Nationwide Ammo Shortages: The Ammo is Gone

UPDATE: This article still get’s a lot of traffic, so I wanted to do a quick update for those who land here. While the ammo supply has rebounded in recent years, what happened in 2013 should serve as a reminder to those who neglect their preparedness planning of how quickly things can go bad. With so much anti-gun legislation making it’s way though congress, and with so many turn-coat republicans now supporting efforts to kill the second amendment, these shortages while likely become an increasing part of the firearms market landscape. 

In 2019, we’ve had:

Jan 27, 2013 – The Ammo Shortage/Panic has dried up supplies around the country. Hopefully you listened to us and stocked up a long time ago; if you didn’t you won’t be finding ammo anytime soon.

With the national dialogue being dominated by gun control, people have been buying up ammo like nothing I’ve ever seen. The waiting list on semi-automatic rifles, handguns and ammunition has grown so long that a number of major retailers have actually told their stores to stop ordering because their orders cannot be filled.

I have received word from a number of sources that most of the major retailers in this country will not be receiving any significant resupply of ammo for at least a couple of months.  The problem has gotten so bad that even police departments are starting to feel the effects.

Police departments around the country have started rationing ammo supplies and cutting back on training exercises to make sure their active duty officers have enough ammo to do their jobs. A number of public officials have actually started to call for new legislation that would allow police departments to buy up huge stockpiles of ammo before it ever becomes available to the public.

Retailers Can’t Restock Ammunition Inventory

Even before the talk of a coming gun ban started, ammo was becoming hard to find. From fears of an economic collapse to the general distrust of our government, Americans were starting to realize that they needed to be able to protect themselves. Once the government announced they were coming after guns, the supply of everything started to dry up.

Bass Pro will not receive new .22lr ammo shipments for 3-4 months.

This morning I talked to someone over at Bass Pro who informed me that they can no longer get .22lr ammo from the manufactures. According to my source at Bass Pro, they have been told by a number of major manufacturers that they will not be sending anything out until at least April.

9MM looks even worse.

The same source informed me that most 9mm ammo is looking even worse. In fact, their popular Remington® UMC 9mm Mega Packs are on backorder until December 2013.

Bass Pro Handguns
Bass Pro Empty Handgun Display
Sportsman's Warehouse Gun Case
Sportsman’s Warehouse Semi-Automatic Rifle Displays Completely Sold Out

Walmart Tells Stores to Stop Ordering Ammo

A contact we have at Walmart told us they are no longer sending any 9mm or .22lr ammo to their stores. This was confirmed by a manager at a local Walmart who told me, “He just got a memo from the corporate office telling them to stop ordering ammo.” According to Walmart, the problem is due to a lack of supply from the manufactures.

How long these ammo shortages will last is anyone’s guess. With so many retailers bowing down to political pressure and voluntarily suspending sales, it doesn’t look like things will be getting back to normal anytime soon. My guess is that ammo will be hard to come by for at least another 6 months, possibly even longer. And based on what I was told out at the SHOT Show, AR style weapons and semi-automatic rifles will be hard to find for at least another year.

If this doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will. If the Ammo supply can dry up this quickly, what do you think will happen to the food supply during a major nationwide emergency event?

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  1. Ammo makers are starting to put “out dates” “best used by” dates on their ammo to protect themselves legally from Departments using old ammo stockpiles. A misfire that leads to death from old ammo is a legal quagmire and manufacturers need to address this.

  2. A lot of this is just hype and the public is creating a lot of the shortage by buying into it. I have seen 3 AR’s come into our local Walmart in the last two weeks. Ranging from 828 to 1500. I Have bought all calibers of ammunitions except 22lr in the last 30 days. So your contact must be just a hair off ??

  3. The government is buying up all the ammo so the general public can’t have access to bullets. There is no shortage due to our needs only the government using this to bypass the second amendment.

  4. “The tree of liberty, must from time to time, be nourished with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.
    Thomas Jefferson

    IT’S TIME!!!

  5. Not sure the date of your article, but today March 22, the local WalMarts in Tampa are getting in some 9mm ammo. Both ball ammo and Plus +P

  6. The problem with the Ammo Shortage will soon be gone. The real problem is demand is outrunning the supply. I was able to buy 9MM bullets last week. The girl told me they are hiding it for friends and Family. People now have more Ammo and guns then ever before. The more you tell a person you cant have something the more you want it. I am going to make my own bullets. I will make the best bullets and start my own business. A&C Ammo soon to be on the Market. Custom Shooting for the best accuarcy.

  7. I think that everyone should stock up on ammo while they can, because bullet prices are just going to keep on rising. So if i were you i would stock up and be smart.

    • I think shes right. I have guns and i seen that the prices have gone up and that people are going crazy for bullets these days. It is all because of of the gun control stuff.

      • I’ve been reloading for years. Finding all the reloading supplies is no easier than finding ammo. Primers and powder are hard to find.

  8. Divide and conquer is the game. The concern should be the following: The opposition has way more than bullets and guns, The opposition can wait for us to run out of ammo, The opposition has fabled technology that would make us pee our pants. It is us that has a soul and not part of this demonic system they pursue. Stay awake and know who you are. G-D bless the awaken. Peace

  9. While people are so anxious to buy ammo, manufacturers/retailers basically tightening the supply. This causes a demand pull ammo price hike and it is exactly what the ammo manufacturers/retailers love to increase their profitability. Shortage of ammo may disappoint gun lovers who may buy less guns. This helps gun control. Fello shooters, we are becoming the victims who pay for the cost of business greed and government politics!

  10. You are all a bunch of scared wackos. Your paranoia is going to get you all killed. Good luck if the Stuff dose hit the fan. Cooler Heads will prevail.

  11. To the person who said you could go on line and get ammo. Have you tried to get any 22 long rifle ammo lately. I have spent hours on my computer and gone to several sites and almost all without exception will list all the various types they have and then the statement …..out of stock appears. I have even called several prominent companies on the phone and they all give the same answer. We don’t know when we will have a supply maybe by the end of this year maybe not.

  12. So now all we have to do is wait on the criminal to run out of bullets right???……*sarcasm tward the obama group*

  13. I was to busy following the sandy hook school shootings. Them my focus turned to congress and gun control.not even takeing a thought that we as a superpower. We would never run out of I have dome se research AMD their selling 22LR ammo on the blackmarket for two dollars a shell but hell no I ain’t that desperate although I am waiting patiently for the shortage to end. Cause I cant even find no one who has so in stock o guess It’s back to bows&arrows the government needs to give us back our ammo cause firearms aimt crap with ammo .dry in OHIO

  14. I can’t even find the WEAKEST round available–the Aguila Colibri .22 (375 fps with a muzzle energy of 6 ft. lbs.) Its casing has no gunpowder and its bullet is propelled solely by the primer. Saw it online, put it in my cart, went to make coffee, came back 10 minutes later to complete the order & it was sold out! This is so damn ridiculous and is starting to piss me off to the point I can’t even think straight! Yes, the scumbag, lying sociopaths at the DHS bought 1.6 billion (or so) hollow-point rounds (probably for domestic “terrorists”.) Even so, none of it was 22LR. So what’s going on?!

  15. everyone is carrying on like hysterical women the government aint gonna attack the shit will not hit the fan there wont be race wars and there is still an ammo shortage cmon people stop fantasizing about that stuff even zombies ? cmon obama is going to go away sooner or later in 2014 we have a chance to make the house and senate republican the lesser of the 2 evils stop hoarding ammo it aint gonna do ya any good trust me do you really think the us military and law enforcment are gonna turn against us ?? ok the blue hats yeah right in a movie so stop everyone stop the babyish hoarding and let the ammo stocks grow then there will be enough for everyone cut the shit already enough if that dosnt sooth ya just think of vietnam , afganistan, and iraq. the us and russia couldnt control these countries and there people are using ak 47’s so lets stop the bullshit and get over it

  16. Well its getting nuts, but it will get worse. Didnt a Obama croney say” Never let a good tradgity go to waste”? Well people I see another Civil War looming in this country, I hope not but I hear many people mumbling it. Only time will tell, here in Montana we sure hear it alot.

  17. Everyone here is a bunch of shit talkers that aren’t going to change a damn thing all your gonna do is sit around and cackle to one another like a bunch of hens in a yard shut up leave eachother alone your on the web shit talking eachother over shit that hasent happened your gonna be the ones to start the damn civil war not the president your fighting with one another while the goverment is doing fine when you should be on eachothers side as citizens

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