Martial Law in the United States: How Likely is it, and What will happen under Martial law?

The march towards martial law is something that is often ignored by the general public, often labeled as Quackery or something belonging on conspiracy websites. But what’s happening in this country is exactly what our founders warned us about, and martial law is something they took very, very seriously.

What is martial law?

If you’re looking for a definition, then Martial Law basically means using state or national military force to enforce the will of the government on the people.

Under a declaration of martial law, Constitutional freedoms and liberties are suspended, and civilians are no longer entitled to their civil rights. It basically allows the government, or a tyrannical politician, to shred the Constitution and impose its will through military force.

History of Martial Law in the United States of America

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”
Winston Churchill

In one way or another, there have always been tyrants who have used the power of government to suppress and control the public. But if we are looking for specific examples of Martial Law being used inside the United States, we don’t have to look very hard or far to find them.

Using the strictest definition of the term, we can see the roots of martial law in America take hold during the lead up to the Revolutionary war. Although there were many reasons for the war, including resistance to taxes imposed by the British parliament, the main catalyst was England’s decision to use military troops to enforce everyday law throughout the colonies.

The beginning of the end? The Civil War Ushers in a Strong Central Government through Martial Law Enforcement

Civil War Soldiers

Flash forward a hundred years, and many of the most egregious examples of martial law can be found throughout the civil war. While today’s history books largely ignore the real reasons for the war or the many atrocities committed by President Lincoln, the facts of what really happened cannot be disputed.

The reason we have lost so many of our liberties can be tied directly to the civil war.

On September 15, 1863, President Lincoln imposed Congressionally-authorized martial law. While history contends the war was fought to end slavery, the truth is, Lincoln by his own admission never really cared about freeing slaves. In fact, Lincoln never intended to abolish slavery, his main interest was centralizing government power and using the federal government to exert complete control over all citizens. The abolishment of slavery was only a byproduct of the war. It actually took the 13th amendment to end slavery, since Lincoln actually only freed Southern slaves, not slaves in states loyal to the Union.

During the Civil War, Lincoln continually violated the Constitution, in some cases suspending the entire Constitution that he swore to uphold.  

  • He suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus without the consent of congress.
  • He shut down newspapers whose writers displayed any dissent to Union policy or spoke out against him.
  • He raised troops without the consent of Congress.
  • He closed courts by force.
  • He even imprisoned citizens, newspaper owners,and elected officials without cause and without a trial.

Our founders were very wary of using the military to enforce public policy, and concerns about this type of abuse date back to, and largely influenced, the creation of the Constitution. The founders continually warned about using military force to uphold law and order; unfortunately, most Americans are rather ignorant of history and are even more ignorant to what our founders intended when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What will happen under Martial law?

Military Style SWAT Team Raid

The actual words martial law will probably never be used.

The first thing you will likely see is a declaration of a “State of Emergency” — we witnessed this first hand during the so-called COVID pandemic. This may be done nationally, in cases of war or a large-scale terrorist attacks; or it may happen locally, as witnessed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In August of 2005, New Orleans was declared a disaster area and a state of emergency was declared by the governor. This allowed state officials to order evacuations and forcefully remove residents from their homes, suspend certain laws, confiscate firearms, and suspend the sale of items like liquor, firearms, and ammunition.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans police, the U.S. Marshals office, and the Louisiana National Guard forcibly confiscated over 1,000 legal firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Depending on the reasons behind the declaration you may also see:

  • The suspension of the Constitution, probably starting with the first and second amendment.
  • Confiscation of firearms; it has happened and it will happen again.
  • Suspension of Habeas corpus: Imprisonment without due process and without a trial.
  • Travel Restrictions, including road closures and possibly, even quarantine zones.
  • Mandatory Curfews and Mandatory Identification.
  • Automatic search and seizures without a warrant.

When can Martial Law be enacted?

Military Force

When Martial Law can be enacted is a pretty touchy subject, largely because our founders never intended the federal government or a standing army be permitted to take such actions. Unfortunately, most people accept these unconstitutional activities and are more than willing to give up their essential liberties in exchange for peace of mind and not having to think for themselves.

This is something Benjamin Franklin warned about when he famously wrote,
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

How likely is martial law in the United States?

Let’s face it, this country is a ticking time bomb. From widespread social unrest, crime, and violence to a growing national debt which includes an entire subset of our population that depends on government assistance to exist, the writing is on the wall: Trouble is Coming.

Riots in the Streets of America

In my opinion, we are already under a form of martial law. The founders never intended standing armies policing the citizens of the United States; sadly that is exactly what we have.

Drones, armored vehicles with high power weapons, tanks, and battlefield helicopters are no longer something that you see on some foreign battlefield; it’s now standard operating procedure at police stations throughout the country. Our federal government has poured billions of dollars into militarizing and taking over our country’s local police forces, in what can only be described as a domestic military force or standing army meant to enforce federal law.

President Bush Expands Martial Law Authority

George Bush Signing Homeland Security Bill

On September 29, 2006, President George W. Bush signed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2007 (H.R. 5122). The law expanded the President’s authority to declare Martial Law under revisions to the Insurrection Act and actually allowed the President to take charge of National Guard troops without state governor authorization.

While certain aspects of the bill were rolled back in 2008, President Obama used the 2012 NDAA to further strengthen the Executive offices ability to declare Martial Law and added provisions that would allow military troops to detain U.S. citizens without a trial.

President Obama Forms National Police Task Force; Uses Social unrest as Justification.

Obama Signing Bill

In March of 2015, the Obama administration put together a task force that outlined rules for our nation’s police.

In his Task Force on 21st-century policing report, he outlined the formation of a National Policing Practices and Accountability Division within the federal government. The report went on to describe how the Department of Homeland Security could be used to “ensure that community policing tactics in state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies are incorporated into their role in homeland security.”

Increasing number of Joint Police/Military Drills are using American Citizens as Theoretical Threats.

From the Jade Helm Military drills that classified Texas and Utah as hostile zones, to National Guard troops in California using crisis actors to portray “right-wing” U.S. citizens in their training exercises, over the last couple of decades there has been a growing number of military-style drills that are portraying American citizens as the perceived threat.

Military Style Police Force

Back in 2012, an army report about the future use of the military as a police force within the United States looked at theoretical situations where the U.S. Army could be used against Tea Party “insurrectionists” who take over U.S. cities. During that same time period, the Department of Homeland Security released a report titled, “Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States,” where they outlined who the federal government sees as the largest terrorist threat in the country – that threat was U.S. citizens with extreme “right-wing” views.

The United Stated of America that our Founders created is gone; it’s been replaced by a system that has grown so powerful that most people don’t even realize they’ve become enslaved by that very system.

So how likely is Martial Law in the United States? Well, in some form it’s already here; unfortunately, most people choose to ignore the reality of the situation. That being said, to see it fully enacted we will likely first see a major crisis – either real or manufactured – something like a large-scale terror attack, war with a rogue nation, or a “major pandemic” disease outbreak.

Martial Law Preparedness Resources:

  • Prepper 101: Your Survival Guide to Getting Started: General preparedness guidelines that will help during any crisis or long-term survival situation.
  • Bugout Planning: During martial law, it’s likely that most routes of travel will be severely restricted making bugging out something you need to think about well ahead of time.
  • Pandemics and How to Prepare for a Pandemic Outbreak: We list this here because it’s one disaster situation that has the potential to scare the entire populace into accepting some form of martial law, quarantine, and military checkpoints.
  • Emergency Communication Preparedness Checklist: During times of crisis, especially a martial law situation, uncensored information will be hard to come by. In all likelihood, you will see a sort of digital quarantine on top of the physical barriers with information on the internet and digital airwaves controlled by the government. You need to have a plan to get unfiltered news and information from trusted sources.
  • Best Emergency Food: The Top Survival Food Supplies: During any type of disaster you need to make sure you have adequate supplies on hand, including food, water, medical supplies, and self-defense supplies.
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  1. I’m a believer in God, but I had to respond to the people that think they know how God works. God won’t do or fix anything. He will only help you get to heaven (you find out how in Romans). The REASON God won’t help you or fix problems is because it’s in violation of His own policy. It’s called Free Will. God won’t help you or fix any of our problems because that’s only possible by taking away our free will. You want something done? God isn’t the solution. YOU are. God gave us free will to fix our own problems and even the Bible will tell you that. For all you alleged “Christians”… Go read The Bible.

  2. @clearthinker
    Prove that there is no God or Jesus. Your statement is as asinine as one denying the Holocaust happened.

  3. god is dead and you’re not special. Spend more time on getting and education and less on tattoos and meth. I’m 13 th generation American. My ancestors fought the British so you can have free time to blame other people for your misery. Thankfully my yankee forefathers burned Atlanta to the ground….

  4. It’s here now!, bug out bag? Yeah leave your only fortress so I can come sift through your junk and take your toilet paper and water.oh yeah and put a tracer every tenth round so you might be aware when you’re out of ammo, cuz that’s when you’ll need to put rounds out.

  5. Martial law is bull shit I think. It’s a way for them to get away violating your rights as an American.

  6. envious of people living on off grid, self sustainable, properties. martial law is coming and the city is the worst place to be

  7. Yo We the people of U.S.A are in pandemic 5 states that are in are under partial martial law as we speak. Under possible chemical warfare. National gaurd and fema are in control of hospital s and policing as we speak so when majority of states fall will Martial law come into a play due to majority of states?

  8. People can sometimes be quarantined, for example. “This is as it should be” – as long as the measures are in line with scientific research proving effectiveness, says the group.

  9. Manufactured crisis: check

    insane mobs running wild: check

    lunatic power mad politicians: check

    brink of war everywhere: check

    economy about to crash: check

    it is a case of when not if martial law is coming

    martial and worse

  10. martbyial law is here now. Being imposed by a president with sinking poll numbers in a last ditch effort to maintain power. his propaganda machine creates a fiction that the cities are in chaos and violence runs rampid

    • sorry about the misspelling,accidentally pressed enter couldnt figure out how to edit. Anyway The president is creating a false narrative to further his agenda of staying in power by any means. I realize a lot of you are probably Trump supporters, but that shouldnt matter if you believe in freedom and the constitution. Or is the reality that you really want a conservative dictatorship? there is Zero chance of any statistically relevant voter fraud so if Trump tries to stay in office if he loses what will you do?

  11. I read the Christian comments on here and got to laugh. Little bit of everything and nothing they personally will do when things go bad. Especially the ones who will just sit there and pray, here I am God take me. Not them their busy, I told them to sit and not be busy, you ok take those who sit. Lol. So funny. There are more… God has always been a God of being practical, not humanly stupid or lazy. Just think, if any of those other people who knew there was a God had gotten on Noah’s boat. Or so many other examples like when Jesus came and said hi everyone I am here. Us stupid creations always come up with others ideas. So, what does this mean? It means when things get bad you get off you lazy backside and prepare as if it was coming tomorrow. Does not even the old and new testament teach being prepared to do, and those not prepared are lazy, and the lazy, worthless are destined for where? Ok, enough chastisement, now, we all can see a full on coup in progress in the USA. We all have heard politicians talk lock downs and very anti church talk. We all have heard globalist and IMF officials say May 2021 is the meeting to establish the Great Reset. Agenda21 and UN2030 is upon us. If you were smart you would know of George Washington’s Vision. Smart people of any belief or non belief would have already been teaching family how to grow food from seeds and how to make seeds. Smart people would have already have had their emergency preparedness kit put together at home anyway. A parent without this is an uncaring parent. A christian without this has to question their Jesus love for others, cause we are to care for others, helping all we can including ourselves. When did we lose our sanity and become clueless mindless bodies that are glued to a TV. No wonder we are so easily conned out of our freedom and our lives. If you have not started a prep kit for hard times, look up how to do it and get it done. Look around your home, and ask family to help, then buy it. But do it now. FEMA has guidelines too, but we are past that now. Look for longer term needs, knowing government might declare they will search homes to steal your supplies. Their lock downs will mess up making stuff for people so they might start after people that have supplies. STOP showing you have stuff. Do not advertise it either. If you do, do not be surprised like in 2008 people come door smashing to get your stuff. Especially after government starts taking guns. Christians, Please you sound so arrogant on here. Yes we are saved by grace and not by works. But stop acting so high and mighty. Be humble. Cheez. Remember, the love of many will grow cold in the end. We will see many things happening,but the time is not yet. The time only comes when precise thing happen, those are not here yet. You going to sit and in the dirt and let your kids starve cause you got the date, signs wrong? Do not think you are soooooo special you are going to miss out on hunger and pain. Atheists, learn to work with people of other religions,even the arrogant ones please. We must work together in groups to survive. Or the wolves will pick us off one by one. G. Washington at Valley Forge told us who our enemy would be,and what the cost of freedom would be in the third battle. When reinforcements come we will push them all out. None will remain, but us who love freedom till the end. Best of luck to you all in the days ahead. God Bless America.

  12. Annnnndddd here we are folks….the year 2020. It’s not the beginning nor is there an end in sight. Ammo is scarce, people are afraid, and lots of places under quarantine….keep your eyes open and don’t look down.

  13. I thought the bible said 1. Love god 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. I thought chrisianity was about compassion. I guess i was wrong

  14. Hey dipshit, the federal government is ALWAYS bound to the constitution, even under martial law. I.e. the constitution can NEVER be suspended. Your credibility is laughable. Get out of your hillbilly bunker and learn a little about US law you stupid fuck.

  15. I am anchored on my God’s word…i know when this time on earth ends for me …it begans with Him…i fear ..yes I am human…am I Christian..yes I am and I do sin…my thought however…God gave us the knowledge power and desire to thrive…because I am Christian do not misunderstand I will protect defend and fight for what I am …God fearing American that has family…i will fight for my right of religion and defend by all’s means possible to 9rotect American and my family…

  16. I hope that this will never happen, because the martial law will very hard hit the economy of our country, it will also restrict movement around the states, and for me this is not permissible. But if it is introduced legally, then what to do, you will have to comply with the law and hope that everything will work out

  17. It’s 2023 & martial law is on the horizon. Forget bugging out. Make sure you have access to plenty of drinking water and canned food & food for your pets. If you own a gun they know it & will take it from you. Biden is a puppet & when a real State of Emergency happens that’s when Martial Law will start. Covid was biological warfare & to see who they could control. The Great Reset could happen in America if we can’t stop them. I’m a Christian & can see the writing on the wall that things are going to change and it will happen as fast as they want it to. Canada is already under the Great Reset, all those truckers thought they were free but they were all arrested, put in prison, lost their licenses, trucks, homes and bank accounts. If we fall to the Great Reset we will be a third world country! We will be either killed or made into slaves. Since AI is here they don’t need humans, they have all the human they need. We are their carbon footprint that they want to destroy! Between Covid & the vax millions were killed off. With these forest fires in Canada they are preventing the sun from shining and crops are failing. Whatever they are burning will kill most of us off. Every day it’s a different smell from the smoke, plastic, electrical & a tad of wood. The sun is blood red! Our economy is about to collapse & printing money is not the answer cuz it’s just paper! Everything is so expensive, another way they are breaking us! We don’t have to worry about Russia, china is the evil empire that Biden sold us out to! During the holocaust they did the same thing to the Jews as they are doing to us. They get ppl to trust the military & they promise us a better place. It’s all done through fear & propaganda! Look how fearful people became during Covid & all the media was spewing their propaganda & many people fell for it, just like the Jew’s did & most were killed. We definitely are living in our later days. Repent, receive Jesus as your Lord & savior before they kill you off!
    I hope I’m wrong about what’s coming but seek Him with all your heart!

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