russia was ripped apart from like 4 guys…. they didnt say if they were on anything tho..

  27. Mark C. Staben

    I left the USA 8 years ago because I was fed up with the hard drug gangs and their control over politicians, and the police and courts. In Phnom Penh Cambodia (you would not believe what goes on there). A criminal gang of deportees and the worst scum from Europe and the Americas were, as the police told the news “manufacturing various new synthetic drugs, and openly testing them on addicts or unsuspecting victims to study their addictive potential”. They were only arrested when they began counterfeiting (very poorly) currency. These “producers” travel.

  28. Emily Linder

    It’s not the zombie apocalypse. It is just a fucked up world.

    • Ryanna

      this sounds so freaking ridiculous but no one knows it or not it could be true or false.

  29. HeyThere

    Why live on the edge? I’m referring to both sides of the argument. Why would you want to live, thinking that society is going to “hell”,and that you need to learn survival skills to survive. How sad and negative. I’m not trying to sound naïve, but I would hate to live a life of fear. As for the other side, I agree with the author. Why do people need to intoxicate themselves to enjoy life? Can’t we make daily life enjoyable.

    • TL

      I agree entirely! But, we’ve become so engrossed in drugs, social media, and other things that it’s very hard to get an entire nation (or nations!) to wake up from this.

  30. Tony

    I do not believe in zombies

    • Foxclaw

      It’s not the ‘undead with their arms sticking out coming to eat your face off’ type of zombie. ‘They’ don’t exist. The author is talking about people to engrossed in video games to come off, and to even fight over a tablet or any other gadget. Also, drugs can make people go crazy and insane, and, in worst scenarios, literally try to eat each others face off.

  31. andrew

    Its only a matter of time before this situtation becomes worst than what it is now, but my number 1 question is how did the drug even get made and who is the first person to obtain the drug. I believe that the apocalyspe is coming but alot of people don’t believe it, me and my friend have been talking about the zombies and we are preparing for the apocolyspe ourselfes.

  32. Jake Will

    He’s right it doesnt have to be real zombies to call it a zombie outbreak, basically what he’saying is that the people are nuts in the head so they can be called zombies!!

  33. Haven Tyler

    I do believe something is coming, which is why I’ve begun prepping. People need to wake up and realize that their cell phones and electronic devices are not going to save them. Get out, read, and for fucks sake, LEARN something besides how to flip on your phone.

  34. Cat Pink

    this is really rediculious this cant be real and even if it does happen the zombies cant eat you because even if you tried you cant eat your own flesh it is impossible and if you think it is going to happen just watch the walking dead video game it helps to know what to do.

  35. Godislove

    Parents are the main problem. 90% of them just push the kids into the world and say “go on” … “this is what my parents did to me so go on”

    Accountability, or rather the lack of it, is why we are where we are now.

    Ps, its clear to us “grownups” when you kids post here, when you can’t lay out a sentence or use a curse work every other word. Yet again, the zombies speak.

  36. zombie believer

    The apocalypse is nigh those who dont have a plan for when the undead take over the earth will die a horroble and painful death by a zombie’s hand. Sucks to be them

  37. i beleive

    i think this is real my dad has been telling me how fucked up society is so i say get ur head out of ur ass and wake up cuz this is the reality, NOT some tv show!!

  38. tacoman

    this type of drug will lill you and once your dead, your DEAD. there is no ”coming back to lif”.even if we did come back as zombies,the military would take care of it. plus zombies are 100% stupid. the milatary cant turn away becase ther family are cavillians and they love there family they would not let this happrn

  39. blake


  40. blake

    I agree with you tacoman. The milatary would protect their family at all cost. The drug molly would does not turn you into an undead cannibal. krocadilla may eat away your skin, and it may kill you in a week or two,but it does NOT turn you into an undead monster. Not to ruin anyones childhood, but zombies are make beleive and will not happen unless the military loses their mind and start wanting to kill everyone with their ”newfound project.” The first infected,[ patient 0] would probably be killed or executed before it could start the zombie outbrake. In my eyes,the zombies would just rot theirself to DEATH.

  41. Brian

    Let me bring this to light, There is a virus called rabies. Which is pretty much a “Zombie maker” in figurative terms.
    Rabies make you become rabid, and want to spread the virus by means of attacking (Biting) and transfer’s through saliva. There are differences between rabies and what hollywood has deem’d a zombie. But there are no facts to prove what a “Zombie” would be, The fact remains that scientist have acknowledged that the rabies virus could either be mutated by nature or engineer’d to instead of killing its host to become a persistent virus which is more like herpes, staying with the zombie for the rest of its life. So far the virus rabies kill you with time. But who’s to say that someone non military or any instance given could not do this secretly and spread it in any means possible. now the information i have given is accurate and solid facts. Thanks :)

  42. Anastasia

    I remembered the bath salt incident. I believe it happened mostly in Florida. Those people were attacking other people, and eating their limbs off. And its true, Miley Cyrus did write a song about Molly. I believe this isn’t any b.s. unlike a lot of people. I see it on the news a lot. These drugs are out of control, like krocodil for example, eats your flesh off. What are they trying to sell us?! Also, Brian, I did a report on rabies, and I agree with you. It is what caused “Kujo” to become his monstrous self. Although it can’t affect humans, many animal diseases became human diseases as well. So, rabies over time might end up affecting humans. All I really know what to do for what is coming is to live in the wilderness, hide, and survive on what is around you. At least I know how to do that. If you can’t do that, good luck with the “Zombie Apocalypse”

  43. mariela

    Yeah right its not on tv !

    • Annonamus

      No to tell not. But why would the government want to say that zombies are real? They don’t so they keep it off t.v and therefor people like you think it doesn’t exist.

  44. gabe


  45. Caleb


  46. Raymond

    Actually wrong, in Williamsburg, Va where i used to live at, there hasn’t been a single murder in over 20 years and only 2 shootings

    • Annonamus

      Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.


    I like all the great info but still skeptical.

  48. blake

    I actully have started to come to a conclusion. I think rabies is actully reasonable evidence that could possibly come to an apocalypse and to bad if I am rong but rabies is transfered through saliva and spreads quickly. my only doubt about this is rabes ussaly starts with rodents, bats and anything that gets bitten. but one thing that is sure is that it could happen in a matter of a year, 2 years at most. but in conclusion we would probaly handle it because we could be abe to amake allys with other armys and flush the zombies OUT.

  49. tacoman

    this is a bunch of bull shit this is not skeptical and will NEVER happen to bad

  50. JMK

    I see most of the commentors are missing the point of this article. There is an epidemic of our society being hooked on drugs, both street and prescription along with being plugged into technology. Put one of these people in the wilderness or in an emergency situation, they will fail. The point is to wake up and start looking at your life, putting yourself into a survival situation. Could you survive? If not, what would you need to do to prepare. If you think preparing is ridiculous, natural disasters happen all the time. And man made disaster happen as well. We are in the midst of a huge man made disaster happeneing and most don’t even realize it. The government is poisoning us through our food, environment, air and water and when we get sick, we run to the doctor for drugs. All of this is stealthily breaking down our health. Chronic illness is on the rise, along with “superbugs”. You can continue to stay in ignorance, out of fear, stupidity etc. blame, accuse, criticize, hide behind your computer, or you can educate and take responsibility for yourself and your health/survival…your choice.

  51. Nataly

    I Agree With You !

  52. Pointless

    Zombies or humans just about everyone here would punch everyone in the face if we were in the same room.
    It’s already a verbal bloodshower
    Soon enough reason goes to crap and it becomes a bloodbath by our own hands.
    Zombies will just be all “woah ugh I wanted to eat they’re faces off”
    Feed the zombies the idiots.
    At least the wise will know how to outrun them.

  53. nal

    It’s funny how those gang slangers talk so much shit and than a cop rolls by and the get all quite lol its like yeah u guys Andre really tough the one guys was like look yall all twentys and shuffle through it was like only 100 bucks lol that was funny in the real world that lil 100 bucks ain’t shit news flash grow up

  54. Andrew M

    The only possible way a deadly virus would happen would be the government doing test and it leaking out……… the closest zombie virus that would happen would probably be a virus like the RAGE virus from 28 weeks later… in the movie they are not dead, they are just extremely aggressive and act like they have rabies….. the closest zombie virus could pop up if by any chance the rabies virus and the flu mutated mixed with hemorrhagic fever…….. then that would be like the RAGE virus………… i should know, I WORK FOR WHO,,,, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

  55. Dominique

    The Zombie Apocalypse Will Happen!!!

    They Will Arise And Eat All Peoples Brains!!!

    • Ejay

      i agree Dominique, for those who are non believers, they are the one who will be infected FIRST… let’s see who’s crying when zombie apocalypse began, weapons are important, NOT gadgets!!

  56. Lucas

    I believe everything this says.

  57. Alexander Wise

    Trust me where I come from there is a zombie apcolypse

    • Jesse Beasom

      Where do you come from? How did you survive and get away from the place you were at?

  58. nick

    this is stupid why do people do this to our world

  59. Nate

    Uses peoples don’t get it! Zombies are here. They walk amung us but hide behind Halloween masks. If they could me to your door looking for candy(flesh), I say blow them away!!!

  60. Jesse Beasom

    So I’ve been sci-dish and careful of zombies because I’m a pussy when it comes to zombies and hearing about zombies and watching movies increases my fear but reading the comments above, some say it’s fake some say it will happen, so I don’t know what to believe but if I see a zombie I’m gonna off myself before it gets to me. I ain’t gonna watch myself die and even if you think you are ready you ain’t either way you’re gonna die sooner or later like my friend thinks the zombie apocalypse would be awesome cuz we’d be killin’ and destroyin’ the zombies like a boss seriously but that’s retarded I can admit he’s cool but sometimes he’s a dumb ass so all you who think you’re ready and you’ll survive, you will survive for a month at the most but someday, we never know, the planet will just be a sphere with walking dead corpse and we’ll never be able do anything about it when all of us zombies starve and die so right now we’re just future zombies and eventually we’ll eat all the living then we won’t have nothing to eat so we’re gonna die so do what you wanna do in life because maybe right now a zombie could be approaching us right now on our computers and phones you never know so think about it. And by the way I’m twelve in 6th grade.

  61. steve

    Unfortunately, there is no where to run. You are right, the immorality is everywhere. I’m a physician and stood up for my patients. I’ve been retaliated by the hospital, the group and its inappropriate financial relationships…basically everyone. Most physicians are wealthy and could care less how much it cost for their patients. There are very few real jobs left. Everyone is simply trying to keep making it and I can’t really blame them. However, there are psychopathic corporations like HCA that continue to maximize profits when the average american is simply trying to get by. And they form relationships with some physicians who just want MORE and more money. I have one advice, just hide. It is not worth trying to help people. I’m not happy about saying that but unfortunately, I learned my lesson.

    • kaykay

      So Dr. Steve, my husband has an addiction disease addicted to everything drugs, smoking, porno, etc., for years! Isn’t it true those addictions affect the brain, negatively, over time and can reduce one to be a mindless zombie just going through the motions? In Africa, its not about zombies eating people, cannibals do that, zombified people are used as work slaves, for income purposes, etc. Help us all Yah in the name of Yahusha!

  62. Shawn

    I would be prepared I would have a zombie survival kit ready this is bad I don’t whant to die

  63. Shawn

    I would have a zombie survival kit ready this is bad I don’t whant to die

  64. bob

    if The government colaps it will be like the zombie Apocalypse if not prepared you might not survive and if your no drugs y u no stay health you will kill your self before it even starts

  65. They can be real but they never came to Lebanon pa but they will when the world ends when Jesus comes back to earth.

  66. Ruben

    How many hours did you spend making this in front of your computer

  67. ajc

    The world is screwed prepare yourselves stick together it’s coming

  68. teresa reed

    2 weeks and then no elecric-then all then all them not ready go mental on others they find on the streets etc all hell about break losewhen war completes

  69. Duh

    Zombies are not real! Zombie meaning: islam knights! Only you stupid guys think those stupid mindless green things are real!!!!!!

    • Annonamus

      Whoever said they were green? Shocker it’s the typical dickwad who knows what we are saying is real or you wouldn’t even be on this site.

  70. A person

    I don’t think it is real because our god says in quran everyperson will die and will see what wrong things he or she did and will be punished for these. If zombies were real the big day(the day that we all will see our wrong works) was not real. So zombies are only in films! Dont believe it!

    • Annonamus

      Now what you’re implying is that God would never let the dead come back..? But have you ever wondered how the idea of “Zombies” came from?

  71. Ehpaw

    If,the government would have told us earlier we would been ready and
    I think that everyone in this world should have guns even kids
    The guns are only for emergencies
    Do the government want us to die cuz I ain’t about that life

  72. AZAC

    Join Anti-zombie approval club (AZAC) If you don’t want to be a brain dead zombie. I wish it weren’t true, but it’s real. The apocalypse is upon us. We will never even be cured. It’s because of those scientists. Once one zombie is alive, it will turn the scientists into zombies. And then the scientists will turn other people into zombies, thus, the zombie apocalypse.

  73. AZAC

    Join Anti-zombie approval club (AZAC) If you don’t want to be a brain dead zombie. I wish it weren’t true, but it’s real. The apocalypse is upon us. We will never even be cured. It’s because of those scientists. Once one zombie is alive, it will turn the scientists into zombies. And then the scientists will turn other people into zombies, thus, the zombie apocalypse has come. Be afraid everyone, be afraid, be very afraid.

  74. AZAC

    Join Anti-zombie approval club (AZAC) If you don’t want to be a brain dead zombie. I wish it weren’t true, but it’s real. The apocalypse is upon us. We will never even be cured. It’s because of those scientists. Once one zombie is alive, it will turn the scientists into zombies. And then the scientists will turn other people into zombies, thus, the zombie apocalypse has come. Be afraid everyone, be afraid.

    • Josh lives

      shut up idiot there’s no real zombies in this world

  75. justin thompson

    the zombie apocalypse is real so deal with it

  76. 50%

    I sorta believe it but seriously I don’t think it’s gonna be like a normal zombie thing…, i think it’s sorta already happened but more three our government,drugs,an ext… But I don’t believe it will be your typical movie get bitten come back to life…. We’ve already been bitten by the law an stuff rather ppl notice or not

  77. Kurt

    Ok look all for the zombie apocalypse being possible, but this is retarded. I especially like idiots who quote the bible without any reference to which part of the bible is being quoted. Please stop these uneducated bullshit apocalypse theories. You morons obviously never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.

  78. Kurt

    Also I am as prepared as I can be for a coming apocalypse. I have my 3 guns, ammunition, rice, water, and first aid kit. Still doesn’t mean I’m going to believe any bullshit story somehotmail random nobody cooks up.

    • Off Grid Survival

      You do realize the story isn’t about actual walking dead type zombies right? It’s an article about how our culture has created people who might as well be zombies, and quite frankly are just as dangerous. These addicts, our culture, etc… Very zombie-like!

      I thought the article was pretty clear, but I guess people just don’t understand symbolism or allegory these days.

      • hailey

        By the way zombies aren’t real and if you think they are real show me proof!!!

        • Jasmine

          I know I agree Hailey

      • Grace

        Well yea but there are zombie like people in.insain asylums that will eat humans tho there kind of like zombies

  79. Jasmine

    Zombies aren’t real

  80. Trisha

    I told my aunt about this and she said its real. One day this world is gonna be full of zombies and I’ll be the one who will go to the Moundsville prison and will have food and everything. Lol

    • Grace

      No bad ideas the prison will be taken probably by another group or it will be full of zombies

      • Grace

        Live in the county lol it would be safer probably

  81. Jess

    … oh my god …

  82. Marlyn

    The real zombie apocolypes is real like in the movies n its happening very soon ! Prepare god bless the real n fuck the fakes .

  83. Alice-Jade

    I am still questioning if this is real or not… I sure as HELL hope this is NOT real… Cause i am sooooooooooo not ready for a zombie apocalypse.

  84. Josh lives

    When it comes down to the truth the zombie apocalypse has already started and we r ignoring it if we don’t act fast the consequences will be catastrophic but the walking dead are so not real and even if they r people r way smarter so I think we can outsmart those scums

  85. Hey guys I know you don’t believe in zombies but there are zombies in this world you just don’t know that and I know its hard to believe it but you have to but its really true I believe in zombies I’m ready I know that I’m gonna die one day by the zombies but I’m sure your gonna die to by the zombies and the zombies apocalypse is real it stared long time ago and I believe what they say too and I know your scared but I know what to do OK if your a gamer that’s good you’re gonna know what to do and I’m a girl and I’m only 13 I started playing game when I saw 9 I think so I believe in zombie so you should too k bye

    • Viator

      You exactly hit the nay on the head.i think gamers are have more chance to survive than others as you said

  86. Viator

    Guys like it or not they are real.i have own reason.i have been searching and exploring about them since 3 years ago.

  87. Cory

    The amount of grammatical errors in the comments on this page is an excellent indication of just how far society has fallen. I mean are people really so uneducated now that they can’t tell the difference between there, their, and they’re? Or how about using any form of punctuation or sentence structure? Personally I thought this was an excellent article. I also think some sort of “zombie” type apocolypse may not be the worst thing that could happen. As far as SHTF scenarios, at least this is somewhat survivable and it would think out some of the people that do nothing more than further the decline of our species.

  88. Jackkinfe

    I don’t know is it real or not. I am just scared about the through of the zombie apocalypse. I am not ready for it. Every night time I think of them. I think it’s could be real but i am not sure, I am just so scared.

  89. AaBra

    THIS IS DOOM!!!!!

  90. Survivor

    My family always laughs at me when I talk about this, but lately I have been seeing some things that are very strange in my area. For instance, in the last 48 hours I have seen vehicles abandoned in the street just out of nowhere. No tow trucks, no people on the side of the road waiting for help. This morning as we drove our normal route, 3 emergency vehicles sitting in the middle of the road. No cars, no accident, no other people. At first I thought a jogger had been overcome by the heat but then as I thought back I realized that often times this is how it starts. I have been checking the local blotter reports to see what was reported on those calls. I swear the first news report that I see about some random person “attacking” people, I am doing inventory of our go kits and basement stash. Might be time to start stocking up again.

  91. Survivor

    Oh, and by the way, drugs aren’t the only things that can cause a state of zombification. Rabies and mad cow disease can cause people in severe mental states to attack and bite other people. Although rabies is rare in many places, it is still a possibility.

    • Knucklehead

      I agree with you, drugs isn’t the only substance that can cause the zombie infestation. Hell, we also have to look at how fast the polar ice caps are melting. We have no clue of what type of deseases are laying dormant. Our planet is surrounded by water. We fish in those waters. We eat the fish out of those waters. We don’t know what’s in there. The plague is very possible.

  92. raven

    i chought a real life zombie attack just a week ago, and now my 6 best friends are died and i all most see a zombie every day where i live. it is really scary and my family put me in charge becoues i know more about them and knows just what to do. and i don’t think he is on drugs i think all of u guys are on drugs. bye biches.

  93. Rima

    Do u guys think it will really happen? If it does will we all die? I’m sort of a little scared about it happening. I have a little brother so if I turn into a zombie i’m scared that he will have to face everything by himself. But if it does happen I won’t turn into a zombie. I will keep on living and become a survivor!!! XD

  94. Foxclaw

    Reality is kind of sad all this violence and unexpected death recently. I always knew drugs are dangerous (unless, for medicine you have it at the right time). I can also describe books as dangerous – they are really obsessive once you get into one. At least they finish at one point. Video games are ok, as long as your not so obsessed that you will stay on the gadget the whole. Any one could cause harm to themselves, and I’ve seen proof – my brother won’t even get off to come to dinner, and some of my friends are so obsessed they’ve got about 20 different gadgets just for playing games on (A waste of money!). But I suppose America’s even worse! I wouldn’t describe these as a zombie apocalypse, BUT THEY HAVE TO STOP!

    • Foxclaw

      The whole time I mean :)

  95. Walking dead fan

    I would love for a zombie apocalypse to happend

  96. Alyssa

    I think what he was trying to say was people who take drugs or just play video games seem to turn into zombies like they get addicted. ZOMBIES AREN’T. REAL GROW UP IM 11 AND I KNOW THE TRUTH zombies won’t eat you the games will eat there. Brains not yours the drugs will kill them people that are dead don’t come back until then end of time where everyone. & everything. Dies
    we all come back I think as new ppl or we get a new world something. Like that because the lord would never let that situation. Happen

  97. Hannah

    You people can believe what u want but if you think ur safe for one sec. well you got a rude awakening coming ur way. And there is no apocalypse theirs no society there’s nothing so y’all can be unprepared but that’s on u!!!!!

  98. Tavon

    It’s not going to be the society it’s going to he the government, everyone knows the story about the CIA creating cociane, it’s true I’ve done research. But as side that the CIA are probably working on modified viruses like smallpox and ebola and are using mice as text subjects and if that virus could get into the wrong hands, like ISIS it could be put into multiple russian buke missisle launcher, or a Russian ILBM or SLBM nukeclear warheads, I know it’s possible, I have done research on that as well, I and can sure tell you that the CDC or the NG will do nothing about it, when it does the upper class would be first to fall after about 6 days because of the lack of proper tanning with any type of weapon, and the lack of survival skills, the middle class, would probably last about 2 months at the most because of lack of survival skills and living in a more suburban areas that will be one of the 2 greatly in paced areas making it very hard to escape, the lower class would last about 8 months to a year, because of the right preparation and trainnig before it hits, epically if they live in a very very small town with very little people in it that have stores that have the supplies they need to survive. Some of the major cities that will be hit are Washington DC, Orlando, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Memphis, Knoxville, Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas, Pheionx, Colorado, Ect.

    • Deneshia

      The government are testing on people. The virus that will take over the world has already been invented. All the sign’s are here. Nothing happens by mistake. Movies are made to warn us. The bath salts drugs ect are just cover ups from what’s really going on. Gods showing us ways to stay alive. But we must choose to listen.

  99. Kenzie

    I am on concrta I need it or else my body will go crazy srly I mean it

  100. Me

    If one does happen it will spread through LA in 24 hours so your screwed anyway.

  101. Firebaby

    Isaiah 26:19-20

  102. Im a wolf not a sheep..

    So at the point someone compared a zombie to a sasquatch I had to stop reading commemts. I could sit here and explain how those who actually thought this was about literal zombies are the reason for this article to start with but it would be more of a waste of time and energy then this last section.. None the less I plan to take my wolf cubs and move our pack to a nice private section of the woods and welcome anyone who can serve a purpose to a small village to join the writer and my own lead and assemble your own villages so when the madness consumes the masses there will be more chances of intellectuals repopulating the nation or earth as opposed to the mindless cockroaches that happen to slip through the cracks of societal breakdown. Happy humanity from our wolfpac to yours. Oh by the way sasquatches do exist theyre just smarter then humans which is why they are only seldom seen and dont seek contact with us.. They dont want to be domesticated and dumbed down.

  103. Annonamus

    I do agree that it is upon us and there was once an outbreak of it and no I’m not talking about Ebola. I’m talking about people who’s hearts literally stopped beating and then a couple days later there they were. They were going after people but the C.S.I and S.W.A.T and the Goverment hid it from us! They covered it up and the propel who were attacked or about to be..they..(we were told) left but I don’t buy that bullshit. And I KNOW for a fact that no one else does but are to afraid to admit the truth.

  104. Aaron Adler

    well, i think maybe a NUCLEAR apocalypse could be more dangerous…

    • isithereyet

      A nuclear apocalypse will get rid of the zombies won’t it? Bring it on!

  105. isithereyet

    Ha! I just Googled ‘zombie apocalypse morons’ to see if anyone has written about us being in one. I totally agree – except while I agree with your points and they’re all concerning, I often think we’re in a zombie apocalypse just because almost everyone is brain dead. When the frustration builds up and gets too much too bare, I often vent “It’s a fucking zombie apocalypse!” This is often when shopping around morons, or on the road with morons. Especially after a series of driver’s don’t go at the green light or do 40k’s under the speed limit, creating traffic where there was none. Prescription drugs, recreational drugs, television, the rise of the psychopathic personality… and so many other conditions have created a globe full of brain dead morons. Enough! Give me a stake!

  106. Javier

    I am so scared

  107. Anonymous

    This article is about survival in general. It’s talking about people becoming brainwashed by the media storm & not having enough mindset to prep. We essentially became mindless zombies, with the media, drugs etc consuming us, we no longer care about each other. The 1% planned this. Hell they created this. So we couldn’t fight back once NWO starts. It’s all apart of Agenda 21. Look it up.

  108. C Miller

    Based on many of the responses to this article I old have to say the author was spot on about being weary of the mindless idiots who could potentially be considered the “zombies” mentioned. Looks like a lot of them showed up here to prove the point. For those “zombies” commenting on his article, it’s about surviving in a modern world full of idiots like yourself who are too ignorant for their own good. To use a big word, this article is metaphoric using a zombie apocalypse to reference the horrors taking place today at the hands of violent, mindless people. Use your heads for something other than a battering ram people. The basis for this article is pure logic, if you truly a capable of understanding logic.

  109. This shit isn’t real because I know it’s not it is made up the walking dead is made up and people are making this up by taking this shit to far

  110. A Concerned College Student

    Everyone in the comments section scares me, they’ve become the metaphorical zombies in this article, most of them didn’t read or comprehend anything beyond the big fat bold letters aka the title and subtitles and drew the conclusion that dead bodies will reanimate and consume the living. You all really give me cancer.

  111. Landri

    Cool! I like zombies films…
    But we are humans, zombies are just mindless
    Am not pulling u to face them but we’re the one who makes them, so we’re the one destroy them..

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